Christian Bale’s Terminator Rant Is Easily The Best Thing Ever

Somewhere, right at this moment, we can absolutely guarantee that Alec Baldwin is breathing a sigh of relief.

Seriously, Alec should send Christian Bale a cookie basket. Because Christian Bale has made sure that Alec Baldwin’s insane ‘ignorant little pig’ rant at his daughter has been relegated to only second most brilliant recorded tantrum in history.

A recording of Christian Bale screaming at a Terminator Salvation DP has hit the internet and, if you do one thing today, you must hear it. It’s not just Christian Bale’s fury, you see – it’s the fact that he rants in about 13 different accents.

There’s a lot to like about Christian Bale – the fact that he’s not quite as good at acting as he thinks he is, the way he gave his Batman the most bewilderingly incoherent voice in cinema history, his, um, hair – but nothing even comes close to the way that Christian Bale promotes his films. When it comes to that, the man is a stone cold genius.

Upon the release of The Dark Knight, you’ll remember that Christian Bale got arrested on suspicion of assaulting his own clown mother in a hotel room. That’s dedication for you, and it worked – the film went on to become the second-biggest of all time. And it’s clearly a trick that Christian Bale wants to reproduce for his next movie Terminator Salvation.

What makes us so certain? Why, only a recording of Christian Bale going absolutely batshit at a director of photography on the Terminator Salvation set that’s just hit the internet. There are literally no words to tell you how amazing the tape is. It’s actually brilliant. We’re not overstating it one bit. Listening to Christian Bale going potty-mouthed berserk at a man who probably doesn’t even make a tenth of the money that he does is the best thing we’ve listened to all year.

Listen to Christian Bale’s incredible Terminator rant here

See? How incredible is that? We’ve found it so completely impossible to pick our favourite part of Christian Bale’s meltdown, so here’s a cluster of them for you. Oh, and by the way, you should take it as a given that the way Christian Bale’s voice lurches from LA drawl to gobby cockney to Nu Yawk screech to Welsh to borderline offensive comedy Pakistani during the rant is one of the best things about it. Because it is. Anyway, in no particular order:

“Do I walk fucking walk around the… NO! Do not shut me up, Bruce! Do I walk… No! NO!”

“Why the fuck are you walking right through? AH-DAH-DAH-DAH-DAH like this?”

“Do you want me to go and trash your lights? DO YOU WANT ME TO GO AND TRASH ‘EM?”

“You’re a nice guy. YOU’RE A NICE GUY! But that don’t fucking cut it.”

“I don’t need any fucking walking. He needs to stop walking. I AIN’T THE ONE WALKING!

Genius. There’s, we’ve said. Christian Bale is actually a genius. Obviously he’s a gigantic self-important prick of the absolute worst kind and spending a second in his company must be like spending three eternities getting kicked in the jaw by an angry horse, but Christian Bale is a genius as well.

According to IMDb, Christian Bale’s next movie is the Michael Mann film Public Enemies. Lord alone knows how he’s going to promote that one, but we’d wager that it’ll involve a tank of petrol, a lighter, a box of puppies and some sort of tribal dancing.

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  1. David Scarborough says

    I think it also has to be noted how completely inept McG is at no defusing the situation as the director. Instead he just hides in the corner, clutching his knees to his breast “Okay Christian, whatever you say”.

    That shit wouldn’t cut it on a Cameron Terminator film I tells ya!

  2. Haley Mosen says

    Actually, I think Bale is right. I see nothing so incredible here except someone livid about something that he should be livid about. He’s acting, the film is rolling, and some idiot is walking around ho-hum behind the camera?

  3. Feather says

    Everyone has a bad day, lets just leave it at that. How many times have you blown up at someone? I have do agree with David Scarborough, where was the Director saying “lets all take a break”, he should have got the guy off the set and sent Bale to his trailer. Five minute time out if you will.

  4. Russ Thayer says

    The word “genius” obviously doesn’t mean much anymore – a new synonym for moron, perhaps? And would the world lose much if these trashy artifacts and the potential to make these trashy artifacts, along with their protagonists, evaporated? Not really. This goof has been watching too many Klaus Kinski tantrums, of which this is a sad imitation.

  5. Aleksis says

    Haha. Honestly, I can’t believe all the people in the comments sticking up for Bale.

