Top 26 Bad-Ass Action Movie Babes

There is something quite unsettling about being turned on by a girl who could kick seven shades out of you.

It’s not exactly the first thing you look for in a potential girlfriend, is it? You don’t spend a lot of your first dates comparing biceps and arm-wrestling, do you? Do you?! But in Movieland, that’s a different story. We just can’t get enough of them. And if she looks hot while she’s doing it, even better.

Well, Hecklerspray has come up yet another list of sexy movie babes for you to delight over. Now, selecting a list of all the hot women who ever appeared in action movies was always going to be tough call. There are so many action films, and picking some girl who was basically the love interest throughout the entire film and whose sole role was to scream a lot would not be right.

So we tried to restrict them down to ones who are the leading characters and were also hard as nails.
Not so much femme fatales, but lethal ladies. We ask two questions: Are they hard? Do they make you hard? That’s the only criteria. Oh, and are they strong female role models? Or something like that.

The other problem is: how do you define an action movie? Arguably any movie involves some kind of movement. Unless it’s a Gus Van Sant film, that is. Well, we have tried to restrict it to movies which at least needed some kind of rigorous training schedule and martial arts work to prepare for the role. Not the greatest criteria, admittedly, which probably explains why there are lot of selections on this list which could easily settle into other genres.

Anyway, enjoy!

26. Charlize Theron
Notable action movie appearance: Aeon Flux (2005)

Terrible film, but Theron looked amazing.

25. Linda Hamilton
Notable action movie appearances: Terminator series (1984-1991)

OK, she looks like she has a small dog on top of her head, but she is certainly one bad-ass mother (of the saviour of mankind).

24. Liv Tyler
Notable action movie apperance: Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003)

All right, we admit her portrayal of Elvish princess Arwen is not exactly action-packed. In fact, she spends most of it flouncing around in a long dress looking all sincere. But there is no doubt she looks really cute in pointy ears.

23. Natasha Henstridge
Notable action movie appearance: Species (1995), Species 2 (1998)

She plays a really hot alien desperate to mate with any human man as soon as possible. What’s not to like?
Not exactly girlfriend material though. She has a bit of a jealous streak and is prone to ripping people’s spines out as soon as she’s done.

22. Rhona Mitra
Notable action movie appearances: Underworld 3 (2009), Doomsday (2008)

Just the women to step into Kate Beckinsale‘s leathers. Simply stunning.

21. Kristanna Loken
Notable action movie appearance: Terminator 3 (2003)

OK, the movie sucked really bad, but the sight of Loken in red leather was worth the admission alone.

20. Jennifer Garner
Notable action movie appearance: Daredevil (2003), Elektra (2005)

Once again, both films sucked, but Jennifer Garner is always worth looking at.

Joint 19. Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore
Notable action movie appearances: Charlie’s Angels I and II (2001-2003)

Now that’s a threesome I think we’d all appreciate. One for everyone’s tastes.

18. Megan Fox
Notable action movie appearance: Transformers (2007)

OK, we admit it, she’s not exactly an all-action heroine in the movie Transformers, but we could not resist sticking her in.

17. Gina Gershon
Notable movie appearance: Bound (1996)

Apparently, Gina boxed Bob Dylan to prepare for her role as Corky, a tough, lesbian ex-con. Not sure old Bob put up much of a fight, but it certainly got her in shape.

16. Leonor Varela
Notable action movie appearance: Blade 2 (2002)

What is it about women who wants to suck you dry?

Joint 15: Jordana Brewster, Sara Foster, Devon Aoki, Jill Ritchie and Meagan Good
Notable action movie appearance: D.E.B.S (2004)

We couldn’t decide which one to put in, so opted for all of them. If you have never seen D.E.B.S it’s about a group of scantily-clad schoolgirls who are trained to be bloodthirsty, gun-toting assassins. Genius.

