Heather Mills: Paul McCartney Done Beat Me Up A Lot

Paul McCartney Heather Mills Divorce Beat Up Bashed Wife Abuse ViolentWhen you get as famous as Paul McCartney, different people start to see you in different lights; be it as the cheeky chappy scouse poppet, the figurehead of popular music or the thumby fool who did the song about the frogs.

Heather Mills, though, has her own way of seeing Paul McCartney – as a violent, brawling spouse-abuser who only stopped bashing her about and stabbing her with wine glasses to dunk his face into a big bag of illegal drugs. If reports are true, Heather Mills is claiming in papers filed ahead of her billion-pound divorce trial with Paul McCartney that McCartney attacked her four times over the course of their marriage. We're stuck for a pithy wife abuse joke here. If you know a good one, please let us know.

To paraphrase Whitney Houston: didn't Paul McCartney and Heather Mills almost have it all? To paraphrase Whitney Houston less relevantly: ooh I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me. But anyway, back to Paul McCartney and Heather Mills; didn't they look like the perfect couple throughout their marriage? Paul McCartney had his sidelines of singing songs into the solar system and making money by mangling perfectly good Beatles songs into increasingly bizarre formats, and Heather Mills kept herself busy by chasing Jennifer Lopez around while wearing a television as a coat and everything was fine.

But it didn't take long for things between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills to fall apart, though – and as soon as Paul and Heather separated, things got steadily nastier and nastier. If the freakishly petty lock-changing allegations weren't bad enough, then the hiring of Charles and Diana's divorce lawyers were a sure sign that things were going to get rough. Heather Mills has already had her reputation kicked in with claims that she used to be a prostitute and old pictures surfacing of her with her nipples covered in cream and putting a man's red jelly penis in her mouth. Now it's payback time – according to The Daily Record, Heather Mills is claiming that Paul McCartney beat her up a lot in her divorce papers:

Details of Heather's allegations are outlined in the divorce papers, in which she claims he became "physically violent" and acted in a "vindictive punitive manner" towards her. The papers are said to give details of one alleged attack in Los Angeles in November 2002, in which McCartney is said to have "grabbed her by the neck and pushed her over a coffee table". The next year, when Heather was pregnant, it is claimed the ex-Beatle became angry and pushed her into a bath. And, in April, McCartney is alleged to have poured red wine on her from a bottle and threw the rest of what remained in his glass at her. The papers add: "He then lunged at the respondent with the broken, sharp stem of the wine glass, which cut and pierced the respondent's arm just below the elbow and began to bleed profusely. "He proceeded to manhandle the respondent, flung her into her wheelchair and wheeled it outside, screaming at her to apologise for 'winding him up'."

Paul McCartney, incidentally, denies all these claims completely. But wait a minute. Divorce? Wife-beating allegations? Paul McCartney is the new David Hasselhoff! Next thing we know, Paul McCartney will be falling asleep on GMTV, fighting with security at Wimbledon and stumbling around an airport drunk and possibly wetting himself. It's not all bad, though – after he was accused of beating up his wife, David Hasselhoff had a top three single, and Paul McCartney hasn't had one of those for 22 years.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]