Naked Marcia Cross Photos Freaking Out The Internet

naked Marcia Cross photos internetThink back 14 months, when it was revealed that naked Marcia Cross photos had been found by a removal firm, and that they would be splashed across the internet any day.

Chances are you probably thought "Candid naked pictures of the ginger one from Desperate Housewives? Why, that doesn't sound appealing in the slightest." But it's too late – 410 days later, those naked Marcia Cross photos have finally turned up on the internet. And boy oh boy, are they ever fantastic! OK, admittedly you probably need to be a big fan of Marcia Cross to enjoy her naked photos fully, plus it'd help if you found the sight of a 45-year-old mother of twins with bright red hair and pubes sexually exciting. Oh, and it's a given that you'll have to be a connoisseur of outdoor photos taken so shoddily that they make you feel like a grubbily intrusive next door neighbour perving on people in secret.

You're all of those things? Great! Naked Marcia Cross photos it is, then.

Not a good day for the Desperate Housewives, all said. We've only just got over the fact that Eva Longoria's husband might have done it with a model, and now naked, privately-taken photos of Marcia Cross have surfaced on the internet. What next? Teri Hatcher falling off a block of flats? No, we wouldn't wish that on anyone. Falling off a bungalow would do just fine.

Anyway, it's no surprise that these naked pictures of Marcia Cross have turned up on the internet because there was a big froth about it last October, when some naked Marcia Cross photos were found by removal men and handed over to David Hans Schmidt, the now-dead king of celebrity sex-tapes. And then nothing. Perhaps Marcia Cross bought them back and burnt them, we thought, or perhaps the removal men had a pang of guilt and destroyed them, or perhaps the world realised that it needs to see Marcia Cross naked like it needs to be kicked in the mouth by an angry horse.

But no, because the naked Marcia Cross photos are finally out and about for all to see. Marcia Cross is yet to respond to the leaked photos, which show her showering outside with a look that can only be described as 'slightly peeved' on her face, but we're sure this scandal will blow over much faster than if they were photos of, say, someone who you'd ever expressed an interest in seeing naked in the first place.

It's a blow to the woman's privacy, that's for sure. After all, what kind of a world do we live in where famous women can't shower naked in their own garden while their husband or boyfriend takes naked photos of them, develops them and then leaves them out for everyone to see? Our heart bleeds for Marcia Cross, it really does.

Although who's to say that this won't be the biggest stepping-stone to full-blown success for Marcia Cross? Really, all she needs to do is almost lesbian-kiss a schoolgirl and that role in High School Musical 3 is as good as hers.

OK, we've teased you for long enough. Be warned that you won't be able to undo what happens you your brain after you click this next link. They're unsafe for work, probably unsafe for home and almost certainly unsafe for human consumption at all – but if you're really interested, then here are the naked Marcia Cross photos, via Defamer. Don't say we didn't warn you.