UK versus USA: Reasons Why America Doesn’t Make Music As Good As We Do

Okay America – you may have given us rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and punk… but really, you’re not as good as we Brits. Seriously. America is rubbish compared to what we produce. Oh, you gave us hip-hop as well. Thanks for that. We really appreciate it.

But we’re still better than you.

It’s true and we’re going to prove it to you without any trace of irony. Seriously. By the time America reads this list, there’s a very good chance that they’ll take a long look at themselves and seriously consider never making another record ever again. Oh, and you invented country music too. Ta.

Anyway, here’s a completely fair face-off competition which British music slays America.

1. The Beatles – The Byrds

Go listen to Ticket To Ride Americans. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s the blueprint for The Byrds first half a dozen LPs. Sure enough, The Fabs stole the rhythm ‘n’ blues sound from American artists, but lets be honest here, you lot didn’t give a shit about it ’til the Beatles took it back over to you. You screamed your little wigs off at John, Paul, George and Ringo, but couldn’t quite muster up the energy to fawn over the artists the Fabs aped. The Beatles’ short stay in music influenced everything you did and when they disappeared, you were at a loss and ended up giving us The Eagles in return. Hardly fair now is it? Even your greatest son, Elvis, felt threatened by The Beatles, which of course, didn’t bother our Fabs one jot.

2 Rolling Stones – Aerosmith

Hot on the heels of the Fab Four were our rascally Rolling Stones. Again, nicking licks from US rock ‘n’ roll left, right and centre, The Stones wouldn’t have ever written a decent song without your help. However, it took a bunch of sour faced limeys to really show you how great American music was. In fact, the best showcase of American music came from the very English Stones. The Stones took rock ‘n’ roll, soul, country and R&B and threw it to you all like scraps to dogs and you lapped it up. You still do! And in return, you gave us lame Stone copycats, Aerosmith – even down to the flappy lipped lead singer and rake-thin axeman. Seriously lads, give it a rest, eh?

3. David Bowie? – Bob Dylan

You may think that this is a strange comparison as Bowie didn’t exactly make the same type of music as Dylan, but these two have more in common than you think. Basically, each of these dishonest old tarts have employed the falling masks throughout their careers to reveal a new, shape-shifted artist. Bowie went from mod, to acid-folker, to glam, to krautrock, to cocaine pop… and then went shit. Zimmerman went from folkie, to wired-rocker, to faux country-gent, to born again Christian to… and then went shit. What’s more impressive about Bowie is that each change in his career has been radical and interesting. Look at Dylan and country, folk and rock ‘n’ roll all share a similar quality. It wasn’t until his ill-advised rapping in the ’80s that he really tried something new, beating our Bowie by nearly a decade to an embarrassing flirtation with black digital music (‘Little Wonder’). Therefore – Bowie is miles better.

4. Cliff Richard – Elvis Presley

Sir Cliff has given the world loads of ace records – ‘In The Country’, ‘Move It’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Devil Woman’ and the like. He also starred in a load of dodgy films, just like your beloved Elvis. However, while Presley grew fat, got addicted to all manner of prescription pills and started hanging around with Grand Wankbag, Richard Nixon, our Cliff found Jesus and started playing tennis. Basically, because tennis is better than Richard Nixon, Cliff wins on away-goals.

5. Led Zeppelin – Jimi Hendrix

Led Zep were so cool that they didn’t bother releasing singles. Jimi Hendrix meanwhile, admittedly one of America’s greats, needed to come to England first before anyone took any real notice of him. Further proof that the UK is superior to The States. Jeez! Look at the facts! You had Jimi under your noses and you were all listening to Simon & Garfunkel! When it came to excessive blues licks, Jimmy Page knocks poor ol’ Hendrix into a cocked hat. Zep pushed and pushed, incorporating strings and Moogs and Jimi sloped off and made a bad soul record as The Band of Gypsies.

6. Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac

The UK version of Fleetwood Mac had it all. It had the best guitar players and the biggest drug-fuckery. The US version pretty much survived their bouts with cocaine, reuniting every-so-often to play AOR for men and women in slacks. The UK version of Fleetwood Mac pretty much disintegrated in a cloud of weed smoke and melted their brains with super potent acid dished out by weird German cults. The tunes were better too.

7. Pink Floyd – America Doesn’t Even Have An Equivalent

Ah. How America must look on enviously at our beloved Pink Floyd. Psychedelic pioneers turned grumpy space-rockers… America doesn’t even have a Pink Floyd equivalent. We’ll keep The Floyd and you can keep Shania Twain.

8. Elton John – Billy Joel

Billy Joel is so rubbish that he had to remind us all what he did in song-titles like ‘Piano Man’. Elton meanwhile, churned out killer song after killer song, leaving America wondering why they never valued singer-songwriters like Harry Nilsson more. Again, America needed Britain to show them what they were good at before they took it on-board. Elton has a better collection of wigs too.

9. Sex Pistols – The Ramones

Okay America, you win this one easily. The Ramones are a vastly superior band to the schlock bollocks of The Sex Pistols. In absolutely every respect, The Ramones are better than all British punk bands of the late ’70s. But wait! America didn’t really take to The Ramones and they first broke big in England. That means, by sheer fluke, we win this round too! Sorry about that.

10. Mark Morrison – Michael Jackson

An easy one this. Basically, Michael Jackson may have sold a million squillion records to the world and done the odd moonwalk for us. Sadly for Mike, his entire back catalogue (Jackson 5/Jacksons included) never matched the utter majesty of Mark Morrison’s ‘Return of the Mack’. When Jackson got in trouble with the law, he looked like he was about to cry all the time. When Morrison got in trouble with the law, he was so laid back that he sent a lookalike to the bar in his place. Mark Morrison wins this round easily! Hell, he’s better than every single soul record ever made in America.

Disagree with this article? Think America is easily better than the UK in musical muscle? Think we should have had a Dizzee Rascal – Wu Tang face-off? What about Crosby Stills and Nash? Do you think that Kraftwerk beat all UK and US groups? Slag us off in the comments.

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  1. Jake says

    Also, how do i get a little picture next to my comments? Where’s my goddamn account controls, where’s my freakin’ account as a matter de facto? HELP MY BRAIN

  2. FHSR says

    You are absolutely right about the music being better there than here.
    There is no comparison, and never will be for some reason.

  3. Mr Te says

    Brits are the best in every music genre, take metal for example while Americans were still enjoying the last days of the “peace and love” era, Britain released Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and of course Led Zep. America has Kiss, Alice Cooper and Van Halen right, but britain spawned Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Def Leppard (for the chicks) and the list keeps on going…

  4. Linda says

    We may not have invented the concept of music… but, we are open to new experiences a blending experimental… in short we are a good place to go to grow…

    Born in the USA


    What is the history of American music?

    American music is the most unique and dynamic sounds in the world, but most of all rooted in the history of its people.
    Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, Rock and Roll, Hock a Billy, R&B, RAP, and Hip-Hop,
    ….. Almost to a man each group or individual stated their love of American music as their primary influence.
    When the British Invasion of the 1960’s hit America, almost to a man each group or individual stated their love of American music as their primary influence. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Dave Clark 5, and many other British groups and individual performers, all claim American music as their source of inspiration. But the music they loved had its roots in the one true cultural melting pot of America, its music.

    We may not have invented music… but, we are open to new experiences a blending experimental… in short we are a good place to go to grow…


  5. Cookie Monster says

    To create great music, it must be an escape from life. The shittier the life, the better the music. That explains why the blues has led to so much that is good, and why the later practical-joke-gone-wrong offshoot that is country is such an abomination. I think that lately, though, the total crap that is the music industry has all but stomped-out the evolution of popular music. Here in Canada, we’ve gone from exporting Arcade Fire and Fiest, to Justin Beiber. We shall perform mass suicides as attonement as soon as it’s cold enough to freeze to death during a drunken snowball fight… probably about this time next week.

