Top 25 Most Sexy Newscasters of All Time (VIDEOS)

There’s no easy way to hear bad news. From spiralling petrol prices to terrorists, it’s never a good time. Unless it comes from a sexy newscaster

But if you are going to told bad news, wouldn’t you want an attractive woman to be the one to do it? Unless it’s a rejection – but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, in the latest excuse hecklerspray has come up with to get paid for looking at nude celeb pictures and videos of sexy girls, we have decided to focus on newsreaders, reporters and newscasters. As we mentioned before, using hot newscasters and news anchors to tell bad news is a great way to soften the blow. In fact, it’s a scientific fact.

People dying of hunger in the world? That’s terrible, but, on the positive, she really does have a great rack. Or something like that. Enjoy.

25. Hayley McQueen

MUTV anchor Haley McQueen is so sexy she even makes us like Manchester United. Yeah, right, only joking. How could she possibly have come from the loins of vinegar-faced Gordon McQueen? How is that possible? Her mum must be really fit.

Hayley McQueen video:

24. Page Hopkins

Page Hopkins is an American journalist who currently appears on MSNBC First Look and NBC Early Today. We’d all like to turn that Page.

Page Hopkins video:

23. Leeann Tweeden

OK, so Tweeden is more of a TV presenter, but she has reported for Fox Sports. She’s also posed in Playboy and is a former Hooters girl. So who cares?

We couldn’t find any videos of Leeann actually presenting but here’s a gratuitous video of her doing slow-mo boxing in a bikini.

22. Lisa Guerrero

The Los Angeles Times once said that Guerrero is the hardest working sports reporter and she was also named one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in America by Hispanic Business Journal. Did we also mention she posed naked for Playboy?

Lisa Guerrero Video:

21. Lauren Sanchez

20: Emma Crosby

Posh girl Crosby, who is the business reporter for Sky, certainly has a head for figures. Great figure, shame she can’t pronounce the names of websites very well…

19. Lisa Burke

Sky girl Lisa is a weather girl sure to brighten up your day.

Lisa Burke Video:

18. Mitali Mukherjee

We all like a nice, red hot Indian. And CNBC anchor Mitali is a hotter than most..

Mitali Mukherjee doing a news round-up – really pretty here:

17.Jennifer Eccleston

According to Wikipedia, CNN reporter Eccleston ‘spent two weeks embedded with the US Marines’ in Iraq. Can’t really add to that. Dubbed Miss Shock and Awe.

16. Millie Clode

Sky Sports presenter Millie is real favourite at Hecklerspray Towers.

Millie Clode Video:

15. Betty Nguyen

The CNN anchor had intended to become a lawyer, before changing her mind and taking a degree in broadcast journalism. It’s fair to say we are grateful for that decision.

Betty Nguyen Video (Cleavage, legs and heels!):

14. Kirsty Gallagher

13. Robin Meade

CNN anchor Meade is a former Miss Ohio and a top 10 finalist in Miss America. So she’s pretty hot.

Robin Meade Video – No Undershirt:

12. April Torres

10. Sharon Tay

Emmy award-winning journalist Tay still looks amazing at 41.

Sharon Tay Video:

9. Jackie Guerrido

There are two very good reasons Jackie, a weather girl for Wake Up America, deserves to be in the top 10. Can you guess?

Jackie Guerrido doing the weather:

8. Shanon Cook

An Aussie CNN reporter we would all like to know a bit better Down Under.

7. Erica Hill

After watching this video we think we’d all like to know the CNN anchor a little better.

6. Georgie Thompson

Georgie is the hottest of the Sky Sports girls – and that is some feat. The dirtiest voice in news.

Georgie Thompson in a sexy low cut black dress:

5. Elita Loresca

Was voted America’s Sexiest Newscaster in an online vote by readers of FHM magazine back in 2006. And two years later, she’s still very hot.

Elita Loresca doing the weather:


4. Laura Esposto

The one and only reason to watch Channel 5 in the UK.


3. Julie Banderas

Don’t you just love watching the Fox anchor get angry? Worth watching until the end.


2. Eva Kaili

All Greek to us, but there is no doubt Eva, who is a huge celebrity in her homeland, is one hot babe.


1. Melissa Theuriau


  1. Geoff K says

    good list, but I would replace that not so attractive #16 with Crystal Egger from Denver 13.Fox. She is smokin hot!!

  2. King Jimbo says

    Melissa Theuriau certainly is beautiful.

    Naked News was brilliant. They should do a British version with Kaddy Lee-Preston and friends.

  3. Horror says

    Where’s that brunette piece who does the Saturday Morning news on the BBC here in sunny England? She’s no supermodel, but she has a lot more going for her than this lot. Most of them look the same!

    9 is rockin’ some serious cans though!

  4. Brandon says

    I’m sorry guys, but this list is bogus for one reason and that’s because you have Robin Meade all the way down at 13! I can’t see the pics of the top 3 for some reason, but Robin is easily hottier than all the other girls you have in front of her that I see.

