Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Are Like A Legit Thing


A little while ago, I blogged about the randomness that was Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez. After kissing pics finally surfaced, I was like: Meh, whatever, drunken weekend hook up. But, as per usual, I was dead wrong, because this romance is starting to seem super legit.

Zac and Michelle clearly got the memo that every famous hoe in L.A. was going to Ibiza this weekend, so they decided to solidify their bizarre love and show up together and make out all over the place. Warning: it’s kind of like catching your lesbian gym teacher make out with the mega babe star quarterback. It makes none of the sense.

Last week, Zac was seen leaving Michelle’s house in the morning with an overnight bag, which can only mean one thing: they stayed up all night drinking and making lists of all the Victoria’s Secret models they wanted to bang.

Just kidding, they were probably having sexual intercourse.


The two arrived in Ibiza on Thursday, July 31st, and were seen making out in the club and then throughout the weekend on Justin Bieber’s luxury yacht because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

Most random headline of the year goes to: Zac Efron makes out with Michelle Rodriguez on Justin Bieber’s Yacht.

I legit can’t even wrap my brain around this shit.

Sources are saying:

Zac likes the fact that she is laid-back and he can relate to her.?He is attracted to her great attitude. They understand one another.

They have a lot to talk about, a lot in common.

They’re both former party animals who like going down on attractive women, so yeah, I guess they do understand each other pretty well and have a lot in common?

I dunno, I wish I could get behind this match up, but I liked Michelle with Cara and a part of me always wanted Zac to get back with Vanessa. That being said, for a grown woman I am way too invested in celebrity relationships…


  1. Tami- ann Pryce says

    OK am I blind are did that bitch really call MICHELLE a hoe ???????????