The 26 Most Sexy Cartoon Characters of All Time

Forget actual women – what we all want to know is who are the sexiest cartoon characters.

Now you might think that the above statement is a bit odd. And you would be fully justified in thinking that. It is an odd idea for a list and we blame editor and general sick puppy Stuart Heritage for even coming up with the idea in the first place.

But what you need to understand is this is not just some stupid list of drawings designed to spark titillation, nostalgia and debate. No, this is far more important than that.
It stands to reason that if you are going to draw a woman, you might as well make her the hottest thing you possibly can. So therefore, to think of this as just another stupid list would be wrong. This is a social commentary on how men’s tastes in women have changed over the years, or something.

Now, judging by the fact that even cavemen drawings of women involved huge breasts, it’s fair to say that men’s thinking has not changed all that much.

But you would be very wrong. In fact, judging by this list, some men also want their women to have unfeasibly large heads, one big eye and yellow skin. But who are we to judge?

Anyway, just so you know, we have tried to stay clear of Anime and characters in adverts, so no Babycham deer and the Cadbury’s bunny (cheap hussies), before you ask. Sit back and enjoy.

26. Tinkerbell
Cartoon: Peter Pan

Just look at the wings on her.

25. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn
Cartoon: Batman: The Animated Series

OK, we admit it, we are cheating by putting these two together, but don’t they look cute together? Batman watch out.

24. Storm

Cartoon: X-Men

Now that’s what I call a weather girl.

23. Esmeralda
Cartoon: Hunchback of Notre Dame

You have to love her gypsy charms.

22. Lois Griffin
Cartoon: Family Guy

OK, we know this is a bit of an odd choice, but as her husband puts it, she’s a “a foul venereal disease-carrying, street-walking whore”.

21. April O’Neil
Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Gotta love that yellow jump suit.

20. Cartman’s mum
Cartoon: South Park

OK, she may not much to look at, but she is one dirty mother.

19. Turanga Leela
Cartoon: Futurama

OK, so she has one eye. Everything else looks normal.

18. Aeon Flux
Cartoon: Aeon Flux

Love that outfit.

17. Mary Jane Watson
Cartoon: Spider-Man

You have to say, toothless Kirsten Dunst never did her credit.

16. Selena Kyle/ Catwoman

Cartoon: Batman The Animated Series


15. Princess Jasmine
Cartoon: Aladdin

Forget the fact she is in a Disney film, those eyes tell a different story.

14. Pocahontas
Cartoon: Pocahontas

One of Disney’s sexiest-ever characters.

13. Jem
Cartoon: Jem and the Holograms

They’re like The Bangles – only more than one of them is attractive. Bonus!

12. Ariel
Cartoon: The Little Mermaid

She’s certainly cute, but lack of lady parts is a problem. No fishy jokes please.

11. Betty Boop
Cartoon: Betty Boop

One of the oldest, but still one of the best.

10. Black Cat
Cartoon: Spider-Man

OK, no pussy jokes either.

9. The Baroness
Cartoon: GI Joe

Sienna Miller will not do her credit.

8. Penelope Pitstop
Cartoon: Wacky Races; The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

OK, so you have to lose the dwarfs, but it would be worth it.

7. Smurfette
Cartoon: The Smurfs

So did Smurfs actually have genitals? Because if they did, Smurfette, being the only blue girl in town, must have a got a lot of attention. Or was she just a ladyboy?

6. Cheetara
Cartoon: Thundercats

She’s just purr-fect.

5. Evil-Lyn
Cartoon: He-Man

Everyone likes a bad girl.

4. Marge Simpson
Cartoon:?The Simpsons

Being stuck with Homer for so long, you know she has no standards at all.

3. Daphne
Cartoon: Scooby Doo

If ever there you wondered if Fred was gay or not, just consider the fact he wore a cravat and never tried to hit on the sexy redhead.

2. Betty Rubble
Cartoon: The Flintstones

How could they possibly have cast Rosie O’Donnell?

1. Jessica Rabbit
Cartoon: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

A clear winner. Roger Rabbit is one lucky rabbit.


  1. Steve says

    You might want to get an actual photo of Selena Kyle/ Catwoman, instead of Talia (Ras al ghul’s daughter) from the batman animated series.

  2. Stuart Heritage says

    Our fault Steve, terribly sorry. Rest assured, though, David Schwartz thinks Talia would get it as well as Catwoman if he had the chance. I’m paraphrasing.

  3. shortz says

    Lois Griffin really should have been closer to the top of the list…she’s hot….for a toon….

  4. Beth says

    How did Betty Rubble make second place? Is it because she doesn’t mind short or stupid in a man?

