X Factor Betting Odds: Ray, Ashley, Eton Road

X Factor Betting Odds: Ray Quinn, Ashley McKenzie, Eton RoadOn Saturday X Factor decided to unveil a shocking new twist. "What twist?" we thought. "Is it that Simon Cowell has learnt how to do up his shirts properly? Will Kate Thornton finally reveal where she hid her neck?"

In actual fact it was just a boring old double elimination. But, on the subject of Kate Thornton, does anyone else get the feeling that this whole 'Kate Sacked From X Factor' shebang is just a lazy publicity-grabber, the same as all the judge-fights were on the last couple of X Factor seasons? If it is, then X Factor has sorely missed the mark this time around. There could be a 'Kate Thornton Gives Birth To A Burning Unicorn Out Of Her Arse' headline and nobody would give a toss. Because it's Kate Thornton, for god's sake. Kate Thornton.

Anyway, it's time for part two of this week's X Factor betting odds, and we'll be looking at Ray Quinn, Ashley McKenzie and Eton Road

Ray Quinn – Judging by the sort of comments that people have been leaving, Ray has the X Factor idiot vote pretty much sewn up this year. Not that we're calling anyone who's voted for Ray an idiot – we're just strongly implying it. This week Ray's X Factor performance had something for everyone; the odd people who find Ray Quinn adorable were given something new to coo over in the sight of Ray swanning about in an undone bowtie and brylcreemed hair, while everyone else took Ray whooping "c'mon!" a million times through Ain't That A Kick In The Head as a chance to actually imagine kicking Ray in the head. And it sure was sweet – we're hoping that next week Ray Quinn sings a song about being pushed down the stairs, set on fire and thrown into a tank of piranhas. Current X Factor betting odds – 12/1

Ashley McKenzie – There's no doubting that Ashley McKenzie has star quality – he looks cool, he refuses to follow the pack and his voice is effortless and honeyed and unique. However, unless there was a line in the song that Ashley sang on Saturday's X Factor that actually goes "um ber ber ber-ber ber," it's pretty clear that Ashley completely fouled up the words he was meant to be singing. Luckily, ever the pro, Ashley drew attention away from his mistake by doing a nasty little sex-dance near the end of his song. All was going well until Ashley McKenzie chose to take the post-interview as an excuse to thank the Lord for blessing him. That's when people stopped voting for Ashley, because boasting about being blessed with a shit haircut and a forgetful brain is something that gets right up the noses of Saturday teatime ITV viewers. Current X Factor betting odds – 8/1

Eton Road – On Saturday's X Factor, Eton Road sang Mack The Knife – a dangerous move since the last person to attempt to do this on a Saturday evening talent show was Gareth Gates, and look what happened to him. But, in true X Factor tradition, Eton Road really made Mack The Knife their own – they turned a reasonable, if slightly overplayed, standard into a dreadful squealing mess that actually made us want to kill ourselves. Each of the singers decided to try and all out-sing each other; including the boy who oddly looks as if he's addicted to botox, who decided to squeal his lines in the kind of falsetto that's usually aimed at meteors to deflect them away from Earth. All in all, it was the worst X Factor performance since The Unconventionals got kicked out a couple of weeks ago, and yet Eton Road still breezed through. Surely they won't win X Factor, though. Surely. Current X Factor betting odds – 5/1

Tomorrow – The X Factor betting odds for the two favourites… Ben and Leona

[story by Stuart Heritage] 


  1. says

    Ashley is wonderful!! we ADORE his afro and the low suffocated voice! he is a true model and even though he is out of the comp peotopn he is still a wonderful star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x

  2. Del says

    ashley should not of been kicked out of x factor hes 1 of the best in there and he entertaints everyone and he is an
    amazing singer and he will still become famous!! well he should try 2 anyway!!

    we love you ashley..!! x x x x x x x

  3. Angela Mace says

    I feel so angry ASHLEY got kicked off the show by rubbish taste WALSH, he should have been in the final , and stood a great chance to WIN. A BIG BIG MISTAKE PLEASE CAN WE VOTE HIM BACK ON,and ban SCOTLAND FROM VOTING AS THEY DO NOT VOTE FOR TALENT.

  4. lEmily says

    Ashley was hopeless. He can’t sing, has no charisma, is not good looking and has no sex appeal. Ben is the only true star there. As for Ray, enough said. He is even worse than Ashley.


  5. says

    Emm please can Angela Mace SHUT UP as i am scottish and i don’t appreciate you disrespecting the country like that as i like the MacDonald Brothers and Nikkita… Not my favourites but i like them and i think getting rid of ashley was quite a wise move

    Lv Lauren xx

  6. Elly |x| says

    i love ashley !!
    i call him afro ash [=
    He’s Gawjus !!
    i cried when he got kicked off !!
    i wish he could go back on
    does he have a website like a fan one ??
    x ELLY x

  7. says


    Well Ash Iz amazing & i love him & hes tha best & he shoulda won So louis i dont like yah :|:| & Look at hi, whu else is on x factor whu has the x factor now?????? NO 1 And i love 4 sure n i love ash n their both great n ashh has tooo much talent xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. says

    hiyaaaa its deborah ere
    i’am reallii a big fun of RAY he is so stunnan and i would realli like to meet up with him one day and have a weee chat lol 😛

  9. sophie spear says

    hiya its sophie
    im areally big fan of ray and i want to get a pic of him

    GO RAY YOU CAN WIN !!!!!!!!

