Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Booted Off Zoey 101

Jamie Lynn Spears Zoey 101 pregnant Nickelodeon axed droppedBefore she decided to make the leap into becoming a professional pregnant schoolgirl, Jamie Lynn Spears was best known for her Nickelodeon TV show Zoey 101.

OK, that's not exactly right – Jamie Lynn Spears was best known for being Britney Spears' sister, then for being in a film where she played Britney Spears' sister, then for being Britney Spears' sister in a TV show about Britney Spears, then for being Kevin Federline's sister-in-law and then for her Nickelodeon TV show Zoey 101. Not that any of that means much any more, because it's been reported that Nickelodeon has dropped Zoey 101 thanks to Jamie Lynn's pregnancy. Heaven knows why, because we always thought that children's TV badly needed a teen sitcom about a schoolgirl with postnatal depression so severe that she routinely fantasises about dropping it out of a window. Or something.

A few months ago, Jamie Lynn Spears had it all going for her – she was like a younger, less berserk version of Britney Spears with her own zany TV show about teenage girls talking at each other really fast and a wonderful childhood sweetheart boyfriend who she met at church. But that was then.

Now Jamie Lynn Spears is the pregnant 16-year-old, equally berserk sister of Britney Spears with a boyfriend who's a 'lying cheating dog' who might not even be the baby's father anyway and possibly no TV show at all, let alone a zany one. It's been reported that Nickelodeon has realised that no Zoey 101 at all is better than Zoey 101 starring a sallow-faced calcium-deficient single teenage mother who keeps squirting breastmilk through her starter bra. The Sun reports:

The fourth and final season has already been filmed — with two episodes that will see the end of US schoolgirl Zoey. And a show source further revealed: "Nickelodeon bosses are still undecided whether to air season four or not. For now it looks like it has been canned."

This news will come as a blow to all kinds of people – not just infant fans of Zoey 101 who were keen to see how their hero's story ended, but also to eagle-eyed cultural commentators eager to see if Jamie Lynn Spears could manage to get through a scene without barfing everywhere or wolfing down jar after jar of picked onions to satiate her irrational pregnancy craving like some sort of vinegary witch. 

And it's unfortunate that Nickelodeon wants to can Zoey 101 completely, since the final episodes actually dealt with Zoey getting knocked up by an older boy and then watching the rest of her life fall apart as a result. Ironic really.

So what now for Jamie Lynn Spears' career? Surely her days as a child star are numbered, and she still looks about nine years old so she might not be ready for the leap into more grown-up stuff, so she's stuffed, right? Poor Jamie Lynn must be distraught – if only she'd thought to post photos of her minge around the internet instead of actually getting pregnant, she'd have had a much easier ride.

The moral here, girls, is that you should post pictures of your minges around the internet. We think.

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  1. patrick says

    on zoey 101 thay should have said that jamie lynn spears(zoey).
    zoey and chase had sex and chase was the dad.
    chase has a cruch on zoey.

  2. says

    wow, their are 16 girls around th world and youngergetting prenant everyday, wht about them eave that girl he fuck alone, she 16 go talkshyt about sum adults.or even better her sister!

    Black Box Records Inc.

  3. Lauren says

    That is a really fucking mean story. The persone who wrote this should be ashamed for talking about a young scared girl like that.

  4. hannah says

    i think that Nickelodeon should not get rid of the show zoey 101, they should just rate it and put it on mtv or somthing. and wait til jamie lynn spears has her baby and then make more eposides of zoey 101. everybody makes mistakes and some ppl love the show and if we do it that way everybody should be happy cause little kids dont watch mtv.

  5. Leslie says

    I learned the following from these comments:

    -I now know something of the plot line of Zoey 101…sort of.
    -There…err, their…are 16 girls in the world. Period.
    -Little kids don’t watch MTV. Someone may want to tell MTV their entire audience has stopped watching.

    See? hecklerspray comments are educational!

    Snarkily yours,


  6. says

    “That is a really fucking mean story. The persone who wrote this should be ashamed for talking about a young scared girl like that.”

    maybe she shouldnt have gotten pregnant?
    her fault.

    good job writer.

  7. Sarah says

    Um, this is a reall rude article and the person apparently has never had thier own child…. and um, dude, I got pregnant at 16 and my little boy is the light of my life and the best thing to ever happen to me. I dont think that teen pregnancy is the way to go by any means, but hey I’m a WHOLE lot better parent than Britney Spears is. She’s 16 and ppl get pregnant everday. Grow up and write about real stuff…like the war or our planet dying because of the hot air coming out of your mouth….lol.

