Mel Gibson Sorry For All The Boozy Jew Slagging And That

Mel Gibson Arrested Drink Driving Jew Jews hating sorryMel Gibson is a sensitive soul. The war in Israel and Lebanon has left most people in a state of deep resigned sadness, but not Mel Gibson, who instead prefers to get leathered and bomb around in his car slagging off all the Jews.

That's more or less what happened on Friday morning, anyway, when Mel Gibson was arrested for drink driving in Malibu, only to decide that the only thing better than using his right to remain silent was to unleash a string of insults blaming the Jews for every war in the history of the world, then offer to have sex with the male arresting officer while shouting "Sugar Tits!" at a nearby female police officer. Is it just us, or would The Passion Of The Christ have been about 20 times better if it contained a scene where Jesus, after riding his little donkey around Bethlehem all boozed up, bellowed "Woo-hoo! Sugar tits!" at Monica Bellucci? Just us? OK, suit yourselves.

Drink does funny things to people, doesn't it? David Hasselhoff, when he's had a tipple, likes to stagger around airports getting banned from flights with a big wet patch down the front of his jeans. Michelle Rodriguez likes to drive around in her car when she's drunk – and then there's Mel Gibson, who has taken Rodriguez's classic blueprint and added his very own inimitable anti-Semitic twist to proceedings.

Mel Gibson, as we all know, has a bit of a history with individuals of the Jewish faith. The Passion Of The Christ was branded anti-Semitic when it came out; so much so that the original title of The Passion Of The Christ: Those Darn Jews had to be shelved. In the middle of the furore, Mel Gibson went to great lengths to explain that he didn't hate the Jews and that the movie was merely a faithful retelling of a portion of the Bible. And then it was announced that Mel Gibson was planning on making a Holocaust TV show, even though his Dad didn't really think it happened. At the time, Mel Gibson talked his way out of trouble by explaining his viewpoint:

"Yes, of course. Atrocities happened. War is horrible. The Second World War killed tens of millions of people. Some of them Jews in concentration camps." 

But it'll be a bit harder to explain what happened on Friday. At 2.30am, Mel Gibson was arrested for drink driving and apparently responded to the arrest by telling the arresting officer:

"My life is fucked. I'm not going to get in your car… You motherfucker. I'm going to fuck you… Fucking Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?"

On top of that, Mel Gibson told the officer that he owned Malibu and that he'd spend all of his money trying to get even with him. Then, once he was taken to a police station, Gibson saw a female officer and shouted:

"What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"

In the cold hard light of day, however, Mel Gibson has looked back on his antics and decided that maybe he could have gone about things a bit differently. In a statement he admitted that he had been fighting alcoholism for most of his adult life and added:

"I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything I said. I feel fortunate that I was apprehended before I caused injury to another person."

Now, a cynic might say that Mel Gibson, who works in an industry with lots of Jewish people, might have only apologised so wholeheartedly because he didn't want to alienate any of the – already ridiculously small – target audience for his new Apocalypto vanity project movie, filmed entirely in the dead language of Yucateco. Or maybe Mel Gibson really has realised that treating any group with a different belief system to your own is profoundly upsetting. Either way, we're almost certain that Michael Jackson will probably want to go and see Apocalypto now.

But that's enough talk, sugar tits – time to get your Mel Gibson Haikus rolling in.

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[story by Stuart Heritage] 


  1. Larry N McQuarie says

    Mel Gibson is one of the greatest actors of our time. However, that does not excuse his behavior. He owes a lot to his fans and the motion picture industry. Mel should be made to pay for his comments, but I would like to see him given dthe benefit of the doubt, until after he seeks help, and sincerely tries to make ammends. It breaks my heart to think about his comments, and the damage he has inflicted on himself. He needs a wake up call, but I hope that the world sill not destroy him. At least this time!

  2. emily roker says

    If someone makes me a T Shirt with ‘Sugar tits’ on the front of it, I promise I will wear it

  3. Amy California says

    Mel Gibson had to much to drink and said things that he didn’t mean. When people drink they often do things where they feel remorse and shame the morning after. He probably could use a few AA meetings. If he was raised in a home where his father did not like Jews he may have been raised to be slanted, but I feel in his heart he does not hate anyone or blame anyone. He is forgiven of his sins everyday by Jesus Christ. We are all sinful and just trying to do our best each day. He may have been sad that Israel’s bomb killed Red Cross workers and children yesterday. I don’t understand why they can’t get along in the Middle East and live together like normal people—maybe that is why he was blowing off some steam. How can anyone judge Mel Gibson unless they judge themselves first. There isn’t one person alive that is perfect. Becasue he is a celebrity he has to be perfect, give me a break. He has to live with his drunk driving and the incomprehensible demoralization of his actions which is magnified a million times becasue he is a celebrity. Isn’t that enough punishment, He said he was sorry and I believe him, because of the honesty of his work and his life.

