Predator 3. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes. (Maybe).

You know what there’s not enough of? Films about really old men titting around in the woods with an invisible alien that looks like Whoopi Goldberg.

If you happen to agree with us then you’re in for a treat – movie producer John Davis has decided to revive the Predator franchise. Not just that, but he wants to bring back the biggest star of any of the Predator movies at the same time. That’s right – Gary Busey.

No, wait, not Gary Busey. Arnold Schwarzenegger. John Davis wants to make Predator 3, and he wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in it. Predator 3 is far from official, mind you, because nobody knows what Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long-term political goals are. Also, we assume it’ll probably be quite hard to find anyone clever enough to write a film where the universe’s most advanced game hunters have trouble outwitting a rich old bloke with a funny accent.

It’s now completely fine for older actors to return to their action movie roots. Everyone’s doing it – Bruce Willis made Die Hard 4, Harrison Ford made Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull and Sylvester Stallone’s entire retirement plan seems to involve running through the jungle and firing a machine gun into the air until his knees eventually give out.

But there’s one action star who hasn’t chosen to do that – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rather than, say, take the easy option and make Conan The Incontinent, Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to concentrate on his job as Governor or California – a task that involves nothing more than tutting about the paparazzi and making horribly smug tourism adverts sometimes.

But as thrilling as recommending state legislation is, there has to be a part of Arnold Schwarzenegger that misses the old days. The days where all he had to do was frown and explode people in an impenetrable European accent and people would give him a million dollars.

That’s what producer John Davis is hoping, anyway. He’s got it in his head to make Predator 3 and, more than anything else, he wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to be in it. Davis told Collider:

“Well, the Governor has mentioned to me that when he ceases to be Governor, if he doesn’t run for the Senate and all of that stuff, he’d like to do a movie or two again. And I don’t know, maybe we could restart the Predator franchise… We’d have to come up with a really good script and a really great angle on it.”

What? No you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t need a great script for Predator 3 at all. We’ve seen Predator 2, Alien Vs Predator and Alien Vs Predator: Requiem, so we’re pretty sure that if you got a Romanian badger with learning difficulties do draw a picture of an explosion in wax crayon on a sheet of used toilet paper, it’d still probably qualify as the best Predator script that’s been written for 20 years.

Let’s be honest, though. Just because Arnold Schwarzenegger could make Predator 3, it doesn’t mean that he should. By the time he finishes his next term as Governor he’ll be 64 years old, and we just can’t see how that could make Predator 3 any good. We’ve looked at this from all angles, and here are the only ways that Predator 3 with Arnold Schwarzenegger could possibly work.

1 – The Predator has given up hunting for a life of conning the elderly out of their savings by fraudulently posing as a wall insulation salesman… but he picked the wrong vulnerable old man in Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2 – Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Predator decide their fate by having a Sudoku-off.

3 – Rather than coat himself in mud, Arnold Schwarzenegger accidentally defeats the Predator’s heat-vision by popping his colostomy bag on a hot radiator, skidding about in the mess until he’s covered in it and lying there for three days in the cold waiting for one of his children to come and help him up again.

4 – Not making Predator 3 with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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  1. Slipstream says

    Bring back Gary Busey. I have him on my GPS as a voice I got from How can you not love the guy!

  2. Raul says

    That is the funniest post. I was LMAO, great writing. Look forward to seeing more since hollywood can’t come up with anything new or fresh. I guess the old people need the money for their hooker, drugs and medical plans.

  3. Terminator 3? says

    Yak, there already was a terminator 3. How could anyone forget that crappy ending?

    I would think that even in his “advanced” age Arnold could still whip himself into shape, even if it’s strictly a cameo appearance. I mean how about Dutch getting hired to lead an expedition into another hot jungle and lt the kiddies tackle the preditor.

    Same for a new Terminator movie, I mean how ’bout he plays the guy the original Terminator was based on? A scientist that got captured and was forced to flesh up the terminators to “finally” beat the humans. Maybe be offed y a terminator version of himself.

  4. says

    Technically this should be considered the second one. As any copies of the actual second one should be burned and forgotten.

