10 TV Shows That Need To Be Put Out Of Their Misery

two and a half menThe five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. ?It doesn’t just apply to having to flush your poor goldfish down the toilet, couch potatoes of ever variety go through the same emotions every time a TV show is cut down in it’s prime.

So why is it that some poor shows are allowed to limp forlornly in to their next season? Main characters having jumped ship long ago, story lines becoming more and more ridiculous, nobody watching them but extras trying to catch a glimpse of themselves. Sometimes the networks need to realise the right time to stop trying to flog that dead horse.

America’s Next Top Model

america's next top model

ANTM gave us a few good years – we all looked forward to the makeover episodes, and I refuse to be told that the infamous ‘Be quiet, Tiffany’ rant is anything other than television gold.

Tyra’s ego was hilarious for the first few cycles, but it just seemed to grow and grow with every season until she ended up getting more screen time than the actual participants, and no female judge managed to last more than a few seasons. She even ditched Mr and Mrs Jay, and ‘noted fashion photographer’ Nigel Barker when the ratings started to fall, which should have been the final nail in the coffin. Give it up Tyra – there’s only so many times you can lecture girls on how to squint attractively before your audience stops paying attention.


supernatural poster

This is a big one – the moment this gets cancelled, thousands of teenage girls will take to their Tumblr accounts in protest before quietly sobbing in front of homoerotic incestual fan fiction. The stars have signed on to take it up to ten seasons, which is more than enough. It’s better to let it go out with a bang than to let it trail off halfheartedly when either Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki decide that they want to move on. Besides, how many times can you realistically cheat death?



Whoever came up with the idea for Awkward was obviously not one of the awkward kids at school. Jenna is an extremely pretty sixteen year old girl with clear skin and good figure who is involved in a love triangle with two equally hot guys both fighting for her affections. Oh, but she runs a blog, which obviously makes her your average teenage nerd that girls can relate to. There’s a chance I’m slightly bitter about this.

Waterloo Road


The prime example of a show that has gone on for far too long, the show isn’t even set in Waterloo Road anymore. The entire school and half the pupils moved to a boarding school in Scotland a few series ago, for no good reason at all. Waterloo Road has been cursed with awful subplots for the past few years, and if this was a real school then it would have been shut down long ago, due to the fact that one of the pupils dies there almost every term and literally all the teachers are sleeping with each other. Poor Rose Kelly has one kid that eloped, one who’s in jail for murder, one who died of cancer and one that got hit by a truck, it’s no wonder she’s an alcoholic.

Two And A Half Men


When Charlie Sheen is the only thing keeping something together, you know you’re in trouble. Now both Charlie and Jake have jumped ship, we are left with the least funny element of the show intact – Jon Cryer – and Ashton Kutcher. You can’t have Two And A Half Men without the half, and Angus T. Jones himself urged fans to stop watching the show. He may be a slightly crazy bible-thumper these days, but he’s got a point.

The X Factor

the x factor ablisa

We love to hate it, but that love is dwindling fast. If it’s not some cocky teenager or generic boy band, it’s a middle aged dinner lady who’s decided it’s finally time to follow her dreams. ?The winners get their Christmas single, and if they’re lucky they get a debut album with one big song. After that, it’s back to working in the chippy and wishing that you hadn’t dropped out of school for it. It’s time to cool it with the singing competitions for now, then maybe bring them back in ten to fifteen years. The same goes for…

The Voice

the voice

America, UK, Australia, it doesn’t matter what country it’s in – nobody watches this show once the chairs stop spinning. It was made to be a classier alternative to all the other Cowell-based singing competitions, only focusing on the talent and the depressing back stories. As if anybody watches these shows to discover new talent. We want the inbred nutters warbling along to a Whitney Houston song and we want it without having to sit through the harrowing tale of how it was their great-auntie’s dying wish for them to audition for a televised karoake session.

We especially don’t want to see Tom Jones trying to casually slip the fact he knew Elvis in to every sentence.



A show about psychotically chipper high school students that break into song every three minutes should never have made it to air anyway. There’s literally not one character that the audience ever feels anything remotely close to sympathy for. Sue Sylvester is Glee’s saving grace, and that’s probably just because she’s constantly on the verge of duct taping Lea Michele’s mouth shut.

True Blood


Vampires? Sure, you can make them scary or sexy, or possibly a little bit of both. Entertaining! Shapeshifters? Well OK, guess it makes sense that there are other supernatural beings, and it ties in with the story. Witches? If you say so, fans of the books would probably want them to be included. But no more, otherwise this is going to start to sound like a bad Goosebumps book. ?Ghosts, werewolves and fairies? I give up.

Forget Sookeh and Beel, True Blood needs to be cancelled and Lafayette and Pam should be given their own spin-off series where they share an apartment and spend their nights drinking synthetic blood cocktails and giving each other makeovers.

16 And Pregnant


MTV briefly arrived at the ‘Having unprotected sex at 16 will result in kids and disrupt your life’ moral, but then sailed straight past it and crash landed at the ‘Having unprotected sex at 16 will result in kids, a tv deal, and your gateway to becoming a pseudo-celebrity’ moral. There are always ways for air-head teenagers to chase fame, but do we have to drag the ones with kids into it?


  1. drue says

    It just annoys me when people writing about show they know nothing about. Teenage girls from Tumblr? Average SPN fandom age is middle 30th. I am a huge fan and I am in my 40th. There are many of young fans, but not majority. So get your facts straight. Although I would agree that J2 should move on after season 10. They are talented actors and they are wasting their time on CW. And SPN is far from a “misery” stage btw.

  2. Sabine says

    Supernatural is more exiting now than ever. The writers bring a new story every season…and we are not even talking about the magnificent acting from the cast. Oh and what does that mean “Thousands of teenage girls” I am 48.

  3. hela tabai says

    the voice is actually a GREAT show!!! not to mention true blood!!! it’s actually awesome and very entertaining!!! and glee is a good one too!!

  4. Katie says

    SPN is in no way near “misery”. It’s a fabulous show. Viewers of a broad age group watch the show. Why are you getting so whiny about that? The only thing needed to be put out of its misery is you. And hopefully 16 and pregnant.

  5. Lori says

    Supernatural is one of the best shows on television and I think it has many more good years to run! Jensen and Jared seem to enjoy doing the show, Jeremy Carver is doing a great job as showrunner, Misha Collins and Jim Beaver are available to keep thngs lively so why end it? Also, I am about to turn 49 so I can hardly be called a teenage girl! When it comes to making television history I think Supernatural could end up rivaling MASH!

  6. Meg says

    When a show wins the People’s Choice award for two consecutive years including the current one, it means people actually like what they’re watching, not just in America but all around the world. Supernatural was also the show which had the highest ratings among returning shows across ALL networks including prime time stalwarts and dramas for 2013. It is doing great, the actors and writers are having fun and the fans are awaiting the new premier anxiously with the last finale ending on a jawdropping twist. Should the actors move on, we will continue to support them but I can assure you no one is miserable, we are very happy thank you very much. 29 year old here.

  7. Meg says

    18 to 49 age group or Adults highest percentage growth in ratings among returning shows for 2012-2013 to be precise. Supernatural is not just for teens.

  8. resident says

    This season of True Blood completely rocks, the other shows you mentioned, not so much, but True Blood can squeeze another worthwhile season or two.

  9. dale says

    Really??? The voice and x factor you can’t stand? What about the show that has been going on so long that these two shows stole the spark from anyway? American idol

  10. Tim says

    america’s got talent is the only interesting show to me.. when it come to idol, voice, and w.e b.s is out there contest wise.. i admit im picky and hate all that other shit, but agt is the greatest idea for a contest show.

  11. Kayoss says

    Of all the shows he listed, supernatural is one of them smh. Why the kardahians, house wives of what ever city they are from, real world, and the bachelor are not on this list is beyond me.

  12. wrong list says

    I totally agree. There are so many crap ass shows on TV that weren’t mentioned. Im 33 and like Supernatural. And LOVE True Blood. This is the wrong list. If the Kardashian morons didn’t make it then this list needs to be completely updated. The writer needs to focus more on getting his facts straight then listing bad TV shows.

  13. aurens66 says

    Supernatural is a great genre show with a lot of heart, good production, fantastic talent, and consistent, given it’s habit of having half monster of the week episodes and half mytharc episodes. It was also the only scripted show on any network to gain viewership over the previous year, not bad for the bros on their hunting trip for nine years.

  14. tripolar says

    whoever wrote this article is a complete moron. i am a 38 year old fan of Supernatural and True Blood and have been with both since the beginning. they are both great shows with a huge following (and the majority of their followers are NOT teenage girls by the way) and amazing actors. seriously, check your facts before writing an article about something you obviously know nothing about! what should have made the list? how about any of those “unscripted” so called reality shows!