  5. pingu says

    Um … you’re missing:

    1) Sandra Sully, Channel 10, Australia.
    2) Lucy Hockings, BBC World, UK.
    3) Kirsty Young, ex-Channel 5, UK.
    4) Charmaine Dragun (RIP), Channel 10, Australia.

    All four are gorgeous but also intelligent, not bimbos.

  6. JGinLA says

    Go to and find the Karah Donovan videos. She appears on ABC News every now and then. You’re welcome.

  7. dd says

    Wait, where are the men? The title says “Top 25 Sexiest Newscasters” and they’re all women. I don’t find women at all sexy. Fix it.

  8. Kayla says

    Hey this is random, but during the Vikings vs Lions game there was an anchor named Karissa/Carissa or something. She has brunette hair and works for Fox (narrows is down, right?).

    Everyone says that she is my long lost twin, so I’d really like to see her. Any suggestions?

  9. wanabelitaslave says

    ELITA LORESCA is a Goddess!!! ELITA should be on the top of the list.i love to start my day by seeing ELITAS beauty.–ELITA (regarded as the finest,best most powerfull ect).It sucks to be you if you dont live in the LA area.i watch ELITA instead of doing morning prayers.Praise Goddess ELITA. ELITAS will be done!!!

  10. mavowar says

    They totally left out the hottest gal in news… Laurie Dhue formerly of Fox News

  11. Jaime says

    Tamron Hall from MSNBC is so sexy; she needs to be on this list. And Betty Nguyen should be in the top five.

  12. Jimbo says

    Check out Maria Molina on Accuweather, appears to be Idamis Toledo’s replacement. Gotta say it, Maria is hot!

  13. Red Oscar says

    Yeah Jimbo, you are so right. I just happened to catch her a couple days ago while flipping past a local TV affiliate which carries Accuweather as an additional digital broadcast channel. All I could say was WOW. They are an impressive pair!


  14. Joe says

    Megan Kelly and Harris Faulkner from Fox News all the way. They make me love watching all the screwed up things in the world.

  15. Mark says

    Some others are:

    Ch2 – Daniella Guzman
    Lauren Freeman

    Ch11 – Lucy Noland (OMG!!!!!!!!!)
    Whitney Casey

    I’d share a bed with ANY of these!!!!!

  16. vikki nisser says

    in australia we have leonie mellor , buxom louise milligan, busty samantha armytage and more, more than 9 into10 newsreaders,sports casters,weathergirls are hot.

  17. Travis says

    First Of All Georgie Should Atleast Be In Top 5. Her Voice Is Fine. And Second Millie Clode Should Be Alot Lower There Both Hot As F#%$.

  18. madalene says

    I’ve got no problem with a list of 25 of the world’s most beautiful news presenters, but jeez, who wrote the comments and the intro? He reminds me of some desperate 15 yr old loser!!! Get a new writer, one who isn’t a tosser. PS Eva should be number 1!!

  19. Dennis says

    I’m surprised one of our local Raleigh gals, Kelcey Carlson, hasn’t been hired by one of the major networks already. She’s absolutely beautiful.
    And yeah, Maria Molena of Accuweather is in a class of her own! (Ever notice that most of the female weather presenters on Accuweather are nice looking, young, single women, and the guys are, like, ten to twenty years older, and probably married?)

  20. says

    If this was actual Global Top 25 then you may want to include these Australian stunners – Georgie Gardner, Sarah Harris, Sandra Sully, Samantha Armytage and Kylie Gillies


  21. Anchor Critic says

    Is Elita Loresca hot, or is it just her DDD boobs? I think her face isn’t really that cute.

  22. Narayan Shukla says

    Hey all, only Mitali , the red hot “bengali girl”, she is best, in presentetion and see seems so polite cute baby…totaly she is my lolly baby..

  23. ann says

    Man the Ugliest girl on FOX news bneats all the ones you mention.Fox has all the beautiful girls.Cant say much for the males looks but they are righton with a few excepti9ons

  24. says


  25. Dean says

    You called it, Jimbo. I just caught a glimpse of Maria while channel surfing this afternoon. Weather has just become my new favorite part of the newscast!

  26. Jimbo says

    I am addicted to Maria Molina. Try pausing the weather vids MM is doing. MM sure can pucker those lips in all kinds of wonderful shapes.

  27. What???? says

    What the he’ll georgie Thompson should be number 2 and number 1 should definitely be Charlotte Jackson another sky sports news presenter and used to be on espn.

  28. Ricky Bobby says

    Jackie Guerrido is the sexiest by far! Just google image her its more than her boobs…She has an equally amazing face!