  5. jaime says

    you should kill the asshole that write this article…
    man, you talk horrible, really.
    predator is a great franchise and bring back the hunter against their 1st enemy would be tremendous…
    learn more about movies and then talk…

  6. dutch schaefer says

    arnold is the man…

    but i’m not sure he’d want to do this…

    i’ve heard so many proposed movies that he is supposed to do: true lies 2, predator 3 (with danny glover?), inglorious bastards (thats not happening), new terminator (probably won’t even have a cameo in the new one)…i’ve even heard twins 2 (ie: triplets)

    i would love to see him come back and do a couple of movies, but i don’t think he will…i mean, stallone is like 60 and rambo was fucking awesome…schwarzenegger can do a lot better, just give him a few months to get back in shape

  7. Fred Upwith Sriptwriters says

    I think he could easily do it if he wants to, the guy is no fool, not a bad actor either (no Anthony Hopkins but he is OK). The problems with Predators 2 and all Alien films after Aliens including AVP 1 and 2 was that the story sucked. But it did come up with some good concepts and themes.

    1) Predators have a strict honour code.
    2) Predators admire fighting prowess.
    3) Humans are no match for either species but can kill or wound them.
    4) Both Humans and Predators hate Aliens and can work together, if they are forced into it.
    5) The Predator Medical kit – brilliant.
    6) The Weyland-Yutani Corporation.
    7) The Predators have been coming here for a very long time and do leave stuff behind – intentionally or otherwise. We have a shoulder cannon now.
    8)Shadowy/Black government agencies are lured by this technology and will take stupid risks to acquire it.

    If he is getting a bit old to ‘kick ass’ make him an advisor which would fit in with ‘I don’t do this sort of work’ as dramatic irony.

    Unfortunately as our planet has made almost no progress in SPACE TRAVEL since Predator I (too busy worrying about ‘man made’ global warming and dreaming up every ‘solution’ apart from using one that we know works – Nuclear), then if Arnie is in it it’s got to be earth bound. Which also sucks on many levels.

  8. adam says

    woooooooah lets not write off the OAP that is arnie just yet, we have all seen rocky balboa and ramnbo IV have we not? and in my personal opinion i thought rambo IV was like some sort of vietnam version of saw! was gruesome! and lacked any evidence of CGI, which is a good thing! so bring back predator 3, with arnie and leave out all CGI and you’re onto a winner!

  9. Sam says

    not arny maybe someone like the dwayne ‘the rock’ jhonson!!! or maybe yeah arny but he gets killed in like the first five minutes!! That could work!!



  11. Steve says

    Ok lets be honest folks, nobody watches Action movies for the drama, no one cares about the storyline, action movies r about Violence and plenty of it. To say an action movie is bad or should not be made based of a bad storyline is absurd! We go see Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies for action and violence not storylines, go watch Shawshank Redemtion and its like if thats what toots your horn.

    Predators r fictional creatures in a fictional future, Hello! Not real, so how can any story based on make believe beings in a possible future be considered Emmy material, StarWars had humans against humans, believable if far-fetched.

    Make another predator and Terminator movie, put Arnold in a starring role, and watch as those movies make hundreds of millions of dollars from people like me who just want a real violent action movie and Schwarzenegger is the best at that, makeup will take care of the wrinkles and special effects the physical action problems that arise. The movie will be a bigger success with Arnie in the main role and you all know it!

    Quit your whinning and complaining, there is a reason none of you are movie producers of Blockbusters, you dont recognise greatness even when its standing infront of you. I bet even after all the nay saying, each of you will be in line on opening night to watch those movies.

    Watch them for what they are, Action Movies,
    Enjoy them for what they are, Action Movies.
    Judge them for what they are, Attion Movies

  12. kai lee says

    i agree that Terminator 3 was gri8 but bad ending..
    Arlond is the one who can make it for PREDATOR 3 and also
    new Terminator 5 or maby True Lies 2 .. but CONAN ?? no pleaz no .. i don think he can do it again..its so far dude..

    good luck Arni and hope u just like u say..” i’ll be back”

  13. Josh says

    wow, whoever wrote this is a real douche bag, critic wannabe. shut the fuck up and go write about harry potter or some gay ass shit like that.

