What’s This Bloody Massive Thing In Greenland?

We're not all like you – we don't all use Google Earth to try and find topless women sunbathing in their garden. Some people use it to find massive spooky weirdness in arctic wildernesses.

Watch this video – it's of something that's shown up in Greenland on Google Earth. Apparently there's a perfectly straight, brightly-glowing object that's 50 miles long slap-bang in the middle of Greenland. What could it be? A mysterious government-controlled alien laboratory? A crashed UFO? A trick of the light? That 50-mile glowing dildo that your mum lost the other week? We just don't know.

One thing's for sure, though – the people need to be told! Or the people need to be ignored because they'll probably forget all about by the time they go to bed. One way or the other. 


  1. CaptainObvious says

    There is a very big chance that this is just an artifact of the mapping process. These maps are made by orthorectifying massive amounts of camera data and not all images are taken in the same lighting conditions, and some images may suffer from lens flare, from altered exposure due to light interference, or any number of problems. When stitched together these might produce anomalies like shown. It’s also possible software used to stitch these images together applied filtering or corrections in an erroneous fashion leading to the anomaly.

    It just looks more like an image problem than an object or actual physical presence there.

  2. Anonymous says

    Don’t be an idiot. That’s obvious – and I mean freshman photography student obvious – artifacting.

  3. Carloselfunk says

    I can’t say I’ve looked at this video for any reason other than I could be arsed or even been bothered to look at Google earthness thingy though my uneducated guess would be it’s some sort of delicious cake based product that the people of Greenland are going to unleash on the world as some sort of evil bond-villain style plot in which case it probably contains fudge. I could however be wrong.

  4. Vasily says

    Just showed a friend her apartment complex yesterday on Google Earth, and there was a camera icon on her building. Turns out there’s a large carousel in her building she didn’t know about! Probably the same aliens who put the “artifact” in Greenland …

  5. Eli says

    I speak as one who would be more excited than anyone else on the planet if this were real. But it is probably nothing more than a remarkably-formed glitch which, due to shape and location, stands out as if it were an object being slowly unearthed by melting snow. If such an object really is there, believe me we will be seeing many more images of it very soon. Thus far no new images of it from any other satellites or even from civilian cameras. In addition, the object appears slightly transparent and the black line running across it is also transparent and extends beyond the apparent edge of the anomaly itself. I should still think it was worth it to check it out, and I hope anyone living in Greenland who can find their way out there will physically check out the site to make sure it is not there. Additional satellite photos will also help to clarify the matter. So, while this in itself may not be (and probably isn’t) a true anomaly, I support the efforts of individuals who take the time to point things like this out. Some really snobbish people have suggested that this was a “waste of time”, and yet satellite photos have previously revealed such things as lost cities, forgotten ancient monuments, etc… and so there is always the possibility that one of these days a true, undeniable anomaly will be captured on satellite. It is possible, given some of the evidence I have seen, that some definite anomalies in fact already have been caught on satellite photos, but certainly nothing so dramatic as this would have to have been were it real (given that, if it were a real object, it would approximately fifty miles by five miles in diameter). As yet satellite photos have not, to my knowledge, revealed any secret underground bases, or extraterrestrial artifacts, however just recently a secret U.S. Navy Propeller design was accidentally captured, I believe also on Google Earth. That was partly due to base error, since the ship should have been covered from aerial view at all times while in dry dock, but such mistakes do occur from time to time. Who knows? The next thing we find must just be an actual alien artifact or secret military base or something.

  6. Aaron Spitzer says

    I saw this thing in (on?) Greenland last year and said to my wife, “what the heck is that?” She replied, “oh it can’t be anything important because if it was, the guys in Black Helicopters would have nuked Google corporate headquarters by now.” Which, I admit, is logic that is hard to refute.

  7. says

    OK Ok.., wait a minute that’s great, would have never known… but could you tell me where the topless sunbathers are?

  8. Frank E. C. says

    It’s only a small glitch in the stiching of the mosiac. Most likely we are seeing through some ice melt directly at the surface of Geenland. Given the fact that all satellite pics are not recorded at the same time, there are bound to be unconsequential and possible unavoidable overlaps during the mosiac’s construction. The color is most likely due to the particular components of the land surface.

  9. mst3kster says

    Thank you so much!!! I’ll tell mum you found it.

    Whew, now the cucumbers won’t have that fishy taste any longer.

  10. Pete Hommersen says

    If it were a mapping glitch then it would have sharp straight lines. This thing looks like its actually embedded in the snow and ice. For all of you nay-sayers out there its at least worth a look before you comment.