  29. James Clay says

    Where is the very attractive African American female from the weather channel. She is no longer there this year and I would like to be reminded of her name and where is she if she is anywhere on tv. Thank You

  30. Justin says

    Im lucky to live in Kansas City where the Fox4 station has the 2 most beautiful anchors i’ve ever seen on tv, at the same time! It’s Mary Pulley and Stephanie Hockridge on weekends. I NEVER miss their shows.

  31. says

    Idisagree with the 3 blonds that are part of the 25 question where in the hell is JAIME COLBY,explain to me how you can denye JAIME COLBY se is one of the hottest sexiest sultry blond on fok why isshe not in there / where is MarthaMaccallum my verson of jaimecolby the second that is a hottie./where in tarnations is Megyn Kelly anothercopy right of Jaime colby sexy structural phsik./ where is rebecca diamond mercy OH onemore blond where in the hell is Amy Robach there are 3 blonds in my listed chosen participants need to be in that chosen 25 page hopkins could not carry these 3 blonds jocks.last ly where is TINA CERVSIO where is CHERYL CASONE

  32. robert says

    Dari Alexander FOX 5 NYC she is elegant and beautiful and formerly of FOX NEWS, HD TV show the wear and tear on some of these broads though, but its all good fodder

  33. G. Hayden says

    If you didn’t include Los Angeles ‘ KTLA anchor Michaela Pereira than this instantly becomes a bogus contest. No one holds a candle to Michaela who does the morning news expertly on Channel 5. I invite you to examine her work at KTLAMorning If you are not capitivated by this woman’s delivery, looks and depth than you may be still under the age of 14 and not mature enough to recongize true beauty when you find it. Michaela gets my vote for Numero Uno!!

  34. ed says

    What is everyone on???? How is it that kiran cheltry isn’t on the list? In my book, hands down #1. Incredible broadcaster, gorgeous face and legs. Head to toe unbelievable. Goddess!

  35. Sum Yung Gai says

    Gotta echo the sentiment of some others of no black women on this list. What the heck?? You don’t think a single black newscaster out there is in the top 10? Geez…white people seem to have this allergic reaction to black female beauty and sexiness. They seem to be OK with everyone else’s, but not from black women. What the heck?

  36. Maybe-So says

    Never really thought about the news anchor-woman as a “sex-object” but Lynne Russell of CNN (no longer reporting) was the one that kept me watching the news.

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  38. dan says

    this proves how much taste varies…my list would include a few here, but most i would pass on

  39. R.G says

    Someone here mentioned Micaela Pereira from KTLA in Los Angeles…….you obviously have not seen how beautiful and Hot her morning news co-anchor Megan Henderson is! She runs all over Micaela! I can’t believe she isn’t on this list. Also check out KTLA reporter Olga Ospina…..another KTLA hottie!

  40. ralph says

    FOX news, inclueding Fox Business has 25 that would blow all 25 of these away,
    l. Maria Molina
    2. Shannon Bream
    3. Jenna Lee
    4. Megan Kelly
    21 more

  41. Gerson Mosqueda says

    am looking for Erin Burnett the prettiest / the most beautiful woman of all CNN news caster.she’s ntlgent,she’s very excellent,very convencing to the viewers the way she speak and to deliver the news and very attractive because she’s very beautiful

  42. Imman says

    [Comment Deleted] Seriously, if you can’t crntoibute to the dialogue, please go away. This is not your link dump.

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  44. Bobby says

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and your eyes my friend misleads you. Since you are racist, that means you cannot perceive real beauty. And that my friend is quite a few black women in news casting. I can think of many other white newscasters who are far more beautiful than your picks. That says a lot about your perception. Good thing you’re no judge.

  45. Your response here says

    So if you think there’s so many beautiful black news castors, where are your suggestions?

  46. husband all over world says

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  47. Toddy says

    FOX NEWS has the HOTTEST GIRLS And the BEST NEWS too!The only reason I went to this site was to see pics. of Maria Molina! She is hotter than any of these girls! And Harris Fulkner is the hottest black news caster I’ve seen![Both on FOX]

  48. mark says

    I got here late based on the dates of the other postings—- but I can’t be the only one for my choice- Ginger Zee of GMA on the weekends. This woman is the entire deal! Red hot, fun, smart, and an amazing personality. Hands down choice for me, I’d run away from home if I had a chance with her.

  49. Idadho says

    But a bag over Elita Loresca. Half the others do not belong on this list either. Cleavage and boobs do not make for a sexy newscaster.

  50. candyman238 says

    I don’t understand how there could be a list of the most sexy newscasters of all time without including Fox News S.E. Cupp. To exclude her is a crime. You won’t find another newscaster with legs like hers and that shows them off like S.E. Cupp.
    Worthy of honorable mention, again from Fox News is Megan Kelley. This newscaster is not only one the the most beautiful newscasters, but also one the smartest women in the business. After all, she is a lawyer.

  51. Alexander says

  52. confused says

    Hey! What about CBS’s Lara Logan? She has been through a lot and yet she still
    bounces back. What is the matter with you people?