Britney Spears Gets Her Hand Covered In Tattoos

Britney Spears hand Tattoo StarJust when we thought Britney Spears was starting to understand that she'd never win any new fans if she carried on drunkenly stumbling around Los Angeles showing strangers where K-Fed put his pee-pee, she goes and does something like this.

Actually, no, we're over-reacting. In the big scheme of dumbass ways to wreck your career, what Britney Spears has done to herself is pretty low-level – at least compared to, say, making a four-hour chess-heavy sex tape with her pointless husband. Britney Spears has gone and got a tattoo of a star inked onto her right hand. Don't worry, though – this doesn't mean that Britney Spears is going off the rails again; in fact, in Hebrew a star actually means 'have you put some knickers on this time? Have you? Double check again because, seriously, nobody on Earth wants to look at your mangy bajingo for a second longer than they absolutely have to.' 

It's only natural that when a young girl like Britney Spears escapes from a marriage with an autobiographical biopic-writing nobsack turned failed rapper like Kevin Federline, she's bound to want to explore her new-found freedom a bit. Where once all Britney Spears had for entertainment were some dogs to ignore and the occasional visit from the department for abused babies, now that Britney has split up with Kevin, she's free to do whatever she likes.

And Britney Spears knows exactly what she likes. Ever since she became a singleton again, Britney Spears hit the party scene with all the grace you'd expect from a girl who openly admits that her last baby was a big fat mistake – whether she was dressing up like a moron with Paris Hilton or flashing her vagina around like it was made of rubies, Britney Spears was always right there in the thick of things.

However, perhaps because she remembered her upcoming custody battle – or perhaps because she realised that waving her minge around wasn't going to help sell any records – Britney Spears decided to tone down her hard-partying ways earlier in the month with an apology on her website. But she didn't mean she'd completely tone herself down – MSNBC reports that Britney Spears has gone and got her hand tattooed:

Tuesday night in Studio City, Brit was joined by little sister Jamie Lynn and an unidentified friend who watched as a star was inked on Britney's right hand. Dressed in a furry, winter coat, the singer turned up at Devil Doll Tattoo & Body Piercing around 10 PM to have the item put on.

Wait a minute. Partying hard? Confusing electronic messages? Tattooed hands? Does anyone else get the feeling that Britney Spears is just two bruised legs away from becoming Lindsay Lohan

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  1. pugh says

    It always starts with the hand tattoos… then it’s one piercing. Next thing you know you’re looking at an extra from Apocalypto. Mark thine words

  2. Regina says

    This is funny reading. I got a good laugh off this article. And Britney you need to laugh too because I dont know what you thought but you are regular people now and if you want to make that come back girl …..WORK IT OUT
    But in the mean time Welcome Back to the Real World.