    Apparently it’s totally reasonable to verbally attack & bully like a domineering asshole anybody who makes a mistake. (Well, as long as you’re a famous actor in popular films, it is.)

    Terminator films = serious business, after all.

  6. Stephr says

    What an awful thing to do to a person. Christian Bale obviously has anger issues actually it goes beyond anger issues and needs to be lockded up in a psych ward for awhile. You do not treat people like that I don’t care if the scene was ruined. You people who stick up for Christian are as bad as him. Shame on you!!

  7. says

    @John and Haley: You two are out of your fucking minds. NO ONE has a right to bully and threaten violence as Bale did. NO ONE. If someone threatened someone you love like that, would you shrug and say ‘Well, s/he had it coming for walking into view on the set’? If I threatened to kick your mom’s ass, would that be acceptable?

    @Feather: This goes beyond ‘bad day.’ I would expect to hear an abject apology after a tantrum like that.

  8. Sean says

    This guy is a bully i can’t believe how anyone can stick up for him where does he get off thinking that speaking to another human being like that is acceptable.But then look how he treats his mother so it isn’t such a big surprise.

  9. Tom says

    Totally unacceptable behaviour. Incredible that people are attempting to defend Christian Bale here.

  10. Jimmy says

    What a jerk-off. I’m sure you’ve never #$@*ed up before, huh, Christian. I would have kicked him in the nuts and laid the boots to him if he spoke to me like that, Prima-donna.

  11. hollander says

    what’s funny is when things like this happen, ppl want to act as if they’ve never had their buttons pushed to the point where they just went off or got angry. i’m not condoning what he did but unfortunately stuff like this happens. who really knows what REALLY happened. the portion that the public knows could have been the last straw for bale. maybe bale had been telling the guy in a more congenial tone what it was he was doing. we don’t know the rest of it. the truth is that many ppl nowadays lack self-awareness. you can tell them something that they’re doing over and over but they just don’t seem to get what ur saying until you start yelling at them. who has the problem now?

  12. Jenny says

    I don’t know why anyone would excuse such behavior and why he still has a job. I hope that poor man gets a raise for not raising to the level that Bale did. At least one of them was professional.

  13. Paul says

    To anyone who can even contemplate justifying Bale’s behavior imagine trying this at their place of business, and expect no consequences? Since it is not practical to fire an actor, I think he should be heavily fined for this.

  14. Tischler says

    hollander is right in that everyone has the right to get upset. But if you take it too far and set off the wrong people, you’ll reap what you sew. If he went off on me like that, I know he’d end up regretting it for a long time, or at least make him want to do a self check before going off again. The only reason people act like this is because those around them let them get away with it.

  15. Tspoon says

    You can’t seriously consider Bale’s reaction appropriate in any way. He’s an actor. His job is to act, according to the script, when the director says action. The DP’s job is to shoot the scene.

    S where does Bale get off screaming at this guy? It’s not his job. If the DP is messing up, the director of the film needs to fix it. I suppose Bale could be upset that he’s only earning $400 per minute intead of $500 when the film takes a little longer, but that hardly justifies the outburst.

    So I’m staying on *my* high horse and looking down my nose at Christian Bale. Who’s with me?

  16. Cheese 622 says

    I’ve spent the last twenty five years in the film industry the last en of them as a Cinematographer (DP) and one of the reasons that I retired and went into another field was that I got so sick and tired of these so called actors who think that the crew is somehow sub-human compared to them. I’ve worked with some of the great in the business and most of them would have had a good laugh and moved on but not this idiot. Who do you think would be responsible if the footage looked like crap in the screening room and had to be reshot?

  17. Craig says

    Whatever happened, there is NO EXCUSE for this temperamental, tyrannical, hypocritical (“professionals” don’t rant) asshole’s unhinged verbal abuse. Condoning it (like surely happened on the set), or worse, glorifying it (this article), while he is paid millions of dollars to be “a genius” is a sad and terrifying double standard. Personally, the guy seems to need professional help. Publicly, at this pace, he’ll join Tom Cruise’s elite Hollywood Loonies Club in no time. Perhaps he already has?

