Shia LaBeouf’s New Look is Everything


Remember in the late 80’s/super early 90’s when it was really cool for a guy to have a rat’s tail hair do? Or in the rest of the 90’s when it was really cool for a guy to look like he barely showered or washed his clothes? Or in the early 2000’s when guys started to get their eyebrow pierced and that was the look? Ladies, do you miss these hot looks? Of course you do. Well, lucky for you one man has decided to bring them all back AT ONCE! And of course I’m talking about Shia LaBeouf.

It’s like Shia woke up and was like: Ok, do I want to look like I’m in a) a New Kids on the Block cover group, b) a Pearl Jam cover band, or c) an early years Linkin Park cover band? And then his eyebrowless girlfriend was like “Baby, why you don’t go for all three?” And he was like “Yes…yes!”

Kylie Jenner is More Grown Up Than I Am


I am a 28-year-old pregnant, married woman who owns her own home, yet somehow, Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, seems to have her grown up shit more together than I do. At a mere 17-years-old, Kylie is dating a single dad, has her own hair extension and clothing line, has been on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, and has no purchased a $2.7 million mansion of her own. When I was 17 I didn’t even have my license and I worked at the Gap. So, ya know.

That’s right, as if Kylie Jenner wasn’t growing up fast enough, she just bought her own mansion down the street from her mom’s house. I guess Kylie is too good to quietly have mostly-clothed sex in her parents basement while her mom watches General Hospital upstairs like the rest of us did at 17. Bitch.

John Travolta was King of the Oscars Once Again


Last year, John Travolta, even though he wasn’t nominated for anything and hasn’t starred in a decent film in YEARS, stole the show at the Oscars by incorrectly introducing Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem. It was everything. This year he decided to pull a round two of being the most awkward person at the Oscars and he once again NAILED it. 

John Travolta has officially turned into that weird older man at the bar who you met a few years ago and he was ok, but now he drinks way too much and maybe takes some sedatives and when you see him you really hope he doesn’t see you too, but he does, and he comes over and talks way too close and says your name wrong and touches you weird and you just feel sooooo uncomfortable. You know the type.

Tyga is a Really Terrible Liar


Another day, another blog about Tyga, a rapper whose music I am still completely unfamiliar with. What can I say? Every dick the Kardashian/Jenners touch turns into media gold! Anyway, if you haven’t been following the ongoing saga, Tyga has been receiving a ton of flack over the past few weeks for being a 25-year-old father allegedly dating a barely legal Kylie Jenner (she’s 17).

After both Drake and Amber Rose made fun of him for humping on the youngest spawn of Bruce and Kris, Tyga went on the Power 105 Breakfast Club radio show and said, and I quote: “I’m not dating Kylie. I just want to get that out [of] the way.” However, everything he has said and done since then in regards to Kylie completely contradicts that statement. So either Tyga is a really stupid liar, or a really, really, loving BFF to Kylie. We both know which one I’m going with.

This Amber Rose/Kardashian Feud Is Getting Heated

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Amber RoseSorry to sound like a super stereotypical 20-something white girl at Starbucks, but I literally can’t with this Amber Rose versus the K-world feud.  Just when I think the mic has been dropped and it will all be forgotten by the ADHD riddled world in a day or two, Kanye West gets involved. 

Amber Rose must be loving all this attention.  This is the third time this week we are writing about here her, and that has got to be some sort of record.  The only people we tend to write about so often are the Kardashians, and well, wait, they’re involved in this too.  Damnit Kim, you win again.

Still Dissin’ Kim K for Sex Tape is Kinda Sexist Bullsh*t


Unless you’ve been a) living under a rock, or b) aren’t a dumbass jerk wad like me who stays thoroughly up to date on all celebrity gossip, you’ve probably heard about the feud that Amber Rose has gotten herself into with the Kardashians. One of my fellow HecklerSpray bloggers just wrote about it, so you can easily catch yourself up. Though Amber’s feud has primarily been with Khloe, she brought Kim into it in a way that made me kind of SMH at her.

Even though it’s been like a million years since it’s release, people still feel a need to constantly bring up Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and claim that it’s the only reason her family is famous at all, which is essentially what Amber did. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love mocking the Kardashian’s, but even I think this is some sexist bullshit that has to stop.

Has Kristen Stewart Come Out Yet?


Kristen Stewart is a bit on an anomaly to me. For years, people have assumed she was a secret lesbian because of the way she dressed and presented herself, but I never thought much into that because myself and K. Stew have very similar styles and I too have been mistaken for a lesbian because of my love of plaid and Canadian tuxedos. For years, she was one half of the scarily popular couple, Robsten, with Robert Pattinson, but lately it seems like maybe all those lesbian theories were true.

Aside from the fact she cut her hair off short (an OBVIOUS sign of lesbianism….God I hope people get my sarcasm), K. Stew has an alleged girlfriend who she even holds hands with in public sometimes. So, maybe 2015 will be the year Kristen Stewart turns it all around and makes me like her?

Amber Rose Just Owned Khloe Kardashian On Twitter

Amber rose Khloe Kardashian TwitterRumor has been going around for a while that Tyga has been going through a quarter life crisis, which is why he dumped his baby mama and started dating the underage Kylie Jenner.  Amber Rose, who is obviously team Blac Chyna, decided to give her opinion on the matter, which opened a can of worms known as a pissed off hangry Khloe Kardashian.

There are few things in life I love more than a good public war of words.  Give me a Twitter fight by a couple of famous for what broads that includes memes and I am on Cloud 9.

Apparently It’s Throw Shade at Tyga Week


First of all, can I just say “Who the fuck is Tyga???” I mean, I find myself writing about him due to his alleged fame and his relationship with Amy Fischer 2.0, Kylie Jenner, and he was at Kim and Kanye’s wedding and he’s like BFF with Chris Brown and shit. I investigated on Instagram  and he looks super rich, lives in a swanky ass mansion, legit OWNS a tiger (who is this guy? Mike Tyson?!), and is apparently a rapper, yet I haven’t heard of a song he’s done or an album he’s made. Yet he’s got millions of followers.

I may not know anything legitimate about Tyga or his career, but I know he’s got quite an interesting personal life and has managed to make quite a few enemies. This week alone he’s been publically shaded (along with gf, Kylie Jenner) by Drake and Amber Rose (yeah, I don’t know what she does, either).

Kim Kardashian Admits To Sometimes Smelling Like Piss

Kim Kardashian Love MagazineI have always wondered that if I got close to Kim Kardashian, would she smell more like melted plastic or crappy spray tan?  Turns out I’d be wrong with either guess, and she actually gives off more of an eau d’urine stench.  Yup, Kim Kardashian has admitted to not only pissing herself, but doing it more than once.

That’s just one snippet of gold Kim gave us during a new interview with 80s bush brow queen, Cara Delevingne.  It’s quite a different Kim than we have seen as of late, and I have got to say, I think it may actually make me like her more.