  15. VincentBrake says

    Just curious on when warewolves got dropped from the picture when vampires were mentioned. They’re more common then shape shifters… Agreed fairies are pointless to have been put into the mix. I always though they were tiny innocent things but whatever… It’s all fake anyways so why care if its a tv show, movies or anything. Its just for intertainment like most of everything made in the US

  16. hatt says

    you do know that american idol was just the U.S version of the British ‘pop idol’, which got remodelled into xfactor? same goes for american’s got talent… so the British versions of these shows haven’t stolen any ‘spark’ really, have they?

  17. Phil says

    There’s nothing decent on TV any more apart from Mrs. Brown’s Boys and Luther (and that only lasted 4 episodes). That detective drama with Gillian Anderson wasn’t bad but the last time I was sad to see a series end was Buffy.

  18. That man says

    No one said that there aren’t older fans? he simply stated that part of the fanbase would react that way. Jesus learn to read and stop acting like a 13 year old girl.

  19. rogdog says

    true that know whats even funnier when they stated how many times can you realisticly cheat death imen its um….supernatural duh! damn these articles all to hell.

  20. Robert says

    Male, 33, and I bloody love Supernatural. It’s a show that balances being serious with being completely silly very very well.

  21. Jeff Walther says

    Agree with the other comments here regarding Supernatural. I’m male and almost 50 and I love the show. Who doesn’t love a couple of bros kicking ass and killing monsters? The only complaint I can think of is that attractive woman characters have a pretty short half life on the show. But great scripting and acting create a show which isn’t relying on eye candy.

    I also disagree about 2 1/2 Men. I think you are blinded by having watched the early seasons. Now you have expectations of what the show should be and aren’t willing to look at what the show is.

    I never watched TAHM when Sheen was on it. I only started viewing after Kutcher joined. Taken as a brand new show, starring Kutcher, it’s a fun, sweet show, with a dense back story.

  22. Matt Carpenter says

    I’m a guy, and I love Supernatural. The person who wrote this seems to forget about the paranormal aspect and, oh yeah, the hot female co-stars.

  23. James says

    Whoever wrote this article has absolutley NO idea what they are on about the main demographic supernatural aims at is the 25-40 range NOT teenage girls and same for true blood Sex? Swearing? Violence? Every Teenage girls dream show!

  24. Ronnie Serrato says

    I don’t like many of the shows on this list but how is the voice and xfactor on this list and American idol is not? That should be number 1 in my opinion

  25. John says

    I totally agree with ending Supernatural, Glee, America’s Next Top Model and Two and a Half Men. They just went stupid seasons ago, if not most of them stupid even from the beginning…

  26. Ray says

    It must be nice to be 15 and have a forum where you can pass off your personal opinion as fact. I don’t watch most of these shows but I seriously doubt that “nobody watches this show” in any case. Did you check with both of your friends before you arrived at that conclusion? If it were true, the show wouldn’t get the ratings it has in its time slot and the advertisers wouldn’t keep spending money on commercials that aren’t being seen. Obviously, there are more viewers (and advertiser targets) than you and your friends realize.

    If you don’t like a show, don’t watch it. If enough people actually do that, it will fail and be canceled. But don’t try to pass off your opinion as scientifically correct statistics. It makes you sound like you’re…15?

  27. John Taylor says

    Reality shows should never have been on the air in the first place. Maybe as 2-hour documentaries, but not weekly series.

  28. tswift says

    Supernatural should have ended a long time ago. The show makes death look like a joke. If one of the brothers die, they just come back to life. Dumb bananas

  29. Howie says

    I agree except Jim Beavers is off the show for the most part (with a couple cameos this past season)

  30. Elliot says

    Forget Sookeh and Beel, True Blood needs to be cancelled and Lafayette and Pam should be given their own spin-off series where they share an apartment and spend their nights drinking synthetic blood cocktails and giving each other makeovers.


  31. Che says

    I agree SPN should be retired, like 3 years ago. I keep hoping for a rebound but it seems to get more deeply mired in this angels vs. demons plot-line while the tongue-in-cheek, campy fun of the early seasons’ stand-alone episodes has completely disappeared. Almost like a bunch of evangelicals took over the script writing to proselytize through the characters. Tiresome.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Dexter, another show that’s become stiff and creaky. I even notice fan reviews have fallen off dramatically this season. They should have wrapped it up two seasons ago like they first stated.

  32. Wayne says

    Critics do not speak for no one but themselves and there egos. This one is obviously ate up with dumb ass and some of his views on some of these shows show he was taught by the Cracker Jack company on how to be a critic. I love True Blood and Supernatural. I bet he thought World War Z was a box office classic and Cloud Atlas sucked

  33. Dee says

    I am pretty sure that Glee will not last another season after the unfortunate death of Corey Monteith. They wanted to cancel it right after his death but Lea Michele told them they should keep going. I don’t think they will be able to make the show work without the one real person on the show who made it bearable. You can take only so much of Sue and Rachel….Sigh….
    As far as True Blood it has veered so far from the books that it makes it painful to watch. I watched the first two seasons but once they started with the Fairy stuff and Lafayette being some sort of witch or something I had to let it go.
    The one show I would love to see go out to pasture is American Idol. It is dead and they should just bury it, grieve over it and put it to rest.

  34. Diana says

    Yes, I am a fan. Yes, I am a teenage girl. But no, I won’t “sob in front of homoerotic incestual fan fiction” after they’ll end the show.
    By the way, I don’t think Supernatural is in a misery stage. In my opinion season 6 wasn’t that good, but season 7 and especially season 8 brought back the excitement of the earlier seasons. Good actors, good story – I just love this show.

  35. Anna says

    Their resurrections became unrealistic and it ruins the show? Really? As if a show with witches, vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, demons, angels who are dressed like accountants and a bunch of other supernatural creatures would be popular because of it’s realism. Come on…

  36. Chris says

    I don’t think True Blood should be canceled.. Common its like HBOs number 1 show (well besides GOT) But I did like the spin-off show idea :)
    And YES, put 2 in a Half Men out of its misery and MTV entirely.

  37. Jay says

    Considering the time slot and the fact that demographics don’t mean squat because sampling in regards to how networks determine demographics and ratings generally involve adults. But, while a good portion of Supernatural viewers are teens, it’s obvious the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Supernatural is popular amongst 40+ women for obvious reasons. The show stars two actors in their early to mid-30s dealing with adult subjects and settings. There’s no teen angst, relationships or subjects. In other words its boring to the demographic it’s aimed at. That’s not to say its boring to everyone in that demographic but its a no-brainer why older women like this show.

  38. Jimmy says

    Don’t mess with Glee. I love the show and though I love the originals first, I watch the show for the music. By the way, I’m 51. What needs to be canned or that should have never been put on the air are: The Kardashians (I would rather someone pull out my tonenails one by one instead of watching these no talent bunch, Any of those real housewives shows, Honey Boo Boo, an insult to the the people of the South. Pure trash! Finally, most reality shows like The Bachelor, oh and I know a lot of people love it, Dancing with the Stars. Yuck! Also, they aren’t really stars to begin with. They are usually nobody you have heard of or D list stars and I use the word stars loosely. Any show with Kate plus whatever, that Palin tramp, just because she was Sarah Palin’s daughter, sorry Chas(sp?) you aren’t a star. Now I will admit Gladys Knight is definitely well known. I guess she heeded the money. I could go on, but this is just my opinion. I forgot all of those runway shows.

  39. steve says

    supernatural should have ended on season 5, it was a complete story of two brothers who went looking for their dad and saved the world in the process, now i love supernatural and have them all but as they go on they are getting more an more predictable and lame. again i love supernatural an rate it as one of the best programs ever made but know when to leave with dignity and not carry on when all you do is make it poorer one episode at a time. should have ended when they put the devil back in his pit. no bigger baddy than satan

  40. steve says

    good shows get cancelled and poor ones carry on, wish i knew how execs choose what goes an what stays because it cant be on quality, why did they ever make glee, which is aimed at 10yrs old who think high school is about singing, go to school singing and see how far you get before your beaten senseless

  41. SophieG says

    Thank Christ someone finally said something about Supernatural. I was a huge fan for a few years and I believe it could have and should have realistically ended at the end of season 5. It was a great show and J2 are great actors but I think it’s gone on too long and the storylines have become steadily more ridiculous. The writers have resorted to clutching at some very short, very poor narrative straws. The only reason I watch anymore is for the badass lady villains who get killed off after 3 episodes (Abaddon and Eve anyone?) and when the storyline occasionally becomes intriguing through glimpses on tumblr – which is not often. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

    And Glee is sort of a given – remember that time the writers had the only Downs character on the show try to instigate a high school massacre? Well done guys.

