Jennifer Hudson Day Hits Chicago! Hurrah!

Jennifer Hudson Day Chicago Dreamgirls Oscar American IdolJennifer Hudson must be on top of the world; two years after being booted off American Idol, Jennifer Hudson is now an Oscar-winning actress and the only non-crappy thing about Dreamgirls – and now Chicago has declared a Jennifer Hudson Day.

To mark Jennifer Hudson's spectacular achievements in the fields of not being as skinny in Beyonce and shouting one song in a film that some people got vaguely over-excited about, the mayor of her hometown Chicago Richard Daley proclaimed yesterday to be a citywide Jennifer Hudson Day. All across Chicago for the duration of yesterday, Jennifer Hudson Day was celebrated by families up and down the city joining hands and singing "Oh, hey, you're gonna love me/ Yes, ah, ooh, ooh, love me/ Ooh, ooh, ooh, love me/ Love me, Love me/ Love me/ Love me/ You're gonna love me" to each other for 24 solid hours. Failure to comply with Jennifer Hudson Day celebrations was punishable by death.

It must be nice having your own day. Martin Luther King had his own day, Tom Cruise has his own day, Diddy has his own day in Las Vegas that's presumably marked by people giving each other flaming arse punches, if Yoko Ono had her way there'd be a John Lennon Day and Jesus gets two days, the lucky sod. Three if you count Pancake Day. And, until the Queen rubberstamps an annual hecklerspray day – where everyone chases Victoria Beckham round a school dressed up as pigs – we're just going to have to live our lives vicariously through recent Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, because yesterday Chicago declared a Jennifer Hudson Day.

Jennifer Hudson is widely regarded to be the only good thing about the movie Dreamgirls. Although Dreamgirls was meant to win all the Oscars this year, it was almost a complete Oscar failure. Beyonce didn't even get nominated for her work in Dreamgirls – possibly because she only eats syrup and sends children epileptic – and when Eddie Murphy didn't win his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Dreamgirls he shat himself and ran away. Jennifer Hudson was left to pick up the pieces by winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar and interminably burbling on about Jesus and God and whatnot in her acceptance speech. Because of this, Chicago mayor Richard Daley proclaimed yesterday to be Jennifer Hudson day, as MSNBC reports:

“She’s an inspiration to everyone who has a dream,” Daley told hundreds of screaming fans. “People told her, ‘You can’t.’ And she said, ‘I can.’” Hudson, who appeared on stage in a black wool coat and Burberry scarf, hoisted her gold Oscar statuette in the air and thanked those who had gathered outside the Chicago Theatre for the ceremony. “Not only can I do it, but you can do it too,” she said before singing a brief song from the hit movie.

Jennifer Hudson was famously a failed American Idol contestant before she became a Dreamgirls megastar, which is an incredible achievement – you can't see the same thing happening to, say, Chico from X Factor – so you could say that Jennifer Hudson Day was well-deserved. However, maybe Richard Daley just wants to annoy Simon Cowell by handing out special days to people who Simon doesn't care much for. If that's the case we can expect to see a special Britney Spears Day in Chicago soon, swiftly followed by an All The Mentally Disabled People Day.

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  1. Loiti says

    You could’ve at least used the full title. It’s the Jennifer Hudson Who’ll Never Be In A Popular Movie Again Day

  2. Mel says

    Ridiculous. Does Madonna even have a special day for her in Chicago? She’s probably their most famous export.

  3. Mark says

    I’ve only got a minute to reply – before the Chicago Police trace this email to this computer and come to kick in my door, guns drawn, seize me and take me to the camp… if I’m lucky…

    You see – I was walking down Michigan Avenue by the Tribune Tower two days ago when I was suddenly accosted by a live camera crew from WGN and they asked me how I was planning to celebrate “Jennifer Hudson Day”… and I made the mistake of blurting out “Jennifer WHO?” Oh how I wish I could take back those words!

    The reporter spit in my face and then the sound man started beating me with his boom mike, the camera operator kicked me in the groin, and they all started screaming “WE HAVE FOUND ONE OF THEM! ONE OF THEM! ONE OF THEM!” and the next thing I knew I was being chased down Michigan Ave. by a screaming mob of Hudson’s deranged fans… and now there is a police dragnet out looking for me, ME! – the only person in Chicago who isn’t completely in awe of Jennifer Hudson!

    They say they want to send me to a re-education camp… Daley’s people have been talking of electroshock torture and isolation treatment at a Supermax prison in Marion, IL… the Tribune had an editorial saying Marion’s too good for “tonedeaf scum” like me, I should be sent to Guantanamo Bay… oh shit here they come… thank god I have this gun… maybe I can buy some time to make my escape to Michigan… GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME YOU FUCKING ZOMBIES! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!