Sofia Vergara Without Makeup

Columbia has given the world some great treats over the years – Shakira, good coffee, Sofia Vergara and, depending on who you talk to, a certain white powder that would make Austin Powers’ Mini-Me super-talkative.

When she graces the red carpet or appears on TV, she’s smouldering perfection personified, but Sofia Vergara without makeup is another story entirely.

The 38-year-old’s look of distaste shows she definitely wasn’t in the mood for being photographed in all her bare-skinned glory. Fatigue seems to have struck Sofia here but, then, being hot 99 percent of the time is damn tiring anyway.

What looks like the ghost of Sofia was also captured devoid of makeup in NYC in February 2011, when she shuffled on to the set of her movie “New Year’s Eve.” I’m amazed that paparazzi were even able to know it was her, taking into account how different she looks. Unless she’s fitted with a micro chip?

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