Shock! Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Literally Eat Some Food!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Twilight, New MoonRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have something of a ‘will they, won’t they?’ relationship. That much is clear to see.

By which we obviously mean ‘will they or won’t they find any form of meaningful acting work once they’ve finished starring in those terrible Twilight films?’ To which the answer, in all honesty, is ‘probably not, no’. But until we can find a definitive answer to that, let’s just arbitrarily speculate on whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are doing it with each other.

They both ate dinner alone together on Sunday, you know. Which definitely proves, um, something.

When Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart signed up for Twilight, they probably assumed that it was no big deal. After all, it was a cheaply-made movie based on a badly-written book that seemed to appeal exclusively to the mad-eyed home-schooled lonely teenager demographic. They’d make the film, cash their cheques and move on to another project that wasn’t so embarrassingly moralising all the time.

That clearly hasn’t been the case. As soon as Twilight became a movie, it became a smash hit with all mad-eyed lonely teenagers, not just the ones who spent their formative years being repeatedly told by their parents that the sun revolves around the Earth and that there was once a species of dinosaur named Jonathan. And, as mad-eyed teenagers are prone to do, they’ve turned Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart into the focus of their terrifying obsession.

Aside from making their own lifesized Robert Pattinson boyfriend dolls by finding a mop, giving it a deliberately bad haircut and dipping it in rancid animal sweat for hours at a time, the focus of their obsession seems to revolve around whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can ever replicate the love shared by their Twilight characters.

It seems unlikely that they would, since a) Kristen Stewart says that they don’t, b) Kristen Stewart already has a boyfriend and c) Twilight is a film about a sexy vampire and a beautiful schoolgirl, whereas in real life Robert Pattinson is a monotone dullard with a funny haircut and Kristen Stewart looks like a balloon animal of a bad-tempered horse.

But maybe, just maybe, there’s something going on between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, because following their success at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, they both snuck off and had dinner together, as Radar reports:

After sweeping the MTV Awards Sunday night, Twilight duo Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted dining alone with each other at Cecconi’s, the newest Hollywood restaurant hot spot! So is there a romance budding between the on-screen lovers? Our spies tell us Kristen and Rob retired to their West Hollywood hotel and no one has seen them since.

So that’s it – conclusive proof that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are definitely having it off. Or they were briefly hungry for a small amount of Sunday evening. But definitely one of those two things. Or possibly something else. What a scandal.

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  1. Lana says

    I saw the ‘morning after’ pics at the hotel. Yeah Rob and Kirsten were there. So was Kirsten’s mom, as were a few other people. So I’m thinking that, unless they’re REALLY kinky, they were probably just having dinner together just like they have many times before. Plus apparently, after he dropped Kirsten off, Rob went out with the guys. So much for the big hook up.

  2. Ann says

    WTF, Stuart? If you have watched any of his hundreds of interviews, you would catch a glimpse of who Pattinson really is. He’s hilarious! No kidding! He displays a keen wit on top of being very articulate and well-read. He’s really sweet, modest and genuine! He gave tribute to his stunt double by name when he accepted the award for best fight at the MTV awards. He loves to laugh and does so often with clear abandonment. And don’t forget he plays both the piano and guitar superbly, writes his own music and sings his own songs. You know, the guy is shy, a bit awkward but cut him some slack. He’s young and has a lot to learn but he has so far handled himself with grace, poise and good judgment amongst this madness. Really, Stuart, do your homework. We are about to see him play some serious roles, especially the Madeleine Stowe project. I believe he is going to surprise us all! Besides all that, I love his hair!!

  3. Nina says

    I will agree with you Ann.

    It looks like he was not really prepared for so much paparazzi chasing and media speculation. But he is taking everything very well. I really hope he is careful on his career, by means of choosing the right movies. I like the fact that he is very humble and a bit corky. Here is a very talented artist and not just actor.

  4. Katie says

    What on earth happened to you Stewart Heritage…to make you such a bitter, hateful, nasty person?

    You obviously are not happy with your miserable life and you feel the need to judge, shread and lie about good decent human beings.

    I hope you grow up and find some happiness and stop spreading your hate and malace.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  5. Robin says

    Stuart! You are a stupid idiot. Although I am not 100% impressed with Kristen’s acting skills, Robert is a good actor and has had many roles since filming Twilight and has several more lined up. As far as his hair, it looks nice on him (especially since he cut it). Robert is very sweet and talented. He sings, is a musician, model and actor. Just because he is shy does not give you the right to knock him. You sound like you are just jealous because he has a lot more going for him then you obviously do. As far as whether Robert and Kristen have something going on between them, it would be cool if they did, but it is no ones business but theirs. Instead of being so narrow minded, next time do your homework before you right an obviously biased article.