  42. Bradley Valentine says

    I love SUPERNATURAL and think it has some gas left in its tank. Though this show IS notorious for its teen girl AND soccer mom fan base. As we

  43. SamRoberts says

    When she made the comment about teen girls sobbing over Supernatural being cancelled, that didn’t necessarily preclude gay men or hard up middle aged women also feeling the sting from the loss of their eye candy.

    Most of these shows need to go, and people should keep in mind she probably left out the obvious (American Idol, Kadarshians) because it wouldn’t have been interesting to read if everyone agreed.

  44. Tegan says

    True Blood and Supernatural are two of the greatest shows on television with huge fan bases. Your opinion differs from the majority of America…. Thank God!

  45. John says

    I’m a 49 year old male and I’ve been hooked on Supernatural since day 1, and I’ve seen all the episodes multiple times and they never get old to me.
    If anything the show’s been getting stronger, and now that Misha Collins is going to be a permanent fixture on the show and Jim Beaver coming back I’m looking forward to season 9 even more than the previous 8.
    It’s funny that of all the shows on the list SPN is really the only one pissing everyone off, good to know the show will be around for at least 2 more yrs with all the passionate fans out there! Keep watching, I want to see season 11.

  46. John says

    Your in the minority in saying Spn should end, they’ve had some not so good shows, but every time I think they might be on there way out, the story line takes a twist and they suck me back in with a bunch of great shows, and the season 8 finale was nothing more than amazing, and what I’ve heard about season 9, it looks to be just as compelling!!

  47. michael says

    I am in my forties.I watched probably three episodes of SPN, they scared the C$#@ out of me! couldnt watch them again! Just too good, too real….

  48. Cheri says

    I have to agree that True Blood has seen better seasons. I subscribe to HBO for the 2 months it is on but this season I’m finding it hard to justify that cost. If I wanted to see a woman’s bloody bush then I’d……well I just don’t want to see it and its on just about every episode this season.

    I just started watching Supernatural and I’m enjoying it. Not sure what the current shows are like.

    The Voice is one of my favorite shows. I have to say I’m not happy Christina is coming back to tramp the place up but I’ll still watch it.

  49. Victoria says

    Supernatural is my favorite show. I’m 41 and I will probably be crying like a teenage girl when the show ends. The relationships on the show are so touching. Not just between Sam and Dean, but all of the characters.

    I do think that the rest of the shows can go.

  50. anonymous says

    The only show I’ve watched is True Blood. It is past its prime, but I can’t not watch. And Lafayette is a human, would not be drinking True Blood with Pam, entertaining as a spinoff that would be. The other shows I’ve only glimpsed now and then, there’s nothing that compells me to ever watch. I truly would rather watch the weather channel than anything on MTV.

  51. wiskansn01 says

    Supernatural WAS a real good show. Until the point where the writers had everything wrapped up all nice at a point to stop the show….and then they kept going and it turned to crap. I loved that show,… until about the 5th season. Between Dean becoming a vamp and then turned back and granddaddy being alive again and all gung ho on some crazy crap, it was time to say goodbye. Talk about jumping the shark.

  52. john says

    The last season of Supernatural was one of the best the show has had in a while. While some think the show is over, even during it’s “worst” seasons it was better than about 70% or more of the shows on tv already. To give up on the show after season 5 is sad, cause season 6 was one of the best seasons show ever had especially between 1-6. The last season may be the best ever with the show yet.

  53. john says

    I can find fault with the list, there are tons and I mean tons of shows that should be off the air already before listing True Blood and Supernatural. Heck both are having great season after great season so far, and I believe Supernatural even had some record amounts of people watching it this past season for any show on CW. I personally think those are 2 of the only reasons to watch TV these days, 90% of the stuff coming out anymore is complete crap, why take away shows that still get high ratings and are doing good. Heck I could probably turn on the tv now and find at least a good 20-30 shows that are a lot worse and should be cancelled first.

  54. john says

    I never read the books, but faeries have been in the mix since season 1 or 2 when Sookie found out she was a faerie. It only got mentioned more and more as the show went, but they have always been in the mix for as long as shapeshifters were in the mix.

  55. Sean says

    Wayne/Dildo — There is no such thing as a “box office classic”. Also, Cloud Atlas sucked more dong than a Provincetown bachelor party. The fact that you like True Blood and (*ahem*) Supernatural merely proves that you are harboring both A) a vagina; and B) a wealth of awful taste.

    People like you are the reason such horrible television exists. Also, next time, please use the word “their” correctly in your idiotic critique.

  56. Beardius Maximus says

    Seems legit to me. I can’t disagree with any of it. I’m a near-30 male, and shows like Supernatural and True Blood looked interesting for a time, but I agree with the assessment here. Maybe I’m too much of an artist, because writing is an art form to me, and part of that art form being done well is knowing when to write the ending. Neither of these shows know how to do that. A similar show, the BBCs “Being Human” is in its final season because those writers understand that an ending is important to the impact of the total story. They also understand that sex doesn’t have to be the thing that makes a show interesting. In fact, like the business of selling sex itself – it’s degrading to the source.

    Also – I read a comment saying that this article is against the opinion of the majority of America? 1) YOU are not the majority of America. 2) Even if it does, is that important? Does it matter? And furthermore, is the majority of America infallible or by any way the gold standard for these sorts of issues?

    Also – I am an American, born and raised. And, I was born and raised to have a brain, use it, and express the thoughts that come out of it.

    You’re welcome.

  57. P H says

    I am 60 years old? and have watched Supernatural since epi one. I am so grateful they have kept going. I know the actors may want and need to move on but it will be a great loss to my tv viewing, as long as they can come up with new ways to cheat death and new adversaries, I’m there.

  58. Liloo says

    1st-Book snobs suck.
    No one in Hollywood gives a rat’s azz about how the book went. The sooner you realize this the better off you’ll be. So you read the book. Ok. Congrats. What do you want? A cookie? They don’t care. lol
    2nd-I love True Blood and even though I’ve enjoyed it immensely, uness they have something really exciting in store for us in the next couple shows, I do believe it’s time to put this baby to bed.

  59. Jae says

    Drue, I think the one that “knows nothing about” is probably you. No one is saying that middle aged women don’t watch the show but the author is saying that the Tumblr girls will scream (which they will). And an “average” viewership age rating means nothing because those are statistics based on television. Most of the fans are in their teens to mid/late 20s and pirate the show.

  60. Jim Butler says

    cancel true blood? CANCEL TRUE BLOOD? C A N C E L T R U E B L O O D ?
    I hope it has a 50 year run!!!!!
    It’s one of the coolest, best acted, and fun to watch programs out there.
    Anyone who has not seen it, go to iTunes and download the 1st episode of
    season one. Right from the kick-a*s music intro it will have you by the throat.

  61. CuRecka says

    Well First off Supernatural is not aimed towards little teens. Have u actually watched the show. Seasons 1-5 was some of best televison on in good while. Those seasons are to violent for teen girls to like. There was no teen angst involved on this show unless God,The Devil, 4 Horsemen, Demons, going to hell, going to heaving, Killer angels, vamps, werewolves, ghouls, etc. (u get where i’m going with this) are teeny pop things….DONT think so. Now i love the show but i will admitt that after se 1-5 was the shows strongest, 6 was ok, 7 kinda dragged, 8 was just i dont know ok. The seems to play up the more comedic side now then the serious violent tone it had. The comedy was there in the first seasons but when it worked ….and it did. I was more concerned after they fought Lucifer that where do u go from there….? No is badder then THE DEVIL so thats what worried. The show should wrap it at 10 seasons since thats clearly what they’re going for. Hopefully it wraps up right I’m a fan so i hope but i’m never such a fan of anything i like to give it a pass on crap. Smallivlle did that to me on the last episode but i still like it…..but the butt rapped the fans on the finale.

  62. Dan says

    right about everything except for Awkward which is one of the best shows on tv and just bizarre and pathetic including it on here. get a clue X )

  63. CyberV says

    One show that should be on this list: CSI.

    I may love this show, but when you’ve lost BOTH your leads, killed a regular off, and lost your first replacement lead… Yeah, it’s time to pack it in. It’s been a fun run, but you’re going to start running out of original cast members at this rate (anyone ELSE remember that Joria Fox left for a good amount of time?)

  64. Ellie says

    Ok. I am a massive fan of supernatural. But even I agree that season 6 and 7 weren’t good, with the exception of the odd episodes like ‘Clap your Hands if you believe’ and ‘Reading Is Fundamental’, so much so that the thought that it should be cancelled had crossed my mind. However, season 8 has been brilliant and is finally getting back to how the show used to be and the last episode has set up a potentially great season 9. So I completely disagree that it should be cancelled now.

