Readers’ Letters: In Which You All Dribble Over Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts [Video]

Every week, we have the unfortunate task of picking our way through your crusted correspondence to find the most depraved, hideous scrawlings to put on the site for everyone to laugh at. This week, it was a little bit easier as our drooling mass of a readership left a slug trail right to some of the most sexually-charged content that has ever deposited itself in our post bag thanks to a certain Ms. Scarlett Johansson.

Yes, everyone’s favourite bombshell had her phone hacked as hecklerspray brought the curious masses a skin-exclusive and everyone wanted to get in touch to reveal their masturbatory habits. There’s also veiled threats from Kasabian’s representatives, a singing Michael Jackson and a screaming INXS nutter, all with Editor Mof just over the jump.

Remember to click ‘HD’ to see Mof in all his terrifying glory.

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  1. d says

    Please go back to just writing your remarks on the letters you receive. It was funnier. The videos are just plain ANNOYING. Or do both so we can choose between funny and annoying depending on our mood.
    P.S. Enunciate, damn it!

  2. says

    Still almost unintelligible mumble, but at least you aren’t waving about these nailbiter paper-pusher tiny fingers of yours all the time. I discovered the gag is much funnier with the sound turned off.

  3. Cookie Monster says

    Now every article written by Mof that I read will use his voice in my head. Was this part of a dastardly plan?

    And by-the-by, Mof is nunshiatin. Perfect ‘locudin and all that. Good comedic timing, in any case. The one thing that I don’t understand is the HD flag on something that looks as though it’s recorded on a webcam with a few too many mysterious oily marks on the lens. The least that “Scarlet Yohanson” could do is give it a quick wipe with her clearly oil-free bum cheeks.

    Don’t anybody use this link for anything creepy:

    Too late, I expect…