Beyonce Sued By Singer You Forgot Even Existed

Beyonce Des’ree Sue Lawsuit Kissing Song B’Day coverHey kids, remember Des'ree? If you do remember Des'ree we're sure it's only a vague recollection – unlike Beyonce, who remembers Des'ree so much that she covered one of her songs for her newest album and is now getting sued for it.

When Beyonce decided to repackage her six-month-old album B'Day to screw over her fans for cash give her fans something special and new, she thought that covering old Des'ree track I'm Kissing You would be a sound idea. And it would have been, had Beyonce thought to properly get clearance for the song. Which she didn't. And now Des'ree wants revenge, either by suing Beyonce for $150,000 or by challenging her to the ultimate R&B challenge – seeing who wail the American national anthem in the most preposterously overblown way at some godforsaken sporting event.

Beyonce is not normally a woman you would want to mess with. Say the wrong thing to Beyonce and she'll give you an epileptic breakdown, threaten to withhold that Eva Longoria lesbian sex movie for even longer or only eat syrup until you're so weirded out that you have to run away.

But Des'ree doesn't care about the might of Beyonce. She doesn't care that, while Beyonce larks about in bikinis all day, Des'ree has to keep explaining who she is to everyone she meets by saying "I did that You Gotta Be song – you know, the one off the official Princess Diana tribute album." Because Beyonce and Des'ree have history.

Firstly Des'ree is a very vocal supporter of animal rights group PETA – the same PETA that keeps spoiling Beyonce's dinner. And secondly Des'ree is suing Beyonce for covering one of her old songs without getting the proper permission first. Metro reports:

Charges have been filed in Manhattan Superior Court by Des'ree, alleging that the Dreamgirls star didn't get permission to do her version of I'm Kissing You, which appeared on her most recent album. Des'ree… says in the suit that there was an initial attempt for a deal to be worked out, but that they wanted to change the title and film a music video, both of which were denied. As a result, the song was simply recorded and released, under the title Still In Love (Kissing You).

It's worth pointing out that the song Des'ree is disputing, Still In Love (Kissing You), only appears on the US version of the deluxe edition of that album Beyonce did about toilets. Incidentally, what's the point of a deluxe edition of B'Day? How many people can honestly say that they listened to the original version of B'Day and thought "If only this album was 12 tracks longer and contained four separate versions of that rubbish Shakira duet"?

Anyway, it's thought that if Des'ree's lawsuit is successful then Beyonce will have to pay her $150,000 in damages and stop distribution of any albums with her song on it. But don't be upset Beyonce fans – if that happens you'll still be able to chose between the North American original version of B'Day, the Japanese original version of B'Day, the rest of the world original version of B'Day, the iTunes exclusive original version of B'Day, the EU/ Asian/ Australian deluxe version of B'Day and the Latin American deluxe version of B'Day.

But you needn't bother, because none of them are actually that great.

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  1. Shaniece says

    Stuart, you are a bitch and a Beyonce hater. I hate you and your articles arent that good. How about that? Stupid fucker.

  2. Imus says

    Shaniece, shut the fuck up, you nappy-headed ho! Stuart was funny as hell….I was dying reading that shit.

  3. says

    I sorry Beyonce that you have to go though with all of this crap. Your doing a wondeerful job in the recording/acting busness. and for this lady to bring you down. Just brust the dirt of ya shoulders girl.

    From your #1 BOY fan
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  4. says

    U knw wht B let them tolk n crtsz they nid 2 recognise,they mst kip on tolkin’ their mass bt u’l alwyz be d world wide woman,queen of the dnc floor and the most sexy1. Ur music is gr8 lv never mind i’m the first 2 get yr copy,4 doz who try 2 compare themslvs 2 u shame on them-jay must be so proud n selfish bout u.

  5. sherrie says

    Beyonce stole this song from deseree, desree sung this song with power and it should not be changed. Beyonce is a bad bitch but she stills to get ahead in life, dream girls was a good example of her stealing what she needs to get ahead. I hope Jay-Z dumps the tired rich bitch.

  6. sherrie says

    Beyonce stold the song. Listen to deseree version then beyonce’s. deseree sung this song with deep love you can feel. I want this song sung at ‘my wedding. It’s beautiful. Beyonce is a slut bag theif

  7. yuki says

    I don’t get it. I’ve scrolled through so many discussion about this mishap, and I can say it sickens me when people think that what Beyonce did was…ok. She ignored copyright and the agreement to do this song. I’ve seen some say that Beyonce’s was completely original…she used some of the original lyrics from De’siree. In the end of the day, no matter who you are, a diva with an alter ego, get your ducks in a row and do everything appropiately.

    De’siree isn’t bringing her down; she’s just getting her credit, ROYALTIES! I bet Beyonce would flip is someone remade “Single Ladies” without the agreed consent.

  8. gfgdgfd says

    actually, beyonce had received permission to sing it, but not to change the name and make a video. THAT is why she was sued.

  9. Alison says

    Fuck you Imus – you queer. The person who wrote this shit article should be signing on at unemployment and so should you, you wanker. Fuck you! EVERYONE remembers Desree. No one has ever known who Stuart is. Stuart who?

  10. te7221 says

    who cares b needs to stop copying she been copying people swags from their concerts and plays videos scenes since she done crazy in love click beyonce the biggest copycat 1.2.3. beyonce wears a booty pad she cant flip if someone do a remake of single ladies she copied it from some old ladies and the music crazy in love click beyonce steals music and songs click vanessa williams sues beyonce beyonce being sued for plagurism love on top count down copied who run the world copied click janet jackson copy cats