  14. moochdizzle says

    100 million the first weekend I promise. If John Davis is smart. He would choose a script that leads to the next avp movie.

  15. be back says

    arnie is great! he can defo the film. he looked and was good in T3, it was the film director that made the whole film rubbish!

  16. Big Man says

    I don’t trust Hollywood to make a good third Predator film. Look at what they did with Terminator 3 and both the Alien vs Predators. All three of those movies were utter trash that created a massive blemish on the franchises involved.
    It would take a seriously talented writer and a director who isn’t afraid to stand up against the studios to make Predator 3 work.

  17. Richard Heath says

    I loved the latest Rambo so I want to see a new Predator film done in that style written and directed by Sly Stallone because then it would be serious and not a stupid spoof which T3 basically was… Sly and Arnie really should finally work together they are both the masters of the action film and together I know they’d get it right the character of Dutch would be a most welcome return they could even give him his own film like Rambo afterwards assuming he lives through Predator 3 that is.

  18. Mark says

    I have to say that Stuart Heritage has no idea what is he talking about. You are taking this personally I think. If you don’t like the movie, which is obvious, don’t write garbage about it like you do about most of the things.

  19. cecil says

    hi…. well i’ve read all the comments’ and i gatta say some of theme are not too bad,but hear this how about ” the mask from the predator that is left behind after dutch is picked up, a differnt predator revial’s himself and check the data in the mask to see what all happen?? then we see the entire hunt on all dutch commrades get killed,and so forth. up untill we see the final picture of dutch standing upside the tree, and then we hear something faint coming out of the older predator saying something like “my son will be revenged” after the predator gets up afew more come out of no where. speed up time abit we see old dutch in a millitary camp, stearing at many stars above him,but suddenly a black suit comes in and tells the report of a simulair incident happing in a small village. he say he is not intersted.. untill they mentioned that his son was just sent there for futher investgation of the strage sightings of ghostly pepole being hiding in the bush. dutch slames the black suit man in the table and tells him” i’ve warned you basterds to leave my family out of this, another voice come from the shadows behind dutch..” your supposed to be died remember.. no one know’s your alive”. dutch lets go of the man and says ” i;m only going there for my son nothing more;nothing less…………………………………………………………………………………………

  20. JJ says

    ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER – The one and only, guys whats wrong with you, Age doesn’t matter Arnie is great actor and I believe he has more to show, and yes this guy The Rock …when you compare him to Arnold in the first Predator he looks like malnourished hedgehog for real!

  21. JJ.Normans_lol says

    i have a great idea for this movie.
    they call Arnold and ask him to lead a squad to attack the Predators home planet all i got so far.(takes place after AVPR)

  22. says

    Arnie should man up and get on the case for a third Predator movie. Id go and see it anyways. You are one ugly motherf****er!! Stick around!!

  23. what? says

    are you a FUCKING retard? Every movie needs a good script?
    and making predator 3 without Arnold is just as stupid as making a Rambo movie without Rambo?

    And stop trying to be funny at Every FUCKING opportunity YOU GET!

    “if you got a Romanian badger with learning difficulties do draw a picture of an explosion in wax crayon on a sheet of used toilet paper, it

  24. Erik says

    Arnold cannot appear in another Predator movie under the same alias as once before. If you watch the second Predator movie, Busey’s character mentions that he dies a few weeks after the first encounter with the Predator in the jungle. It would just not make sense to bring him back into another Predator franchise.

  25. Sly says

    This article looks full of misplaced critics, it’s so easy to criticise! It’s just another loser’s reaction to what could make us dive into the good old sensation of Dutch VS Predator. Even now when I watch predator I still have a shivering down my spine. Not many movies can make you feel this way, a 3rd movie would make a lot of people happy.
    I don’t usually write comments, but this guy should find stuff that deserve to be criticised to write about, not masterpieces like Predator.
    See ya, enjoy Terminator Salvation!