    The latest crop of goodness (that has had enough time to steep a bit) is far superior to anything America can offer. Radiohead being the phenomenal lead of the group, with Cold Play starting hot, but lately cold (damn Gwyneth), and U2 suffering the douche Bonno effect. I mean really, if Bonno gets to be any more of a twat, there won’t be a live-aid dildo large enough to come close to hitting his ego’s g-spot. The mass of his twatness shall create a roving, goodwill blackhole that retroactively sucks the enjoyment that I derived from listening to U2 back in the day. He annoys me, I’m trying to say…

  6. joe says

    Jarvis Cocker/Pulp (Uk) > Stephen Malkmus/Pavement (USA)

    But, I think Elvis still pwns Sir Cliff bigtime.

  7. Litgeek says

    As an American, I was inclined to be offended. And then I kept reading and realized that we have, indeed, had our asses handed to us. Two other things: 1. I’ve never understood the Def Leppard fascination. And I’m a chick. 2. I apologize on behalf of all Americans for the travesty that is contemporary country music.

  8. dusty bottoms says

    we (americans) also invented crack, which you must’ve been smoking while writing this post.

    rock and roll

    suck it

  9. N.B. Forrest says

    It’s true that the Brits were the best at producing great rock groups – and the operative word here is? Yes, that’s right: “WERE”. You suck donkey balls now (and not just musically, oh no).

    As for country music, the genuine article (Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, etc.) is sublime – and fuck any snobbish, tone deaf asshole who doesn’t think so. On the other hand, today’s cuntry – with its sleeveless-shirted, cowgirl-hatted purty boys – sucks almost as bad as today’s Brits.

  10. says

    As a non-Briton (why does everyone say “Brit” in lieu of “Briton”? Is it because it sounds like “twit”?) and non-American, I would like to arbitrate here and pass definitive judgment.

    The author of this post is correct in asserting that British music is better by far than American music, however, failed to add the proviso “as long as the latter is WHITE.” UK music is more authentic and enjoyable than anything white America has or had to offer.

    However, even British music, brilliant as it is, cannot compete against black American music, performed by artists such as Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Run DMC, Elvis (feller just looked white, was actually black), etc.

    Conclusion: if it were not for the British all white (or should I say, non-African) people in the US and anywhere else would have been condemned from birth to refrain from any music-making including singing, dancing, and and especially karaoke. So yeah, the British rock. Keep up the good work. Don’t let that class system collapse or you’ll lose a good thing.

  11. says

    Hey, enjoy all the music of the world,OK! ,appreciate and respect as Freddie Mercury would have said,love him and like many others who have left us, how can you be so judgemental, are you so fantastic, be more open-minded.Twinkle*Also i am American and i love all music with respect and honor. Bye!

  12. N.B. Forrest says

    “The author of this post is correct in asserting that British music is better by far than American music, however, failed to add the proviso

  13. Yoshiaki Ahmad Uwe Ngoma says

    Another product of white America, even more vile than its music: the deluded supremacist redneck. An under-educated, frightened individual who attempts to uplift his miserable existence by creating his own little imaginary tribe in his own little imaginary world. In this case, we almost certainly have a classic case of an individual only confident enough to unabashedly express his retro KKK views online, aka the “netneck.” I wonder, does he truly like country music, or does he feel compelled to celebrate it as part of his netneck act? Either way, quite sad.

    As for me, I shall now listen to one of my favorite Scots-Irish church songs, Gin & Juice, performed by Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre. Like most people worldwide, I just can’t get enough of the Scots-Irish church songs.

  14. N.B. Forrest says

    Behold the exemplar of the continent of 60 I.Q. retards – cavernous nostrils pointing skyward; sooty paw clutching the lapel of his warthog skin suit – holding forth on what constitutes music. Never mind that the most advanced music ever created by his kind is that produced when human femurs thump hollow logs! Why, he’d be positively Churchillian – if it weren’t for the apocrine nigfunk.