  65. Ilari says

    The ending of the newest season did bring new life to the show. But let’s admit, the whole season 7 with the Leviathans was not as good as all the other seasons were. Then it seems it was dragging. And also some of the 8th season. But the cliffhanger hooked me for a new season! It remains to see if there is enough of story to stretch for two more seasons. For one season? Sure. For two? Too hard to tell yet. I truly do hope so, my favorite TV show of this genre, top 5 of all shows.

  66. Ellie says

    Ok, I just have to put this out there. Just because you don’t like a show doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be shown on TV. I mean, how much does it really bother you when you scroll down the TV listings and read ‘Supernatural’?
    Because I have to say that I don’t like ‘Eastenders’ or ‘Spongebob’ but it don’t exactly freak out and get into a bad mood or arguments because they’re on Telly. And I defiantly don’t go around talking about how it should be cancelled and insinuating that my views on the shows are the only ones that matter.
    If you don’t like it then don’t watch it, simple.

  67. Ellie says

    I disagree with what John says. It may have been better than 70% of shows during it’s worst seasons to some people but to me it wouldn’t have bothered me too much if it had stopped after 5. That is until season 8 came out. In my opinion that season has brought the show back to what it used to be and the last episode set season 9 up to be potentially amazing.

    I think you should give it another chance. If only to say for sure that it would no-longer interest you

  68. Quarty says

    You know just because you don’t enjoy a show doesn’t mean it should be cancelled… there are other people in the world beside yourself that love these shows. I for one love True Blood, and i would hate so much for it to be cancelled.

  69. Quarty says

    You know right away that this person doesn’t watch True Blood, Lafayette drinking synthetic blood? that whole concept makes no sense, Lafayette is human. plus he would never hang out with Pam after they kidnapped him and locked him in the basement.

  70. DC says

    I love True Blood I enjoy that show.Glee I really don’t care about people bursting into songs every few minutes. If I want to hear that I’d turn on my Ipod.

  71. Row says

    SPN is one of a kind badass awesome show that men watch too. BTW I am 21 and actually watch SPN since the first episodes they showed on CW. THEY BETTER NOT DELELTE SPN!!! Teenage watch that fake vampires show on cw. FUCK GLEE!!!

  72. Desquiciada says

    I actually agree that Pam and LaLa from True Blood need to get their own spinoff series. I am kind of tired of Sookie and don’t care too much for Bill. Eric, Pam, and LaLa should continue in a spinoff. Keep Jason for the shenanigans. Get rid of the rest, starting with Sookie. Before the season ends Sarah Newlin needs to die a slow, agonizing death.

  73. mnbam says

    I loved reading these comments and seeing so many SPN fans upset by this review. I found this article to be off on more than 1 show. I am a huge fan of SPN (been watching since pilot…I’m in my mid 20’s.) I also watch True Blood and Glee. TB is doing fine, in my opinion. Glee will be hurting this season w/ Cory Monteith gone but I’ll still watch it!

  74. Jack Parker says

    I could point out that denial is the first step. He had a point on all of those shows. I mean I like Supernatural I really do and I don’t think it’s started to limp yet but it’s going to soon. Realistically how much more occult is there for them to delve into. The stakes have also gotten lower since whenever they die they come back it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

  75. Jack Parker says

    No angst in Supernatural… Have you even watched the show? He does have a point though. The show has to come to an end. It’s going to start to fail soon and as much as I love it. The sense of danger just isn’t in it anymore because basically nothing will ever happen to Dean and Sam. They don’t die, hell only slows them. You know without a shadow of a doubt that whatever they set their mind too will happen. When you see Crowley plotting something you know it’s not going to work always. It’s started to get old though I have high hopes for this season though I pray it’s the last season.

  76. Jaime says

    I love Supernatural. I’ve enjoyed the ride & sexy ass Jensen Ackles but it’s time to let it go y’all. It jumped the shark, when they did the episode full of Easter Eggs. Hopefully u’re all geeky enough to know what Easter Eggs r. For those that don’t, the show was done during the season of The Leviathans. That season should never have happened. Even tho it brought us the Easter Egg episode & the character of Charlie (Felicia Day). Glee had a shelf life of 3yrs. I tried to watch season 4 & as much as I loved the show, it was a stinker that I had to cut loose. Now that Cory Monteith has passed, stick a fork in it, it’s done. True Blood is AWESOME. Last season was Meh. This season had good episodes & 2 bad 1’s. As I write this on the eve of the season finale, I’m hoping against hope that it will be delightful. To those of u who never read the books, it strays away from the books, but Fae folk r in the book. Even tho the show has strayed, they’re holdin tru w/ the supernatural Oogly Booglies. Looord, Supernatural is goin for the big 10 & I’ll watch every painful episode cuz that’s just how loyal I am. Also, I love Crowley & the Alpha Vampire. LOL!

  77. Destiel says

    But I haven’t actually watched TruBlood, so I can’t say anything about that before someone jumps down my throat! 😛

  78. Ben says

    oh come on. supernatural is the only one that doesn’t belong on this list. i am not a teenage girl, i am a filmmaker and a visual effects artist and i am still impressed by their ability to create engaging storylines. yes, they did go downhill for a few seasons, but they’ve upped the ante every season even going so far as to imagine their own mythical villains and most recent finale has some of the best acting i’ve ever seen (crowley becoming human???). if you believe this show deserves to be cancelled, it proves you just havent seen it.

  79. chris morgan says

    NO to Supernatural needing to be cancelled. Im 38 and LOVE It. I watch it with my kids and its one of the best written shows out there. Dont believe me because its on the CW, give it a chance. J2 are very underrated actors.

  80. JW says

    I’m 40 and think Supernatural is one of the best shows currently on television. It’s Firefly quality. Considering the rest of the trash on the CW that’s amazing. That said, if they go past 10 seasons I doubt they’ll be able to keep it at that quality.
    I didn’t watch until nearly the 4th season because I expected it to be like any other CW show so I’m assuming the author has avoided it in the same way I did.
    Of course “It’s not really jumping the shark if you never come back down.”

  81. JPD says

    Did you just say best acted? Really? I sincerely hope you are being sarcastic. Anna Paquin could not act if her life depended on it, and Stephen Moyer isn’t much better. The only 2 halfway decent actors on that show are Lafayette and Pam. That show hasn’t been good since Season 2. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  82. Alex says

    The idiot who wrote this

    1. Doesn’t know shit about fandoms

  83. carol says

    You must not watch Two & 1/2 Men because Jon Cryer has always been the funniest and still is the funniest character on Two and 1/2 men. Ashton has done a great job, was getting sick of Sheen even before he lost his mind (and his job)

  84. Linna says

    supernatural? If the story didn’t have any substance then I would agree but you didn’t even mention toddlers and tiaras and for that, this article is BS and calling out the fans only teen girls oh please.

  85. MoeMoe says

    YOU! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK YOUR OPINION! If that isn’t bad enough your opinion isn’t the same as mine. I chose to click on and read this article and now I’m so outraged that you don’t share my feelings that I’m going to comment and complain!
    For real though the moment I saw that Supernatural was on this list I thought “I cannot wait to read all the comments by crazy butt hurt fans”
    Internet, you never cease to disappoint and disgust me. I guess that’s why I keep coming back.

  86. BEANS says

    lol, guy articles. just because a show has a lot of female fans, it doesn’t mean it should be cancelled. although i do agree that the plot of supernatural is getting daft. there’s only so many times you can do that whole ‘end of the world’ thing before it gets boring.

  87. Davo says

    It’s funny how people get so worked up over someones OPINION. Who cares. THe ratings for True Blood are extremely high and I for one love the show. Ive watched it from the beginning and I happen to be very intelligent. It is entertainment. When the show’s over I move on with my life. It is in no way inticative of my intelligence or anyone elses.
    If you have to get extremely worked up over a simple opinion and attack another for it than you show not only your LACK of intelligence but also your need for ANGER MANAGEMENT. Learn how to respect anothers opinion without retaliating with a bunch of insults. It’s the mature thing to do.

  88. Stan Daughish says

    95% of all tv shows are shiite that require little to no thought, provide nothing to ponder after it’s over, enhance your life in zero ways and is a place for the mindless to go because they can’t think of anything productive to do, think about or create themselves. Plug in and tune out, mindless zombies!

  89. sham says

    just because you didnt watch the series anymore, and you keep seeing them in the tv guide, up to what the hell season already, doesnt give you the right to judge a tv series. and you keep wondering why its rating high and getting award, you want it to stop. you’re the one having different taste from majority, you’re the weird one.
    i’m a man, i’m not attracted to the actors, i’m just liking the story and the brotherhood part. i just debunk your theory of supernatural only for girls and moms

  90. Richard says

    I’ve been watching four of these shows and love them, they are Supernatural, Glee, True Blood and 2 and a Half Men.

