The ‘Spray Q&A: Bob Nastanovich (Pavement, Silver Jews, ponies)

Pavementbobnastanovich Bob Nastanovich occupied a sort of floating role in erstwhile alt-rockists Pavement, sort of like Peter Beardsley did for England’s footie team, only without the dodgy haircut.

A mixture of percussionist, MC, woo-hooer, keyboardist and stage generalissimo, he started out in Pavement as a second drummer to bolster the oft-AWOL Gary Young (often seen at gigs handing out toast to the front row).

hecklerspray threw a few questions at Bob to find out what gives…

What have you been up to since Pavement disbanded a few years ago?

First, I tour managed Malkmus and The Jicks. Then, since 2002, I’ve been a jockey agent for Greta Kuntzweiler.

So what’s the Nastavonich meisterplan?

To get away with an early, semi-comfortable retirement.

Are you still in touch with your former bandmates?

West-yes, Malkmus-yes, Ibold-rarely, Kannberg-never…

On a scale of 1 to Amicable, how was the break up?

4. There was too much exhaustion for heavy emotion.

Do SM and Spiral Stairs still get along?

I don’t know.

What was the best/worst Pavement moment/song/gig/TV experience?

Playing Sir Henry’s in Cork, Ireland.

How did you get into music?

My friend Norty turned me on to punk/new wave/underground at age 13. We were deejays as teenagers.

And what were your formative influences?

Gang Of Four, Echo And The Bunnymen, early SST.

You’re a horse racing afficionado and planning to launch your own racing blog. Everytime hecklerspray bets the pony turns sideways and randomly shuffles towards the line. How does one pick a winner / dodge a loser?

I don’t know. There’s alot of luck involved. That’s the most important factor.

What other sports rock your world?

Shuffleboard, college football.

What five records should a newborn baby receive as a mandatory lifetime gift from the government?

Minutemen – Double Nickels On The Dime
Gang Of Four – Entertainment!
The Frogs – It’s Only Right And Natural
Saccharine Trust – S/T
Belle And Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister

Is it wise to play Captain Beefheart to those under the age of 12?

I’ve hardly ever listened to it. It’s too complicated for my liking.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

52 degrees, mist, no people on the street, English racing.

The world is a weird place. Discuss, using examples if necessary.

The current U.S. administration.

Can we have a fortune cookie please?

Yes, in fact I think there’s a leftover one on my counter…