Paul McCartney Vs Yoko Ono – Handbags At Dawn

Paul_mccartney_yoko_onoThere’s nothing that we like more here at hecklerspray than watching a couple of knackered old pensioners bicker for 40 years over the body of a dead Scouser.

Thank God, then, for Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono.

Ever since Yoko ambiguously insulted Paul at the Q Awards last week, it’s been a veritable verbal cockfight between the pair of them.

It’s no secret that Paul McCartney (CDs) and Yoko Ono don’t really get along.
And their feud was recently revived when Yoko attended the Q Awards on
behalf of John Lennon. Accepting the award, she said:

“John was very human. In the middle of the night he would say, ‘They
always cover Paul’s songs, they never cover mine’. I said to him,
‘You’re a good song writer, it’s not June-with-spoon that you write.
You’re a good singer too. Most musicians would be a bit nervous about
covering your songs’.”

Paul McCartney, acting as the elder statesman of rock, chose to keep a
dignified silence in response to Ono’s insult. Yeah, right. In fact,
he’s replied with an even more concrete dig:

"I don’t take any notice of her. She’s John’s wife so I have to respect
her for that, but I don’t think she’s the brightest of buttons. She’s
said some particularly daft things in her time. Her life is dedicated
to putting me down but I attempt very strongly not to put her down."

Notice that Paul’s method of not taking any notice of Yoko involves
getting really quite shitty with her. He’s even gone to the trouble of performing the song
Too Many People from his Ram album in concert for the first time this
week. Lyrically, the theme of Too Many People is roughly like this "Ner ner
ner-ner ner! John Lennon is a great big twat and his tiny wife is too!
My trainers are ace and your trainers are shit, you fanny!"

Who do you think would win in a fight between Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney? Not an
argument or a verbal fight – we mean an actual fight. With no more than one non-projectile weapon. Leave your
comments below.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]


  1. Stevie says

    You’re an idiot.

    Yoko left Johnny boy to rot in a haze of drugs for ten years during which time she and he lobbed ridicule on Paul as he proceded to live life, make records and raise children.

    Her best Idea was the Beatles worst idea.

    Her claim to fame is that she has Lennons money,…that’s all, and really, that shows how screwed up on drugs he was.

  2. Etienne says

    I agree with the previous post: You’re a complete idiot.

    That cunt Yoko has been slagging Paul for years and for no apparent reason. I’m glad Paul is finally fighting back; it’s time he shows his true feelings about her.

    John Lennon was great but the fact that he was with Yoko mars his mistique a bit for me.

    Isn’t it a bit tired to still talk about John being “The Great One”? Does one really think they’re getting instant “street cred” by saying that Paul sucks and John is God? Nothing like a hack writer trying to make himself look hip by dissing Paul. It’s really quite silly.

    Who’s next on your list, tough guy? Sting?

    Why can’t people accept that they BOTH wrote brilliant AND sucky songs. Neither was better than the other.

    Get the fuck over it.

  3. nazz says

    john and yoko jewels state of the art, always did there homework,designed an entire environment of peace.

  4. Henry says

    You tell`em girl. yoko sucks give a listen to don`t worry kyoko. the fact that John layed awake at night thinking of Paul proves that John respected and loved Paul.All those great Beatle songs have Lennon /Mccartney as the writers not lennon/ono or lennon/suckass critic.Plus Paul is alive and rocking like he`s 25 again that man is a god

  5. joe says

    Give it a rest hecklerspray. If it weren’t for Paul Sgt. Pepper, the White Album, and Let it Be might never have seen the light of day given that Yoko and had in a drug-induced “haze”. Before you try to re-write history, do a little homework. Ignorance of facts is not very becoming!