    For True Blood, I had to wait over a year for each time a season came out and it bugged the hell out of me. I stopped watching it because it took to long to get to Canada, so I’m waiting until it gets cindecated (not sure)
    Still a fan of Supernatural, however nothing lasts forever.
    2 and a half Men, sure Charlie is crazy and out of his mind, I prefer 2 over Anger.
    As an actor and writer most of all, it helps me to see what some actors go through so that way I don’t make those same mistakes.

    Everyone has different tastes… and we have to keep in mind not everyone will agree. Someone told me I must be dumb to watch 2 and a half men, I simply ignored the comment.

  91. Amanda says

    Personally I love Supernatural (I’m 22 since everyone seems to be announcing their age). I’ve watched it from the very beginning and it’s wonderful. But I am happy there is only going to be 10 seasons. While I do love the show and seriously the amount of supernatural/occult things they still could get mixed up in are ridiculous, but you have to be able to let it go and bow out gracefully. I kind of can see the ending of the series being where Sam and Dean both die or riding off in the Impala on some back road blaring AC/DC.

    My point is that if they don’t end it on a high note it will just keep dragging on and it will lose viewership because people will get bored with it. Sure there will be some fans that stick with it because they came this far (I place myself in that category) and once that happens actors will want to leave to pursue other career opportunities. I just can’t see it continuing to the point where Sam and Dean are middle aged guys road tripping around America and fighting demons and old age.

  92. Thompson says

    The problem with Supernatural is that American show producers and networks don’t know when to stop. They have to milk the shows for everything they’ve got until people are bored with it. I can’t think of a single tv show where it was the producer/writer’s decision to end the show by saying “okay, this is the story we had set out to tell, and now it’s told, so we’re going to just end it here.” The first five seasons of Supernatural had an overarching plot that was tight and coherent, from yelloweyes to Lucifer, there was an endgame, and it was glorious seeing how the pieces fit together. I can’t think of any show that I’ve watched that did that except maybe the first three seasons of Fringe. But after the first five seasons, Supernatural is just going from season to season playing it by ear. I will say though that the eighth season is actually much better than the two seasons preceding it, and ended pretty well, and it’s nice to see the boys doing something proactive, trying to lock the gates of Hell. I think it would have been much better if it ended on the fifth season, with Sam staying in Hell and Dean losing his brother for good and having to rebuild with Lisa but if season 9 is on par with season 8, I won’t be complaining.

  93. Jake says

    First of all I just love the feeling of knowing exactly how the comments are gonna turn out WHILE reading the article, just priceless knowing everyone is gonna rip this guy a new one. Everyone here took the words outta my mind cause this guy is a fucking hack, I’m sorry but there is in fact a wrong opinion in some cases like when you can give one convincing logical reason behind your opinion then you might as well not have one…your trying to win me over to a certain show but when I ask why you like it you reply with “its just so good” that kinda doesn’t make me wanna watch the show and makes you opinion less creditable especially when your reasoning for not liking TruBlood is because they have too many different types of “beings” in the show, what’s wrong with a show building a world of diversity? Seriously they are just adding more layers and substance to certain aspects of the show and that’s a bad thing in your eyes. There is also a way to write an opinionated article without offending everyone who reads it, you express your opinions with substantial and logical reasoning why and then you don’t talk down to the people who are in the opposite boat, condescending much? Your suppose to start debates not arguments, there is no sense in offending people AND you have an extremely terrible way of expressing why you think these shows are bad.

  94. Johnnaes P Anderson says

    Just to be clear, Pop Idol stole the idea from the New Zealand show, Popstars. Moral of the story, none of this s**t is original.

  95. Dennis says

    Sean, I like supernatural too, and it aint a bad show.
    And on the internet you can be rude, IRL you wouldn’t
    talk like this, atleast not to me, believe me.
    And if you know nothing about ‘the supernatural’ it would
    be less entertaining, but that has more to do with lack of braincells and education, then if a show is bad or not.

  96. Dennis says

    Oh plenty more occult to delve into, belief me, don’t forget that we have like 8000 known religions on this planet. ;o)

  97. Dennis says

    Yes, remember that, and some do actually know a hell of a lot about the occult, so leave your bedlight on. ;o) )O+->

  98. M says

    I’ve watched Supernatural since the pilot aired. I am going to cry when Supernatural is over, and I’m not ashamed of that fact. It’s been my favourite show for 8 years. Since my Freshman year of high school. (And now I feel old…) It is a great show, but it isn’t because of the actors looks. It has had it’s faults over the years, but so it goes. I don’t think it’s jumped the shark just yet. They introduced some things this past season that were really interesting. (I really hope all of the stupid flash back scenes are over and done with, though. Ugh.) The fangirl in me will be ready to accept letting go after 10 years, because I think it will be best. That doesn’t mean it won’t be hard. It’s the first show that I will have stuck with from start to it’s eventual finish.

  99. M says

    I disagree that Supernatural is too violent for teen girls to like. I’ve been watching since the pilot episode, which aired when I was 14 years old. Also, even though I am no longer a teenage girl, just the fact that someone is a teenage girl doesn’t mean that their interest in something isn’t for a valid reason other than “OMG SAM AND DEAN ARE SO SEXY!!!!!”. I don’t think tumblr even existed when the show first came out. I remember having very in depth and interesting conversations on the WB/CW boards about the show. None of which had to do with how “hot” a character was. Believe it or not females, teenage or not, are entirely capable of watching a show for content. Some of us actually prefer it. What a concept. I seem to remember a show where a pretty kick ass teenage girl hunted her own vampires and ghouls back in the day.

  100. Lola says

    I’m a big fan of Supernatural, I think the show is still great though different from what it was in the beginning. The fact Supernatural’s on the list doesn’t make me think the author doesn’t know anything about the show. That’s just an opinion and there’re a lot of fans who agree that Supernatural should have ended long ago, so I don’t have problems with that.
    But you know what? There’s a certain part in the article that does make me think the author might be ignorant – the one about Glee. How should I put this… I liked the very beginning of Glee, but that was it. I don’t watch it anymore, so I’m not a fan at all. It’s just not for me. Still, I feel somewhat offended with the way Glee’s criticized in the article. The show doesn’t have any problem with the fact that everyone sings, it’s basically the main idea of Glee so why is author mocking the idea?
    It’s like saying something like ‘how could the show about running away from prison ever air’ after deciding Prison Break wasn’t good since season 3, for example.
    The problem with the article is not the wrong picked tv-shows. It’s lack of arguments why the shows should have ended already.

    And BTW, really ‘nice’ load of crap thrown at SPN-fandom. I guess it’s the fan’s fault but gee is it neccessary to make Supernatural look like cheap show for teenagers by bashing it’s fandom? SPN isn’t anything like that, really. Just compare it with shows that ARE for teens and you’ll see. And why on earth the slash fiction is mentioned… it’s just… kind of… really unprofessional.

  101. Marisa says

    Why in the world would you cancel Supernatural now its one of the better shows on TV besides Grim and True Blood is ok there is no reason to cancel it either the rest of those shows are crap, stick a knife in glee that show is annoying the reviewer doesn’t know what he’s talking about he needs to be fired.

  102. Mary Sue says

    It’s apparent you don’t watch Supernatural. If you did, you’d have enough good sense not to add it to the list. True Blood, I’ll give you that only because the storylines have been a little weak these past seasons. But you’re dead wrong about Supernatural. By the way, I’m 36 which means I wasn’t a teen when I started watching the show, FYI.

  103. Woman of a "Certain Age(?)" says

    Supernatural….yummy for my tummy…I am 53!! (Female, of course..)

  104. Lara says

    HA! Dudes, you should not have put Supernatural on that list.. Massive angry mob up there^^^ and to be honest.. I totally agree, with the fans up here^^^ supernatural is a fantastic show. It should be canceled when the actors want to leave… Oh, and I’m 12, not a teenager.

  105. Lena says

    Screw this list! I am 30 years old and still watch Supernatural, it’s an awesome show that still has so much to give. Breaking Bad is gone, dammit, leave us Supernatural at least, if it gets cancelled what the heck am I supposed to watch?? Everything else is borderline mediocre, Supernatural is the only show that still delivers quality. I hate it when people who don’t know shit about series or entertainment get away with writing articles like these, the only thing they’re good about is upsetting people.

  106. Kc says

    Yup, I love supernatural and my two brothers got me watching the show, I’m 29, so far from teenie bopper stage & I do not watch bc of the guys looks. I men they’re attractive but nothing to freak out over & not why I watch! I love the story line & will be sad to see it go! I agree with other poster there’s a lot going in right now so we def need the time! I hope it stays at least until the 10th season! Also a true blood fan but spn is better & the other shows listed all suck & I agreed with! But leave spn alone!

