Now Kylie Minogue Wants A Baby

Kylie Minogue Baby Cancer InterviewSome people seem to thrive on stress, don't they? Look at Kylie Minogue – she's battled her breast cancer into remission enough to make a professional comeback and sit through a tremendously sycophantic interview with Cat Deeley.

But that's not enough for Kylie Minogue – she also wants to squeeze in having a baby somewhere in there too. This level of hard work and dedication from Kylie inspires two simultaneous responses; 1) It's wonderful to see the vitality shining from a woman emerging from the cloud of breast cancer, and 2) If Kylie's got all that time on her hands, then we think it's quite rude that she hasn't come round ours to put up those shelves for us yet. Cuh, it's all 'me me me' with some people, isn't it?

Kylie Minogue has been though so much over the last year, from riding an elephant and writing a barely-disguised autobiography to having to watch Little Britain videos all the time and suffering the indignity of watching her little sister pretend to be a lesbian in order to sell some records. Oh yeah, and recover from breast cancer.

Kylie Minogue's Sky interview with Cat Deeley was much hyped – we already knew that Kylie wasn't completely better on Wednesday – but there were still a few aspects of the interview that Sky didn't aggressively trail so much. As well as Cat Deeley's bewildering "So you recovered from a serious attack of breast cancer in Paris? Those Parisian cafes are just so amazing aren't they?" line of questioning, Kylie Minogue also revealed that – along with preparing for her comeback tour and Glastonbury appearance – she wants to have a baby quite soon, too. During the interview, Kylie said:

"I would love some children. We'll have to wait and see."

Chemotherapy has probably hurt Kylie's chances of conceiving naturally, so she's apparently had slivers of her ovaries removed and frozen, in the hope that they will produce eggs when they are replanted in a few years. So that's cancer, elephants, books, touring, lesbian sisters and babies covered. After that, Kylie will probably want a bit of a rest. Or a stint in a theatre doing a musical, one or the other:

"More than ever, I realise that's what I do, what inspires me. More than ever, I need to be on stage."

At least being so busy will stop Kylie being in any more rubbish self-promoting Eurostar adverts, and that's something we can all be thankful for.

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[story by Stuart Heritage] 


  1. Aikonawena says

    Gabble gabble— no wonder out of 80 million people in Aus and UK not even 2 million tuned in and of those, so papers reports`went,..most survived about 20 minutes.and tuned out into a coma

    Wot is with these celebs `and babies,…they carry on as if it is an accessory……and if it isnt a baby then it is one of those hideuos shivering little muuts they toss into their handabgs… these people are so flawed and dysfunctinoal it is scary

    Gee hasn’t she been a busy girl..pity none of it will have much credibilty.

  2. Jim Bob says

    If Kylie needs a sperm donor, I’ll be happy to volunteer. She has to get it the old fashioned way, though. 😛