Tyra Banks Without Makeup

Tyra Banks hot

Supermodel Tyra Banks became a well?recognized?television personality after creating and hosting America?s Next Top Model and teaching the world to smize.

When Tyra?s special brand of crazy drew in viewers (I mean, we all remember ?I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!? Right?) the judge secured her own day time show. The Tyra Banks Show ran for five years picking up an Emmy along the way.

Needless to say, the former Victoria?s Secret Angel is drop dead gorgeous and often heavily made up. She is no stranger to letting her skin breathe when it needs to however. Tyra Banks without makeup looks a little alien like.

Tyra Banks without makeup

Her forehead head is really prominent here when there?s not a lot of eye makeup to balance out her face but Tyra herself will be the first to admit she has a fivehead. Good thing her skin is flawless then and it’s just one big acne free forehead. Her huge eyes look great without the aid of cosmetics.

Below we have the same story. She has very engaging bare eyes with an unblemished and a fairly even colored skin tone. I like her natural colored pout, she isn’t in desperate need of some lip gloss. She will always be more than qualified enough to utter those immortal words “You are still in the running towards becoming America?s Next Top Model.”

Tyra Banks no makeup

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