Michael Jackson: Was It An Overdose?

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Dead, Michael Jackson Overdose, Michael Jackson DemerolIt’s been less than a day, but already Michael Jackson’s death is taking on shades of Princess Diana.

The parallels are remarkable – every media outlet around seems to be grimly fixated on the details surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, crowds of mourners are spontaneously popping up in public and, you know, they both did a lot for children. Too soon?

But if Michael Jackson’s death really is going to be compared to Princess Diana, there’s one thing missing – a conspiracy theory. Luckily, though, there’s one of these here too – apparently Michael Jackson died by overdosing on prescription painkillers. So that’s something.

So the bad news, as you all know by now, is that Michael Jackson is dead. The worse news is that we’re all going to be hearing about this for weeks. There’ll be the obituaries, then the post-mortem, then the slightly-too-lavish funeral, then the all-star memorial concert, then the wave of tacky, badly-made unauthorised Michael Jackson tribute merchandise – seriously, we give it a week before eBay starts selling hokey commemorative plates featuring Michael Jackson as an angel, tops – and it’ll be endless.

But that’s all to look forward to. For now, let’s try and figure out what killed Michael Jackson. Reports are stating his cause of death as ‘cardiac arrest’, which is fairly obvious – after all, most people tend to die when their heart stops beating. What caused the cardiac arrest, that’s the real issue. And Michael Jackson wasn’t exactly short on ailments, was he?

Not so long ago it was claimed that Michael Jackson had a progressive lung disease. Then he apparently had skin cancer. Then, not to put too fine a point on it, there was Michael Jackson’s entire face. But according to The Sun, none of these things did Michael Jackson in. According to The Sun it was down to an overdose of painkillers:

Michael Jackson died last night after a massive heart attack. He collapsed and stopped breathing after an injection of a powerful painkiller named Demerol. Jacko, 50, was said to be addicted to the drug – similar to morphine – and it is feared he took an overdose. Paramedics found he had no pulse. And frantic attempts to revive him failed.

We’ll have to wait for the official autopsy and blood test results to see if the Demerol overdose theory is right, which – as the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger proved – could take some time. But in the meantime we’re sure that Michael Jackson’s more obsessive fans will manage to cook up some even more outlandish conspiracy theories. Just a hunch, but we’re guessing that by Monday someone will have claimed it was deliberate suicide, someone will have claimed he faked his own death to get out of this summer’s London concerts and someone will follow current conspiracy theory fashion and blame it on a rival kung-fu gang.

But, again, that’s something to look forward to. For now let’s remember all the good times that Michael Jackson brought us. Admittedly you’ll need a fairly good memory to do that, since anyone who only knew of him recently will think of Michael Jackson as the creepy, unpopular, baby-dangling, Jesus Juice-swigging, heavily-indebted, constantly-sued, surgically-deconstructed tragic freakshow that he’d sadly become. But it’s not impossible. This should do it…

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  1. jake says

    Michael was talented, but very tragic and tormented person. He had so many plastic operations and illnesses. His heart was too weak and finally stopped.

  2. subadra says

    death equalizes human beings and makes ever one to feel there is a supernatural power beyond human limitation called God.still each lost is immeasurable and unique.

  3. Monique says

    Michael was one of the most awesome music inflences the world has and will ever see. Im sick of hearing all these rumours and jokes about him….. cannot people respect his memory and his music, which is universal and still gets people moving. This article destroys his memory, why care what type of person he was when he has all that talent in music.

    Leave his memory alone

  4. Peter says

    Who gives you the right to judge?

    May he RIP

    Its people like you that create such gossip and have nothing better to be doing.

  5. Mary says

    Stuart Heritage: Heath Ledger’s death was an unfortunate accident as he was taking prescription drugs for various ailments (near if not full pneumonia, severe exhaustion, severe jet lag, severe back pain, chronic insonmia and anxiety -, the last two which he had always suffered with all his adult life). You make it sound as if he was careless, when the coroner said that there hadn’t been ‘abuse’ of anyone prescription drug, it was just an unfortunate acumulative effect made worse by his body being very weak due to the said ailments.