  8. says

    The article’s a bit harsh, but you reap what you sow.

    I don’t want my little sisters turning on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or whatever and see that it’s okay to get pregnant when you’re 16 and put nude pictures of yourself on the internet when it’s not even legal yet.
    If she didn’t want to lose her show, she should have gotten the pill or considered who her viewers were.

  9. susan says

    keep it on !! dont take it off the aie please. Just finish the season that was already filmed and then after she has her baby just tape more show an please keep it on the air. and anyway these little kids probably dont know she is pregnant .. and again please leave it on the air and film more after she has her baby and then keep the show running

  10. Tanner Todora says

    This is sooo unfair!! IT’s a great show. If I got booted off ashow like this one, I’d cry.

  11. Colleen says

    i think its so messes up their canceling the show ans i just saw GoodBye zoey? and it made me mad it ended and it didnt show us a real reaction 2 zoey findin out chase loved her. I think they should air zoey 101. It was a mistake lots of girls at younger ages get pregnant at least she admitted it and didnt get abortion. I hope they air zoey 101

  12. Julia says

    I am so sad that Zoey101 will probley be cancelled. I have Jamie and Casey for this. Well I dont hate them cauz they didnt know. But they are stupid for having sex. Or almost having it witch they did have.

  13. Cierra says

    I think that its Great that she got kicked off because if it was Raven, off of thats so Raven, she would of got kicked off right away. So i think its wonderfull that the diseney channel kicked her pregnant butt off. what kind of example does that set for my nieces, that its ok to get pregnant, NO so thank you Disney channel !

  14. iT's Me says


  15. Scott says

    This is SOOO FOOLISH. GO cover a REAL story that has to do with something that matters. Let the show go on, let her have the baby then film more episodes.. THAT SIMPLE! I’ts SHIT to cancel it because of something that is going on all over the world with teens.

  16. Chelsea Keeley says

    Oh my gosh, like, this was so rude, like! Oh, my gosh i can’t believe it! Zoey 101 has been cancelled, like, huzzaaah! I hate that show anyway, like, yeah. Jamie Lynee is a badd ass getting pregnant. So what, i had sex when i was 10 but i didn’t get pregnant until i was 13! I am 23 now and have 5 kids. I think i might be pregnant now. I didn’t go to school. Jamie lynn doesnt have to go school, she gets to act, like so cool, dude! My boyfriend smokes dope everyday but he’s not the father to my child, haha, like, yeah!

  17. Heather says

    Zoey 101 Shouldn’t be cancelled just cuz jamies pregnant but They should bot air it for a whie until jamie has had her kid and Has settled down but Thats no right for them to just fire her off the show I mean A lot of people love to watch zoey 101 Especially me I watch it when I can, I love to watch it its the best show that Ive ever watched and it shouldn’t just be cancelled becuz of jamie being pregnant its not right…..I think that it was an accident and she should not be punished for an accidental Thing god….

  18. Adam Gade says

    Ah I never get tired of reading comments by 16 year old “girls” on the internet. It’s a plus when some are annoying teen mothers.

  19. lisa says

    Lynne Spears, the mother, should be ashamed for constantly putting her suffering daughters right into the spotlight everytime they screw up just so she can make a profit off of them. That’s sick.

    It’s funny now looking back at the book her a Britney wrote together about how to be a good parent because both of her daughters are now complete jackasses. I feel sorry for Bit in a way though, it’s tough dealing with drug addiction and thus developing mental problems and on top of it having the media constantly up your ass. The Spears family is indeed a kooky one, but who the hell cares? Get over it and mind your own business, why is everyone these days so damn concerned of other peoples’ lives just because they’re famous?? What about who’s going to win the presidential election this year?? What about the war that’s still going on? What REALLY matters. I mean damn..come on people. Get a grip!

  20. kenny says

    the next season is already fucking filmed. why would they just take it off. the show isnt about teenagers getting pregnant. thats just what the starring actress is apparently about hahaha. fuck you nickelodeon for being so traditional and doing what is expected.

  21. Natalie says

    i think that she is a horrible influence on children, i didnt kno what to tell my little sister when she asked me to explain about jamie. what kind of image is she showing. and anyone who supports her is stupid and is supporting the idea of little children seeing that it is ok for a 16 yr old girl to be pregnant.

  22. says

    mang! shiet!fuck all of yall haters! yall so fucken stupid yall act like yall never been stupid shit yall better kiss my ass! lil hoes!


