WEBTHUMP! Friday 5 December 2008

10 - Six weeks until Lost is back! Yay! Here’s an all-new, all-out-of-context, all-meaningless clip of the premiere to celebrate!

9 – WALRUS ON A SAXOPHONE! – Best Week Ever

8 - Worst album covers of the year. Correct? - Gigwise

7 - 11 less-good versions of that Lazytown/Lil’ Jon mash-up videos we haven’t stopped watching since last week – Unreality

6 - How to annoy the internet, lesson 1: dismiss Sir Isaac Newton as an ‘assclown’ – Kontraband

5 - What’s worse than the mental image of Amy Winehouse having sex with her husband? That’s right, nothing – Holymoly


3 - How we want to die, please - I Am Bored

2 - The five most disturbing animals on earth, including the shrimp that kills its prey with a sonic blast that’s as hot as the sun. Not a joke – Atom

1 – Stephen Colbert Vs Kanye West. Surely only one person can win this - Comedycentral

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