    “As for me, I shall now listen to one of my favorite Scots-Irish church songs, Gin & Juice, performed by Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre. ”

    Sure you will. After all, you’ve got to do SOMETHING to make a useless existence that consists of sitting on your black ass in the grubby internet cafe sending out emails to your prospective “business partners” slightly less miserable….;o)

  15. Machine says

    Brits are condesending and conceded.What an insult to Americans.Leave it to a Brit to insult America.The Beattles broke up a long time ago.This page is obviously biased to the core lol.You should just say Britian is better lol.Atleast 1 band is better than one of your worse British bandds lol.This page is Anti-Americanism at it’s best from a biased Brit lol.I don’t want to be any part of it.

  16. Machine says

    I wish the holy wraith of God on Britian and it’s people.Just about every Brit i run into is just as conceded as you are bloke.Word of advice when writing a review don’t bash and insult the other Country.British is not better because you were beat by America,America went to the Moon,And America surpassed your Empire after WW2.

  17. says

    @Machine: Your such a mug! “We beat Britain”, “America went to the moon” (well thats debatable for a start)! Seriously though you shouldn’t take everything so seriously you little ass fuck! You haven’t come back with anything constructive at all! You could have at least stated what musicians you think are better… but you didnt and thats probably because you have no fucking idea! I bet you typed ‘Britain VS America’ into Google just so you could spill you patriotic ass juice all over the comments section of blogs like this!

  18. Bmiddlet1234 says

    This has to be the most stupid list ever and I’m British myself. For feck sake cliff Richard better than elvis the guy that writes old lady music and bob Dylan is a fantastic artist as is Bowie but Dylan was an influence on Bowie he even wrote a song for bob dylan. Hendrix was a phenomenal artist and led zeppelin were awesome plagiarists, yes the beatles were amazing but so was elvis and the Beatles were in love with American music. We have some awful music for example every x factor contendant, the majority of out RnB artists. Here’s a list of amazing American artists: johnny cash, neil young, don McLean, the temptations, buddy holy, little Richard, bb king, chuck berry, nirvana, foo fighters, howling wolf, John Lee hooker, lead belly, muddy waters, pixies, R.e.m, Robert Johnson, soundgarden, weezer. So screw your list

  19. Snidops says

    yeah and all this was made possible by India and China who invented music instruments thousands of years ago

  20. johncosmic says

    I’m american and I must agree 100% with you– this article rocks, your matchups are very appropriate and demonstrate your knowledge and appreciation for all types of pop/rock music– ignore the dumbass spoiled crybabies who are too narrow-minded in their own opinions to learn anything new, even worse, they have absolutely no sense of humor or manners… you have thoughtfully given credit where credit is due, wrote an intelligent, satirical article and I respect you for that… and they should too… rock on!!!

  21. brendon says

    I think our music is about tied, English music might have a slight edge. I love both though. I love Arctic Monkeys, but America matches that with Modest Mouse and Dr. Dog. Although there are many English bands and artists that I think highly of, American music has alot to match up or surpass them. Oh well, just stating my opionion.

  22. ADEL says

    You got it wrong man! If the UK was better in music, Xfactor, Pop idol and britain’s got talent contestants would choose homeground songs and not tunes from the States (90%). The few times you can hear a brit song it’s when it is imposed by the judges. American music is second to none and tha’s why 95% of US charts are composed of US artists. The UK charts are most of the time dominated by US music as well… And finally, british artists always refer to American singers when they talk about their musical influences which is an obvious proof of their inferiority!

  23. stuie says

    When comparing the best American bands/artists against the best UK bands/artists its dead even. The UK only wins because they have a higher amount of what people would consider good music. However during the early 00’s when American Indie bands started to become more prevalent things started to change. Today American wins hands down. America just has so many good bands compared to the UK its not even close. So UK wins because of the sheer volume of quality bands before the 00’s but America wins the 00’s – present.