  18. Jake says

    Bale has some serious anger problems. There is no excuse for him to be so abusive. He doesn’t deserve the credit he gets. I loved him in just about every movie I’ve seen him in but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s totally immature. This reminds me off a baby wailing when he gets a toy taken from him.

  19. DJ says

    It’s not that he went off, it’s the shit he said when he went off. I will quit the set if he isn’t fired? Are you fucking serious?
    He acts like a fucking Hilton sister, and is a douche because of it.

  20. Davo says

    I’ve been watching a series on the History Channel called “The Universe” and they have yet to bring up the subject about how the Universe revoles around anyone in holleywood. I guess Stephen Hawking is save=ing that for an upcoming eposiode.

  21. CC says

    Dude. . . . . . They all need to take a page out of Obama’s brother’s book and smoke a joint, with all that smoke on set anyway who’ll know the difference?

    Just imagine the out takes

  22. Bill says

    That was priceless. I almost pissed my pants. Have a sandwich, some milk, and a Valium, Christian. You’ll feel better.

  23. Charlie says

    A spoilt yet great actor but has serious underlying problems,perhaps hes not getting enough money? i seriously doubt it,yes the DP made a mistake but no one deserves to be spoken to like that,get a grip Christian and realise that you are only human and not above the rest of us,so on a final note go fuck yourself.

  24. haha says

    Sooo politically correct, you yanks, like none of you ever had an episode like this. maybe you did but it would never get leaked online. Anyway, this just seems fake to me, like the michael cera runt to judd apataw. But you have to give credit to the guy, that rant its in a Tarantino-reservoir-dogs level of awesomeness.

  25. James says

    I hate to say it, but the weak minded saps on the production crew that didn’t b#tch slap him off the set and start the search for someone else to play John Conner are the problem here. The world does not revolve around Christian Bale, and it never has. In a world like today’s, people like him (Bale) make me vomit in my mouth! I’m sure most of this movie will end up being made on a computer with no real effects and talent anyway, so why does it matter? The movie industry is full of shame!

  26. says

    If I was that lighting guy, they would of had to work in some kind of scene where John Conner gets two f@#king black eyes to cover for the fact that he lost his arrogant Hollywood temper with the wrong guy on the set. NO EXCUSE, whatsoever!!! I can understand being upset in the heat of a great and intense scene, but to carry it on and on the way he did, . . . . not letting it go, . . . that’s a mark of a true asshole! He just earned a spot on the celebrity bus crash

  27. Julie Thornhill says

    I work on film sets and I can tell you that what the DOP did, Shane Hurlbut, who I have worked with and can confirm is idiot, is completely unprofessional. When a scene is being shot, regardless of who is in it, no one moves, as it is distracting to the actors. Even kraft services (the folks who pass out the snacks) know this. And no offence but I have heard much worse from much less known actors/directors.

  28. Wyatt Weed says

    Please read this account of the Bale Incident from Ain’t It Cool News. Like J. Thornhill above, I also work on sets, as a director AND a DP, and I agree – DPs just don’t do this kind of stuff. SOMEONE has to be a boss.


    “Hey folks, Harry here… I’m getting slammed with assloads of people angry at me for not posting the Bale explosion from the set of McG’s TERMINATOR: SALVATION. Well, first off – there’s a real simple reason. It isn’t news. And it certainly isn’t cool news. It is a moment in a man’s life taken completely out of context and most likely leaked to personally embarrass Christian Bale.
    Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking… There’s no excuse for a temper tantrum like that to ever occur and if you are going to act that way, you deserve to be embarrassed by your own actions.

    Except, you want to hear the REALITY behind that clip?

    I know this because I happen to be somewhere where someone that was there that day and for the shoot is. And this person isn’t a publicist, nor are they invested in Bale’s career. They’re just someone that thinks it is absolute bullshit that this moment in Bale’s life is being aired and that the real story should get out there.

    The DP on TERMINATOR SALVATION, Shane Hurlbut, is a apparently a light tweaker. He’s a fairly young DP and likes to fiddle with his lights on set during action, which is a big “NO NO” on most productions unless worked out in advance with performers. But apparently Shane was a pretty unrepentant light tweaker.

    The scene in question, was a very emotional and tough scene between Christian Bale and Bryce Howard. A scene that required soul bearing and a deep level of immersive concentration. The sort of scene where everyone on set knows not to get in anyone’s eye lines, and definitely not to move lights around while FILMING. You lock that shit down before the scene starts.

