Shocking News- The Kardashians Are Self Absorbed

Kim Kylee Kendall Kardashian Jenner

I don’t know why anyone is even surprised anymore when the?Kardashians do something that shows off just how vapid, self absorbed, and talentless they are.? It’s not new news, it’s just a sad reality that we made idiots like this famous and filthy rich.

At the VMAs on Sunday, the Kardashian Klan once again reminded the world that they literally couldn’t care less about anyone other than themselves, while also reminding us that we made these assholes millionaires. The VMAs make it a point now to always have at least one or two serious moments during their show.? You know, to balance the ass cracks, lip synching, and super lame jokes.? This year, they had Common lead the audience in a tribute to Michael Brown, and the chaos occurring in Ferguson, Mo (If you have no idea what I am referring to, please go do a Google search.? A little world news between celebrity shit talking is good for the soul).?? At the end of his speech, Common asked the audience to take a moment of silence for peace in the world.

While everyone else managed to sit their coked out asses down in statue mode for 30 seconds, the Kardashian sisters didn’t even try to pretend that they gave even half a shit.

Now, you KNOW Kanye was pissed off.

The dude may be riding the bat shit crazy train, but he does also give a big damn about social issues, especially those involving race.? “George Bush hates black people” anyone?? So I bet it really chaffed his leather chaps to see his wife and real life fashion doll give such a blatantly “I don’t give a fuck” about Ferguson.? Side note- I have to admit, ten bucks says Kim actually has no idea what the hell is going on in Ferguson.? She probably assumed this was for some rapper or comedian.

What is even more amusing about the Kardashians being assholes, is that just a few months ago, Kim was going on a super deep rant about racially equality.? About how she could no longer pretend it wasn’t an issue, you know since she is now married to a black guy and has a baby with him.? So because it now affected Kim, she had to care about it.? Guess all that time not taking caring of that half black baby girl of hers?has made Kim forget that.