  6. magie says

    Yoko Ono. Part witch, part bitch, but mostly just rich, if it weren’t for John’s moolah, she would have evaporated into the 80’s quietly. Paul did the BIG deed, had a family, loved his wife and raised his kids, what else is there in our short time on earth? Yoko had an induced delivery of Sean on John’s birthday, then set up shop in the office downstairs while Japanese nannies took care of Sean and John became a zombie. Music aside, I judge a person on what they DO. Paul is right: In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. I’m putting that on my headstone someday. ha ha. Whatever, hope Paul keeps mooning and spooning, and letting all of us in on it. Cheers!

  7. GRC says

    Have you people even read the article properly? Nowhere in the article is Paul’s music slagged off, nor does it take Yoko’s side or rewrite history. It points out the obvious contradiction between McCartney saying he doesn’t want to put her down, before doing exactly that.

  8. madeofsquares says

    ..nicely said GRC. i hate it when people don’t read things properly and then proceed to throw insults. anyway, yoko is a certified loonie and paul has the face of a bloodhound. i’m not a fan of either at the end of the day, but fight between them. i like the sound of that..

  9. Rocco says

    Yoko Ono is the most opportunistic un-talented person in history. She lured John with drugs and mental games. She put down everything the beatles did at one time or the other. Yet, she is rich because of them. What a travesity.

    She is undoubtedly the most hated figure in history that did not commit murder or other sick crimes.

  10. says

    Yeah, Rocco, I too am astonished that that talentless hack is still getting press. She never did anything of value — just mind-screw a great musician until his band imploded, he drugged out, and then she ran hiding in the Dakota while he was getting shot to death. She even had him cremated after he’d specifically said he wouldn’t want that. I sometimes wonder if she hired Chapman. I think once she realized she could make a good living being the official Widow of John Lennon and selling his art and his image, she became more interested in inheriting his money than inspiring his music. It’s a shame we’ll never know what great music he’d have created without her as a distraction and “advisor/collaborator.” She never had any talent for art or for music, just for keeping John in a haze, which was apparently lucrative enough. Paul has every right to still hate her for the damage she did to John and the band. And for a “songwriter” like Yoko to dismiss PAUL MCCARTNEY’S songwriting sounds like pure jealousy to me! Next she’ll start painting stick figures and calling DaVinci “a hack” in the press. She is seriously deluded. Paul, like John, is seriously talented, and it’s a shame they ever had to deal with an idiot like Yoko.

  11. Adam says

    How can people say such things about Yoko, none of us know her, its wrong to write such evil things, Yoko more or less helped lennon write the most amazing songs ever, the song “imagine” was inspired by her book grapefruit in which she wrote “imagine the clouds driping, dig a hole in your garden to catch them in” along with many others in what she use the term ‘imagine’. It was enough to inspire john to write some amazing songs, she co-wrote them with him, shes an amazing lady and one day history will judge her as just that. Paul wil go down in history as an amazing person as well,such a shame they can’t just put there problems aside seen as there both getting very old now.. any how as Yoko once said “just love one another till we evaperate, the rest inbetween is just foreplay to get to that” peace and love to you all .xxxxxxxxxx

  12. bagfanclub says

    Adam’s right. We don’t know Yoko. John loved her, which says a lot if you love John. This tittle tattle spat between her and Macca is what it is, but the world keeps spinning. Get over yourselves.

  13. tazzy says

    think about it war is over if you want it . its about peace not all that ono and paul xxxx lenno showed us more than we well ever know , someone or 2 or 3 just never listen to the whole message, all they were saying is give peace a chance.

  14. JohnNCynthia4ever says

    Yoko pursued someone’s husband, someone who was a faithful wife, she separated a father from a son while worldwide whining that her daughter had been taken from her (I wonder why?) then hid behind the persona the fake persona of “peace” what kind of peace did she actually affect? She did not do justice to Julian and she isn’t fit to wipe Paul Mc Cartney’s shoes. She manipulated and controlled John Lennon, ruined his live both personally and professionally. The first sin is to separate a person (John) from his loved ones. Not to mention take his money from him. No decent woman chases a married man.

  15. george says

    listen to run for your life / rubbersoul.when john was choking may pang in a hot tub in la what was the name he screamed out ?? yoko !!! he was so drunk he thought it was yoko he was choking..