    Bale had indeed warned the DP on multiple occasions about messing with lights while the cameras were rolling, and Bale was in the midst of a painful scene with Bryce, what was described to me as being the emotional center of the film and his character for the film.

    Now, the reason I know all of this is because the person that was there, felt that it should be made perfectly clear that Christian Bale was the utmost gentleman and cool guy on set. And the DP really was doing something that professional DPs with experience just don’t do. Not during a performance.

    You don’t need me to give you a link, it’s all over the internet, I just felt that you should know what really went down – and that this particular outburst did indeed modify the DP’s behavior – and for future DPs. Fuck with the lights before and after your actors are acting. Not during.”

  29. says

    If Bale were in my movie, I’d hold his ashtray for him while he ranted at anyone he wanted to, and so would any of you. So what if he’s a prick? We’re talking many millions. I’ve had to take shit off of people for free sometimes.

  30. DJ LIGHTA says

    If he spoke to me like that. Regardless on how much I wanted to work on Terminator I would of knocked him the fuck out the cheeky twat. Ok the guy made a lil mistake. Get a fuckin grip Bale u tool. Just because u can smack your mum about doesnt mean you can do it on set.

    I would love to be that DP. Bale would of been KO’d.

  31. sam says

    The guy is clearly a complete tool…if he spoke to me like that it would be the last thing that came out of his mouth before i broke his jaw!!

  32. defencex3 says

    Bale was simply tying to stop an idiot from sabotaging his career.
    If Bale just let this guy distract him, and he puts out a crap performance, he’ll end up in ‘the happening 2’ talking to plants with mark walburg.

    If you are on top you have to defend yourself from idiots.

  33. John Pritchett says

    I am reminded here of the 4 projects I was privileged to do with Jack Lemmon. Let me just say, there are actors and there are ACTORS! Some, like Jack, understood every aspect of the process. You could walk up to him in the middle of a scene and say something or fix something and he would just start again or right where he left off with no change of “fervor” or “emotion”. Many of today’s actors forget that what they do, at the end of the day, is PRETEND. Too many of them have to “live” the part in front of everyone. Geraldine Page, probably one of the greatest and best known “method” actresses told me once when a I asked her why so many of the young actors had to “prepare” so overtly on the set and in plain view of all and she, somehow, didn’t. What was she doing that was so radically different and invisible but still so intense, shot to shot to shot, with ‘tears on…..tears off…..tears on…..etc’ and she replied that “I do all that same stuff these young folk do, all the preparation, all the revving up of emotion………..only I do it ALL at home. I come to the set with one thing, a mnemonic device, to remind me of all the work I did OFF the set”. I’m not defending a dp who is overzealous of his craft or a director who constantly interrupts the actor with new “inspired” dialogue or the sound man who has to put a mike back on an actor who just ripped it off being very emotional, or a craft service person who, trying to give an actor what they “need right now” or any of the myriad crafts that service the making of a scene in a movie. I’m merely stating that the shooting of a movie is a big and complex process involving often hundreds of people in a sort of pyramid supporting the thing on the top, the actor or the director. But without the pyramid’s base, there is no “top”, just a lone mime on the Promenade. In the last decade or so, we have seen a constant erosion of the relationships that should exist between crew and cast, more treating of the cast as somehow apart from the process. The Star system is mostly to blame with agencies calling the financial shots, packaging actors for a film with little of no regard to whether they are the right choices for a particular script and directors are being more and more forced to accept these “corporate” choices further separating the stars from everything else. Jack Lemmon was such an amazing actor, as was Paul Newman, but they were also GREAT technicians who understood the process and could adjust to anything. Did they ever get frustated or put out with aspects of the that process? Of course. They were humans, after all. But lose it on the very people responsible for getting these “perofmances” from actor to audience……..never. As Bob Altman used to say, though sometimes didn’t actually practice, “filmmaking is Art, but it is Group Art” No one should see themselves as above the Process (Al Pacino). Respect and restraint from Both sides of the camera should be the rule. When it is not, the movie suffers, the players suffer, the industry suffers. That unfortunate rant happened ON the set….it should never have happened, BUT, it should have stayed ON THE SET.