  6. Vicki says

    Obviously you enjoy irritating many of the Twilight fans, otherwise why would you bother to continue to write uninformed, irritating-as-hell articles such as this one. Your insecurities are showing through in each one you write- but hey, it’s ok, what man DOESN’T want to be Rob right now. 😉

  7. KStew Krew says

    Stuart…as usual u suck. Kristen is a beautiful and talented actress. She has had plenty of work before, during, and after Twilight ever started. Watch some of her movies before you go slamming someone u obviously know nothing about. What the hell planet do you live on? You are an idiot…to say the very least.

  8. Airsovereigns says

    Yeah, all the others said it for me.

    You’re an idiot… A genuine jackass for calling Rob a “dullard.”

    His hair is AMAZING!! You just wish your hair looked the same way!

    You’re pathetic…

  9. Jennifer says

    You are obviously an unhappy little man with no friends. I can see why. Your article is crap…there’s two minutes in my life I will never get back.

  10. Elfa says

    Mr. Heritage,

    I am willing to find out what happened in your life (any childhood traumas???) that made you so bitter… Something should have happened that made you so vulgar, I hope it is not something natural… You know that heroes of your “articles” will not dignify to respond or sue you

  11. Diana F says

    Relax, ladies. I got a laugh from this article, especially about the “balloon animal of a bad-tempered horse.”

    My concern about Robert Pattinson is that he will go the way of Orlando Bloom, who had several chances to get his career underway but seems to have peaked at being Legolas in Lord of the Rings. I hope Rob is not a one-trick pony.

  12. Elizabeth says

    Ann is right; Stuart is wrong. Part of Pattinson’s appeal is that he IS intelligent, funny, articulate, well-mannered, talented, passionate about life, to say nothing of being incredibly handsome. He is a rare gem in the muck and mire of Hollywood “leading men”.

  13. Karla says

    hahaha…”whereas in real life Robert Pattinson is a monotone dullard with a funny haircut and Kristen Stewart looks like a balloon animal of a bad-tempered horse”.

  14. Jen says

    You hit the nail square on the head. I couldn’t agree with you more, Ann. Very well said!

  15. nolly says

    i think rob is refreshing because he is british, and i dont mean his accent. he carries himself differently than other american leading men. i would probably hate him if he was as self centered and attention craving as some other actors/celebrities. he seems geniune enough.

  16. lola says

    Well, I can’t say anything about whether or not they’ll be successful after Twilight (if they’re smart, they can be; if they’re typical Hollywood actors, weeeellllllll), BUT


    someone else sees this is crazy! Every time they have dinner together, it’s reported that they were on a date- even if other people, including other co-stars, are there! It’s been going on for a year now- if they haven’t been caught (and *truly* caught, like, kissing) or outed themselves by now, then they’re not dating.

    Why CAN’T they be just friends? Man am I glad I’m not a teenage girl.

  17. miranda says

    okay asshole, thw twilight films are really good! and every lilttle thing you said made no sence WHAT-SO-EVER! now i think u should go make friens and become a happy=] person (if posiable) kk?


  18. ObsessiveCullenDisorder says

    I can understand all the jealous hatred. I’m sure many men around the world are green with envy just as you are…but what I was most upset about was the comment that stated, “badly written book.” I was wondering if you could expand on that a bit and explain what the criteria is for a badly written book…

  19. kandicecullen says

    rob is an amazing actor and singer. and kristen is very beautiful and talented. your article is crazy and i couldnt even finish reading it because it was so stupid. Twilight is the best book ever written and Twilight is the best movie ever made. thats all i have to say. oh and i LOVE his hair!

  20. Lauren says

    Stuart, that sounds like a lot of sour grapes! I’ll bet ya you were a lonely, unattractive and unpopular teen? I’m right arent I?
    And, I’m sorry but, have I missed your bylines in the New Yorker? Oh wait, you DON’T write for the New Yorker!!!!
    CAn you say loser?

  21. Lauren says

    Follow up!

    Just saw a picture of you Stuart. Still doing the ugly eh? Nuff said.

  22. Manny says

    I dunno what is funnier, the actual article or all of the hate mail it has attracted. I’m going to go with the responses because it is clear that 80% (if not all) them are from those die-hard twilight fans that would still love the movie if it was three pigs and a hippo in wigs playing all the parts (no disrespect to you die-hard fans just the fact that regardless how good or bad the actors/actresses actually preformed the fact it is Twilight makes them perfect.)
    I’m a guy and i saw both the movie and read the book. The book was well written and all-in-all pretty good, but the movie…it was awful and both Rob and Kristen were awful in it. Their acting was horrible and it actual became painful to watch Stewart remain with the same facial expression and tone throughout the whole thing.
    I dunno either of them personally so I’m not going to comment about what they are like in that sense, and i don’t think any of you do know them so you can’t really say how Rob is so good heart-ed and such because for all you know he goes home and kicks puppies.



  24. Stardust says

    You made it clear that you don’t like at all the book, the movie and the actors. But, unlike you, there are lots of people who DO like them and they are not just “mad-eyed home-schooled lonely teenagers”. So you can keep your stupid comments for yourself or talk about things that only concern you.