  26. says

    Fred Upwith Sriptwriters,
    There is a substantial background and history about all 3 species, agencies and their dealings with each other. Theres only about 20 books out there about Aliens / Predator and marines. Try reading one instead of relying on Movies

  27. 8ball says

    Arnold is the worst idea any of you could come up with. The Predator movies have move forward in time and so should the actor. I didn’t watch Rocky’s last movie because I thought bringing him back was just stupid. I did watch Indiana Jone’s movie, but I was waiting for him to have a heart attack. Old action hero are old people acting young. I am tired of old ass producers,directors,and actors trying to act young. It’s like an old sport figure coming out of retirement and can’t play anymore. Now, if you want a good idea. Space Marines fighting Predators is a good idea. Young marines.

  28. Horror says

    I rather it be someone old like Arnold then one of these new actors… like John Cena.

  29. charles says

    i think it’s great that arnold is coming back because i have watched so many movies i am an expert on films so it’s gonna be brilliant if he does it will be a big hit and people will be talking about it every were

  30. John from the Tdot says

    Erik makes a good point, there isn’t even a point making a second predator movie unless it happens a couple weeks after the first. I used to be a proponent of making sequels to the alien, and the predator movies, but now I realize that was a mistake. I was also a proponent of making the AvP movies, but now I think we opened pandora’s box. Just don’t make a P3, there’s no premise for it.

  31. Erik says

    The only other type of Predator movie that i think would honestly do good in the box office would be Homeworld. I have been waiting a long time to see how a predator lives, in their own enviornment. Take the fight to them, and lets see how they become the ”hunters” that everyone claims them to be!

  32. Angelo says

    Come on guys Arnie ROCKS !
    Yeah, we all know that Arnold is working hard in the U.S. government. However, I think he should make the 3rd movie of Predator.
    I would recommend also good actors such as Matt Damon, Will Smith or Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). It would be a great movie with Arnold + Matt Damon + Dwayne Johnson 😀

    Come on Hollywood I’m waiting for the 3RD Predator Movie !! :3

  33. ahhnuld says

    wow that is a grat start although the predator shouldnt talk as i would be stupid and please no human predator alliance i almost lost faith in the entire series right then and there

  34. Ant says

    By now you’ll know that there the 3rd installment is to be based on Robert Rodregeuz’s script from the nineties.

    Sounds like it may involve a predator UFC arena on a distant planet where aliens and humans battle with young predators to the death. They have some other writers on the script but will use some of the original.

    Also sounds like he wants to have multiple personalities (like in Predator 1) so I’m hoping they recruit a few good actors to star.

    Roll on next year!

  35. FURIOUSKID says

    I think Vin Diesel could pull it off, but he wont want to jump on someone elses vehicle.

    Please stop with the rock, he has not made one good action flick.

    My advice to the Rock, go watch an old school Steven Seagal movie from like 1988 to 1992 before he became a contemplating fat ass, and see how easy and effortless it is to be a big bad mothaf—–

    That guy was 6’5 and actually made bad ass movies, rock is the biggest puss and makes the corniest shit movies, my grandma could pull his action roles off…

    Screw it I saw RAMBO VS PREDATOR. Would be better then ALien vs Predator.

  36. Ant says

    I like Steven Seagal movies (early ones) but the guy is like a card board cut-out. His eyebrows are in a constant state of angry and never move.

    …..why not put Seagal in eh and see if he can finger wrestle the predator to the ground! lol

  37. Corey says

    8ball, you are obviously not a predator fan if you wanna see space marines lol. All it needs is a good Director and the movie will be great. Arnold is the man for a part in the movie maybe as the go to guy for information about the predator that he faced. He could give whoever was fighting against them a heads up on what to use. Bottom line is Arnold is the man!

  38. ChArles says

    I hav seen the future and preditor 3will be a masiv hit the same as avp3 that will all be a big hit and if u think about it or dream about it then u hav seen the futuer because yesterday is history tomorrow is a mistory to day is a gift that is why they call it the present ?

