Top 10 Best (and Worst) Celebrity Selfies


According to Britain’s Oxford University Press (which is really fancy and therefore right about everything), “selfie” is officially the word of 2013, and personally, I could not agree more.

I am a self proclaimed selife and Instagram addict (omg guys, follow me, dirtyrandy8, 100 points to anyone who gets the name reference) and I take “natural” photos of myself doing everything from going to the gym, to lounging in bed, to drinking tea, to just thinking I look nice that day. It’s sad, but clearly a lot of us do it, hence why selfie is the word of the year!

However, it’s not just us normal folk that obsess over constantly putting pictures of ourselves on Twitter and Instagram, oh no. This is some UsWeekly “Celebs are Just like Us” shit right here, because a lot of celebrities are taking the selfie craze to whole new level.

I’m talking Kim Kardashian posting pics of her getting weird facial treatments, Rihanna posting herself topless while getting high, and Bieber just being his usual douchey self. Though basically every celebrity on Instagram has posted a selfie or two, the following ten celebs love selfies more than Rocky loved Emily (that was a little Three Ninjas reference there for you, by the way).

10. Selena Gomez


It’s no lie that Selena Gomez loves a selfie or two, but I ain’t mad at her. Selena is 21 and single and growing into a stunningly gorgeous young woman so as far as I’m concerned she can take all the selfies she wants. Plus, it’s only fair that she rub it in Justin Bieber’s face that she looks super fine while he’s out banging hookers.

9. Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham’s Instagram is exactly what you think Lena Dunham’s Instagram would be. It’s full of quirky shit, unflattering pictures of her, or pictures of her looking like a pouty hipster. We get it, you don’t care that you don’t look like a Hollywood stereotype!


8. Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj’s selfies and Instagram posts usually make me feel a certain way that only Lucille Bluth can explain:



7. James Franco


James Franco is probably one of my favorite people in Hollywood right now strictly because of how ridiculous he is. Most male celebrities will take a topless selfie because they want to show off their hot bod, but when Franco does it you can’t help but know just how contrived and foolish it is. I feel like every selfie he posts is extremely sarcastic, but he’s really good looking, so whatever.


6. Lindsay Lohan


I’ve been Team Lohan forever and have been waiting for her triumphant return to Hollywood for years, but, honestly, her selfies make me a little sad. They’re just a reminder of what drugs, alcohol, and bad plastic surgery can do to your face. She still looks good, but her hard partying has definitely taken it’s toll.


5. Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus reminds me a lot of myself when it comes to selfies, which is really sad. She posted the above picture with a caption about how her hair is getting long. Bitch please, I know that game, hell I practically invented it! The “I want to post a pic of my hot bod without seeming vain so I’ll pretend I took the picture to highlight something else and my flat stomach just happens to be in it” pic. I did that with a pair of sweatpants once. “OMG THESE SWEAT PANTS ARE SO COMFY” aka my abs look really good so I’ll take a picture of me in these sweat pants and a crop top. No big deal.


4. Lady Gaga


Sometimes I wonder if Lady Gaga knows that you can post pictures of things other than yourself on Instagram, because legit almost every picture she posts is a selfie. I mean it! Go check out her Instagram account, it’s like selfie central. Even I think it’s too many selfies, and that’s saying something!


3. Justin Bieber


I feel like Justin Bieber’s online dating profile would go something like this: Name: Justin Bieber. Likes: selfies, being topless, pouting, trying to look like a big boy now, hair gel, Bart Simpson, and hookers. Dislikes: shirts and people who can grow chest hair.?


2. Rihanna


Rihanna loves selfies A LOT. I mean she’s the type of girl who will go to the beach and take 10 selfies, get a bath and take 10 selfies, lounge on the couch and take 10 selfies, go to McDonald’s and take 10 selfies (you get the point). Do I think Rihanna is super hot and do I enjoy looking at pictures of her? Yes. Do I think she needs to take 10 different pictures of herself in the same outfit just from slightly different angles? No. No, I do not.


1. Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian doesn’t take the top spot by herself. No, she represents the entire Kardashian clan that is on Instagram (Khole, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and Kris), because that whole family needs a selfie intervention! I mean, they post several pics of their make up of the day, their hair of the day, and their outfit of the day! That’s A LOT of selfies! However, I’ve used Kim to represent her family in the number one spot because I find there to be something painfully awkward about Kim in the pictures she posts on Instagram. She always looks really unnatural and uncomfortable and it kind of weirds me out. Her butt looks great, though, I’ll give her that!


  1. Brittany Burns says


    Wanna get a drink together? You write like I write and speak and think. We could for sure take some selfies together. Holla if you hear me.


  2. nina says

    umm none of these knuckleheads learned that you need to turn the camera around so you can see your shot in the mirror? This way you don’t look like a douche trying to take a picture of yourself 100x a day

  3. Stine says

    You got a new fan….me ????
    You write exactly what i think!
    How strangely liberating it is to read your posts and articles
    Your a breath of fresh air, so keep up the good work
    P.s did you read my post to ShameShameShame who ridicilously attacked your VERY true fact/post about Kim K and her scary self-absorption and “out of this world” uploads of her self doing…..nothing but, well you know what I
    High fives from Denmark