  34. green says

    Thank god he wasn’t born in Shakespears time. His career would never have taken off screaming at people in the audience getting up to go pee, scratching their head, and god help you if you sneezed or something.

    Don’t actors sign contracts for these films? What would they have to loose by telling him to shut the hell up and go to his trailor or have security PUT him out the door if he refuses. Replace him and sue for the cost of not honoring his contract and profit lost.

  35. bobsy says

    Pick out any Lemmon’s movie and then a movie Bale made at the same age you will see Bale is hardly even an average actor in anything not type casted.

    If Bale can’t control his Adult ADD then he needs to find a job in a closed room all by himself with no distractions. What does he do when they have extras moving around in the background? Film them separate and green screen them in?

  36. A.Q. says

    There is a such thing as humility. I would never talk to anyone like that my conscience wouldn’t let me nor would i allow someone on the job to be condensending to me either its not worth it. People need to be careful how they treat people on their way up the ladder of success you meet to very same people on your way down.

  37. Keith says

    Where was the director during this rant? I thought it was the director that controlled the set, not the actors. Why didn’t he send Bale back to his trailor to cool off for a while, as the man is clearly very emotionally upset? Some of these actors seem to forget that they are only actors, and their job is literally to only pretend to be someone else temporarily. Maybe he was very tired and under a lot of stress to complete the scene, but it’s still no excuse to go over the line like that. Bale is being paid millions for this particular movie, not $30K like the stage hand he’s ripping apart. The least he could do is act like a highly paid professional. Bale is always in the public eye, even when he doesn’t realize it, as made obvious by this tape. In the end he’s really only hurting himself, and some better and more demanding directors in the future may not be willing to work with Bale if he’s developed a reputation for being difficult on set. Bale might want to remember that it’t not up to him what movies he’s in. That decision is ultimately made by the directors (yes directors) and producers of the movie. In any case, shame on the director for not immediately defusing the situation. Obviously he doesn’t have much control over Bale or the set itself, which probably means it’s not going to be a very good movie. Something tells me this movie is going to be very heavy on the special effects, and rather shallow in terms of character development and dialogue. No different than Terminator 2 or 3 I suppose…..

  38. nelson Syracuse ny says

    Bale is a punk. Thinks he can run it all, being a professional is also being part of a team!!!! You can have a star but with no team to back you, your nobody….

  39. casper says

    It’s okay due to the intensity of his “craft?” Well my “craft” is paramedic. I’d say it’s slighty more intense than acting. Do you think it would be okay for me to go off on some drunken jerk who just killed a family or cuss out a man who abused his wife? Do you know how long I would have a job if I did that? I’d say life-and-death situations are a little more intense than acting, so if us mere mortals can keep it together, then Man up Batman. I guess that’s why he only “acts” like a superhero.

  40. Maria says

    it’s pretty simple, why is he disrespecting Bale like that walking on the set? It’s like when you’re on the phone and someone keeps talking in the background you get upset because you are doing something here or if you’re in a classroom and people get up or talk teachers get upset because you are disrupting their class and interrupting them. Bale is such an awesome actor, give him a break! nobody is perfect!

  41. Jamal says

    Listen the bottom line is no one is so professional, so courteous, so righteous that they can honestly waste their time judging a man they have never met, spent time with, or ever will meet. He shouldn’t have done what he did agreed, but it is in the past and I am sure like me he would want to take it back (hopefully). No one on this planet no matter what they do has the right to place themselves on a moral high horse, passing judgment on those u have heard or seen on a video/audio clip. Lets agree it could have been handled better and leave it at that.

  42. jami says

    It sure does suck when it comes back to bite you in the ass!!1 Bet King Bale didn’t realize this would hit the web did he?? Asshole! Grow up! Just because you make an insane amount of money for reciting words on camera doesn’t give you the right to treat people like cow shit!! He should never work on another movie, ever!! Truth be known, half the actors in Hollywood probably act the same way, but have never been recorded on tape. Oh well, eat your words now Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. in2ennui says

    Since this is an incomplete scenario, one cannot truly defend either sides integrity. Nor can we bash the DP as an idiot or Bale as a ‘tool’!

    However, I am leaning on the side of Bale having a bit of a temper (something with which, I identify) and lashing out in a FIT(where the content could have been halved if his favorite and only expletive were removed)!

