Top 10 Celebrity Scandals You Probably Forgot About


The other day, my cousin, Krystal, said to me “Remember when Halle Berry killed that guy?” And I was like “Oh shit! Yeah man, I do!” Then I got to thinking about all the celebs that have gotten into some real shit show scandals, yet somehow, no one remembers it anymore.

There are people like Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton, who are super known for their scandals, but then there are people like Halle, who have actually had some pretty big scandals, yet no one remembers them. Here are 10 major celebrity scandals you probably don’t remember.


Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Burned Down her Boyfriend’s Mansion


Left Eye from TLC is sadly mostly remembered nowadays for being dead. However, back when she was alive she was a super talented rapper and a member of one of the biggest girl groups of the 90’s, TLC. But you know what people tend to forget? That homegirl burned down then boyfriend, Andre Rison’s, mansion in 1994! Yep, after a big fight she decided to set fire to a pair of his sneakers which went on to burn down a large portion of the mansion. She got five years probation and had to do some therapy at a halfway house. She was definitely the “crazy” in Crazy Sexy Cool.

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  1. XeniaO says

    Hey, I remember every one of those– in fact, several of them are among my top fun fatcs to throw out there when corraled into inane celeb-themed conversation. And let’s not forget Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini (wasn’t she going to do the whole one-name thing? CHERYL!?) bitch slapping a ladies room attendance whilst hurling racial epithets; admittedly it’s a less useful bit of info, since including me there are only 5 or 10 people in the States who give a fuck about Nicola’s and Kimberly’s BFF, but still….

    Also, Sooz, you are correct, Divine Brown was the Huge Grant hooker, and AFAIK not transsexual.

  2. Dave12G says

    I feel your vibes, but the Kanye part, you must be kidding, there is nothing wrong if a man speaks the truth, if you are so politically correct that you can’t hear the truth keep your ears closed and don’t spread ***t.