Whitney Houston Will Always Love Crack, Says Sister-In-Law

There was a time when Whitney Houston believed that children were the future, but now it seems as if smoking loads of crack until all her teeth fall out is the only future Whitney Houston believes in.

That’s according to Tina Brown, the sister-in-law of Whitney Houston, who made these revelations in an interview with The National Enquirer. If the claims are true, it’s a shame – we were kind of hoping that the stories about Bobby Brown pulling turds out of Whitney’s bum with his fingers was as nasty as it got.

Whitney Houston (CDs) was once the biggest singing sensation on the
planet. Whitney told us I Will Always Love You. Whitney told us I Wanna
Dance With Somebody
. Whitney told us I’m Every Woman. Whitney told us,
somewhat confusingly, My Name Is Not Susan.

But Whitney Houston hasn’t been doing much singing lately. We were
under the impression that this was because Bobby Brown was too busy trying to fish nuggets of shit from her arse, but Whitney’s sister-in-law Tina Brown has another explanation – that Whitney Houston is a paranoid, crack-smoking wreck.

In an interview with The National Enquirer, Tina Brown claims that Whitney Houston lives in squalor surrounded by drug paraphernalia:

"The truth needs to come out. She won’t stay off the drugs. It’s every
single day. It’s so ugly. Everyone is so scared she is going to OD."

claims come as Tina, sister of Bobby Brown, spoke of her own addiction
to crack. She claims that she regularly smoked crack with Whitney Houston, until she decided enough was enough in August last year. In the
interview, complete with apparent pictures of Whitney’s filth-covered,
garbage-strewn bathroom, Tina Brown says that Houston sees ‘demons’
everywhere she goes, and beats herself up while saying "The Devil be hitting me."

On top of that, The National Enquirer reports that one half of 2005 tackiest couple of the year Whitney Houston

Spends her days locked in her bedroom amid
piles of garbage, smoking crack, using sex toys to satisfy herself and
ignoring personal hygiene.

There are also claims that Whitney’s mother Cissy tried to get her daughter off crack by taking her to rehab in March 2004, but Whitney Houston wriggled out of taking urine tests, saying:

"I’m not giving you no pee today. I don’t have none right now."

If only Bobby Brown was with her. He could have dug some out with his fingers.

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Houston, you got a problem…crack! – NY Daily News

[story by Stuart Heritage]


  1. Renee says

    What is sad is how the media loves a fall from grace. Why isn’t someone trying to HELP Whitney instead of trashing her name even further.

  2. Jill says

    How sad,a great talent destroying herself,without help she will end us just like Elvis Presley,dead in her 40’s!

  3. Choo says

    Everytime I see her I think about how lucky I am. She is really having a tough time right now. Can we pray for her? She really need our help. Thanks, because I know you are a fan of Whitney Houston-Brown…who’s not?

  4. Melanie says

    I really want to cry. I wish i could just help her. I was always made fun of for being such a fan of whitney no matter what she did but now i truly wish someone could help her. I would hate to see her pass so early.

  5. pilesofcrack says

    What I like most about Atlanta is the pre-eminent way in which the queen of our city has glorified the use of a hollow piece of glass. While recent reports about the various foreclosures facing Ms. Whitney Houston ney Brown are mostly fabricated tar and feathering by the evil partnership of Big Oil and the whiteman,( meaning that the sand schvatzah’s are part of big oil). are untrue. Ms. Houston has in fact reveived the noble prize for crack smoking. In fact she has recently set the world record for snorting meth on top of piles of crack. Piles of crack are the reason why Las Vegas is great. That is why Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and I have temed up to construct the world class Donald Trump International Invitional which will be played at the Donald Trump iNTERNATIONAL iNVITIONAL iNSPIRATIONAL PILES OF CRACK TOURNAMENT AT THE ON THE FAMOUS BLACK COIURSAKA THE AL SHARPTON PILES OF CRACK “just get into the bag “tawana” don’t be worrryin bout that doggy doo, classic.

    Best yet by having Jesse Jackson sign the check for you you don’t need to pay taxes on your winnings, cause the IRS makes Whitney Houston smoke Piles of Crack and btw If OJ did it I bet you he could tell us how.

    Praise be the rage,

    Michael Richards.

  6. Daline says

    That’s a big desapointing… But, maybe she’ll get clean… she’s still young for this I think… and she’s got THE voice…
    Well… Try hard, for the good things that you still believe in!
    … that’s what I wanted to say to her if I could…

  7. Mel says

    It’s clear that she is being attacked by demons. There is a spiritual realm out there and they hate the name of Jesus. And due to her tremendous talent and upbring in Christ, the evil demons are working overtime to destroy her popular life. It’s a shame that Whitney wasn’t better prepared with Christ as her defense, thus bringing her downfall.

  8. Donewitdrugs says

    I used to smoke crack! I am three years clean and it took a long time to get there. She is gonna have to hit a bottom before she gets any better. And, with that amount of money (well what’s left) it could take a long time for her to get there. Crack is no joke. Keep her in your prayers.

  9. hoohaahee says


    If you arent “trolling” for a response there, I seriously suggest you consult a physician, to allow him/her to prescribe you some anti-psychotic medication.

    The world is chock ‘full o’ nuts!

  10. says

    she is outstanding, she have a lot of haters. Whatever someone have on her, it will develope and she will find out whatever it was, it !s not that bad at all. She just don!t need to get broke so she cannot have who she wants. Just continue to breath normal. A lot of people love her.

  11. 4peace says

    My heart goes out to her daughter, because she have to read and will read
    all the trash people are saying about her mother, people is ignorant to how
    to respect the family . It was not that Ms. Whitney Houston didn’t give us something her songs alone help a lot of people. To Tina Brown, Mr. Bobby Brown sister that’s your Neice mother you just my need her one day. You should had
    know better because Ms. Houston & Mr.Brown are not husband & wife
    anymore but Ms. Bobbie will always will be your Neice .
    Tears ” tears”& tears””””.

  12. tammy says

    And sadly we did lose her before fifty. Unfortunately there is only so much others can do. A person with an addiction can only change for themselves. This I know. I hope her daughter doesn’t find the same demons as her mother. I love you Whitney.

  13. ALOYALAUNT says

    Tina your WORSE then FUCKED UP MEDIA. U should be protecting ur family not making money off them, money will disappear ur family is your family.You Should Be ASHAMED of urself.I glad Im not related to you,cuz ur nothing but a DISGRACE, KARMA is a mother so start to prepare. Krissy dont believe anything you HEAR and half of what you see. REST IN PEACE THE QUEEN OF MUSIC

  14. Whitney Houston Fan says

    Sad to say. But some posted a comment about her dying in her 40’s & Whitney Houston died at the tender age of 48!

  15. says

    I think that whitneys sister-in-law was a jelous enemy. I can identify with whitney cause i MET A GOOD FOR NOTHING DRUG ATTICT THAT GOT ME HOOKED ON DRUGS BUT THANK gOD HE HELPED ME TO GET CLEAAN AND STAY CLEAN.I was his supplier i had the money to buy the drugs he was broke remind you of the demons in whitneys life[Bobby Brown].Sister-in-law shut up you didn’t help her you smoked up her money to.if i cursed i would have some serious names and words for the sorry ass sister-in-law.why trash her after she died you ain’t shit.