  24. Jacob MacKenzie says

    First off, learn some grammar. Second, the Brits undoubtedly created the better music, hell, The Beatles alone would crush anything America had to offer, let alone, The Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, just to name a few

  25. Angry says

    Don’t diss Hendrix, EVER, don’t diss elvis, EVER, and taking a swipe at Billy Joel was just stupid, Billy is a musical GENIOUS! He picked up where lennon/mccartney left off! I am from England, and am a big believer in my countries music, but seriousley, do not diss these three or you make an enemy of me!

  26. Nuncotics says

    Is it just me or is this just kinda dumb? All the greats we are naming love both nations. Beatles love America, Hendrix likes England. Led Zep spent a lot of their time here. I mean does it matter?

    David Bowie is yours but he used to be folky lame. Americans are the one that made him cool. read about it in Please Kill Me.

    Where they come from doesn’t really matter, the musicians dont think it does, only you guys do.

  27. NoneofyourBusiness says

    Well, let’s look at it this way- America always has been (always will be) the music capital of the world. How about Michael Jackson (who i’m almost positive made it bigger in music than any of the bands/people you listed), Whitney Huston, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Iggy Pop, come on even Tina Turner..I could go on for years. The UK is not greater than the US in any sense; in anything really. I’d say they’re evenly matched in most things (except the whole world power thing and size-in all senses of the word).

  28. Yankeefan27 says

    U.S. music is way better nowadays.
    All hip hop/rap that is decent comes from the us. There is not a single good Brit that has released a decent hip hop rap song. And don’t say Nikki minaj. Even if she made good music she was a lil Wayne project.
    Country US which is rapidly growing in popularity. I personally used to hate country music but has grown on me In the last 5 months and is now my favorite genre.
    Jazz US
    Rock music is essentially a wash throughout history. But hands down most people agree jimmy Hendricks is the best guitarist ever. If say jimmy page second.
    But Elvis is the granddaddy of basically all modern music. No one you can compare him to.
    Pop is a wash in quality but us has more. But that may be because of population.

  29. kericson says

    You’re little “article” is so misguided it’s hard to know where to begin to discredit it. First off, most of the bands you compared couldn’t be further off. The Beatles and the Byrds? Really? Maybe the Beatles vs the Beach Boys would have been better, or was Brian Wilson alone to much of a genius than all four of the Beatles where, but it’s understandable why somebody from Britain would gaff at any one even considering suggesting, there may have been some people more influential to modern music than your precious Beatles.

    Not that I don’t like the Beatles, however let’s just take rock off the table in this debate, what other massively popular forms are left? Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, and Dance. With the exception of maybe Dance Music, your country’s contributions to what we know as modern music start to seem pretty minimal. I guess to put it as well as I can think, Britain is pretty good at taking forms of music that America’s invented and perfecting it, but usually by the time we’re on to something else across the Atlantic.

    Maybe you should start trying to come up with some medium in popular culture Britain has actually done better. (Literature & Theatre maybe?)

  30. Suraj Pradhan says

    Isn’t Fleetwood Mac of America too? I mean Stevie Nicks is American who is vocalist of Fleetwood Mac.

  31. Suraj Pradhan says

    Talking about the Ramones and Michael Jackson, Ramones is the greatest punk band of all time.Michael Jackson has sold records more than any british artists except the beatles”. You know why he sold so much? cuz his music is better. Oh, i forgot to say that king of pop is Michael, Madonna is queen of pop. She is most successful female artist of all time. King of rock and roll is Elvis who surely is american.Queen of rock n roll is Tine Turner. Queen of soul is Aretha Franklin. The most sucessful metal band is Metallica. BB king is king of blues. Kurtis blow is king of rap.Missy Elliott is queen of hip hop. Donna summers is queen of Disco. Bif four of grunge are all from America. Big four of Thrash are all from America. The most dangerous band in the world is Gn’R which is American band. Jimmy Hendrix is the greatest guitarist of all time. I can’t stop naming more. Now what that makes? America brings the genre and Brits make songs but above all, almost all the legends of any genre are from America.

  32. Suraj Pradhan says

    Think for just second. If british were best in music then they are worst in music too. Talk about 1D.