14. Meiko Kaji
Notable action movie appearances: Lady Snowblood (1973) and loads more

A lady not to be messed with – and hard as nails too. Her films, such as the brilliant Lady Snowblood, inspired Kill Bill.

13. Ziyi Zhang
Notable action movie appearance: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), Hero (2002)

Well, she certainly knows how to handle a weapon.

12. Anne Parillaud
Notable action movie appearance: Nikita (1990)

Incredibly sexy French actress is given a license to thrill in Nikita.

11. Rose McGowan
Notable action movie appearance: Planet Terror (2008)

Sexiest thing on, errrr, one leg.

10. Michelle Yeoh
Notable action movie appearance: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

A Bond girl who could actually handle herself – perfect.

9. Carrie Fisher
Notable action movie appearance: Star Wars trilogy (1977-1983)

Gold bikini – need we say any more.

8. Michelle Rodriguez
Notable action movie appearance: S.W.A.T (2003), Resident Evil (2002)

Killing her off in Lost just about killed off our interest in the show.

7. Jessica Alba
Notable action movie appearance: Fantastic Four I and II

Made her name in Dark Angel and has to be one of the sexiest women alive today. You’ve seen her nudes, haven’t you?

6. Carrie-Anne Moss
Notable action movie appearances: The Matrix trilogy (1999-2003)

Named her after The Hollies‘ 1967 hit song, she certainly hits all the right notes. OK, we know that was terrible.

5. Sigourney Weaver
Notable action movie appearances: Alien series (1979-1997)

Not to everyone’s tastes, but no list about bad-ass action babes would be complete without Ripley.

4. Milla Jovovich
Notable action movie appearances: The Fifth Element, Resident Evil I (2002) and II (2007)

Everyone loves Milla time.

3. Kate Beckinsale
Notable action movie appearances: Underworld I and II (2003-2006)

Kate Beckinsale in a tight leather body suit, need we say any more?

2. Uma Thurman
Notable action movie appearance: Kill Bill (2003-2004)

Is it just us or does she get better and better with age?

1. Angelina Jolie
Notable action movie appearances: Lara Croft I and II (2001-2003), Wanted (2008)

Anyone who disagrees with our choice of number one should take a look ather in the grey swim suit. That’s all that needs to be said.


  1. bobdole! says

    …Cameron Diaz is in no way, shape, or form a “babe”. Also Jessica Albas character is lame and she barely doesnt anything.

  2. SarahMichelle says

    What about J.Lo in ‘Enough’?
    Or even Natalie Portman in ‘V For Vendetta’?

    Much better then Megan Fox, at least.

  3. Doo A says

    Angelina before Uma? You boys iz crazy. Uma is the best bad ass on the list. And how did Liv Taylor make the list? She is no bad ass, just bad actress.

  4. says

    Milla should be at the top because she has been the hot protaganist chick in more movies than any of the others. U mentioned her notable appearances in The Fifth Element, Resident Evil I (2002) and II (2007), but what about Ultraviolet (2006).

    Jolie’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith spotlight had to be shared with Brad Pitt, so I don’t count it.

  5. Thummp says

    Without Sandahl Bergman from Conan The Barbarian, this list is Fail

    Seriously WTF? If you haven’t seen it, you know nothing of action movies. If you have and fail to include her in this list…

    You fail.

  6. cman says

    Most of the list sucks. Just an excuse for the writer to state his whiny opinion about the movies. Jolie is ugly.

  7. Brett says

    Linda Hamilton #1
    Sigourney Weaver #2
    Uma Thurman #3

    How the hell did Princess Leah make this list?

  8. talkback says

    Why the hell is KELLY HU not on this list???? X-Men, Scorpion King, Cradle to the Grave, Martial Law….etc. She’s even a real black belt not just “acting” like one. Plus…she’s hot as balls!!!!!

  9. says

    I think Linda Hamilton should be higher on the list, not that I’d hit it or anything but hey…Terminator? I’d rather get at Michelle Rodriquez or Jessica Alba though.