  23. eb says

    i think zoey 101 should stay on air
    so what she made one really big mistake
    but people dont understand that she knows what she’s done and she probably learned from it
    and people shouldnt be calling her a hoe or a slut or anything because she’s not. she shouldnt get punished or kicked off a show. that just show’s how people are these days. she shouldnt be punished for one mistake

  24. bitch says

    wow. this is so retarded. just because she’s a celeb everyone is making a big deal out of her pregnancy. 16 year olds have babies every day in the real world. hell.. people younger than that do. no one has a problem with it then, but no since she’s a celeb you all have to bitch about it. leave her alone. no one should know about that anyways. people always following her around, taking her picture.. harassing her. i’m surprised she hasn’t shot every one of you pigs. leave the young girl alone. she made a mistake big deal. were all human.

  25. blue says

    i used to love zoey 101 it was like the best show ever now you have ruind my life (you complete idiotic arse) what about if you were pregnant how would you like it if you got kikked off of your own tv show you are just a horribal person ….people from blue in bristol england

  26. says

    OMG..they could just make an excuse for zoey 101.like some other said they can pretend that chase is the babys father..but yet mayby they dont want any one at that age get pregant.imean the show should learn kids good things.and being pregant(isnt a bad thing for me) but i think alot of people dont like or the parents of the kids that mayby watch the show dont think it a good thing for a 16yrs old to get pregant.and even for me being prenant at age 16 isnt any rolemodel for nobody.exept for young girls that are pregant.AND DONT EVEN DARE SAY SOMETHING MEAN ABOUT WHAT I SAID BECAUSE IT HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE THING.ohh and one thing i dont think it terrible to get prenant at a young age because it’s about if the girl is ready and is mature enough to handle being prenant.and if so i say go for it..and good luck to every young woman out there that is prengant(or have a baby) including jamie lynn (spears)

  27. BOSS says


  28. timberwolf says

    I have to admit I thought the show should have ended when she announced her pregnancy.I had a son at age 15 and I should have done the right thing by give him up for adoption,it would have been better for him.I also think all these young girls getting pregnant is making it seem more cool than it is.

  29. Cain says

    a lot of you on this site are retarded, and you need to back off of Jamie Lynn Spears, everyone in the world makes mistakes, and she did too, if you read the articles ppl. she didnt for the baby to come, it was an accident, so you need to get off of her back, and i think eventually she will come back to Zoey 101. but in the end we should all know that is Jamie Lynn’s decision. and i trust her decison, she seems like a very smart girl.

  30. stefano says

    holding a child at age 17 is a difficult decision an we ,that are strangers , can’t judge her and her decision.However i think that he have done the right thing because she have enought money to give to her little doughter a good life althought the mother have only 17 years old . However i’ m also angry because i love the  series zoey 101 and this thing(the doughter) caused the finish of the program at the and of the 4 season !!!!!

  31. darrah says

    why is any of this shit important? This girl is not all that and she made a mistake. If she is ready to step up to the responsibility of being a parent, then good for her. GET OVER IT!!!!

  32. What's the big deal? says

    Really, 16 isn’t even that young to have a baby. It’s common these days for 12 and 13 year olds to become pregnant, now that’s a lot more worrisome since they’re still kids, and 16 is almost an adult.

  33. anonymous says

    i dont think its good that she got pregnant at that age and shes not a good role model, but alot of people these days are having babies that young. why not complaining bout them? like.. they might not have their own show. But who cares.. just because shes a celebratie people have to make a big deal about it.. why? we are all people.. i dont think its fair that she got kicked off her own show.. I really liked watching it.. anonymous.

  34. Daisy says

    The producers or the dirctors should ve said that in the show everyone had grown up like 1 year and then that chase came back for rpermanetly and that he and Zoey had sex and he was dad i mean chase says hat in the show he loves her but of course that it isnt real life but no they were too stupid to not do that and now Zoey 101 is what canceled all because of the stupid director or producers or

    Sincerly Daisy

    i hope Jamie can find another tv show in which she can star in

    Ducezz Jamie

    I love the show but now since its canceled i can only see the episodes repeat and repeat

    oh well

  35. Tahsa says

    it cant go back on and jamie wont get in another t.v show because she had a baby and she has to look after it and anywa if you want to watch more shows of it then go on popgirl sky 626 and 629 there is ew shows there.The show came back and now its on popgirl.

  36. Hallie says

    I dont know if she got pregnet on purpus or not but if
    She didnt then it is not her fault but if she did choose to get
    pregnet at 16teen then Thats her choice so stsy out of it but she should
    make more Zoey 101 but she got pregent eother on
    purpos or on exadent ether way people should stay out of it.