  33. steven says

    there are several aspects that deteriorate this list……….
    first, the UK cannot claim superiority in music because they dominate ONE genre: rock.
    if you took rock off of the list what other worldwide mainstream genre does the UK lead? they are starting to get popular in pop (adele, 1 direction, the forgotten, the wanted, amy winehouse.) but besides that, what else?

    second, some of the American artists you listed beats out the British artist. MJ vs mark Morrison? Elvis vs Cliff Richard? In both cases, the American wins.

    third, the British greats wouldn’t have even existed weren’t it for Americans. Americans gave the world a genre that would change the face of music forever: the blues. Hell, the rolling stones named their band after a BLUES song.

    But all in all, it seems that when it comes to rock, Americans are better inventors, and the British are better innovators…..

  34. steven says

    I think old blues pioneers trumps Elvis any day. Without them, music would be upside down today.

  35. Machine says

    Learn proper grammar,lmfao.You’re the one that’s having issues with grammar,limey.You capitalize a letter in front of a comma,lmfao.It’s obvious you’re a hypocrite too.

  36. Machine says

    Go pull on your daddys dick.Open wide,because I have your daddy has some proper goo.Don’t forget to smoke your fag,afterwards.You limey piece of shit,lmfao.

  37. Machine says

    Maybe you’re autistic?I still don’t understand the issue with my grammar,lmfao.Especially,when you make mistakes as retarded as mine.It’s obvious you’re not right in the head.

    Also,you’re making conceeded remarks about a country and culture.You,Sir,have no respect for other cultures.Hence,the Brits still think they’re in the center of the World,lmfao.We can have a grammer lesson if you want,you derp.However,I feel it takes away from the topic at hand.I demand an apology from your patheitc,arse.

    America,has made more hits.You can’t compare a handfull of bands,lmfao.Your Empire has fell.The US State of California,has a better economy than Britain,and they’re broke,lmfao.You’ll be 11th in the World in 2015,in terms of economy,lmfao.France and Brazil has already passed you.People only know about Britian through dusty old books,lmfao.Your bands are old and pathetic.Tell me some modern bands from Britian,lmfao.Your glory is gone,so it’s best to go down with the sinking you.Your country is no more,and you can’t spell,either.Go suck on your daddys dick,or better yet limey:Stick a pen in your nose,and slam your head on a desk.

  38. Machine says

    Only an idiot,would forget the capitalize the last letter of a sentence.I hate hypocrites like you,and I hope your family vanishes from the Earth.I blame them for your ignorance,Sir.

  39. Machine says

    You’re a British retard.You were beat by your former colony.How pathetic is that?Thats pretty damn pathetic if you ask me,lmfao.It’s so pathetic I thought it was worth mentioning,lmfao.Grow a pair son.Come down to Philly and open wide.I have a shot gun barrel I want you to put your mouth on.It wouldn’t hurt my feelings any,and you can take that to the bank.

  40. Machine says

    A Brit with some common sense.It’s not better music on either side.It’s just based on personal prefrence.Mentally retarded people can’t see that.In terms of record sales,Elvis has sold more.However,Elvis isn’t better than the Beattles,or vice versa.I think a Brit who made this list,had alot of time on his hands.It’s also obvious he dislikes America.He’s as biased as they come.

  41. Machine says

    Britian,will soon fall to the Muslims lol.You have plenty of room to talk.Heck,oneday we just might have to have peace keeping operations in Britian.You’re starting to become multi national.Sharia Law anybody,lmfao.

  42. JAFO says

    You’re a,derp! You can’t even put a period at the end of a sentence,or put a lower case letter after a comma.You have alot of room to talk,pal.I guess hypocrites can’t see their faults.Thats a shame too.If you’re going to insult someone,atleast do it right,go figure lol.

  43. JAFO says

    Also,learn how to place and,before a series ends lol.Man,you’re really stupid.It’s called Fanboys:For,and,nor,but,or,yet,and so.You place the commoa before one of these coordinating conjunctions,lmfao.Then the series ends,lmfao.You should’ve learned this in the Third Grade.Get it right,before you make fun of someone else,moron lol.It just makes you look more ignorant.

