Jamie Lynn Spears’ Babydaddy Did The Dirty On Her?

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Casey Aldridge cheating father babydaddyIf Jamie Lynn Spears' life was an episode of Maury – which it isn't, yet – it'd probably be called I'm A Pregnant Teenager And My Boyfriend Cheated On Me Even Though I Don't Know If He's The Father Or Not Yet.

Because, keen to make sure she lives up to the staggering level of personal ineptitude that her big sister is so fond of, Jamie Lynn Spears is determined to make her pregnancy one of the worst stage-managed in all of history. We've already had the outrage about Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant at 16, then the outrage about statutory rape, and now it's time for some fresh outrage, this time about the way that Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend Casey Aldridge is a 'lying cheating dog' who can't stop getting other girls pregnant. Not enough for you? OK, well what about Jamie Lynn Spears not knowing if Casey Aldridge is actually the father of her baby anyway? Better? Thought so.

Despite what people tell you, pregnancy's a piece of cake. All it involves is a bit of accidentally unsafe sex, nine months of eating coal and – bish bash bosh – there's a baby at the end of it. It's easy. But you wouldn't think that to see Jamie Lynn Spears lumbering through her pregnancy like some sort of clueless moron.

Jamie Lynn Spears is just a few months into her pregnancy, and she's already made a right pig's ear of it. Screaming 'I'm Pregnant' from the cover of a magazine before you've told all of your family is never the best way to start things off, but somehow things have managed to spiral downhill even further from there.

First Jamie Lynn Spears' babydaddy Casey Aldridge split up with her, and then he wanted to marry her, and then everyone wanted to arrest him for statutory rape, and then Mary J Blige was all like "you go girl!" which didn't help anyone in the slightest, and now it's been claimed that Casey Aldridge keeps cheating on Jamie Lynn Spears even though nobody knows if he's even the father of the baby or not.

Let's start with the 'Casey Aldridge cheating' thing. A friend of Jamie Lynn Spears has said that Casey can't stop cheating, is cheating on her now and had even got another girl pregnant last year. Bear in mind that if this source really is a friend of Jamie Lynn Spears then she's clearly a teenage girl and therefore probably got all this information from some Tippexed graffiti on a pencil case she saw during double science when Mr Barming had his back turned to check the bunsen burners:

“I think Casey is a serial cheater who has lied to Jamie Lynn and betrayed her time and time again. Even though I’m sure she knows in her heart that Casey’s a lying, cheating dog, Jamie Lynn is head over heels in love with him. She continues to take him back regardless of how awful he treats her. This past spring Casey was forced to tell Jamie Lynn that he’d cheated on her and gotten that girl pregnant. Jamie Lynn was devastated. She swore Casey out of her life forever.”

But then, the source goes on to blather, Jamie Lynn took Casey back the second that the pregnant girl miscarried, only to discover that Casey's apparently 'sneaking around' with someone inexplicably called Whitney Seals even though Jamie Lynn is pregnant – but is Casey Aldridge the father? An insider speaking to Page Six doesn't seem to think so:

"We have been hearing increasing rumors that Casey is not the baby's father. Jamie Lynn will not tell anyone who the actual father is…. Apparently [Jamie Lynn’s mother] Lynne is trying to cover the truth of it by making an arrangement with Casey. They may be paying him to pose as Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend and the father of her baby in order to protect her and her future.”

So what's the truth here? We're arsed if we know, but excited too. After all, if Jamie Lynn Spears can squeeze in uncertain paternity, infidelity, marriage, a split and statutory rape murmurs into three short months of pregnancy, what on earth should we expect from the next six? One thing's for sure – if this isn't building to a climax featuring the birth of a giant robot lizard with laser eyes then we're going to be sorely disappointed. Or apathetic.

Probably apathetic. 

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  1. victoria says

    I think that jamie made a mistake and she probably regrets it.
    I hate how people judge her. I don’t get how people make humor out of this it’s stupid. Alot of kids love her show and i don’t think it should be canceled.
    Jamie don’t let people bring you down stay strong like your sister.


  2. VRAcer says

    Dear Victoria, the kid is a pig and her show should be cancelled. Of course she will be judged and harshly at that. Good advice, stay just like your sister. That’s a good career move but road to ruination.

  3. Taylor says

    JAmie made a mistake. Alot of people make mistakes but thuey should take Zoey101 off the air. It would be better for Jamie and her children when or if she has it. she’d have more time being with the baby and there would be less stress on her and her fan if they evr saw her because would really look tired and stressed out.

  4. says

    i agree taylor ,cause many people out here thees days having baby and they dont have help for real . IM sorry the peopolle who are havin babyes and they have to take care of there baby and need help and all this shyt i will be mad if my babydaddy will put me down i will be mad …
    well it 1 thing i got to say.. she should of not openin her legs cause nigga thees day do want to help and do really care about female this days

  5. Jesse says

    I myself was in a similar situation and because i wasnt in the public eye i was not harrassed for it. I think people need to leave her alone. I for one do not like any of the Spear’s, but i am not one to judge them for mistakes they have made. Everyone makes mistakes you learn from them and move on. Just ease up on these poor girls.

  6. gina says

    why would you guys kick zoey 101 off the air jamie only pregnant for a little while why not keep the show running and take it off air for a while until the baby delivered and safe then you guys can go back to filimng i mean this show is the best show alive you need to keep this show on air not just for me but for the millions of fans out there
    and you Can not get a new zoey 101 it wouldnt be the same

  7. gina says

    where the love people wheres the love i mean leave jamie and brittany alone they made alot of mistake and screwed up who care it happens

    thats how she living right now and if you guys keep judgeing her it gonna happen to you so layoff

  8. gir says

    What happen to no regrets is that she got FUCKING PREGNANT at 16 FUCKING YEARS OLD YOU DUMB CUNT.

    Jesus what the hell is wrong with you people.

  9. keyshia says

    well i think she did dirty on him cuz a magizine said Casey is not the Father well dat to bad she shouldnt go pergant but when i waz 19 i had a baby and they said i was dumb well she dumb but i heard worse gurlz be getting preagant at 14&15 so she aint the only gurl dat preagnt at a young age

  10. gir says

    Yeah other idiots doing other idiotic things sure does make this idiotic thing less idiotic. Thanks, idiot.

  11. jackie says

    ha.. seriously… why would this girl want to turn into her sister?

    gir’s comment made me laugh. id say it in a better way

    she created a life because she wanted to have fun. now this child is going to know fo rthe rest of her or his life that her/his mother is a whore with a cheating boyfriend and is born into the most publicized trash heap in the magazines.
    poor… poor innocent baby….