Top 10 Movies To Watch When You’re Drunk

Some films are just better when you’re drunk.

You know the kind of movies we’re talking about – they are the ones you love to put in your DVD player after a good night on the tiles while finishing off a nice bottle of whisky.

They are almost as much a part of getting drunk as vomiting in next door’s garden and trying to pull that really sexy girl that’s way out of your league. It’s not that they are bad. No way. In fact, some of the film on this list are in hecklerspray’s private collection (no, not that collection). But whether it’s the dumb jokes or the drunken antics, they just seem to fit your mood perfectly.

So, get your bottles ready, here goes. Cheers!

10. Kingpin (1996)

There has never been a funnier film about the Amish and bowling. Come to think of it, we think it’s the only one. We don’t think Harrison Ford did any bowling in The Witness. Anyway, it’s absolutely hilarious, plus it has Bill Murray in it.

9. Dumb and Dumber (1994)

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – or pee for that matter – but after a quite a few beers you won’t even care.

8. There’s Something about Mary (1998)

The hair gel gag makes this worth watching alone. Although there are enough disgusting jokes to keep you giggling into your whisky glass into the wee small hours.

7. Animal House (1978)

The classic zit scene involving John Belushi alone makes this 1978 film about a college fraternity fighting the system an absolute must. Toga, toga, toga!

6. The Waterboy (1998)

Forget Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer, this film about a dim-witted waterboy from Louisiana who discovers he has a unique talent for American football is the funniest Adam Sandler film of all. If you can’t laugh at this while drunk you must be dead, or asleep.

5. American Pie (1999)

This teen comedy has all the essential elements of a great college party. Well, there’s a lot of teenage sex, lots of drinking and, um, someone tries to have sex with an apple pie. That didn’t happen at your parties? Losers!

4. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999)

To be honest, we just wanted an excuse to put a clip of Cartman in. Very funny.

3. Office Space (1999)

Let’s face it, a lot of us moan about our jobs when we’re drunk. We just can’t help it. Well, why bother when the hilarious Office Space will do all the hard work for you. Leaving you to sit back and chuckle and one of the funniest films ever made. It’s about a disenchanted office worker who simply decides to stop going to work one day – and to a large extent gets away with it. Now we all dream of that.

2. Clerks (1994)

The Star Wars line makes this movie worth watching on its own. But there is something particularly offensive about this film that appeals to our drunken sensibilities. We think it’s mainly because the two main characters – convenience store clerks Dante and Randal – spend the whole time just talking shit. Throw in a few visual gags to keep the belly laughs going and you can see why it’s the perfect drinking buddy.

1. Withnail and I (1987)

This is not only a film to watch when you are drunk, it a film that will inspire you to get drunk. No, it’s not that bad. In fact, it’s just simply brilliant and possibly the most quotable movies you will ever see. For those of you who have not had the pleasure yet, it’s about two British actors struggling to get work in the late 60s. I wish there was more to tell you, but that really is it. Oh, that and the fact that they spend the entire films getting shitfaced. There is even a drinking game in its honour, in which you try and match everything they drink. However, many do not attempt the lighter fluid (yes, that really is drunk in the film).


  1. says

    Office Space? Office Space?
    R U High? What’s so funny about
    a fuckin’ stapler, mate?

    U forgot Star Wars VIXXXI: Revenge
    of the Revenging Revenger Malgores?
    When Ian McSolo learns how to drive?
    Now THAT’S a lagerfilm.


  2. gir says

    Every movie is better to watch while you’re drunk. especially in the theatre around a lot of people who are really interested and will be very angry when you make rude, sarcastic, or otherwise unhelpful comments punctuated by spoilers of the suspenseful 10 minute sequence they’ve just sat through.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  3. Sarah says

    i guess kentucky fried movie is more a stoner flick than anything else, but i still expected to see it…

  4. says

    Main-stream crap that I wouldn’t even vomit on let alone piss on.
    Except, obviously for Withnail & I, now that’s a movie. Especially if you didn’t know what it was about and went to see it at your local art-house cinema when it was released with your fat homosexual friend!

    Try something like “Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)” that’s a drinking movie “la la la la la la laaa”

    Much as I despise Jamie Oliver I fear he was correct, you Brits really are uncultured slobs.
    Fuck off and get stabbed outside a cat-kebab shop you losers.

  5. munch says

    i regularly check out your top lists with the usual head nodding, lip pouting and disgruntled head swaying but this list is pure and utter shit.

    If there is a top ten worst poll, this is numero uno.

    What about cloverfield? i hear half a bottle of tequila and standing on your head is a must do.

  6. says

    The Wall is not a drinking movie, it’s a stoner movie. It’s far too depressing to drink to.
    And you really can’t forget Billy Madison for a drinking movie. The penguin told me that.

  7. prick says

    And i guess your an american fuckwit with a brain cell shared between your whole inbred family!

  8. lauren says

    Wow.. @prick that is very rude to say that americans are inbred.. CONSIDERING the royal family was only allowed to marry royalty which IS their family.. but who really cares.. I am too drunk to anyway hahaha

  9. Andres says

    Heres s my list when you r drunk:
    Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
    Bad Santa
    The Last Detail

  10. abby says

    im sorry just reading this made me laugh thank you i was having a shit day and this just cheered me up