  44. Alex says

    Maybe you should learn some proper grammar aswell.You capitalize after a comma,and you don’t even put a period at the end of a sentence,lol.If you’re going to insult someone,atleast get your ducks in a row before you do so.

    Hence,Elvis has sold more Albums than the Beattles.Also Elvis never toured Worldwide,like the Beattles did.It’s obvious you’re not very educated and you’re being another biased,Brit.It makes you wonder:How great Elvis could’ve been if he toured,Worldwide.

    Also,lets not forget:Madona and Michael Jackson.Two other artists that sold more albums than anybody else,besides the Beattles and Elvis.We could sit here all day.It’s obvious you’re being British.You’re also not man enough to post my comments,so it’s obvious who the better man is.You have been educated,Sir.

  45. Jacob MacKenzie says

    First off,you learn some proper grammar.You can’t even capitalize the first letter of a sentence,or put a period at the end of a sentence.Can we stop being hyporcrites now,lol.It takes an idiot to know one.

  46. Daniel says

    First off, learn some grammar. Second,Americans undoubtedly created the better music, hell,Elvis alone would crush anything Britian has to offer, let alone, Madona, Michael Jackson,and the Doors,just to name a few.America made the Beattles famous.With America the Beattles wouldn’t have been as famous.We’re the judge of the World,you no longer hold this title.If we don’t like it,you’re not going to be an “epic” superstar.Hence Robbie Williams lol.He hasn’t made it big in the USA,but he has a cult following in South America.If he made it big in the USA,he would’ve turned into a World superstar.Stop being biased.Also stop making fun of someones grammar,especially if you don’t have a grasp of it,either!!!!!This in turn makes you a bona fide hypocrite,just sayin.

  47. Daniel says

    Debatable that America went to the moon????You,Sir,are being retarded and vulgar.You have no idea what you’re talking about,either.If you did,you would’ve conjured up a better rebutall than this,lmfao.Offer some insight,before you start moving your bad British teeth,lol.It’s obvious you’re not very bright,so i’m going to leave you put.I think people just walk past you,nothing much to see in that regard.

  48. Britisharecowards says

    I also think most Brits still think they’re a Super-Power.It’s funny,because the US State of California has a bigger economy.It was amazing watching your king to be travel to California.He was trying to conjure up support for a Silicon Valley in,London.The people laughed and said,right lol.The Prince knows California has a bigger economy than,Britian.I find that amazing,how a US state has more power than,Britian.It really fathoms my mind.

  49. Max Payne says

    The Brits have never ruled the rock scene.They hit their peak in the 80s.Brits,were done when Grunge went mainstream.The best they could offer was,Bush lol.The USA never stays put in a Genre,like the Brits do.American bands explore new ideas,and constanly change their style to stay in the game.This is why most American bands are still playing to this day.What happened to Pink Floyd,Led Zeplin,Rolling Stones,and ect lol.Well,they all hit their peaks in the 80s lol.Today we have so much variety.Bands,no longer stick out like they use too.Besides,we all know who the best rock band in history is,Rush.They’re also bona fide Canadian.So,America and Britian both lose.Rush,didn’t sell the most records,but they sure did inspire a Helleval lotta people and bands,lol.They were probally the biggest breakthrough in rock history.Also another breakthrough was the Doors and Jimmy Hendrix.These three bands are probally some of the greatest that ever played.The rolling Stones are too British and so are the Beattles.Thats like making a mention of Madona,Elvis,or Michael Jackson.Also Elvis sold the most records,and he never made a World tour,thanks to his mother and the SGT.Just think what Elvis could’ve been if he made a World tour???????Thats pretty amazing,folks………..I think the best rock band list is too subjective.I really think it all depends on personal taste.I hate the rolling Stones and the Beattles,I think they’re too British.Ah,I can see those bad teeth already,Austin Powers,oh behave lol.

