Dita Divorces The Prosthetic Knockers Off Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Dita Von Teese DivorceForm an orderly queue, ladies – goonish, fake-titted, wonky-eyed goth rocker Marilyn Manson is single and back on the market again after Dita Von Teese, his wife of one whole year, decided to file for divorce from the hardly-spooky shouty clown.

While it's undeniably sad that Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese are divorcing, it shouldn't come as too much of shock because, frankly, living with either of them looks like it'd be a bit of a headache. But divorcing they are, with sources close to Dita Von Teese are saying the divorce came about because Marilyn Manson just had too many demons for her to cope with. Marilyn Manson himself is keeping quiet on the matter, but it's hoped that all the angst and rage that he feels about the divorce will be poured into his brand new album, provisionally entitled Boo Hoo Hoo, My Fairy Princess Has Left Me With Nobody To Cuddle.

That Marilyn Manson, eh? He's such a crazy guy isn't he? And intelligent too – that album cover that he appeared on wearing a pair of fake boobs, that was such a devastating attack on how, like, society is, you know, messed up and stuff. And the way that Marilyn Manson sometimes wears contact lenses to make his eyes look weird? Man, does that ever teach the government.

The level and scope of Marilyn Manson's subversive craziness can be best typified by his wedding to Dita Von Teese in December 2005 – where Marilyn Mason outraged the elderly by having the grandchildren of Adolf Hitler's architect do the lighting and intelligently subverted the norms of institutional hierarchies by having a best man and a worst man. Take that, society! Time will tell if Lewis Caroll fan Marilyn Manson is planning something equally stupid for his divorce party, but he'd better get a move on because his wife Dita Von Teese has already filed for divorce if reports are to be believed, like this one from E! Online:

Dita Von Teese has had enough of starring in Marilyn Manson's dope show. The burlesque dancer has filed for divorce from her shock rocker husband of one year, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, according to court documents obtained by E! News. Her petition, filed Dec. 29 in Los Angeles Superior Court, listed Dec. 24 as the date of the couple's official separation.

The shock divorce is thought to have stemmed from Marilyn Manson's uncontrollable demons, with some sources suggesting that Dita had filed for divorce after she moved out of Marilyn's house and he didn't even notice that she'd gone. Now that Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese are divorcing, though, it might be the only time that they're ever going to be in the same gang as Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills and Reese Witherspoon and whatever her husband was called.

No doubt that Marilyn Manson will put a controversial spin on events and say that he's subverting the realities of the institution of marriage by destroying his own within a year. But let's hope he doesn't, because that Australian Lost girl's marriage only lasted six months, which would make her twice as punk rock as Marilyn Manson by our calculations. 

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  1. lordsa says

    Is Marilyn Manson still famous? He hasn’t had much out lately, or has he? I’m not a 12 year old goth, so I don’t really keep up with these things

  2. Myke says

    Just like lordsa I too am not a 12 year old goth, but unlike lordsa and Stuart Heritage I do take the time to listen to music artists before I criticize them. Marilyn Manson’s music is actually quite intelligent with or without his theatrics.

  3. Exo says

    Your editorial style and supposedly witty anecdotal quips are a bit on the immature side. Now, I’m not a major MM fan… I’d say I’m neutral for the most part. (I do like his cover of “Tainted Love.”) I think that you’d do better by adjusting your writing style to something new instead of trying to poke fun at, what I assume, is your understanding of MM’s rebellious, nonconformist ways. Instead of making MM look silly, you come off sounding more like an old fogey, to tell the truth. I’m not offended by your article, I’m just offering criticism. Try for more subtle wit next time, as opposed to “Take that society!”

  4. Dave the Nose says

    Lordsa: his last new album came out way back in 2003, featuring songs like “Doll Dagga Buzz Buzz Ziggety-Zag” and “Kaboom Kaboom”. It certainly wasn’t a shock-rock album; these days, the Manson prefers to emphasise the degenerate arty side of his work (cynics, read “thievery” for “work”). His angle is currently “The Low Art Gloominati” as opposed to the old “Antichrist Superstar”. His next one’s due out soon, but I can’t see him managing to whip up more than casual interest outside his home turf in the goth market. Even neocons and Christian protesters have their fashions and trends, and Manson is so “last year’s Antichrist”. I suppose he could always sign up with Al-Qaeda, or is Hamas more the buzz label this season?

    I’m just glad that, among all the things he’s stolen from Alice Cooper, he hasn’t (yet) copied the Coop’s eventual reincarnation as a God-bothering golfer who writes sickly ballads about watching TV with his missus.

  5. steph says

    I LOVE MARILYN MANSON 4EVA ! he rocks my world ! never stop doing what u do ! its a shame u split up with Ditta Von Teese , she was a pretty women and amazing ! u r my idol ! considering u have split up with Ditta all u have got to do now is find a new bitch (me) luv u loadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. ANITA says

    manson,i know you’re laughing!!!so am i.i can’t believe she gave you up for that geek.they’re the gruesome twosome.you know what she’s up to don’t you?she’s trying to hurt you and make you jealous.you jealous of that geek?!ha ha ha!!!dita’s such a joke.she has left the building permanently.she’s a sorry thing already-but she’ll be sorry she let you go later.she’s not human.i have no idea what she is-do you?don’t let the jealousy get the best of you.maybe you should try looking like him.don’t you dare!!!you’re my idol. stay the way you are.

  7. Jayden says

    Well, that wasn’t a biased article >=/

    Nah, all said and done it is a bit heart-breaking, they did make a good couple. I just think it’s pathetic that media is blowing it up, like every other goddamned celebrity marriage. I believe that’s why the Double M is being quite on it, because I would imagine he hates the Media hype. Feh, he hasn’t been in the news lately, and between not seeing him at all in the media and seeing this, I’d rather not see it. I am looking forward to the new album and tour, should rock.

    Oh, and by the way, to the author, you’re a douche. >=/

  8. says

    :[ quite harsh really but you know people get over theses things :] marilyn manson is mine maybe one day i will have him :] hahaha lol
    MM FAN 4ever 😀 xxxx

  9. neo_selen says

    they say manson is good but they have to know he go to be worst than never,more than in 1996, “the reverend” (M.M) says.
    who are they those who like manson only for his album the most calm of his career the well-famous “eat me drink me” i say compared with “it me drink me” want to signify you hate me try to hit me i’m untouchable my fans protects me.remember it i hope.

  10. Tigerlily Rose says

    May i just say that this article did not portray manson or dita in a light that is good. it seems that the person who wrote it is biased in their opinion of the two. it hardly seemed to contain solid facts and makes fun of their public image, especially of manson, who should be respected as an artist in his right. the person who wrote this should have a listen to “the better of two evils” on his golden age of grotesque album.

  11. says

    WEll, as we people who can read and do so on occasion say “I’m a queer, moody brute, but there’s rich soil in here if you care to dig for it.”

    But that’s nothing like MM I suspect, maybe all surface and no interior?

    And Dear God! Think of the sex? belchhhh hurgghhh…

  12. Joey says

    Manson is amazing, his older stuff anyway. Whoever wrote this article you are a complete dumbass for writing this.

  13. your a prick says

    what the fuck are you on about! this article is biased and fucked up! your a prick and need to actually listen to his music, you have a go at him cos he wears contacts to make his eyes go wierd to have a go at the government? either way he has made fucking thousands from it whilst you sit at home living w writing bollocks for this shit! knob