    With Michael Jackson it is clear to me that a major factor of whatever he died of was his body being too weak after years and years of ANOREXIA, which he clearly had in my opinion. He might have looked better lately, but if you had anorexia for years, and got down to the weight he was in year after year, that would affect your internal organs and no matter if you ate more later, your internal organs would NEVER truly recover to their full health.

    If your body’s immune system is at it’s best, taking prescription drugs diligently shouldn’t affect it and make it ‘pack up’. Clearly, Michael’s organs weren’t as healthy as your normal 50 year old’s because of his weight loss issues.

  6. Paul Yak says

    I don’t like to speak ill of the Dead.

    But Wacko deserves an early death, for ALL those children he did awful things to, I hope this was God’s wrath. He couldn’t buy off the Grim Reaper even Though his fame meant he got away from child rape.


  7. Paul Yak says

    Why do people still treat him like a Hero????

    Does anyone treat Gary Glitter as a hero? No! Because of what he did to children>

    So why is it any different for Michael Jackson??

    The courts didn’t throw the book at him because he has powerful friends. But if any of You or Me did what he did. YOU the Great Public would rightfully hate that person.

    I REALLY Don’t Understand how people can forget he paid that Jordy kid $20Million Approx to keep his mouth shut.

  8. spc.saw says

    nice 1 stu! Im getting tired of it already i understand he was great and all but doesn’t need the 3 months of media coverage, and by the way Farrah Fawcett died too, guess she just wasn’t as important enough i mean after all she was only a ANGEL lol

  9. Shooty* says

    Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, has anyone asked Chris Brown what his movements were last night?

  10. J0k3r3 says

    Hey for those worrying about his legacy and how he will be remembered, just think of this…no one remembers CHUCK BERRY’S restaurant.

  11. says

    As we age things with our body start decline in normal functions. This could be a mild overdose of the oxidant medical prescriptions because it can definitely trigger a heart attack because of chemical reactions in seeking to give the heart a better conditional rate. It’s hard to tell that most hollywood actors in life seem to die from an apparent overdose. The thing I don’t understand is how a man of Michael Jackson age still attempt to do all those things like he done at his prime ages. It’s has to come to an end because his performances requires a lot of energy. I don’t think you can dance around at 50 for no more than a couple of hours. I’m 44 and seem to not the same at dancing like I done at my prime ages either. I seem to get rather tired or winded. I have question Michael Jackson diet and supplements chemicals in given him a bad reaction plus with the medical prescriptions on a limited diet is hard to the body. He is just to talented to be labeled down to so many medical prescriptions and just should have had an more athletic diet with out all the chemicals in between what he was eating and exercise. It difficult to say at this time what really happen. Michael was aging and getting weak with his body stamina.

  12. princessserena09 says

    why would anyone talk about him in this awful way i mean he got his childhood taken away from him with the jackson 5 he got beat most of the time too he never experinced how it feels to be a normal boy.
    sure he may have done stuff that was a bit uncalled for he had personal issues so what everyone has them.it’s so unbeliable that he’s gone i cant stop the tears from coming no matter what i do you
    will always be the king of pop and he’ll always be in my heart

    R.I.P Michael jackson

  13. Dana says

    The mean jokes at this time are so tacky and insensitive,and what said in the article sadly superficial(pls. do not take offense, just reflect on it)…No compassion, no respect: for what he has given to so many,for one’s passing at least until he gets burried.

    “Why is it getting so much coverage?”! B/c so many all aver the world do have respect for his work, feel his songs, his rhythm,his messages in the lyrics,and most of all, the unjust humiliation and pain. And we thank him for 40+ years of good time!
    If his fans are “obsessed”, it is to speak up to some who insist to make their mark by insulting a human being just for being nice and yes childish,eccentric, beyond their comprehension.