  50. Max Payne says

    You got that right.Americans can invent anything.Even Brits will contest to that lol.However,they still think they invented the internet lol.I hate to tell you Brits,but you invented the World Wide Web.You invented an application for the internet lol.But,Brits love to take credit for everything else.Most Brits still belive they invented the Wheel lol.Britian,is now a small island that follows it’s pupper master in World events,the USA.Britian,is our poodle now,so really you’re American aswell.I think Britian starts these blogs,because sometimes they feel so Americantized lol.Lots of countrys feel this way too lol.Britian,used war to conqueer far lands.But,American used companys and products to create the 51st state of America,which is the Western World lol.

  51. Master of RType Nintendo says

    The Spice Girls were it in the 90s,lol.I haven’t seen too many British hits,as of late.Amy Winehouse was okay,but she drunk too much wine out of the Winehouse,so she can’t sing anymore lol.I guess Britian could call Justin Biber their own.Well,the Quuen is still the Head of State of Canada,lol.The British Queen says,”Justin Beaver,can we borrow you to send it to these Yanks”!!!!!! ROFL.I’m sorry Britian,but your Generation has passed,and most of the people who rember it are now using wheelchairs or walkers lol.Because they’re freaking 70 and 80 years old,lmfao.

  52. HA says

    Fucking limey cocksuckers.Can I mail you a box of my $hiet to eat.It’s very good,and I think your whole family will enjoy it.It has a woodoak aroma,and has a very mellow pineapple and tree nut flavor,Ah my herbal diet.I can mail it to you Brits for free.

  53. Rhiannon Davis says

    Totally agree with this list, but then again I’m probably biased.
    I grew up listening to my dad blast Immigrant Song whenever we got in the car, although I suspect it’s because Robert Plant drinks in my local pub and my dad’s always trying to convince me that they are best friends.

    If you fancied extending the list, also: The Cure,The Smiths, Muse, Oasis, Blur, Radiohead, Stereophonics, Pulp, Queen (I expected them to be first!), Amy Winehouse, The Who.

  54. easy says

    Obviously this article is heavily biased, but underneath the heavy sarcasm (and anger) of the content, some points are valid. Truth be told though, putting aside personal preference to music tastes, its hard to say really. I’ll give my own opinion. (btw, I’m American).

    The 50’s –
    Hands down American music was “better”. Rock and R&B and you know all the bands already – Elvis, Chuck Berry and all the rest, too many to list. Meanwhile Britain was listening to all of this and learning it to come up big next decade.
    Result: American Music wins this one.

    The 60’s –
    The British came up big with a lot of great music\musicians and groups, such as, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Stones, Beatles, Van Morrison,Animals, Clapton, and so many more. Granted they took the fundamentals of American music (rock and R&B) but they came out with some great stuff and went with it. Zeppelin though did rip off so many artists and even settled out of court, Stones ripped off a lot of Chuck Berry riffs and style. But still great musicians and groups.
    American had Hendrix, Doors, CSN&Y, Bob Dylan, Beach Boys (which the Beatles were extremely influenced by and wrote Sgt Peppers after their Pet Sounds Album), Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Temptations and all the Motown music and groups.
    If it were only between American and British Rock, I would say British hands down, but throwing Motown in there, that’s a tuff one.
    Result: Its so close, I would say even, but take out Motown and the British take it.

    The 70’s –
    Britain had all the rock groups of the 60’s as well here and then Bowie, ELO, Queen, Elton John, and many more.
    America had Bruce Springsteen, Chicago, Boston, Steely Dan, and many more, then add Disco to all that (Britain had the Bee Gees)
    Result: Another close one if you throw in Punk and all that maybe Britain, but then again America had Disco and Funk – could be a tie. My Opinion, Springsteen alone takes it all!

    The 80’s –
    So many different genre’s its to much to list. New wave, heavy metal, hair metal, soft rock, hard rock. Good for both.

    It really comes down to preference. If you say who was best in the 80’s between the two countries in New Wave? Then I would say Britain (Depeche Mode and all those type pf groups) But Rock, probably USA.

    Also, Billy Joel is a great singer and songwriter. Some of your comparisons are off balance.