  11. John Fredericks says

    If it is just an artifact of the stitching process, then why is there more of the orange whatever it is further south and to the right exposed… I agree it might be something artificial… like a pyramid.

  12. says

    That is not an error.

    There is also a black rectangle bellow that image and that kind of rectangle are used to “cover up” something.

    This is my personal advice:
    1.- continue your research.
    2.- try to find references in ancient text (of course they don’t use greenland as name, that area has a different name). I found this image, because IS IS MENTIONED in an ancient text (sumerian). So, IS NOT AN GOOGLE ERROR, because 6000BC there were not google for sure.
    3.- DO NOT believe when people say “that is an error, there is nothing there”.

  13. mike says

    your just saying shit this is a real thing! if its a default of picture then why would the same error come out each week?? thats right google earth update their picture every week or two so dont say its a error of imageing……………

  14. the guy from that one show says

    here’s how you solve the problem:
    1.contact Google, ask their opinion on the subject
    2.actually go to Greenland at the exact spot where that thing shows up and see what’s there.
    that simple

  15. Troy says

    ok i dont think google earth updates their pictures every week because i just downloaded the newest version and there are a lot of buildings that i have now that are still in construction or not there. but if it is a glitch then why does it look like its partly embedded? either a really strange glitch or something is there.

  16. Tom says

    It is just a mapping Glitch from where they have pasted together in a mosaic form satalite images, the two pieces (one above one below)have clearly not been snapped together properly.
    If you Zoom into the right or left sides of the black bit you can actually see on the other photographic tiles where their sides meet, and how the blackbox has right angles of other tiles protruding from its corners proof of this is you can see that the lines carry on for hundreds of miles in either direction these are clearly photographic plates. and this is a bad case of stitching from a tile which is too short.

  17. zero says

    there is no way this is a glitch i mean come on its massive and i even if it were overlaping pictures there would still be something to be concerend about it big orange and in the middle of green land if you ask me its might be a hanger for something or leading to somewere under ground were serten things are cept like a nohas ark and its to complex to be a glitch it goes with the snow around it so well yet know one may be saying anything about it on the news dosn’t meen it isnt there and possible very important so i say to you frank you may never see this but i think you are apart of a govermant conspiricy trying to help cover this up cuz i reed all the time people say its a freaking glitch but if it were a glitch don’t you think google earth would have fixid it bye now?

  18. Samuel L. Frydman says

    This is obviously something quite mysterious. Needless to say, as the snow cover melts, we of the “League of Poor Spellers” (LOPS), and the “Group of Greenland Grammar Gaffs” (GOGGG) will continue in working with GOOGLE in covering up the truth that the world is really flat after all.

  19. parr says

    I have looked at it at different angles and even had archeologist friend of mine look at it on google earth and even he was confused, we looked back to see when it showed up on the map and it did not arrive until 2006-2007, he says it might be old bunker that can finally be seen because of the metling, he did not want to say that may be it looked liked the rear end of a space craft due to the afterbuner marks behind it like it tried to start up

  20. CuckooNest says

    It is clearly a very large yellow magnet. Why did you lot think your compasses point North? That is the magnet which was put there to create the North magnetic pole so it could be used for navigation by early seafarers. It rapidly became burried in ice, but is not being re-exposed. Once it gets fully exposed people will be able to turn it round again. That is the cause of pole shifts we all know about!
    Of course it has to be 50 miles long to cause a world wide magnetic pull! Why is anyone surprised to see it?

  21. MATT says

    are u serious? well we know what team your playing for. how much do they pay u to blog? ok let me be fair if u reallly belive that show me one other example if not then stop what u are doing cause u are only hurting the future!

  22. MATT says

    tried to book a small chopper ride over the site and was denied due to resticted airspace. later that evening recived a phone call asking what my buisness was in greenland.

  23. Ace says

    I would like anyone who is willing to help, To come with me first to japan, china, and anywhere where they can built transformers for cheap labor, and not the kind of transformers ur thinking of you might just have to be a bad speller to understand! see the mind thinks very fast! If you are and sometimes just needs to be that way to understand, Also a trip to greenland to help them with the rest of the picture you cannot see! If you no what i mean There is going to be no hint to this! just a bunch of words that make you think the truth however frigtining it might be is still the trust! God loves Us all! ACEM A R C O U @ H O T M A I L . COM!

