Tupac Shakur Used To Be White!

Here’s a word grouping that’s bound to incite rage and dismay: Tupac Shakur was white. That’s right, he was an Anglo-Saxon, probably of European descent who may have enjoyed the cool breeze that often accompanies wearing a kilt.

Or so claims a psychic anyway – one by the name of Victoria Bullis. And Tupac wasn’t just any white man, no! He was a general in America’s horrible war against itself. For the record, back then he referred to it as The Civil War, not The War Of Northern Aggression, and he was probably chief in charge of recruiting time travellers from the distant future to help the north triumph.   

That’s just something we heard on a subway once.

Psychic Victoria Bullis recently worked with manly magazine Stuff on an intense story. The story’s complexity wasn’t so much due to extensive library research and Google perusal as it was from contacting Tupac Shakur (CDs)
from beyond the grave. Difficulty getting ahold of him is no surprise
though, as Tupac is busy up there, and the line is usually crackly. When
he does come through, you have to keep asking him if he’s there every
time you hear a click. It’s a headache most couldn’t handle; luckily
though, Bullis is quite good at it.

She claims that when she contacted Shakur he told her a few things.
The first of which was that in the American Civil War he was a great
white American general, a commander of legions fighting to keep the
union together. We here at hecklerspray think it probably looked
something like the video for California Love, but with a little less dune buggy and a lot more screaming "Boo Yaa!"

Another thing Tupac told her was that he’s not dead, he’s in Brazil and his tattoos are fine. Actually, he told us that, not Bullis, and it wasn’t through any sort of telepathy. We heard him say it when we played Thugz Mansion backwards. He also said he buried someone named Paul and we should worship Ronnie James Dio‘s dark master, whatever that means.

One other thing Tupac did tell Bullis was that he knew who’d
killed him so young in this life.  He didn’t drop any specific names,
and that’s lucky as we were just about to avenge him. Regarding Tupac
knowing who his killer was, and how this could possibly be true, Bullis

"When you pass to the next life you see the whole thing."

Plus he was there when it happened – she should have wrapped that in quotation marks too.

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[story by Shawn Lindseth]


  1. Sanity says

    yeah this is stupid,2Pac was born black like his mother,who in da fuck is going to believe this shit?fucking bootleggers.

  2. J says

    You guys are fucking retarded and dragging Pac’s name through some bullshit…..the nigga’s black and he’s fucking dead…and I hope his ghost comes up and claps whoevers dumbass thought of coming up with this psychic Tupac being white bitch ass shit

  3. mayra martinez says

    who da fuck is going to believe yalls stupid shit cant u see dat tupacs parents r black stupid mojos

  4. says

    I think that the medium is claiming that Tupac is a reincarnation of a white person, as opposed to saying he’s directly descended from a white person.

    You know, spiritually and all that bullshit. But feel free to miss the point.

  5. T-crack says

    You are one retarded nigga ain’t nobody gonna belive this crap!
    Hope someone beat your ass fa sayin’ dat!!

  6. Ken says

    This is a load if CRAP!!! Tupac was never white he was always black you fag that is not right R.I.P TUPAC.

  7. Kahie says

    2pac is an activist, a new age panther, he made blacks believe in themselves. he wasent scared of nobody and i bet his in heaven causin havoc too. this man is ghandi, martin, malcom of the 21st century. he is a modern day poet and philosopher, he had more wisdom then Jessie jackson because he was born in the gutter, and he made that gutter his home, he didnt depend on god to make him a better person, he blamed himself for his bad actions and he blamed the system for the hardships of the minorities. they say the good die young, although he claimed to be a badd arse, (one who claims he is angel is no angel), in all reality pac was a good person, is heart was in the right place, he felt his peoples pain and their struggles, he choose to struggle with them and die with pride. he knew the end was near and was not afraid of it, for pac was a warrior with cause, and all true warriors go out with their heads up high, aint no warrior afraid of death.

  8. Reece says

    Why woud you even post this article. Whether or not you like Tupac he was a great muscian and actor. And now I’ll question the accuracy of everything on this site.