  10. Tara Newton says

    RAY is fit as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he would like to leave his home number or mobile any will do, i would be kind to teach you a few moves you have not yet learnt, but would come in very handy in some parts of life.
    I mean it ray i love you from the bottom of my heart, I WANT YOUR BABIES, marry me YOUR SO CUTE I LOVE YOU T PEICE YOU SEXY LIL THING loved your dancin its such a turn on you are obviously a man of many talents. FWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lynn McGarry says

    I Am Scottish, And I Can Honestly Say I HATE The MacDonald Brothers! They Are Crap – They Aren’t Any Good At All! They Are Still In Because Everyone In Ayr Is Voting For Them. Just To Show You That Some People In Scotland Have Sense!
    Ashley Was The Best, But Now Its LEONA To Win!

  12. says

    I am a big fan of ray !!! ray i think you have got the X factor and ur the best one on there . i know its hard but keep goin coz ur gunna make it and win it !!!!! luff yaz lots ray please dnt give up coz ur the star and always will be love your number one fan Nikita Edwards 14 yrs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luff ya lots like jelly tots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Lauz says

    Grrrr Ash was a great singer n he should of stayed. Louis walsh only sent him out to get at Simon grrrrrrr. Anywayy i want either Eton Rd or Leonna To win :D:D

  14. says

    i don’t see how any one can want to imagine ray bein set on fire stop bein such a state ray is da best and every one knows it.

  15. sarah says

    I would just like to say how well eton road and ray are doin. Leona has a brilliant voice. Cant believe that nikitta and ashley have gone. GOOD LUCK TO ETON ROAD AND RAY. X sarah X

  16. Sean (Leona/Eton Road Fan) says

    Hey… OMG i was terrified when Eton road were in the bottom three, i really thought Simon would keep Nostril Singing Robert, but thank God he got rid of him… I dont like ben, good singer though!!! Leona is by far the best singer in this competition, and Eton road are second best… ETON ROAD and LEONA to the end… YuP YuP!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  17. rhona says

    RAY IS THE BEST ON THE X-FACTOR ! he’s well fit, i voted for him… 34 times last saturdai!!
    i was wondering tho…. how old is he?
    (ray) you are the best everione knows it! keep going the way you are and you will win for sure!
    i luv u!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. niki( says

    ETON ROAD rock i luv i hope they win they are so guuuuud=]
    james iz sooo fit!!!!!!! also anthony,james,danny and david have amazin voices


  19. ~*M.E.L*~ says

    OMG nrly cryed lst nite!! Eton rd and Robert in the final 2 cudnt believe it! i love em both wnted robert in tha final he is amazin and so fit! Brill singa not like them macdonald bros:@:@ y r ppl keepin them in? First they get rid ov ashley:( then nikitta now robert wtf is appenin x x

  20. Helga says

    Leona is the best, she is in a different league to everyone else…..Ash was kewl, need Eton Road, & the MacDougals out……they’re shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!

  21. rachel buttown says

    hiya xx mcdonald bros r shit u bwont b feelin it in ure fingers wen im done wiv u xx
    i luv ewwwww simon xx
    ben 2 win xxxx

  22. Vicky says

    Hi i think ashley is well fit and i realy cried when he got sent out of the x factor while me and ma mum where watching tv i hope you can send me a website for fans or something coz he is 100% beautiful!! thank you and good luck in da future.
    ps i luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. says

    i luv eton rd thay need to win this. im not being horrible but the
    macdonald bros are a waste of space even though they are nice boys.
    i think etopn road r better than leona not being horrible so vote for them
    to win. i luv all the people that do vote for them. who agrees that anthony
    from eton rd is well fit i want to marry him. vote for them pleeeeeeeeeee

  24. abi xxxxx says

    get da macdonald broz owt the public h8 them keep ray in we love u ray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ray 2 win da x factor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Annie says

    Rayyyy i lovvveeee ya sooo much ur to win babessss xxxxx i live in liverpppoollll if ya want meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D

  26. Anonymous says

    Hmm…I mean, at first I thought Leona was bound to win…but y’know, recently, little Ray has been doing pretty damn good! He’s been my absolute favourite from the very start, and I just really REALLY REALLLLY hope he wins! He really deserves it, bless him – Louis used to be like, “Ray, you won’t get into the final,” or whatever, and he was just like, “I…I’m gonna give it my best shot Louis!” BLESS! He’s so frickin’ cute, I just really hope he wins. And Leona should come 2nd. Ben’s kinda grating on me right now.

    Xox Liv xoX

    Come on everyone, seriously – VOTE FOR RAY! Not Leona + Ben, they’ll probably get record contracts anyway! =]

  27. nicole says

    omg hu ever rote dat bout ray r dikeds n i hope dey fall down da stairs dem self n burn alive in hell how cn dey say ennyfink lyk dat bout ray there fukin dikeds that needs to be thrown down da stairs n burnt hu ever rote it are evil so shut ya mouth u fukin priks

  28. says

    hyaaa ray i propa luv u to bits wil u do me the biggest favor eva n sing at my bday plz all me and m8 m8s luv u well me more but itll be my dream cum true its ages away like but thts better plz fink about it and i bought ur album to day luv u loads n loads youll go far n do well i no it xxx

  29. Steph says