    You missed Jane Jetson, Wonder Woman, She-Ra, Jayna of the Wonder Twins, and Princess Allura from Voltron.

    Oh, and Gadget from Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers. A friend of a friend has an unhealthy fixation.

  5. Shooty* says

    Harley Quinn? That’s just wrong.

    She Ra? Princess/ Jun/ Aggie from Battle Of The PLanets/ gatchaman/ G force?

  6. says

    What about the Josie and the rest of the PussyCats? What about the hot chick in the ScoobyDoo episodes?
    What about Nell in DudleyDooRight?
    What about Penelope Pittstop?
    You guys just didn’t do your homework on this on.

  7. says

    i find many cartoon women attractive in that “its a cartoon but i’d do her” kind of way, but man lots of your picks are just weird…Smurfette? Tinkerbell? I think you just googled any cartoon characters made within the last 60 years that have tits and just put those on your list. But Jessica Rabbit is definitely in the right spot. I would have put Lois Griffin higher though.

    And what about Louanne (or however its spelled) from King of the Hill?

  8. Rose says

    Have to say I disagree with a bit of this. But I’m watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit right now and I knew from the beginning who the clear winner was. She is pure sexy incarnate.

  9. BATMAN says

    Oh, man let’s get some modern characters. Vanessa from P&F. Then there is elastagirl from the incredibles.

  10. crazychris says

    daisy duck
    minerva mink
    butterbear from the wuzzles
    sunni gummi
    rebecca cunningham from talespin
    fawn that deer from bonkers
    glimmer from shera
    mermista from shera
    the cats that fritz had an orgy with
    arcee from transformers
    glittering goldie scrooge’s flame when she was young
    morgana darkwing duck’s girl
    gadget from rescue rangers
    rogue from x men

  11. Emy says

    The Nurse – Animaniacs
    Roxana – A Goofy Movie
    Sophitia – Soul Calibur
    Cassandra – Soul Calibur
    Chun-Li – Street Fighter
    Kitana – Mortal Kombat
    Jill Valentine – Resident Evil
    Maria – Silent Hill 2

  12. Carl says

    I know some people might say this whole site thing is a little silly, but, for the purpose of whatever, who cares, anyway, if I was to pick my favourites, I would say 5, let’s start with Yuna & Rikku from FFX-2, two cute & lovable girls that we all love, Yuna, sings, dances, fights & is a big heart kind of person, who would’nt love her, absolutley gorgeous, Rikku, like her older cousin, sweet and kind, funny, an complete angel, then we have my other 3 favs, some of you may ask why, but then some would agree, anyway, they’re Thorn/Sally McKnight, Dusk & Luna, all from Scooby Doo & the Witch’s Ghost, singing & dancing, Thorn’s 1/16th blood on her mother’s side(Wicca-good Witch), so say what you think, but that’s my favourites anyway.

  13. super dude says

    yea, yea but all of you forgot about some that would win the award with ease. android 18 from dragon ball z. now tht is some hotty!!!


    Stwart Harrhitidje apout Stefe wanted try out to talling out u DIZ DOEZ HAFE YOUR UNRIQUE PHOLT/PHAUT STYL

  15. christian says

    why pick betty rubble and that smurf girl the sexiest 26 cartoon character i mean like betty rubble is way way to ugly and that smurf girl i mean like come on the freaking girl has blue skin like come on shes ugly. and the other thing is betty boop is ugly the hair just makes her look like crap no fence but her hair is crap. and like really cartmans mom is worse then all the other ones shes far intense ugly srry to say but some of your picks are a little sloppy you guys really dont have taste in women. but one thing is tinker bell ist really that cute at all just a little bit. but really you guys have no taste in women srry but your picking sucks. i have to say bad taste in women

  16. Riku says

    ok just because i have to say list only had one good one in my opinion my list would be first jessica rabbit then second is a tie between the hex girls (thorn, dusk,and luna) and the three girls from final fantsay X-2 (luna rikku and paine) then third would be android 18 followed by miranda lawson from mass effect 2 fith would go to betty boop and holli would and then have to say sith would go to (morigan, leliana from dragon age origins) and (merril, and isabella from dragon age 2)

  17. Albino-Yaoi says

    How could you forget Taarna from Heavy Metal? She’s right up there with Jessica Rabbit!

  18. Colin says

    I can’t believe you’ve all forgotten Betty & Veronica and Cheryl Blossom, not to mention Jose & the Pussycats, Sabrina. Also what about Bunny. And lets not forget Wonder Girl from her red costume days.

