Now The Verve Reform, Hundreds Rejoice

The Verve ReformKeeping up with the constant ongoing trend that will delight handfuls of deluded fans, yet another band from the nineties has decided to plug their guitars back in.

It can only be everyone’s favourite band from Manchester after Oasis, The Smiths and Doves. Of course it can only be The Verve, led by miserable-looking git, Richard Ashcroft. Hecklerspray aims to start a campaign to name 2007 the Chinese year of past-it bands that everyone was glad to see the back of reforming because they’ve spent all their money on cocaine, booze, women or a combination of all three.

This year we’ve been subjected to bands reuniting for, ahem, their love of music and definitely not because their solo careers have gone tits up, or their ventures in to the zany world of catering have not gone as successful as planned. Even Sting, the man who boasted that he can have sex longer than any human in the whole wide world, declared that The Police were going to sing some songs and prance around on stage for a few hours. They currently are doing this, even though one of them said they are shit.  

Other artists that have realised it's easy to reunite then go busking in the street include East 17 who came back together for a one off gig, Take That even though pie-munching Robbie Williams said no and Crowded House who disappointed millions by planning to record more godawful records. And now The Verve have announced they are to return at the end of the year with a few gigs and a potential new album.

Everyone knows who The Verve are don’t they? Their only real hit that everyone remembers is Bitter Sweet Symphony. Still unsure? Most of the time when England gets knocked out of a major sporting competition, the tune is used in the credits to pull the heartstrings of the nation. Just wait till Tim Henman gets knocked out of Wimbledon, it’ll be used then. It’s the video where pasty-faced Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft knobs down the street thinking he owns the place as he bashes into various members of the public and even prances on somebody’s motor.

After splitting in 1999 due to various arguments that probably went along the lines of “My guitar is bigger than yours,” “You only have the 1987 version?” and “My amp has power than yours” the band went off to do all manner of different things, the more notable being Richard Ashcroft’s dodgy solo career.

The media reported many bitter arguments between the various members, so it strikes us as odd that a band who once hated each other would reunite eight years on. A few measly tour dates have been announced for the arse-end of the year where we expect them to sell for much more than the probably hefty price they’ll originally be sold for.

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  1. Mithaearon says

    The Verve are the best, I am happy about this as modern music (bar a few exceptions) is shit. You are obviously [insert your own insult here] if Bittersweat is the only song you can remember.

  2. Alex says

    Verve aren’t from Manchester. Oh, but that would prevent you from taking a thinly disguised sideswipe at them, so let’s forget that eh?

  3. Eben says

    Verve are pretty much the best band ever and this news makes me quite happy actually.

  4. Kellryan says

    The Verve are a Wigan group. And their best music was made pre-“Urban Hymns”, which was originally slated to be a Richard Ashcroft solo album, actually, before Nick McCabe showed up to add some guitar. Check out the “Gravity Grave” EP or the US “No Come Down” to see what you’re missing.

  5. Mithaearon says

    Kellryan exactly! Whilst Urban Hymns is a fanastic album there is more to The Verve than that. A Storm in Heaven is a great piece of work to put on and listen to.

  6. Eben says

    I hate to be one of those snobby music fans that like obscure early EP’s over actual proper albums and stuff but the “Gravity Grave” EP is still my favourite Verve release. All their other albums are great too especially A Northern Soul.

  7. Sam says

    Keeping in with the maturity of Matthew Laidlow I say what a brilliantly written article……..NOT! Please get someone with some musical knowledge and not some idiot who clearly hates the band and compares the verve with past it rockers and boy bands!? Why don’t you stick with what you are good at and go back to writing for Maxim or Loaded describing how to be the ‘lad’ you clearly are. Sorry to be a ‘deluded’ fan but to my knowledge they split because of the pressures of touring the world and/or creative differences. Not like the immature jibe made by the author. Richard Ashcrofts solo career….dodgy…hmm…lets look at the facts. All 3 albums in the top 3 of the album charts, 2 sold >1 million and the other >500,000
    Ok the singles don’t chart to well but what real music fans waste their money on singles? Anyway he still managed 4 top 20’s, 2 top 10’s with the rest in the top 40. Then only last year he sold out several gigs (audience in the tens of thousands) at the Old Trafford cricket ground. So shhhhhhh before you look at the facts and do some research. I’d be happy for them to produce their best material with little comercial success (like the albums preceding urban hymns) so {insert you own insult} like you who only like bands when they jump on the media hyped bandwagon miss out and leave more space at gigs for their more dedicated fans! The End

  8. Matt says

    Well said Sam – a blinkered article from someone who obviously knows f**k all about music.

  9. Ryan Thomas says

    This website is obviously very lazy they clearly couldnt be bothered to write a proper review so they just wrote a whole crap without backing it up and say what you want about Richard Ashcroft’s “dodgey” solo career personally I think he did very well oh and what they were saying about the verve being the favourite manchester band after Oasis all Oasis ever do is worship Richard Ashcroft I cant remember the name properly but The verve definetly deserve it I think the best dong they ever produced was either Slide Away or Gravity Grave.