Terminator 3’s Nick Stahl Arrested for Lewd Behavior He Probably Learned From Arnold

nick-stahlEvidently?private viewing booths in adult shops aren’t terribly private after all. Just ask?actor Nick Stahl,?best known for his role in 2003’s?Terminator 3 and more recently for?disappearing, being feared dead,?reappearing,?and going in and out of rehab … ad infinitum.

Yesterday, Nick?was arrested?at an adult paraphernalia and movie shop in Hollywood after being caught whacking it in one such “private” booth by undercover police officers. According to reports, Nick was watching a porn flick and allegedly committing the act (and of course he was … what else would he have been doing in there?) and was snagged by officers conducting a routine check.

Of course, this begs the question of why anyone, much less someone with a moderately famous face, would?risk enjoying a porno in a public place. In 1991, when Pee Wee Herman was arrested in an adult movie theater, there weren’t nearly as many options available. But these days, it’s hard not to?get?porn, even when you’re not looking for it. Nick may have hit hard times, but he has to have access to a computer. If not, how about going old school with a?magazine? Even for a Q list actor like Nick, it seems unnecessarily risky to attempt such a pervy venture.

Apparently Nick was taken into police custody, booked on a misdemeanor count of lewd conduct, and then released. As he sauntered away, Nick supposedly told TMZ that it was a “misunderstanding.” Of course it was.


Please don’t?confuse Nick with similarly fucked-up actor Edward Furlong. Edward played the role of John Connor in?Terminator 2 and was replaced in that role by Nick in Terminator 3. Edward has also slipped out of mainstream acting in the last decade, instead filling his time with drug and alcohol-related?problems, and tossing in an occasional domestic violence?arrest?for fun.

Combined with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s public dressing-down?in recent years and Linda Hamilton’s disappearance from?the face of the earth, the two disastrous messes that are Nick Stahl and Edward Furlong?prove that The Terminator franchise placed a?curse on its actors. At one point, Nick and Edward were both very promising actors.?Look out, Claire Danes. You could be next.


  1. that sex shop off in whose booth he was whacking says

    It was supposedly a ‘private’ booth. I smell a counter suit against the fed for voyeurism!