Kanye West Actually Got Something Right at The Grammys

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

By now, you’re all probably more than aware that Kanye West pulled a Kanye West spoof at the Grammys and acted like he was going to go up and protest Beck’s big Grammy win over Beyonce, only to go sit back down. It was a big practical joke, guys! However, afterwards he really did pull a Kanye by saying that Beyonce deserved the award over Beck and that Beck should give his Grammy to Queen Bey.

Beck handled the situation like the class act he is and everyone was like “Kanye once again proves he’s a total fucking idiot.” Which, I can’t really deny. It’s called The Grammys, Kanye, not The Kanye’s. You don’t get to choose who wins. But, I digress. Kanye got a lot of things wrong Grammy night, but, amazingly he did get one thing INCREDIBLY right: in a post Grammy interview he said the only reason the Kardashian’s were even famous was because of their looks.

Pharrell Was NOT Feeling Taylor Swift at The Grammys


After almost every musical show or event for the past few years, the internet has instantly blown up with GIFs of Taylor Swift’s ridiculous nerdy-white-girl-in-her-bedroom-singing-into-her-hairbrush-before-she-practices-kissing-on-her-pillow overdramatic dancing. Homegirl looks like me singing “Chandelier” by Sia after a bottle of red wine. Anyway, Taylor’s awkward dancing/singing along GIFs have been blowing up the internet for a few years now, but for the first time ever someone witnessing this shit first-hand has been captured in the GIF with Taylor giving the PERFECT reaction. That person? Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell was sitting a row behind Taylor during the Grammys and had to sit through her constant “I have no fucking rhythm, Rachel Berry lip synching to Barbara Streisand in the shower” antics and the look on his face was PERFECTION. Look at those eyes! They’re practically screaming “Is this bitch for real?!”

Kanye West Brought His Douchebag Game To The Grammys

Kanye WestGas prices are under $2.00, Missy Elliot is back to the top of the ITunes chart, and Justin Bieber is doing likeable shit again.  In case that weird deja vu feeling you have been experiencing hasn’t been strong enough, Kanye West straight up brought it back to 2009 last night at the Grammy’s.

Once again, Beyoncé’s biggest supporter, besides her leechy dad and trippy sister, made it known to the world that he felt Bey was robbed of an award she rightfully deserved.  And once again, West managed to do it in a way that was totally douchey and ill reasoned.

Paris Hilton’s Brother is Almost as Bad as Paris Hilton


Can we just all publically admit that the Hilton family might actually be one of the WORST families in all of America? Say what you want about the Kardashians, but none of them have proven to be such thoughtless, spoiled, and disgusting brats quite like Paris Hilton and her siblings. This time, I’m referring to her little brother, Conrad Hilton.

TMZ is reporting that back in July, holier than thou brat, Conrad, went nuts on a flight from London to L.A., threatening the flight attendants and other passengers, referring to them as “peasants”. This is almost as bad as that time his big sister, Paris, wore a tank top that said “Stop Being Poor.”

Turns Out Val Kilmer has Totally Lost It


Val Kilmer has gone through many phases over the years: first, he was in a bunch of popular and cool movies like Top Gun, The Doors, and True Romance. Then, he was Batman in, albeit, the second worst Batman movie (sorry Clooney), Batman Forever, even though it had one hell of a soundtrack (“Kiss From a Rose” 4ever). Then he was in some critically acclaimed stuff like Heat and Pollock. Then he became the fat Val Kilmer we know and love (aka think is pretty weird) today.

We’ve all known for a while that Val Kilmer is a bit off, but, as it turns out, he may actually be out of his damn mind. Kilmer was rushed to the hospital on Jan. 31st because his throat was bleeding due to a throat tumor, a health issue that can be resolved with surgery. However, Val Kilmer won’t get the surgery because it goes against his religion. Apparently he thinks he’s the new Bob Marley.

Vivienne Westwood has the Greatest Fashion Ads of All Time


Vivienne Westwood has truly proven herself to be the greatest fashion innovator on the goddamn planet. While every other designer in the world is putting bitches like Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne in their ads, Viv had the brilliance and the VISION to put the goddess that is Paz de la Huerta in her latest campaign.

I’m so sick of opening Vogue magazine and seeing fresh-faced little nobodies and Gisele fucking Bundchen in fashion ads looking as boring as season two of “Girls”. By hiring the elegant flower that is Paz as her model, Vivienne Westwood not only has the greatest SS15 campaign, but maybe the greatest campaign of all time.

Shocker: Kim K’s Bare Ass is Going to be in Another Magazine


Back when Kim Kardashian first because famous she was known for one thing: banging 90’s goddess, Brandy’s, loser little brother, Ray J, and filming it. Now, all these years later, she’s no longer known for starring in a sex tape, but is instead known for classier things like taking a lot of selfies, tonguing Kanye West’s asshole, and showing her bare ass in just about every single magazine on the planet.

The LOVE Magazine joins such prestigious publications as Paper, W, GQ, and, of course, Playboy, by featuring Kim Kardashian’s bare ass in it’s latest issue. I’m beginning to this that Kris Jenner runs The LOVE Magazine because 1) Kim is on the current cover, 2) Kendall’s on the next cover (which also features a sexy photoshoot of Kylie instead), and 3) they actually had HER, Kris fucking Jenner, in their sexy advent calendar. I mean, there is no way the Kardashian’s aren’t running this shit.

In Eerie News- Bobbi Kristina Was Found Unconscious In A Tub

Bobbi Kristina HispitalIn a twist of some weird ass scary news, Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late Whitney Houston, was found unconscious in a bathtub.   There are conflicting reports as to how much damage was actually done, but it doesn’t look good.

Family and friends, including dad Bobby Brown, have all rallied beside Bobbi’s bedside.  This shit is not okay.

10 Things to Get Jazzed About in 2015


The first month of 2015 has almost come to an end, and so far it’s been moderately eventful (emphasis on moderate). In the world of celebrity, it’s hard to predict what the big stories and scandals of the year are going to be, but there are always a few things we know are going to happen that we can look forward to.

Here’s a countdown of 10 pop culturally relevant things you can potentially get jazzed about in 2015, because it’s always nice to have something to look forward to, even if it is Kim Kardashian’s book of selifes.

Does Johnny Depp Legit Think He’s a Pirate?


The above picture is of 50-something, Johnny Depp, with his sexy 20-something fiancé, Amber Heard. The picture was taken last week and no, it was not taken on the set of the newest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. This is just who Johnny Depp is now: a crazy, middle-aged man who frequently dresses like a pirate.

Remember in the 1980’s and 1990’s when Johnny Depp dated Winona Ryder and Kate Moss and was super hot and a great actor? Like, people really respected him and he was pretty successful at the box office? Then he did one two many Tim Burton movies and, I guess, lost his damn mind.