Why The X Factor Is Such A Spectacular Failure

x factor

I don’t know about you, but I feel cheated. After?The X Factor’s disappointing debut last season, we were promised a new beginning. The judging panel was revitalised with the ditching of Paula Abdul and Nicole Shalalala, and the recent success of One Direction and Cher Lloyd has given the series a renewed spotlight.

However, I tuned in to discover the same old shit. Despite the changes in the judging panel, nothing has changed since last year. It’s predictable to the point that it becomes boring. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t been pulled off the schedule altogether.

When I originally thought about writing this piece, I was going to predict the imminent cancellation of the show. Well the Powers That Be over at Fox must’ve found out, because they’ve went and renewed the show. Those slippery bastards. Anyway, my argument still stands.?The X Factor?could’ve been something amazing, and it’s turned into?American Idol’s ugly cousin; who doesn’t even get the attention of the creepy uncle.

Some people blame the show’s weak ratings on the new judging panel. I disagree. I actually think the judges are the only thing the show has going for it. Take Britney, for instance. The anticipation of her debut was palpable. After the, let’s say?rocky,?few years she’s had; everyone was expecting a trainwreck. What we ended up getting, however, was solid fucking gold.

Britney Spears Making a Face

From the first few minutes of the show, it was clear that Britney was going to be a treat. Her unnecessarily harsh criticisms go hand-in-hand with her inability to keep a straight face while anyone is performing.It’s been said that Brit is being paid $15m for one season of?The X Factor.?With the hilarity she has provided us with, I’d say she’s already earned every fucking penny.

Demi Lovato, on the other hand, is a bit too serious for my liking. The calming techniques she learned in rehab appear to be working for her, as we have not witnessed one meltdown from her. I know we should all be happy that she has worked past her many struggles, but is it too such to ask for her to just punch one audience member in the face?

If it isn’t the judges, then what is it that’s making the show so terrible? Well, it might be the fact that they are trying to bury the most interesting part of the show. The thing that makes?The X Factor?different is that anyone can apply. Unlike?American Idol?and?The Voice,?there is no upper age limit. This means that, for once, the oldies can have a chance to sign.

Apparently Simon Cowell doesn’t like old people too much, because this season of the show is skewed towards tweens. The vast majority of contestants are at some stage of puberty, if at all. Most of the older, more talented contestants were swept to the side in favour of Justin Bieber and One Direction wannabes. I know the teenage girl demographic is a lucrative one, but it isn’t the only one. Revolving the entire show around acts that young girls like is alienating every other group out there. Except for maybe gays.

Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at the ratings. The series is down substantially from its average in 2011, which wasn’t that great to begin with. Even though they air on different nights, the show has been consistently beaten by?The Voice in terms of total viewers and Adults 18-49. It’s looking like a true failure.

As I mentioned before though, it’s already been renewed for next season. How the fuck did that happen? Fox spent millions of dollars on the series, and I doubt it’s going to get any of its investment back. Are they thinking of scaling back the show next year to save costs? Because that could be amazing.?Think of all the out of work singers who would take any old chump change to judge the show. Fire Britney and bring on that nutjob Debbie Gibson. You won’t even have to pay her, I’m sure she’ll just be happy for the attention.


  1. Lillian says

    I was very exited for the show when it first aired. I think the problem is with the whole concept of this show. As you said, it is predictible and that makes it boring. Simon is not on the ball with this show as he was on AI. Even his comments are getting boring and stupid sounding. La Reid seriously needs to go. He has as much camera personality as a sleeping beauty on steroids. He may be a great producer and label owner, but he has no charisma and so his comments are pretty much discounted and ignored. Also, they do absolutely nothing to promote their winner. Poor Melanie Amaro. She has one of the best voices I have heard lately on any competition, but all Simon and La Reid are concerned about is her image and weight. Whatever happened to just being able to sing great. Example: Aretha Franklin, Patty La Belle etc. They are no great beauties, but boy, can they deliver a tune. Same with Amaro. I do think Fox should cancel the show.

  2. Mike says

    Total failure. And last year it was ahead of the Voice in ratings but the Producers got greedy and just had to swap Paula & Nicole for Britney & Demi. It’s made NO difference and is in fact kind of creepy now watching 2 aging men next to 2 much younger females. Ironically, the female judges all made out, Paula and Nicole made a few million then got out of a failing show, and Britney ended up making 15 million and I am sure won’t be back next year (cause the 3rd rated music show on TV can’t afford her and why would she even wanna come back).

  3. Stephanie says

    Go ahead and predict it’s cancellation. It may not have happened this year but it will probably happen next year. The problem never was the judges (except for maybe L.A.), and if Britney brings less ratings than Paula then I am sure the next person they try to blame it on will bring in even less ratings and that will make next year even more sad and closer to cancellation.

  4. Stephanie says

    Another article was released today that the 3rd season renewal came with some heavy conditions that included major spending cuts. So on that note, Britney won’t be back (as if her being there has even mattered since it was never about the judges in the first place and if it was about the judges then why didn’t they get rid of Simon who initially REJECTED the person who ended up winning??). This show makes no sense! And, they got rid of Paula Abdul because it was too much of a reminder of American Idol, so it was that, and not the format of the show???

  5. Rob says

    Personal opinion… I like the original (Idol) & still watch it, I also like X Factor and watch that each week (usually taped) I actually look forward to both of those shows and I guess the appeal for me is discovering an unknown, some nobody that just comes out of nowhere and blows you away. I have to admit for someone who likes those two shows, that I don’t get the popularity of the Voice at all & it isn’t on my list to watch even when nothing else is on. I watched some of it early on last year – I really like the “blind” audition aspect but the talent to me seems a little too pre-qualified or recycled or expected. Obviously a lot of people like the Voice, so who am I to tell them otherwise it’s just a little mundane for me. I would be curious, beyond the ratings of the shows themselves, which one produces the more successful artists and careers over the longer term?