    And although he was rudely abusive, he did not really overstep into the lines of violence!

    I am not really horrified…

  44. Random says

    Aaaaand then he goes and beats up his mom because he is a “badass.” The unfortunate mental state of so many celebrities. They are great at their craft but psychologically unstable. Too bad the heads of the production companies dont tell celebrities to shove it when they have moments like this and put them in their place. Instead they continue to pay them millions to be nothing but low life unstable pricks who are good at one thing in life and that is acting. You take that away and they are left with nothing. They all get what they deserve eventually. I smell an overdose in the near future…

  45. Martha says

    Why would the crew consist of a not very experienced DP? Doesn’t make sense to me. They wouldn’t let a “kid” onto a set like that to be the Director of Photography. So, that kindof ruins one of the previous arguments, that it was somehow all the inexperienced DP’s fault that wasn’t listening to directions.

    I agree, the director, who is essentially in charge of the whole film, should really have said something and diffused the situation. After all, it’s not like there is a shortage of talented actors who could’ve taken the role and done so with more class.

  46. Mike says

    Go Chris! I’m going to buy two copies of everything his name is on. I bet that idiot DP doesn’t screw up another scene for the rest of his life. If he learned his lesson the first time he ruined a scene, he wouldn’t have gotten the beach slapping he deserved. The DP is obviously a moron and should be taken out and sterilized so he can’t infect another generation with his stupidity.

  47. Corey says

    Well, when it costs thousands to hundreds of thousands — maybe millions of dollars to shoot a scene, and some moron walks on set, not once but twice, I’d think more then Bale would be pissed off. Maybe I have too much common sense to be throwing in my opinion here, but yeah, he should’ve been canned on the spot. You make those mistakes in B-movies and 1970 flicks, not Christian Bale movies.

  48. Citizen says

    I always wanted to be Batman, well, on a logical and realistic level. That is, I want to be someone who contributes something to society… I don’t ever recall wanting to be Christian Bale. If someone interrupted a real rescue or a daring intervention during some criminal activity, then I would really be upset. Bale is a phony, an actor, so just do it again… and then put some duct tape over the mouth of that puppet all the other times. Since when are these Marque actors above everyone… it’s time some of them get terminated from the set.

  49. C M says

    Good day or Bad Day you do not treat others like that. My family usually steers clear of his movies because of the language; at least we now know it is not the writers who include the profanities in the script but rather the foul mouthed Bale [Baal}. Profanity and insult is the last resort of the uneducated mind.

  50. Bob Graham says

    Regardless of whether or not Bail’s rant was at the end or the beginning of whatever transpired, he has NO excuse for talking to an employee like he did. If he has a problem with someone, and lets say for arguments sake, he approached that person several times to no avail, then Bail should have walked away by himself until he was calm enough to address that person without resorting to threats of violence. I’ll tell you something; if anyone talked to me like that.. I would deck the job is worth that kind of abuse. Also.. hey DIRECTOR.. do your job.. control your actors.

  51. JN says

    I’ve acted on camera and it totally sucks to have someone distracting you while you’re doing a scene. It’s disrespectful to the whole production. Bale is putting everything he has into his performance. That’s the whole point of moviemaking and then you have some moron walking around and distracting him during the scene?? And it’s the DP to boot? I would be pissed too. If he was yelling at an innocent person or his child (like Alec Baldwin), I would think he’s a jerk. In this situation, I totally get it. I don’t condone his ranting approach, but I completely understand it.

  52. DW says

    I agree with the ones in support of Bale and of course, disagree with the perfectly innocent saints out there casting stones since they’ve never ever been angry at a single soul in their lives. HA! You fail to mention that he did reportedly apologize to the man later. But seriously, the man should know better than to walk on set with the camera rolling. His lighting should be set and ready to go BEFORE filming starts. I’d like to see the credentials of those of you who think you can diagnose anger issues. Are you experts? May I see your PhDs in psychology? You were not there so you don’t know what the circumstances were that built up to this. Everyone gets mad. Big deal. If he had “issues:, we would’ve surely heard about it long before LAST year when this happened. The only reason people are flapping their jaws about it now is because some low-brow just got paid to release the tape to embarrass. Is it really any of our business what happened? No. It’s not my business to judge . . . and no one else’s either. Get over it. By the way, there are only two accents present: an American one and his own Welsh. There are no other accents. What’s supposed to be so magnificently significant about that anyway?