  10. obvious genius says

    um. yeah. are you seriously bleeping kidding me. Blade 3. A little actress by the name of jessica biel. bleep your list. and bleep you. bleepers.

  11. Ropey Shennanigans says

    “Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton should be #1 and #2 hands down.”

    Too damn right…Jessica Alba, Megan Fox=bad-ass? You jest, shirley?

  12. Geek.Out says

    noooo.. F^&** that .. the Terminator lady should be number One!! I mean did you see that movie?? If you are talking about BAD ASS action don’t get any hardcore then her…

  13. Adam says

    ok wtf….River Tam (Summer Glau) physic ninja bad ass….and not on list, but Megan Fox is….ok she hot but not in any way a bad ass fighter

  14. Dezurtdog says

    Ummm, Natalie Portman for not only “V” but how about Star Wars Ep.3, not to mention when she was kicking ass as a kid in “The Professional”

  15. Moxy says

    This list fails horribly without the following:

    Kiera Knightly (Domino)
    Geena Davis (Long Kiss Goodnight)
    Devon Aoki (Sin City)
    Summer Glau (Serenity)

    Good calls on:

    Kristanna Loken (T3)
    Milla Jovovich (5th element/Res Evil)
    Kate Beckinsale (Underworld)

    Most of the rest i’m either lukewarm on, or just haven’t seen the movies.

  16. says

    Jessica Alba should be number one. Into The Blue show cases many of her fine features compared to Jolie, though Jolie does get props for being older.

  17. The Truth says

    Ziyi Zhang should be way higher. And too many of these “babes” look too much like men, too.

  18. The Dude says

    WTF Linda Hamilton should have been like top two. She is the only one that actually looked like she could kick ass out of all 25.

  19. iguanapunk says

    You forgot Kate Nauta from Transporter 2! I have no idea what happened in that film because I fell in love.

  20. toolahroolahroolah says

    Jenette Goldstein as Vasquez in Aliens.

    Her Marine portrayal made John Wayne look like a sissy.

  21. DejahThoris says

    Claudia Black as Aeryn Sun in Farscape

    Summer Glau is a given but how can you forget Gina Torres as Zoe Alleyne? She was sublime in the role as a war-hardened soldier and absolutely stunningly beautiful

    Putting actresses on the list who do nothing but get a rise out of you does not make them bad-ass. It also does a disservice to all the truly bad-ass female character leads on screen.

  22. billybob says

    Um noone has mentioned 22 year old lingere clad Daryl Hannah as the “replicant” named Pris holding a decapitated Barbie doll in Blade Runner??? Insanity!

  23. Justin says

    How is Maggie Hayward (Bridget Fonda) from Point of No Return not on this list, but Megan Fox is? Blows my mind.

  24. says

    You posted a range of actresses and they are awesome. I wanted you to add another actress Sophie Marceau in james bond 007 sequel “The World is not enough”.

  25. says

    Great List of Actresses, like them all and their performances. Could you plz add some list of upcoming movies alongwith trailers??


    Julia Kane

  26. says

    I think I would add this asian girl in “the descent” :)
    And I don’t think somebody can beat Kate Beckinsale or Jessica (in Dark Angel) or even Uma Thurman or Milla, who are my favorite ones!

    And, need to watch, Hunger Games^^

    Where is SMG??? O_o My Buffy!

    And Palmer Teresa in “I’m number four”?? O_o

    Ricci in “Serenity”??

  27. erin says

    Kristanna Loken also played the main character in blood rayne which personally i think was more bad ass then her terminator one

  28. HiREZmedia says

    JeeJa Yanin from Chocolate, Raging Pheonix, The Kick and upcoming movie The Protector 2 (Tom Yum Goong 2 aka TYG2) with Tony Jaa, This girl kicks ass. Does her own stunts too.