  107. Kc says

    Lmbo almost all of the replies are supernatural fans taking up for our show! Lol just goes to show you if this many fans read this specific article think how many fans are out there that never saw this random list! It is an awesome show & like my reply earlier I am 29, and my two brothers got me watching this show! So no teenage girls are not the only fans! Most of us watch bc it’s an awesome show with a cool storyline NOT bc the guys are good looking! Heck bobby is one of my faves and he (no offense) is not much of a looker! Anyway there are so so many awful shows I can not believe you’d list a highly rated much loved show on here when there are 100’s of shows that are just awful out there! True blood is also decent, the other 8 shows do suck I agree but come on Supernatural is awesome! Have you watched all the episodes’? I bet you haven’t bc you would get addicted and be deleting this list praying it stays on forever!

  108. FredMC says

    I guess they should edit it to say “teenage girls from Tumblr and pathetic middle-aged women”

  109. Sassygirl says

    Alright so look here grammer nazi if your so smart why the hell are you wasting your time on a sight like this? not to mention the fact that you need to question someones sexuality based on what they watch just tells me that your hiding in the closet and to scared to come out. your probubly the worst slash adict there is.

  110. Simon says

    I believe that every show struggles tremendously (no matter how genius or fantastic it was from the beginning) to make it past 45 hours (about 3 standard Hollywood seasons) with its quality and creativity intact. It is an inherent problem of series; the new season has to top the last one while simultaneously being both original and similar enough to its previous seasons. Sooner or later every show will jump the shark or run stale or become too formula or too distorted from the original concept to be good any more. Sooner or later they will degrade. Shows that aren

  111. Micah Mayer says

    Well don’t wait for someone else to cancel the shows you can’t stand, cancel them yourself by not watching them. Glee is awesome by the way. The world’s just too shitty that it may never be prepared for something so awesome.

  112. Mikayla says

    It’s true that shows lose a certain amount of appeal after awhile. That’s not to say that they have no redeeming qualities for those loyal viewers. The Voice and X Factor show real people with real talent and inspiring, relatable life stories. Glee shows an array of completely diffrent characters in different situations that can be aimed at a larger audience due to the large spectrum of up to date topics and controversies it discusses. As for True Blood, why do people honestly watch half of the shows they do? Attractive male and female characters. If Awkward was about a normal nerdy teenage girl, it wouldn’t be as interesting. A fight with a friend here and there, stress about homework and boys, and hours of Internet scrolling doesn’t give a tv show that special spark it needs. Now Supermatural, why is it still on? It’s a fantasy show that tells of a brotherly duo who hunts many diffrent types of supernatural creatures and happen to be attractive. What’s not to like? And contrary to popular belief the Supernatural fandom on Tumblr won’t cry over the loss of incest fanfiction. They will mourn the loss of the pairing of Dean and Castiel, the most popular pairing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, wether you agree with it or not. Not everyone enjoys the same television programs, hence the large selection to choose from. Remember that next time you decide to slam anyone’s favorite tv show.

  113. nadia says

    Dude, the main audience are teenagers. Nearly everyone – aside from around three – people (boys and girls) in my year group (over two hundred of us) watch it. So um no.

  114. Bonnie Jay says

    Oh come on, Supernatural is awful. Always has been. What is with the kids defending its terrible writing.

    I agree that True Blood is at least 2 years past cancellation date. It’s a muddled mess at this point. They could have taken the two whole storylines out of the show last season and no one would have missed them at all.

    Not sure/don’t care about the rest, don’t watch them.

  115. spnblowsasschunkcs says

    I made it to season 3 on supernatural…I couldn’t watch it much further. Horrible acting, bland lame ass story. It should have been canceled long ago, damn tweens!!!

  116. Barb says

    First off Nadia what is your “year group” I mean you started off with saying Dude….really? Only non-intelligent young people still say dude so I think your problem is the show doesn’t talk your language….DUDE…..maybe you should limit yourself to the cartoon network that is probably more your speed…and for everyone else if you don’t like the show no one is forcing you to watch it and i would be willing to bet there are shows you watch that we also think should be cancelled!! Guess what it is very easy to change the channel unless you are an idiot :)

  117. DexFan says

    Dexter probably wasn’t mentioned because Dexter had it’s season finale a few months back.

  118. wendy says

    Love True Blood, as long as you don’t take it seriously, I find it very funny , sometimes ridiculously gory and the characters very likeable. I will miss it when its over.

  119. Gleek says

    I love True Blood and Glee…WHY? In True blood I love the actors and I like that is not about those stupid Twilight-vampires anymore because they’re lame. I love Glee because I love musicals and I’m also in to these teenage-love things, yeah you always know what’s going to happen but it’s kind of the thing about it. Glee have a lot of fans and those who don’t like it and think it’s stupid should not say anything because they maybe watch something the Gleeks think is stupid, just sayin’. It’s to bad that True blood is cancelled, because I really enjoyed watching it, though I loved the books even more…

  120. Normandy says

    Look at all the angry vag about Supernatural! Don’t worry, you old bitter, single hags- it will be around a while. The main actors failed in movies and have nothing else to do.

  121. Lisa says

    I’m one of the ‘older’ fans and I will hate it when they cancel Supernatural. I’ve watched it since it started. I do have one gripe however and it concerns Halloween. On the show it was pronounced ‘sam -hime’ (Celtic) when the pronunciation is ‘sow -in’. I was very disappointed that the writers didn’t catch that.

  122. LittleWish says

    I love True Blood. I’m looking forward to next season especially though because they said they would be pulling it in a bit and getting back to the basics that made people love the show in the first place. I think that’s a good idea for sure.

  123. russ says

    actually, I thought the interplay between Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen was the funniest part of the show …back when I used to watch it

  124. Pinto says

    Barb – Only “non-intelligent young people” still say dude? I’m a published author and graduated high school at 16. I’m currently 17 and I still say dude sometimes – not to mention that I haven’t watched any CN since Scooby Doo when I was 12. I have a MENSA level IQ and I *use* it. I’m certainly not “non-intelligent”, and, by the way, the word is “unintelligent”, not “non-intelligent”. Your word choice doesn’t necessarily show your level of intelligent at all. Dude, cool, man, etc. may be slang words, but it’s a teen thing. Using slang doesn’t make you unintelligent.

  125. james cranford says

    i have tried to watch each of these shows except for anything on MTV. i use to love mtv with its awesome music videos but it slowly transformed itself into sleazy shows like the one about a group of unrelated roommates. i do not even bother with mtv, and the owners are slowly trashing vh-1. sigh. anyway… a show has to keep my attention through the modern 5 or 6 minute commercial break. and none of these do that. sorry

  126. BixShadMitt says

    I’m a 40+ yr.old woman & this is just my opinion, so please no hateful remarks. I respect your opinions….please respect mine. Thanks!
    I don’t usually like Supernatural/Vampire shows, but I happen to LOVE “True Blood” & it’s the ONLY TV show I ever watch faithfully. I wish it were on longer than 10-12 wks. a yr. I subscribe to HBO just long enough to watch “True Blood” then cancel my subscription as I HAVE to have my fill of Alexander Skarsgard (“Eric”) for the few wks. that the show is on! I will admit, the ending of this past season wasn’t my favorite with the burning of Alex’s character….although, seeing him in the flesh was AWESOME!! I’m also not sure I’m going to like what I’m hearing about next season as it sounds like “Eric” won’t be appearing in every episode, nor will he be his usual gorgeous self. We’ll just have to see what the new writer has in store for the last season. I HOPE “Eric” will appear (in his usual GORGEOUSNESS!) in MANY episodes for MY sake…..and those of his other adoring fans!
    We all have our favorite shows/characters & we all are entitled to our opinions & shouldn’t be ridiculed for them. Life’s too short for all this negativity of people’s opinions about who likes who & who doesn’t approve! Just ENJOY your show/actors while they last!!!

  127. Tessa says

    The fact that half of these shows are huge rating grabbers for their respective networks speaks for itself.

    And yes I know that doesn’t automatically mean quality but it means one sure thing, lots of people ARE watching.

  128. kaz says

    I disagree! The real arc for me is the brother relationship. This keeps the show anchored, the one thing that truly affects the ‘feel’ of it. The two actors have an amazing chemistry, which is why it attracts such a broad age-range with its female viewership. Admittedly it’s not for everybody, but and a BIG BUT, if the writers don’t screw up the brother bond totally like they have the past season, I can see this show extending beyond 10 seasons. Don’t watch if you don’t like a show and what are ppl doing commenting on SPN when the can’t stand the show, it makes no sense as it means you watch the show! dumbass

  129. Michelle says

    While there certainly is a sizable contingent of fans who are in the homoerotic incest between the two lead characters, the most popular ship on the show is actually between the brother Dean Winchester and the angel who saved him from hell Castiel. I thought season 8 for the show was great return to form, but season 9 has definitely been underwhelming for me so far. I’m not ready to give it up quite yet as I think the upcoming episodes sound promising, but I do think it would be best if the show did not last past season 10.