  24. Ure Thrall says

    Hey I’m Human,
    RE:2.- try to find references in ancient text (of course they don

  25. Ure Thrall says

    Oh my oh my! THIS is EXACTLY what I was LOOKING for! MATT! R.U.SIRIUS???! When did you attempt the flyover and what were the weather conditions like? Because if they are denying the public access that would be the final conspiratorial straw. The thing is, if it IS a massive SNOW JOB (Pun intended!) then the jig is pretty much up! So if you ask me, right now it’s all about who CAN be the 1st independent party to make it there and BACK ALIVE and with indisputable proof of what the heck this phenomena is and share it with the REST of the world. Because something mighty massive is happening there, and judging from its massivity I can only assume it to be a relic from the distant past future or…space. ALSO Can anyone help me find the Zecharia Sitchin reference to this object in his non-fiction book desribing and theorizing on the Extraterrestrial Origins of the Sumerian Race , n insanely thought-provoking book from the mid 70s called the 12th Planet? I guess it bears rereading but I want to know for sure ASAP that he was really mentioning this 30 plus years ago before it popped outta the ice.
    GREAT thread!

  26. Brad Hench says

    This might be it or something like it. If it is not the old one it is probably something newer. “Project Iceworm”


    “To test the feasibility of construction techniques a project site called “Camp Century” was started, located at an elevation of 6,600 feet (2,000 m) in northwestern Greenland, 150 miles (240 km) from the US Thule Air Base.

    The project was to build a system of tunnels and deploy around 600 nuclear missiles, which would be able to reach the USSR in case of nuclear war. The missile locations were supposed to be periodically changed.

    A total of 21 tunnels were built; these tunnels also contained a hospital, a shop, a theater and a church. The total number of inhabitants was around 200. From 1960 until 1963 the electricity supply was provided by means of the world’s first mobile/portable nuclear reactor “Alco PM-2A” [2]. Water was supplied by melting glaciers and tested to determine if germs such as the plague were present.

    It was discovered that the ice was moving much more intensively than had been anticipated and would destroy the tunnels and launch stations in about two years. The facility was therefore closed in 1966.

    Nevertheless, the project generated valuable scientific information and provided scientists with some of the first ice cores, still being used by climatologists today.

  27. Shelley says

    The object in question is an artifact.

    The better evidence would be to actually use Google Earth rather than watching a poor quality video of it. If you zoom in and examine the Eastern and Western parts of the area, it is apparent that the landscape and the discoloration are superimposed, but the supposed object does not distort the landscape. Additionally, the camera track lines, which can be seen clearly in the orange are below the supposed object are perfectly parallel to the object over the entire 50 miles. Both of these facts point to it being an obvious artifact, and by obvious I mean super extremely obvious.

    Not to take away from the fact that there are legitimate conspiracys out there, but, get a life.

  28. Samuel L. Frydman says

    Many interesting inputs have evolved on this stimulating issue. Certainly something is VERY fishy (not only in Greenland, but also throughout all of Mother Earth and the wonderous universe in which we find ourselves)….It begins to appear that this Homo Sapiens Sapians group that we are, is like at an infant’s first climb out of the crib to learn what really is beyond the confines of familiarity ‘out there’. Further, before his recent passing, Sitchin wrote many non-fictional and fictional books including his prime 6 volume works based on his knowledge of Sumerian Clay Tablets cuneiform language and classical ‘old’ European and Israeli training and experiences. Tread lightly in debating the nay-sayers as they are proven to be capable of being sort-of Dangerously Confused. TTFN

  29. eddie says

    “This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their youtube account”. Why? What the f(_)c|{ is it? A great deal of effort seams to have gone into concealing this, and I must assume it is because it is extremely dangerous. Extra-terrestrial superbugs that could wipe us out, tremendous energies that make going anywhere near it suicide, not to mention the hazardous terrain there, plus seasonal darkness with no civilization that near. If there’s going to be something big and secret, that is the absolute perfect location. There’s probably nothing yet that can be done about it, and all attempts prove horrible. Granted, leaving it alone seems the right choice, but sooner or later it will out; so every effort must be made to try and uncover its secrets…but one wrong move could END civilization. I’m sure there was some mention of some thing in space heading toward a collision with earth about ten years ago, but it got BURIED. It hasnt been discussed since.

  30. does it matter? says

    A few neutral points about satellite imaging: Legitimate imaging errors would be the huge empty black spaces in some parts of the map, 69

  31. lempart says

    Being honest I don`t see a problem in a summer on greenland is around -15 degrees we can check it on our own and just by the way we will let people there earn some extra cash by taking us right to the object. what do you think guys about it?
    lets exlore that place!!

  32. Carlos Botafogo says

    Mr. Aaron, would you be so kind to tell me this in details? If possible?

  33. Ready for adventure says

    I am ready for an expedition thats the lost hyperborea the old northpole center that changed its place .