  25. lauren says

    mayb we should stop hating on stuart….JUST KIDDING!!! but we do need 2 find a cure 4 his hating bitchy self. so go away and stop messing with people u dont even knoe

  26. rebecca says

    usually most people who add a comment to the twilight posts, either, hate it, or extremely love it. i’ve been searching and have came to the conclusion that most all people love twilight, and leave comments about how great kristen stewart is, and how wonderful rob pattinson is. so most people will defend anyone who has had a role on twilight,even a waitress at that diner place. i’m guessing that most people will disagree with the post that whats his name made. just like they did on the websites featuring that kristen s. smokes, or even on stupid things like that rob pattinson butt crack in the airport. you shouldn’t care about what other people think. it shouldn’t matter to you.

  27. danielle says

    Look mr heritage I don’t care who u are but I think twilight was n awesome book and so do a lot of people from tenagers to adults so u shouldn’t insult some thing u know probably nothing about just because ur jealous doesn’t mean u can write all these terrible things about the book, movie, or charactors!!!

  28. VIKI says


  29. katie says

    You couldn’t be more right Lola! There has been no proof of them being caught in the act and you KNOW that every breath they take is being documented and published.Every time they reportedly were seen together they were with other people. Even after the MTV movie awards, Robert went out all night and Kristen turned in early and everyone assumes they hooked up. Who would go on a hot date and then leave their supposed signifigant other alone for the whole evening to party solo? So what if they stayed at the same hotel. So what if they shared a car ride the next day. Obviously nothing seedy is going on if Kristen’s parents were there.

    I feel really sorry for Kristen’s real boyfriend. Imagine how horrible it would be to have to hear horrible things about yourself from people who don’t know you and constantly compare you to a guy your girlfriend (of several years) has been working closely with. That would be enough to whittle away even the most confident man’s self esteem.

    I wish people would just leave these two alone to live their lives.

  30. Rachael says

    I think people dont understand there is no buisiness like shobiz. They are human to and if they are together I promise will be the first to know but they also have two more movies to do. its not like we dont know whats goin on. but i have to show much respect to those two there very reserved and they handle the spotlight well together. to be honest i would love nothing more than to see them together to actually in my lifetime see a true fairy tale to become real.

  31. Rawr says

    ohman. ^
    ACTUALLY the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life.
    Both the article & the reactions to it 😛

  32. Julias says

    Yeah, way to go, Heritage! Getting all the twilighters riled up as usual LOL! People, get real…Even Robert Pattinson would side with Heritage instead of you.

  33. rpblc30 says

    hahahah..stuart u just piss off patty n kristen fans..n yeah twilight fans ofc too..twilight is not stupid u dumb..u dont read the damn book now why u talk bad bout it when u have no idea whats its all bout..
    gud luck wif these coz sooner o later u gonna get mob by the fans..

  34. says

    Ok all of the stupid people that dont like twilight all of llal are fukers and more u donot have the atardie to say does things scuse my language

  35. star says

    I totally agree, with everything you said, 100% Robin! I wonder if these so called internet journalists do these ‘down on rob’ articles just to get our responses though. I mean you’d think this ‘Stuart’ dude would have half a clue and realize all the rob fans are gonna jump his ass!
    I guess what it really is, is JEALOUSY, plain and simple. Although jealously is a powerful emotion and not to be taken lightly would you agree?

  36. says

    Cant u guys stop saying stuff about a person you dont know?
    ofcourse Rob is hot but some of you dont think so. that depends on
    perspectives of different people. anyway love twilight

  37. Jasmine says

    i think everyone just needs to stop obsessing i mean come on.
    yeah he is good looking abd stuff and my mate knows him and she says he is a little on the strange side but the thing is what are the chances of us ever getttiing him……. zero.
    so just go back to your life and find someone you like who isnt waaaaay outta your league and get on with your lives ffs

  38. Jasmine says

    oh right cos your spelling is perfect too.
    its spelt learn how to spell stupid bitch.
    but of course your so dumb you can only use abbreviations right??

  39. Tony B says

    Some people will take any bait thrown their way. The articles are obviously aimed at getting your goat, which the author has succeeded in doing. Keep em coming, I like the tongue in cheek method you use so well. Look at all the angry female responses. This is so hilarious. BTW I love Twilight, read all the books, happily married, 5 kids, am gay, am straight, am bi-sexual, am a virgin.

  40. Tim says

    Sounds like complete jealousy to me! And this Stewart is WHO? Never heard of him…..probably never will. And I’m ok with that. Whatever happened to if you can’t say anything nice…..oh yeah, if that were the case ol’ Stew would be out of a job. Seems like that is all he CAN do. I feel sorry for you Stew….

  41. jinse says its already said…u shud go stick ur head inside the toilet…wats with u man???…neither is twilight a cheaply made book…(u shud really stick ur useless head inside the toilet!!)nor r d movies terrible..n rob n kristen r just amazing actors…2 among a few u havnt let d success go into their heads…
    n pls dont right ne more articles since u dont seem to be in ur sane state of mind..i think u shud see a shrink..