  130. Les says

    Says the guy who left a comment. I think you’re the only sad one here, commenting on an article that you apparently didn’t even read.

  131. Lee Childs says

    to be fair, he also said that “better to go out on top” implying that the show is still very good, and hasn’t peaked – sort of like the Wire and not going down the Grey’s anatomy route

  132. Kimberly says

    Supernatural and True Blood can stay on tv for forever, if that were only possible. Not a teenager and I love them both. There are far worse tv shows to take off. Like reality tv shows that are absolutely pointless.

  133. deborah allen says

    I agree about Glee, 2 1/2, 16 & Preg, The Voice and X Factor. The others I had no interest in watching.

  134. rayz says

    When I read the headline, I thought, “who is this person to say what shows should be on.” Then I read the article. It’s about as true as can be. Take all these turkeys off the air.

  135. Spitfire815 says

    I totally agree with u. I LOVE Supernatural & i’m well into my 60’s, so it’s NOT just for teenage girls. Are you people crazy???? I think it’s the best show you have on the CW channel.. Don’t cancel!!!!!!

  136. Spitfire815 says

    I also agree about the Voice, it’s a Great show & i watch every episode on Monday & Tuesday. How can you possibly cancel that show, when it helps to bring talent to the the people who could never be heard otherwise… Keep this show on the air, it’s refreshing….So sick of all the other reality shows…

  137. Spitfire815 says

    Totally agree with you. Not just for teeny boppers, it’s a Great show. My g/d’s got me into this show & i Love it.. Watch all reruns everyday between 9-12 , can’t get enough, also every Tuesday night….You did see where i said my granddaughter’s, so it seems to me, older people enjoy this show too… Don’t Cancel, this is the best show on the CW channel….

  138. RocketRanger says

    Actually, this author nails it. Public sympathy for what a show represents in their mind doesn’t alter the reality of these (and several other) stinkers. Many of them jumped the shark in their pilot episode and have cultivated a fan-base not on content or performance, but on the propensity of some to eternally root for an underdog, or more accurately, dead dog. Bury it already. Stop cuddling the corpse.

  139. Grieving Teacher says

    grammar. you’re so smart. you’re hiding. too scared. you’re. probably. addict.

    Mourning the death of American education.

  140. Joel says

    I agree with every show on this list EXCEPT for Supernatural. The show’s developed into much more then when it first aired. I started the series on Netflix, and it quickly turned into a household favorite. Tuesday is now family TV day to see what those two brothers get into next. Cheating death is fairly easy when your best friend is an angel, and your holding the king of hell captive.

  141. kattttt23 says

    WHAT!? Awkward is hilarious! All of my friends and I look forward to it every week! So not in the same category as horrible shows like 2 and a Half Men..

  142. David says

    I am not butthurt about anything, but when you stray too far off the track… the show needs to end. Every single one of these shows either strayed as of late too far from the formula or lost it entirely in transition (True Blood after the first three novels were covered in the series, Awkward since the start, and Two and a Half after Alan morphed into a Gary Stu of Chuck Lorre). They ALL SHOULD be gone, but especially all the shows that have been on eight years or longer.

  143. Mickey says

    In my opinion Supernatural is mediocre, at best. Weak character development stretched thinly over “Hey! wouldn’t this be cool” plot points. And some of you saying it’s the best thing you’ve seen on TV lately…are you blind or do you just to shallow occult dramas? Any episode from any season of shows like “Breaking Bad” is better than the entire “Supernatural” collection.

  144. Mickey says

    Are you kidding me? 70% or more of the shows on TV already? You must not watch much quality TV. A classic like “The Sopranos” or “Six Feet Under”, have been off the air for years and are still infinitely better than “Supernatural”. Not to mention shows that were on the air during Supernaturals run. Like “Breaking Bad” or “Boardwalk Empire” or “Homeland”. Hell, even “Dexter” and “The Walking Dead” in some instances.

  145. jeff says

    I was giving the article at least some serious attention until they reference a bunch of teenage girls being upset when Supernatural ends… A little bit of research would be good when trying to pass off your own opinion as fact. Early 30’s and I love it, most of the people I know that watch are in fact adults. I can’t speak for others but I’m tired of wasting my time reading articles written by people trying to pass off their opinions as “well know facts”. Besides that the story is still fresh, doesn’t feel stretched out or old yet.

  146. jen says

    I know Breaking Bad was the best thing on television ever, but I didn’t enjoy it. I enjoy Supernatural. I also enjoy Shakespeare, Broadchurch, and Nightly News. People enjoy things for different reasons at different times. It’s television, for God’s sake. And personally, the CW could cancel Vampire Diaries, Carrie Diaries, Reign, almost anything except Arrow and the Originals before they cancel Supernatural.

  147. jen says

    You do realize any idiot can hop on freelancer.com and become a “published” author in less than an hour and get paid $1.00 for 500 words for it? It just doesn’t hold that special shine it used to.

  148. Megan says

    I’m going on 30 and Supernatural is one of my absolute favorite shows! While it will be sad to see it go I will say that the past two seasons have paled in comparison to the rest. I think the writers have run out of ideas. The wizard of oz episode and the “Dean acting like a dog” episode were beyond ridiculous. Although with that said I think Jenson Ackles did a great job with what he was given to work with. The man can do no wrong…sigh… 😉

  149. Will says

    Yeah its more like 30 year old girls who still act like 16 year old girls. Or…..30 year old men commenting about 30 and 16 year old girl right now who love the show even more than they do.

  150. Melissa says

    I have watched Supernatural from the beginning and have a couple of the books ~ eeh. The show is well… eye candy :) the last couple seasons have been a “test” lol. The guys can only do so much, they aren’t the writers :) True Blood I can’t say I’d miss only because after the new wore off it just left a bad taste :)~ 2 1/2 men should have died with Charlie. He was the best thing on the show. The Voice I watch every once in a while. But in all honesty whatever we all think, it’s ratings that decide most of the time what stays or goes. I remember the shows “Chuck” and “Reaper”. Both were cancelled even though they had a pretty decent followings. Alas, big money decides more than not. Either way the fans here, regardless of the critics know what we like, what we’ll watch; and after all aren’t opinions like ummm well you know; everyone has one 😉

  151. Titus77 says

    Every one of these shows has a rather sizable audience that loves it, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the air. TV series get cancelled when they lose too many viewers. Taste is purely subjective. Ms. Davies. If you don’t like the shows, don’t watch them, but please don’t pass yourself off as the ultimate arbiter of ‘quality’ television.

  152. kadeek says

    All these shows suck except the voice, which is only good because of the banter between Adam and Blake. If your in your late 30’s and 40’s watching young hunky “boys” or shows about underage girls, you need to get out of the house more, or you have a lonely marriage. Your not a kid anymore-but apparently your mentality is. Glee is the most worthless shit I have ever seen! These “kids” are obnoxious 30 something’s that sing? ( and what they couldn’t find a deserving genuine actor in a wheel chair instead of an able bodied person to fake it? Insutling!) All I think about is that chick acting is 33 years old, It is unrealistic drivel-and what makes me sad is teenagers actually watch it like it may have some realistic storylines. I cannot stand Two Men-never could. Allen reminds me of a creepy pedophile and it ruined Pretty in Pink for me forever! The show depicts men treating women like stupid whores, and that’s such a great environment for the little boy in the house. It’s a show made for middle age men who wish they could be wealthy bachelors screwing easy, stupid women. Wishful thinking-go back to your computer porn, because your wife is to busy watching Supernatural, trying to relive her teenage years, and ignoring you. I find it sad that any of these shows are on Tv, now if they would just wake up and cancel the “Two girls” show I would sing like a 30 year old Glee high school student…

  153. kadeek says

    I can see why you love the show-its hard for you to put a coherent comment together, just like the script writers on this P.O.S tv show..God forbid someone points out the flaws of a show about teenagers, played by obnoxious 30 somethings..It’s drivel..Cancel Please! I’m just hoping your under 23 if your into these “teenager love things” otherwise, you need to put down one of your 12 cats and call a therapist

  154. kadeek says

    Jon-EXACTLY!….Defending Supernatural at age 36-53 doesn’t make it a better show, as if your trying to say your mature and have good taste.. In fact it reassures me that I am not missing anything what so ever! That fact that your angry about someone saying your show sucks explains exactly why you like it. (immaturity ladies? ) I can see young people enjoying it-it’s eye candy with a little bit of story thrown in-and every one likes a little bit of mindless television, but come on! Now Glee is just a freakin’ Joke! There all 30 something, playing teenagers, (please don’t start about how there developing other story lines about the characters growing up-I meant they were ALREADY over 25 when it started)..and I find it hard to believe they could not find a talented disabled actor instead of a perfectly normal actor and sticking him in a wheelchair-where is the equal opportunity employment?) All shows are ALL cancelled at some point. Do you really think these two brothers/ Supernatural will be on in 10 years? 20 years? No!