  4. Athabasca Noodlleman says

    Mel Gibson is one of the greatest actors of all time? What are you drinking?? Are you out of your mind?
    Mel Gibson is a bigoted hack.

  5. pan says

    Mel Gibson is an idiot. yes he is only human, but he is also a role model. he should not be saying such things! his career in hollywood has come to and end.. a large percent of hollywood is jewish hahaha …goodbye mel…

  6. jennfier says

    Did Mel Forget that the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media in America? If he would have said something about another religion or race this would not have happened.
    We have rights to our opinion.


  7. Mick says

    Why is it a sin to get drunk and say crazy stuff about Jews (even if Mel believes it) yet people take the piss out of Christianity, Muslims etc. Jews are acting far too precious. If i don’t like Jews, just as they don’t like muslims it’s my friggin buisness! Mad Mel can get stuck into and hate what ever he wants, i don’t have a problem with that.

  8. Mike says

    dude.. hes just an actor arent there more important things to report on then him sayin jew this jew that? hundreds of years from now we’ll all be mixed mutts and race would be all blurred so it doesnt matter

  9. me , from somewhere (but not from America says

    Jennifer, that is good to see that also you, the people from America or wherever are thinking persons…knowing what happens in the modern world

  10. A guy working in the cinema industry says

    I pray for you ….now that all the world is against you
    It’s sad that people don’t always understand and that they’re being mislead by their governments
    Only few people such as yourself can see what’s really going on.
    You are one of your kind and your one of those men who the people would follow if you lead them to the right way.
    Keep your faith …..and search even deeper….shall you do so and GOD will lead you to the right way.

    I’m not sure if you’re gonna receive this….but if you do I hope you read it and I hope it cheers you to know that a lot of people really care for you.

    May GOD bless you and your children and your whole family and guide you to the light……amen

    Sincerely yours
    A guy working in the cinema industry

  11. Zion says

    You bunch of freaks can enjoy one another in your hate society. A black guy and a gay dude and the Pope once looked at me without smiling. Death to them all (and everyone who kinda looks like them and believes what they believe), I guess! At least there will be less traffic during rush hour.
    Fools, all of you.

  12. says

    Keep it up people; all of you whether Black or White and Pope or Immam, just keep it rolling and let’s see what more we can get out of ‘THEM’!

  13. Kristy says

    I love the film “The Passion of Jesus Christ” made by Mel Gibson. I admired Mel Gibson’s bravery when he spoke the truth about jews.

  14. Ott Wholnor says

    The Jews are mad because Mel made nearly one billion dollars from “The Passion of Christ” movie that he produced. He does not need the elitist Hollywood Jews for anything because he now has MORE MONEY than most of them.

  15. superman says

    oh dear did someone dare to be truthful about the nazi jews. quick lets call gibson anti semitic and start bombing him or even better lets throw him out of his house and call him a terrorist

  16. jesus christ says upset the Jew boys, you most problerly hit the nail on the head and they love for that, you are history with one hundred million dollars in the bank, go retire now your part in this war is over, but there are another million plus soldiers ready to jump in, the fight goes on, regards Adolph Hitler, only joking, maybe

  17. Christian says

    jew this, jew that…
    like i give a damn bout them!!
    Mel can said whatever he likes…
    all jew should get the hell out of our country! since they’ve had israel

  18. rachel says

    Jews are modern day Nazis. They own American media. America is being destroyed by the parasite-jews.

  19. noneofyourbeeswax says

    WWI and WWII are largely instigated phoney wars started by jew bankers to help them gain power and wealth whilst pitting non jews against non jews.
    There is no such a thing as Jewish conspiracy. It is all done in the open.”
    – Gilad Atzmon
    “how wwii started” by dr william l pierce truth
    911 ? ? ??
    wikileaks – psych ops for mossad/israel
    holohoax 300,000 inrc jew death toll figure
    ‘osama bin laden’ anagrams to ‘A damn alien S.O.B.’
    Israel did 7/7/2005 london

  20. James says

    He wasn’t wrong though was he?
    In the twisted mind of the Jew, Mel was anti-sematic, Nazi, Hitler…
    Yet the real point is he was not worng.
    You jews are gonna suffer so horribly once the voodoo tricks wear off, its been 99 years…they gonna fall so hard I truly see no way out for the most wicked deviants ion this planet