Coolio Is Officially ?Juggalo Cool?

Did that headline really pique your interest? Christ, if you even understood what it was talking about then you?re a crushing idiot and I hate you.

One of those words refers to an aging, balding rapper who is most recently famous for cuddling Terry Christian in the 2009 Celebrity Big Brother house, and the other sounds like something a child would say if he suffered a severe head trauma after spending the day at the circus.

For those of you lucky, lucky people not in the know a ?juggalo? is an idiot (just like you!). Specifically, an idiot who not only listens to but publicly proclaims a liking for the works of the inept group Insane Clown Posse. A duo famous for moronically not knowing how magnets works. Coolio, on tour with the ICP has stepped up the moron factor even further by not only getting a tattoo of said idiots, but getting a misspelt tattoo of said idiots.

2010 may not go down as the year of disappointing celebrity death after all. 2010 could end up being known as the year of the really crappy celebrity tattoos. Leona Lewis admirably started it off with some drivel on her back about banging horses or something, then someone else got a sniff of fame by having sex with a famous person’s husband while sporting a natty ?assorted crap accompanied by fish? combo of tattoos. Now Coolio has marked himself forever with an ?intentionally? misspelt piece of ink. TMZ reports:

The body art was supposed to be a homage to ICP fans — who call themselves “juggalos.” Coolio’s tattoo reads “Jugalo Cool” — ironically one ‘G’ shy of actually being cool.

Of course, it?s not all bad. When everyone forgets about the ICP (which should kick in, ooh, about 15 seconds after reading this article ? you?ve already forgotten what ICP stands for, haven?t you?), Coolio can always pretend that he hired out his body to an apprentice tattooist to practise designs for the 2012 Olympics. Laugh at him all you like, but he?s always on the side of a well-organised sporting event.

God knows how he?ll explain away ?Jugalo Cool? bit though. Best he just traps the arm in a block of ice till the gangrene takes it, better option all round.

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  1. says

    What’s the beef with juggalo’s, really? Can’t people enjoy their music in peace? ICP is a joke band that made it big because of people hating them so much. They were a street gang in Detroit of 55 people. That dissipated, and because of all the attention they got for being “terrible”, now they are a classified gang in 5 states. Good work, you should try banning them next, so that way they go global.

  2. Chris says

    this is to Ralph Sanders. So juggalos are idiots eh? That explains a lot, cause I’m a juggalo and I just be happening to be getting A’s in ALL my classes but one, and that would be keyboarding. So you need to shut up and get your facts straight. You don’t even know why ICP started, what they’re about or anything of that sort. If you did you wouldn’t be dissing them. If you listen to their song “thy unveiling” and their song “miracles” you’d understand them more, and about the “fuckin magnets how do they work” thing, they aren’t saying they don’t know HOW they work, they’re saying that it’s a mystery on how they completely work. Sure it’s the force of one being connected to another but what makes that force? Can ANYONE answer that for me? That’s what they mean by that. So you need to keep your mouth shut about juggalos being “idiots” when a lot of us are actually pretty damn smart.

  3. rita says

    Hahahahahaha HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh man! That was hilarious! Anytime a juggalo tries to articulate a defense for their juggalo love, its always the same argument. Its so great! Absolutely nothing original comes from these peoples mouths. Its simple…come up with a better defense(other than your report card) and you morons won’t be such a joke. But please, don’t all rush at once walmart still needs someone to manage the mcdonalds so your children can reach the required level of juggalo obesity only to lose it a few years later to the meth addiction and stretch of jail time. Plus, you guys are are just fucking hilarious and you provide so much entertainment for the rest of the country.

  4. Jmart says

    I hate how it goes over peoples heads about the magnet thing. Yes science explains how it mostly works but we don’t know where those forces originate from ultimately. And I am not a juggAlo