  155. Jordan says

    Please shut your mouth before spewing any more spiteful vomit. “Die”? Really? It’s a TV show. No man’s life is comparable to it. Get your shit together.

  156. joshuareynolds23 says

    ‘i watch the show and it should be canceled it is tired and over hashed the show had a great premise when it started but now the story is so convaluted that it would be neigh impossible to explain to someone who wants to watch it and true blood is about a s far from a good show as you can get what with it taking books that were already pretty damn ridiculous and making into a circus act.

  157. Lynn says

    Well said, I’m 66 and my husband is 67 and we both love the show and how they explore the brother relationship interesting and dramatic storylines along with a good measure of humor. And how even the bad guys are interesting and have depth. We will both miss it when they finally decide to end it.

  158. judgemental says

    Ok there are alot of other shows that are worse than the ones list hunny boo boo or whatever it is and dance moms toddlers in tiaras and anyother that subjects kids like these shows do to humiliation and drama but I do agree with the glee post and 16 and pregnant yeah lets make it seem like its a good idea to go out and have a kid in ur mid teens and lets face it mtv should be pulled of the air anyway along with BET thats just stereo typing at its worst then u have all the new reality shows like the up and come redneck shows I know alot of rednecks they arent near as retartde as the families they have on these shows so yeah the guy that put this together ur a retard.

  159. jk says

    We all are just expressing our opinions nothing personal some shows they took off too early, who’s too really say. sit back and enjoy, you don’t want too watch it , just change the channel dude , bye all )

  160. hmmm says

    hey, for all those using big words in their posts that they *don’t know how to spell*? stop it. Just *stop it*, for the love of God — it lowers the rest of your post by 30-50 IQ points. (or people who can’t handle such nutcrackers as “ex*c*iting”, or even the fool above who can’t figure out “to” and “too”. (or “judg*e*mental” above who looks like they texted their reply from their smart phone.) Maybe if you stop watching your crappy TV shows and get some remedial education, you might have enough intelligence to comment on these at-best mediocre offerings and seem like you’re actually offering something cogent to this discussion.

    Oh, and this is a telling statement…”I think it

  161. Victor says

    Totally disagree on True Blood going off the air. All the other shows should get cut though. Disagree when it comes to ending the tales of Bon Temp but all the other listings like Glee deserve to be there.

  162. Diana Jones says

    Yep…another over 40 viewer for SPN. Love the show and love all of the actors. I’m sure they’ll probably decide to move on after Season 10…but I’ll faithfully continue watching as long as they’re there:)

  163. steve stoic says

    I quite enjoy Supernatural, especially the D.V.D.’s. It’s very quirky, it reminds me of the funny X-Files episodes. True Blood, c’mon, Anna Paquin nearly or very naked is a thing of beauty.

  164. DAve says

    Rhiannon Davies, I agree except the Voice can stay, American Idol can go, along with Dancing With the Stars and you left off Survivor

  165. Fritz says

    Ah, where do I begin. I’m 66 and have been an avid TV watcher since the 1950s. TV today totally sucks. I find Supernatural entertaining. As for Two and a Half Men, anything with Ashton Kutcher is talentless. Speaking of which, ANY reality show, especially the Kardashians should be criminal. 2 Boring Girls and Regurgia should be on this list which ought to be expanded from 10 to more like 1,000. Beanie and Cecil was more entertaining and intellectual than 97% of the pap put out these days. Today’s writers should revisit the drugs the writers of the 50s and 60s took instead of what they take now. Yes, those years had some bad shows but also special dramatic presentations, the Honeymooners, Twilight Zone, The Untouchables etc. You get my drift. We have had some recent decent series such as Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, Everybody Loves Raymond (all with memorable entertaining actors and characters, but one must move to cable networks such as HBO to find anything decent. Witness shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Vikings and Game of Thrones. Where can I find Mr Peabody’s WayBack Machine?

  166. shannon says

    People really do need to do their research before posting articles about shows that they don’t read up on before writing . WOW. First, Supernatural, this is its last season 2014, its done. There is a spin off coming this coming fall. True Blood, umm last season is this June, then its done. I love both shows, and I am 39. Jensen and Jared did not sign on to do 10 years, they are only making 9 season and going out very strong. I hate that its leaving but both shows are still getting great ratings and have millions of followers young and old!

  167. Jen says

    So you took it upon yourself to condemn Supernatural as miserable teenage fluff and ended up realizing (through the comments) that it’s largest fan base is actually middle age women. Wow, isn’t that actually the largest consumer base there is. Even in this day an age, it is the middle age women who do the most purchasing in the household, ie, food, housewares, clothes, etc. And Women today make most of the LARGE financial decisions in the home. (At least I do.) So as far as your opinion that one of my favorite shows be cancelled, let me answer you as I’m sure the TV Execs would… SUCK IT.

  168. Gary Lockley says

    Yeah, they all suck … boring, unimaginative and formula driver. As to the awards some got, getting an award for being on the top of the dung heap is not an honor. It means of all the trash out there, you were the least sucky. A bit like a 300 # girl being voted skinniest because everybody else weighed over 500#.

  169. Renaissance Nerd says

    The objection that only kids watch these shows is the reason they’re still around. All these people objecting that they’re in their 40s is irrelevant; they’re not the target audience so nobody cares if they watch or not. The execs in Hollywood want the teen through 30 crowd, because they are considered stupid enough to pay attention to the ads. If a show appeals to them then it’s going to keep going no matter how bad it gets. I don’t watch any show on this list, though I did watch the first two seasons of Supernatural, but I’m 45 and nobody in the world cares what shows I watch or don’t. My age group might as well not exist as far as ratings are concerned.

  170. chris says

    I am a 36 years old male and freaking love Supernatural. It just got picked up for its 10th season. Yes, the show has slipped in the last couple of seasons. But it is still better than every stupid “reality” show on TV. Those are the shows that need to go.

  171. Lynn says

    If you think that True Blood should be cancelled, you are obviously not a fan nor watcher of the show. How dare you place this series on a list of series that “need to be cancelled.” True Blood is the best TV series on TV and has been for a long time. :)

  172. Lynn says

    Not to mention, in the actual books on which the show True Blood is based on, there are demons, elves, and several other out-there characters that they chose not to include in the series, plus too many unbelievable story lines to count. SO, unless you have read the books AND seen the series, how can you judge something you know nothing about?

  173. Deidre says

    The Voice is the best talent show on, I hate it when these so called writers think we care about their opinions, They haven’t a clue what the public wants. Why aren’t all the crappy reality shows like the KarDITZions getting cut. And yes I know that is not how their name Is spelled. That is just what I think of them.

  174. Will says

    You should have added The Simpsons to this list. It should’ve been gone 5, 6, 7 yrs ago.

  175. AliceG says

    … I have no issues with Supernatural being here. Really. I love it. I’d rather it goes out with a bang than fades out and becomes not so good. Then again, in Kripke I trust.

    The issue I have is… “teenage”? Really?!

    I’m nearly thirty. And while I am aware that I count amongst the ‘old creeps’ and the exception for the Teen Wolf fandom… I don’t think it’s the case for Supernatural. It’s nine years old. Some of us weren’t even teenaged when they got hooked with season 1…

  176. Becky says

    By reading the comments, and being one of them as well, you have pissed off a lot of Supernatural fans. The Supernatural fans aren’t teenage girls, they’re in their 20s 30s 40s and yes, some 50s. The teenagers are too busy watching shows like The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, and every other show that truthfully won’t stand the test of time. Supernatural has gone on for years, and yes there were times when it seemed like it should have ended, but to me that was just because of change in show runners. Took about a season for the new show runner to settle into her new role. And now having done so it seems like the show could go on for a while. The CW wouldn’t be renewing the show every year if it hasn’t had good ratings.

  177. Zaydine says

    I strongly disagree with the part about how glee should get cancelled. True I did think glee was going to go downhill after they lost Cory, but they’ve managed to add subplots that keep you anticipating the next episode. Also I’m very aware of the whole Santana vs. Rachel feud, that lasted for one too many episodes. What I love most about the show is that it deals with some serious issues (not in every episode) in an interesting ways that gets the point across.