    Read “Will you be there, Childhood, Scream, They don’t care about us”: he needed help to cope, and was more and more fragile.
    If he stopped singing it’s because of the treatment started by gold diggers here at home. Heartbroken is something, but having to deal publicly, with all “righteous” doubting Thomases putting him down, was more then a frail artist could take. Creation is a very intimate process, and who wants to share that when they get mocked and ridiculed?
    Compassion goes a long way…Clinton had the skills and strength to deflect the public embrarassment(even in his case, it should have been betw him and his wife instead of public show)Michael did not know to fight it with words like other do, to hide real(not alledged)skeletons in their closet.
    Media and money were already wasted months on allegations with no basis.So media needs to restore all that. Maybe you owe to think about it, before complaining when media, friends, fans, family take the time to set it right, at least now at the end.
    And Michael paid the accuser b/c he could not take it, not because he was guilty. When he had to, it destroyed him – anyone would turn to medication under such emotional torture. Plus one can turn this around and ask: why was his money accepted? If a child truly molested, no amount of money would do, for a parent who believes smtg like that in good faith. This, and other few good questions asked at the right time, would have taken care of the truth without all the circus.
    It is way to late, but at least don’t tarnish his memory by playing judge, please. He already went to trial, and now is in God’s hands.
    Please allow him to rest in peace…

  14. Monique Breta says

    FYI: will you please shut up you’re big mouth “gago”. All of child-molestation case are all RUMORS. It’s not true!

    Michael Jackson is an honorable man, a legendary King of Music! NOBODY can replace him….and that’s the reason why all the insecure try to pull him down….

  15. Monique Breta says

    Mr. Pathetic if you’re sick of news covering michael jackson’s death then why you must waste you’re time posting you’re pathetic comments here?!

    shut up LOSERS!

  16. Monique Breta says

    so, what’s chuckie..what ever it is restaurant?! it’s that what you called comment?! it ain’t got nothing..it’s a non sense..why don’t you try to leave him alone and suit yourself on that chukieeieie restaurant!

  17. Monique Breta says

    it’s that a negative comment or a positive one?!

    BTW, people love his songs because of it’s powerful meaning.. song is familiar with a speech, poem etc..but what makes people loves song is that the meaning and the melody that got a perfect combination!

    people loves michael not just an icon nor a personality but a whole person..if you’re on michael shoes what will you do if you’re childhood was taken away from you?! and psychology speaking what you encounter during you’re childhood days..it will remain to you and will burden your life..just like what michael suffered when he were living!

    don’t judge people by means of other criticism about them! know their history first before judging them!

  18. Monique Breta says

    pardon?! non so constructive comment..what a pity! what’s you’re grade on you’re elementary English subject?!

  19. ann says

    were u one of them? and do u think that u deserve to live? i’m so happy to tell u that God is not like man.

  20. halo says

    Whoa Monique
    All of this to defend a man who could not live in his own skin.
    Do you wonder why he was a self loathing shell of a human being??
    Maybe its people like YOU – you know those people who attribute all sorts of qualities to someone THAT THEY NEVER POSSESED
    I believe Robert Smith of the Cure said it best “I am none of these things”

    MJ was a tormented person. I feel sorry for the man. It is a cautionary tale (Hey LiLo and Britney Spears) as to why your childhood should never be replaced for love of money.
    MJ is another in a long list who died young and never got what they needed or wanted. So for the record:

    Marilyn Monroe: Wanted a love, marriage and children – Dead @ 36 Drug Overdose

    Judy Garland: Famous as a young girl, all she wanted was a childhood
    Dead @ 42 from prescription drugs abuse and alcoholism

    James Dean: Famous for being infamous, the rumors of his sexuality plagued his career, Dead @ 29 car crash

    James (Jim) Morrison: Wanted to be a film director, instead became a musician, and a villified one at that – we know how he died Paris… Bathtub…

    I mean MJ was a musician, but a tormented soul. I hope that he can finally be at peace, lord knows he never found it in this life. Hopefully he has it now.
    But get off the saint kick, he wasn’t – deal with it.

  21. A.P says

    I agree 100%…..leave him alone he was an amazing entertainer and a wonderful person. He had a huge heart perhaps to big for this world. May you rest in peace now Michael.
    I love you now and always. Gone to soon. <3