  39. Bran says

    Well, being a hardcore Predator fan I think they should leave the gov out of this one only because his plate is full and he is indeed old… Predator was awesome, but that is history. If they star Arnold in this next movie the Predator series will end up like the retarded Leprechaun series… The next Predator might as well be hunting poor bruthas in the ghetto in southwest Detroit starring Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope from Insane Clown Posse 😀

    Maybe Arnold can make a special cameo appearance but not the starring role. Let’s not ruin the Predator.

  40. says

    I loved the last predator movie where he’s fighting the aliens. that was a pretty good match up but, the aliens weren’t anything to play with. if they ever battled again, I’d like the predators bring the noise to them a little harder. I think arnold, even if he was younger, is still a mistake. arnold is the old news and no where near, interesting enough to capture anybody’s attention now! sorry marie, you’re the only one that wants to see that body now! if the rumors about that brody guy are true. and he’s the new lead role for the new predator movie. than they can get ready for a big flop at the box office in 2010 or whenever they decide the release date will be. brody is not the right guy to carry a movie like that, he not a action guy, and predator is a action movie.

  41. Leo says

    Alright im guna start off by saying that the first predator movie blew my mind and that the second one was just as good, i reallie like the idea of the second movie and how the predator came to the states and merked everything that stood in its way with danny glover and Maria Conchita Alonso,I’m sitting here listening to Alan Silvestri’s predator 2 end tittle(predator’s anthem)while writing this at the same time.

    billy theres something in those woods…

  42. Carl Lenning says

    Listen, the only way a Predator 3 would be a good idea would be to revive the series. Teens nowdays dont even know what the Predator is and all they think about is the cheesy plotlines of Saw 6. We need a movie intervention, and sometimes bringing back old movies is just the way to do it. All movies are starting to get that same. The Devil Wears Prada looks alot like Halloween 2 to me, doesnt it? The point is, we need new original movies scripts (like Avatar) and sometimes the way to do that is to revive the old.

  43. jtb says

    Predator I; freakin’ awesome….Predator II; ok….AVP I & II; half good/half lame….Predator 3 with a complete dime neck nerd as the lead role…come on?…what a joke….Brody makes me wanna smack him just for being himself…sad….just sad.

  44. Edsta says

    Predator 1 was excellent because of the new type alien. Predator 2 was also excellent because we learned alot about the predator. All the other predator movies are cheap production, cheap cast movies. Predator 3 should be directed by somebody like Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg or James Cameron or Peter Jackson or Ridley Scott and produced by somebody like Jerry Bruckheimer or Robert Zemeckis. And for Gods sake get some REAL actors like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Leonardo Dicaprio.

  45. Jonathan (FAW HUDSON) says

    Ok, first off, they made the first two Alien movies, and the Predator movies, which were “Awesome” hands down. However when they made the other Alien movies, 3 & 4, they didnt make anything really new, I think they should of made another “Predator” before the AVP Movies. I know that they can do alot better than what they have made so far about the AVP Movies, and they say that they have done everything that they can do with it, then they need to talk to some of the video game designers and use some of their ideas from the games that everyone is playing. For example, AVP states “Who ever wins, we lose!” Uh-huh, but Lex lived, and the Predator dies = “False title on the movie” HELLO? Why is it that in all the movies, Alien or Predator, Humans live, uh-huh! Online battles between Aliens and the Predator clans are “Off the Hook!”(that is if you have ever been in one)! All “AVP” Fans, of the movies or all the games, can you imagine a movie or a series that doesnt have a lot of plot, but just as they have stated, “An all out melee war” between the species, a P.O.V. from all three?

  46. NACHOARGOS says

    Hola a todos, despierten, quien fue y ha sido el mayor eroe de accion de todos los tiempos, no me interesa ni la edad ni la pol

  47. Daren says

    Hey there fellow Predator fans.Personnally ,I think the thought of a third movie is awasom.However,it should be both full of action and this time show a great deal more of the Predator race. Something like going back to their home world or further how man wants their technology ect.The first movie had its moments, I first saw it when I was around 9-10 years old. The second movie I really looked forward to when it came out in theatres.But, my favorite part of the film is from when the predator attacks the subway car and on. In addition, I always thought it would have been really cool if Danny Glover stayed on the craft. Whatever happens, I am always looking forward to another Predator movie.


