Top 8 Baywatch Babes Of All Time

It’s the show which launched Pamela Anderson’s career and got The Hoff back on to our screens – but Baywatch wasn’t all bad.

In fact, just as long as you forget about the pathetic acting and dodgy dialogue – it was really rather good. Good, that is, as in we got to get a good look at some of the sexiest girls ever to appear on TV – in swimwear. Good, that is, as in we got to have a good look at their big bouncy breasts bobbing along the screen in fantastic slow motion. And good, as in we got to see all of it before the watershed.

Oh, and there and there was some blokes in it too. But we seriously can’t remember any of them – apart from The Hoff that is. But which Baywatch babe was the best? Who looked the hottest in the red swimsuit? Well Hecklerspray has decided to come up with our top eight.

Of course, it is just another pathetic excuse to prowl the internet looking for pictures of sexy girls. Life’s a beach. Enjoy.

8. Yasmine Bleeth

She is a pale shadow of her Baywatch days after falling into drug addiction, but it was some shadow.

7. Erika Eleniak

It’s not easy upstaging Steven Seagal – but she managed it in Under Seige. In fact, her eyebrows are actually bigger than his ponytail.

6. Donna D’Errico

The September 1995 Playboy Playmate of the Month was always worth tuning in for.

5. Traci Bingham

There are two very good reasons she belongs in the top five. See if you can guess what they are.

4. Nicole Eggert

Nicole would have been higher but for the crimes of having a breast reduction and getting engaged to Corey Haim. We are not sure which is more ridiculous.

3. Gena Lee Nolin

For a more convincing acting performance you should check out her sex tape.

2. Carmen Electra

Only just beaten to the top slot by Pammy. It’s tough making these decisions.

1. Pamela Anderson

Forget what you know about her now, just remember the first time you clapped eyes on her. Happy days.


  1. says

    SAhit, we’re back in La-La Land again, I wouldn’t piss on those “babes” if they were on fire.

    The toxic fumes from their implants alone would rip the re-entry tiles off the Space Shuttle.

  2. says

    Looking at the pic of Pam A. you can clearly see the American problem.
    They never grew up, they’re always looking for a teat to suck on. Still, they made a shit load of money off the rest of the world in two world wars so I guess that’s OK.

    Oh No, it’s 1929 again! Americans they ROCK!

  3. Stu says

    You limes can laugh at the Americans for looking at titties all you want, dont forget who kicked your butts in one war, and saved your butts in two more. Now you gave your country over to the sand niggies, practice your Arabic, your gonna need it.

  4. orland says

    great list, fantastics women
    always i like much Pamela, Carmen, Gena and Yasmine, gorgeous
    although lack Kelly Packard

  5. cluelessinstlouis says

    I have seen several polls and Yasmine Bleeth is usually #1, up there with Pamela Anderson. Yasmine is a ten.
    I rarely see Gena Lee Nolin get acknowledged. Good for you. She has the most perfect face that I can ever recall seeing.
    Let’s place Erika third and Nicole fourth.