  53. says

    Bale has no right to treat another human being like that. Sometimes I think the large paychecks that “actors” earn let them think they have a right to abuse people. If he was so upset he should have taken a time out and request that it not happen again. My opinion anyhow

  54. Jae H says

    this is far from genius. it’s not even funny. it does saound staged tho. Stuart why are you slobbin’ CB’s knob?

  55. DW says

    Pat, you weren’t there. For all you know, he did request the guy to not do it again, but did it anyway. Casting stones? You’ve never been upset in your life? Hardly doubt that.

    Look at Alec Baldwin. He’s been “embarrassed” with a recording, too, which was no one’s business but his own and now he’s making commercials for Proves a point. Baldwin’s not out of work.

    A year or even 6 months from now, who’s going to honestly care about what happened LAST July!?

  56. says

    I think I speak for every working stiff when I say this is one hysterical insecure little puss who likes to hit women and pick on the working class.This guy go’s on like a screaming banshee but does’nt convince me he’s tough..Keep it simple Christian.Talk to me like that and Id choke you till you Shit.thats how you do it punk simple and to the point.Oh and let me also say any time any where pussy.

  57. Patti says

    My husband is a psychologist and he has many patients that were ordered by employers and/or court ordered to take anger management or see a psychiatric professional of some sort for less than what Bale did against another coworker just to “possibly” save their jobs. And this is after being sent home without pay or fired on the spot.

    Look up class/social discrimination and Narcissistic personality disorder.

  58. wild says

    wah wah wah wah what a baby!!!! obviously has anger issues, look at his history. “you don’t know what it’s like working with actors!” or something like that, get over yourself. he wants the guy fired over something so trivial? again, get over yourself, really!

  59. Chris Willart says

    I understand someone getting upset, but I cannot understand getting upset and talking to another human being that way. For all of you that think this is acceptable, the next time someone throws F Bombs at you maybe you should say I am sorry and thank you I desreve this. For me I will put my money where my mouth is, no money for this movie or anyother that Mr. Bale is in.

  60. Six says

    This clown needs to get over himself. He doesn’t impress me at all with his little tirades. Maybe he should try hitting a man instead of hitting women. Let’s see how tough he is then.

  61. Chris Willart says

    I’m sorry for the guy that made a mistake and apoligized for it since Mr. Bale will try to have him fired. Sorry to your family for trying to feed them and this will be acceptable to some. Until it happens to them.

  62. Tracy says

    Earth to Bale, you are an actor and people have to walk around you to do their job. I won’t be seeing any of your movies – it just really puts me off when I find out these people are such self-absorbed, pathetic princesses. I am sure that if he was treated like that, he wouldn’t appreciate it. Does he kiss his mother with that mouth? I think they should have more of these tapes so the public could see exactly who in Hollywood is worth something and treats everyone like decent human beings and who is just a fake and fraud that smiles in front of cameras. I guess the PD wasn’t “up to his level” and didn’t deserve to be talked to like a person. I wouldn’t talk to my dogs like that, no matter how angry I got. Part of being an adult is having SELF-CONTROL! I really feel bad for any woman he dates. If this was a stunt for publicity, I hope it backfires miserably.

  63. Sam says

    This actually made news?? OMG!! People grow a pair!! This was common, everyday talk in the Army!! People need to get their ass and head wired together correctly!! Its funny how people react when they are talked to like this, its like “how dare you talk to me like that!” Like they are some holier-than-though person.

  64. MJ says

    Wow, thats all I have to say…..

    ..but honestly I can understand getting somewhat upset if you are acting out a scene and completely in character and feeling it and the some random dude just walks around on the set it’ll throw you off, he’s allowed to be upset but definitely not like that, unprofessional and disrespectful, he should have got fired right on the spot.

  65. Ms. White says

    The one thing that stands out the most to me in this clip is that Bale states that this was the SECOND time that Shane had walked during the filming of a scene. After the first time Bale clearly did not get all pissed, but after the second time I can see why he would be PISSED. Every time they have to stop and restart a scene that is thousands of dollars spent.
    I would like to point out to Garcia that a DP is not really the low level “working class” like let say the guy who cleans. He is a professional with professional pay who should know better than to walk around on set while a scene is being filmed. Hell the working class joe cleaning person is smart enough to know that.