  48. Richardo says

    I’m a huge Predator fan! I loved the first movie the most, probably because the whole concept was new to us and it was ahead of it’s time. The second movie was cool in the sense that we learned more about the Predator’s weapons and tactics. It also had some good fight scenes like the Penthouse, Subway etc… They were successful in part because they kept it in perspective. The Predator is supposed to be a superior combatant to any human. They are much faster, stronger, and have much better weaponry. In the first movie, the predator was clearly dominating the fight. He lost because he walked into a trap (which could have happened to a human as well). In part two, the Predator died by his own weapon (strange how Danny figured out how to use it so fast though). Regardless, at least it was a tough battle and in both, the Predators killed many before they died.

    The AvP series were disappointments in my opinion. The first AvP made the Predators inferior to their favorite prey, the Aliens. 2/3 Predators were quickly eliminated near the beginning, then the third gets caught by a face hugger and he doesn’t know that they lay eggs inside? Ok…whatever. Ofcourse, I was not thrilled with the cast in the first place. The one thing that I liked about the Requiem movie was that they once again empowered the Predator. No dumb human teenager was going to take this Predator down. The plot and cast sucked in my opinion.

    They need to carefully select the cast and for god’s sake, use a good actor (Will Smith etc). I liked Arnold in the first, but it’s true that he is a bit old to re-star in a new one. They need to make the predator kick ass for most of it. How they end it could go anywhere, but they need to keep in mind that the Predators are supreme hunters that should not be easily out-clevered by their prey.

    One thing I have always wondered…They must have a different type of Predator or different species in their planet that actually makes their technology…just seems strange that they can be so precise with those big hands!

    Which ever way it goes, I can’t wait to see what they come up with!!

  49. J Daniels says

    Hello guys i think they should make another predator film but of course reinvent it alittle like what Chris Nolan did for Batman, i mean it was cheesy untill Chris made it awesome!

    it should be directed by somebody who can make the film scary and badass at the same time. somebody mentioned Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. which to be honest they would ruin Predator if they directed. Michael Bay would have it all special effects everywhere and Spielberg would be the same not to mention itll be cheesy like hell!!! i mean nearly every film them 2 have made have been cheesy ><. and Peter Jackson well i think he should keep on track with the Hobbit otherwise well see good old Pred dancing around with fairys lol.

    Also find some actors with talent! if anyone casted someone like leonardo decap id find the director and punch him! and Will Smith thats just no, just a bloody great no lol. Christian Bale can do the action man and still act awesomely, mind you i think people will still think of John Conner if he played a part in pred 3.

    Also i think Predator 3 should be based in the future like Aliens (i know lets leave aliens out of it) have them fight the Marines or something thatll be good.

    Well just as long as they dont set it in Antartica where for some reason an average human woman can withstand -42 degrees c. Aweful actors and have random slow mos when they jump in the air (avp was crap for that uuughhh!!!!) then it should be watchable.

    Anywho Pred 3 happens i know ill be there on opening night.


  50. Shaun says

    They should make a movie, where the captive aliens on the predator homeworld escape and the predators have to find them or become extinct or something like that would be great since hardly any information has been given on them and their world even in books. Or for another alien movie, the “Space Jockeys” the dead alien race as seen in Alien and Alien’s, show how they went dead from the aliens. For Schwarzenneger maybe they could do something where the Predators capture a large amount of people for breeding purposes and since he knows them and their tactics tries to fight them and take control of the ship (maybe the rest of the predator clan are out hunting aliens or something). Just a few ideas.

  51. zach says

    bran is retard arnold is a good actor. he is better then any actor i know. yea he is getin older but he is still THE BEST DAMN ACTOR IVE EVER SEEN

  52. zach says

    arnold made predator 2, aliens vs perdator 1 and 2 look like dogshit compered to perdator 1 because he wasnt in those ones

  53. zach says

    you are the most dumest person arnold is the BEST DAMN ACTOR IVE EVER SEEN YOU FUCKEN DUMASS

  54. radu says

    Dude, you are too aggressive on this one, relax. Predator is a great movie for those who saw it back in 80’s, for the 80’s generation. And even though you seem to not like Arnold, the movies he stared it, you all have to agree upon this, are great!
    And yes he is too old for Predator.