  19. jeffm12012 says

    Hanna-Barbera’s number-one hottie is unfortunately also one of their least known characters…JANA OF THE JUNGLE! Check her out on YouTube…

  20. Dud says

    Guys huge problem here, no ashlein from the Jak and Daxter series, no mrs. Incredible, no kim possible, no may from pokemon, no princess peach, no shego, no gwen tennyson. Overall pretty bad list. I like jessica rabbit, ariel the little mermaid, jasmine, Selena kyle, and black cat but thats it. Not that great.

  21. ZRoJoTheLezbeyond says

    Ummm… Why wasn’t ElastaGirl not included? She was HELLA sexy! And what about Wolfie from the Tex Avery cartoons??

  22. ZRoJoTheLezbeyond says

    I was thinking about her, too. Seems like the majority of the sexy toons were redheads. Kim Possible, Wolfie from the Tex Avery cartoons, Helen Parr aka Elastagirl from the Impossibles, and of course Jessica Rabbit.

  23. Charlotte says



    At least everyone else on this list is presumably over 18 and very likely over 21…sheesh…pervs. (I mean…sure, Jasmine still lived with her dad, but I think that might be a cultural thing…The way she kissed Jafar to trick him, there is no way that girl was a teenager…)

  24. Rochamdf says

    If you include games, like a topic of the list, this list will be much greater! But we don’t forget the muse Holli Would!!She and Jessica Rabbit share the top of my list.

  25. JP says

    The baroness is the hottest imo :p
    I know this is about cartoons only, BUT WHERE IS BAYONETTA?!!!

  26. Tom says

    I’m surprised none of the Sailor Moon characters are on this list. I had a thing for Sailor Mercury when I was 10 lol.

  27. Grant says

    Your comment could not be more ironic, not only did you manage to not notice that she is in fact on the list, but she is actually #1.

  28. tiffany says

    I am a woman but i agree with the guys… Lois griffin should been higher on that list. Plus Where then hell is Kim possible? I used dream of being her even to this day and thought she was awesome independent and getting out of the craziest messes. Plus Sabrina the teenage witch!!! Magic, love and whole heart beats all truly. If anime was allowed most these characters you chose wouldn’t be on the list period. hotter, courageous, independent, more bad ass moves.

  29. Micky Bananas says

    No Holli Wood (if she could) from Cool World? Come on! It’s Kim Basinger in cartoon form, clear winner!

  30. betterthanyou says

    I doubt your even “sexy” at all. If you where you wouldn’t be worried about what some random dudes on the internet think of cartoons. But of course your so insecure about your body that you have to lash out at random people on the internet.

    And don’t go trying to turn it around , your the one stirring up trouble. I’m just telling you off.

  31. Kyle von Fancypants says

    What about Chel ? She is nice and curvy, independent, strong willed and witty (the girl from The Road to El Dorado), the girl from Disney’s Atlantis (one with the white hair) and the princess from Disney’s Princess and the frog !

  32. jones says

    Pocahantas should be #1. Her BREASTS have WEIGHT. They move, yes they do, and not alike. Just like real ones. Also, check out the Blue Fairy in Pinochio. There’s a real woman inside of that rotoscope and the mind senses it. In fact, maybe they rotoscoped Pocahantas’ plural bounty.

  33. jinksy says

    I can’t believe you left out Daphne from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! And, yes, Judy Jetson definitely belogs on this list Betty Rubble??! C’mon, Wilma is better looking than Betty. And, more recently, Rapunzel from the movie Tangled should be here. If you are a fan of Hanna-Barbera and ever have watched some of their lesser-known series you’d hafta include April from the Funky Phantom show and Groovia from the Roman Holidays.

  34. travesaou says

    I agree with Zekester. Chel (from El Dorado) was apparently oozing sex appeal. If it’s sexy you’re judging, she should be on the list. The only number I agree with on this list is #1. I even had a shirt with Jessica on it. She’s a boss. Otherwise, this whole list is messed up by being mixed up. How does Betty Rubble end up being 2nd place? And what about She-Ra, Holli Wood and Wonder Woman? And Catwoman was #16??? And Cart-man’s mother beat out Esmeralda and Storm?????? Come on! Apparently, (I’m just gonna say it) what men find sexy in women has grown closer to what they think they can do for them (physically, cooking included hence Betty Rubble’s high placement) and is less about what they actually look like. Which I’m not sure is a bad thing because judging sexiness by physicality alone was never that great either but somehow I don’t like what this list says about ‘some’ men either. Whatever.

  35. Me says

    This list is pretty dumb. What about pretty much all the Mortal Kombat girls? Or Cheryl and Lana from Archer? Duh…

  36. Gabriel says

    this is very dissapointing, I 100% agree with Jessica Rabit I like her above most but too many cartoons were missed out which could have completely turned this, for nostalgias sake though I do like some of the choices but if you were to do a modern one, half of the characters here wouldn’t even make the list