  66. phillathehun says

    With whats going on in the world i would think we have more important topics to concren ourselfs with than the insecure rantings of a childish actor

  67. Lace says

    Hummm…..People are going to HATE me for this. I wonder how many times the guy he was yelling at pranced around the set. I mean OBVIOUSLY to get that kind of reaction it had to be more than once. I just feel that Bale needs to apoligize for the rant but good god he is human. I cant say that I have never gone off on someone like that. I mean everyone has their breaking point. And really What do we know about the actual situation other than what we are being told in the media WHICH IS only the dramatic juicy nut case parts, right? And someone said that the director should have defussed the situation. TOTALLY agree. But oh well its entertaining anyway. I still think hes a wonmderful actor.

  68. Deez nuts says

    What a faggot, a good batman but fuck sake.. Somebody shoot this prick in the face please. a duh duh duh duh..

  69. says

    maybe bat guano needed to rev himself up for the scene he was working on so once started, continued flipping out. scene better be good if it makes the film’s cut. whole affair would be different if bale were a great actor. hell, even a good one.

  70. says

    once again, why do I have to submit a new comment. there’s nothing obscene or slanderous about the original comment I sent.

  71. t says

    That was it? I’ve heard worse at church. Give the guy a break. He was obviously upset but not that bad. Anyone who thinks that was terrible anger has lead a great life!

  72. Rajasgal says

    What stuns me are the people writing “Oh sure, who hasn’t had a day like that?” Well, me, for one. I’ve had moments of frustration, yes, but I’ve taken them out on inanimate objects. Throw the car keys, kick the sofa, that sort of thing. I’ve never in my life cursed and yelled at another human. NEVER. I stopped dating a man because he got in my face and cursed at me with his complaint about something I had no control over – it was a sort of violence and I figured if he could be threatening verbally, then he could be threatening physically down the road. It makes me sad that there are so many people who can hear this and say “well, who hasn’t after all.” Verbal abuse is abuse.

  73. Brando says

    Roid rage? Bale and A-Rod could hang out together fuckin walkin in fuckin scenes and fuckin shit.. fuckin rippin’ da fuckin lights down yo.

    What a pompous ass. Leave the set if you get mad and do this un-professional shit in your trailer.

  74. Boomer says

    All you people here who CLAIM that you would never accept a tirade from anyone like that, well obviously you have never worked in a REAL job, because you have to take shit from bosses all the time.

    Secondly, I think anyone who is being remotely honest with themselves can probably remember a time in their lives where they had a tirade.

  75. mc--lovin says

    What a NUT JOB!! And.. he almost crossed the line into violence. He, from what it sounded, was held back! Guess we wont know for sure. But I would have slapped Bale in his face for being a DOUCHE!!!

  76. P. Norman says

    American Phycho! I can understand being upset but to go to the length this guy did ..I’ve lost all respect for him as an actor. I may watch his movies but as far as a decent human being .. I have lost confidence in him! too bad .. he seemed like a pretty cool guy !

  77. Tommy Thura says

    I am from Burma. I enjoyed the T-4 Salvation film and looked up Bale on the net.
    I’ve been a fan since his portrayal of a young English boy caught up in “The Empire of the Sun”.
    I was shocked to hear his ranting of the DP on the T-4 set.
    These things do happen in real life.
    I wish Bale can separate real life from pampered film life and take this opportunity to reconsider himself.
    To the DP I wish you’ve learned forbearance and forgiveness.
    Separating the actor from “real life” I do look forward to John Connors in the next Terminator films.

  78. Evan says

    that was hilarious. that DP must of be doing what he did a lot to piss him off. Bale isnt a bad guy lol. i still think he is pretty awesome and he is one of my favorite actors.

  79. albert says

    Seriously this article sucked. CHristian bale is a good actor. ANd you talked as if he was a bad actor. Hence this article is stupid.

  80. ARx says

    So he got pissed off by some idiot. I can certainly relate.

    And I also have to say that he was pretty civil considering the circumstances.