    And for a final mark here is a link about Predators, to shut this subject about Arnold and stuff:

  55. says

    I think they should put Swartzanegger and glover in predator 3 cause than they could team up and then make this one bad as hell non-stop action and also have 3 predators but one of them turned good, but anyhow no bull-shit make everything realistic, not no cheesy ass shit more gory shit but at the sametime they should give all the fans a thrill ride of there life and maybe ad a couple of aliens in there maybe.

  56. Rich says

    Why would you say something as nasty and mean as the
    comment, that the Predator looks like Whoopie Goldberg?

  57. bijunator says

    Man, the Predator was awesome. Predator-II was hmmm Ok. But don’t think Predator 3 would live up to our expectations. Well, as every die hard fan would love to see, me too want Arnie to once again blast those predators off this planet.

  58. bijunator says

    great view man…i guess christian bale should be left out of this as he seems to be in every other action movie these days and sam worthington too. well, how about “the rock”. may be he can re-invent the arnie magic.

  59. says


  60. Sly says

    I am a great fan of predator movies. I particularly liked predator 1 with Arnie. Predator 2 was fine as it followed on well on 1. I think predator three should follow from where predator left. I think in both predators we demonstrated that even though they are fast, intelligent and have all the weaponry to survive, human beings are still far more intelligent than any other species in the universe and can survive all sorts of disastors and including invasion by aliens. Another interesting behaviour with the predator was that it always protected women in both movies. The story line could be an important scientist from a space facility has been missing for some time. Rumors have been that he is dead. Non of their families, friends and relations know their where abouts. The search has been on and when everbody was giving up, SOS signal starts beeping on the monitors at the facility. The signal, using state of art technonlogy, is discovered to be coming from outside the world. Predators on the hand have used the scientist to improve their weaponry and other survival techniques and are planning to make a major hunting safari to earths. Later in the movies when the team has started rescue mission it is discovered that when predators took their dead (Killed by Danny) they took with them the scientist (who was working with Gary Busey on how to capture and use the predator). A rescue team is assembled to (as in predator 1) and informed that their mission is to bring back the scientist. But what baffles them is why go to space ??? Any way they go in and tries to get the scientist. the only problem is the dont know what they will be dealing with? The main actor needs to a tough no nonsense person like Steve Austin or the Rock and a good director. The rest of the film could follow the same path like predator 1 except in an alien planet where the team tries to survive even though casualities occur in the process. The scientist could be a woman. Arnie and Danny can have cameo appearance as consultants on how to deal with the predators. The main battle there is humans want their fellow humans and predators want to retain the scientist as she aslo has crucial information about predator world that if shared, all predators become extinct.


  61. william h, david says

    please no cheap looking predators…first predator looked real..looked good…

  62. florin says

    what about continuing the story of the first predator movie , now Arnold is old and the predator are coming back to hunt in the cities or jungle and the US army needs his predator experience from the past to hunt down the predator … now that would be a great script isn’t that right ;o)

  63. Lex Wright says

    Age is against them, but I always thought predator 3 should have starred arnold and danny, as the predators would have been furious that they had been defeated by these two humans, making them the number one scalps to put in the trophy room.

  64. eyquem says

    The writer of this article is being very negative about actors returning to the roots of the past in terms of films. I say why not? Stop this ageist crap and show the youth of today how things were done and should be done. I welcome a Predator 3 but I also welcome a truly fantastic script with one or two young actors to learn how things should be filmed. Movies today are simply massive explosions with little-to-no-story, not what a film is defined by so cut the nonsense out. I welcome effects from back in the days no matter who says what. You can’t beat 80’s effects it’s just not possible and to consider what tech we have today making things look worse and not better! Bring back as many of the original cast as is possible to help a younger cast and go from there. Don’t mess with what’s original instead use it to be inspirational.