Top 10 Paranormal Videos

If, like us, your life-long dream of turning Ghostbusting into a viable profession has you worried that searching graveyards at night for a spectral anomalies may make you seem like a weird old perv, then fear not. We’ve compiled some of the scariest videos around for you to peruse at the scariest time of year: March!

To celebrate the upcoming Paranomal Entity coming to DVD, join us now as we do our best to make this unbelievable crap make you unbelievably crap yourself, after the jump..


At number ten we start with a montage of the world?s best ghost photos – it’s like taking a look into Derek Acorah‘s spank bank.


We?ve all seen The Grudge – and probably had to change our underwear afterwards – but whether this is just a little Photoshopping on a bad quality bit of film or real? it?s still on the creepy side!


Taking the number eight spot, they say that animals often sense things that humans can?t and not just the best place to piss in the street. Watch the bottom window panes of the back door and see if you can spot the creepy entity.


A tale of a spirit spotted on a school surveillance camera – probably the kid who always said if they were invisible they would hang out in the girls locker room. Perv.


Fancy some cash quick? Show this to your Gran and get your inheritance!

5 – As we reach the mid point of our top ten paranormal videos, we encounter some more surveillance footage from Fresno, California. Here a thin travelling spirit seems to pass from one end of a pavement to the other. Can you explain this footage? Watch it here.


A slightly different ghost or being than we’ve seen so far. Ghost sightings have happened all over the world, but nowhere quite so much as in Mexico and South America, where frequent sightings of? small gnome-like demons have been spotted. Is this real footage of these mystery demons?


Heading up our final three is possibly the most convincing ghost we have seen yet. Picked up on a camera set up to catch a babysitter stealing, this video instead seems to catch an extremely clumsy ghost right out. They never did catch that bitch stealing. either.


Possibly one of the most famous ghost sightings of all is the Oklahoma wrecker ghost, which appears in a parking lot late at night supposedly trying to find his car. We wouldn’t recommend any car being driven under the influence of spirits. Geddit? Spirits? Oh, cock off.


Top of ?the list in our top ten paranormal videos is the most frightening video we have encountered in our search. If you scare easily you may want a cushion handy when watching this clip. Or a respirator.

If you know of something better, think it’s all a load of guff or have a message from Michael Jackson then let us know. If you’re Derek Acorah, then bugger off.

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  1. Ondrej says

    Come on, guys. Are you doing this to have fun, or do you actually believe in these videos? Most of them are CLEAR fakes and quite badly done at that. For example first video(top one) sequence beginning 2:40 – clear that it has been open by a string or something similar – the movement corresponds with that – believe me I tried it and it looked exactly similar. The whole sequence beginning 5:30 is complete bullshit. The door didn’t open at all. The guy recorded a door being open, then he closed it (probably again by a string or similar), and then reversed the same video. That way, when combined it should look like opening and closing – well he didn’t think about the curtain and air flow from the door closing. Notice the curtain moves just before the door “opens” and jumps toward the door when it is closing to the wall. Then notice the curtain does exactly the same movement when the door is closing, just reversed. When the door is closing, the airflow takes the curtain with it a bit. Watch the video this way and then reverse the whole piece – you’ll notice it will look exactly the same – tipical bullcrap fake. Following scene at 6:45 where the camera is watching itself to give you a sense that noone can be tampering with it, if you cannot see it (apart from a ghost naturally) the whole movement it does -to the left, down and right is so called “stop motion” You take a picture, move the camera slightly, take another one, move it, take a picture and so on. If you do the movement in very small portions, when you play it at a regular speed, it seems as a more or less smooth video or a camera being moved by it self. Well this guy, didn’t even know how to do that properly, because I noticed it immediately. I have done similar videos with 20 year old cammeras when I was about 12 years old. You can do that with any device capable of taking pictures and video. Notice how when the camera is facing down and not into the mirror, the movement suddenly becomes a lot smoother. Well that’s because the guy could now stand behind it without being seen in the mirror. And the whole film being corrupted and so on is really cheap rick as well. This particular part of the video is a technologically and artistically very bad and unskilled fake… And you want to tell me those are ghost and demons? Are you blind, or are you intentionally selling fakes to the public??? Hmm???