  16. Duber says

    I agree with the lack of decency on yoko’s part. She doesn’t have the decency to leave a married man alone. Shows she is just desperate for attention, which john had brought her. talk about riding high off some one elses wave.

  17. says

    Everyone please read “John” by his first wife Cynthia… wow. It really touched me and Yoko is a HUGE witch.. she never really bothered me before, but this is from a woman who actually knows her! …. p.s how inconsiderate of yoko to be releasing a book this month when Cynthia’s just came out, she can’t handle the competiton….. arg. witch makes me mad.

  18. Lori says

    I agree that Yoko is probably one of the most despised persons in history. I find her so remarably loathsome, I can barely formulate adequate words to describe it. She is completely and utterly talentless, and always demanded to ride on John’s shirttails. She completely ruined him. But of course, he allowed it. I cannot believe that any thinking individual would ever give her even the time of day. And a side note, she is just about one of the UGLIEST humans I have ever seen.

  19. Mary says

    I find it funny that you think Paul would want to insult his diseased friend at all. He’s even said as much that he has no interesting in doing so.

    “Ner ner ner-ner ner! John Lennon is a great big twat and his tiny wife is too! My trainers are ace and your trainers are shit, you fanny!”

    .. Yes that’s it exactly.. you moron. I don’t honestly think Paul McCartney is that bored.

  20. Alex says

    Yoko-bitch, but had good impact on John( his solo work started sucking when they sepparated)

    John-shouldve never married cynthia
    as he was far from faithful

    Paul- power hungry asshole

    they all were douche bags, but they are all brilliant artists, so as Paul’s mama told him “Let it Be”

  21. ross says

    I just want to say that john lennon was, is, and will remain the greatest artist of all time. paul is one of the greatest musicians that ever graced the earth. it took the both of them to create the beatles and the both of them to destroy the beatles. p.s fuck yoko ono she is a piece of fucking shit cunt and it’s a shame that chapmans bullet didn’t hit her in her big ugly dumb cunt head. I also feel that if Lennon was still alive he would have realized what a cunt yoko really was and would have kicked her out of his life because he ultimately was smarter than that. She just happened to catch him during a naive period for him. by the way did i mention yoko is a cunt and I feel that on Dec. 8,2005 she should be executed via chineese death torture.

  22. DOPE- O NO NO says

    If only Chapman shot a little up and over to the right, he would have hit the person that needed it most. JUNE WITH THE SPOON MY NARDS! Listening to that silly little woman sing is much like
    hearing a fellow tune up a banjo, using a kazoo.

    PAUL – The most mass appeal & statesman like
    Ringo – He’s talented & he does
    educational things with kids
    GEORGE – He was very talented but introverted

    John Lennon – mega-talented,
    he had no reason to
    be jealous of Paul,
    he cared quite a bit
    about his causes.
    sometimes too much, I
    could have done
    the naked cover. He
    has had influences
    on other musicians
    over the years
    and you can still
    hear it even
    to this day.

    The only thing negative I would say about John, he needed to put
    down water bong for five minutes
    and reconsider about shacking up with that slow train wreck of a girlfriend!!! He also should have
    shown up on SNL — NBC when he and
    Paul were invited via LIVE TV.
    They were seconds away from going, and then Yoko Bonehead called.

    BTW, HAVE A HAPPY 2006
    Yours truly,

  23. ernie the k says

    I’m a radio dee-jay from Boston Ma USA.I am also an unrepentant Anglophile,but that’s neither here nor there.The Beatles are my particular specialty.I visited Strawberry Fields and the Dakota building to check out the crime scene on December 8th,2005 (the 25th anniversary of his murder).I highly recommend the website Rethinking John Lennon’s Being at the Dakota was extremely emotional for me,and I just stood there and stared at the exact spot where he had been shot. A guy next to me was playing Dear Prudence on his guitar,which is ironic because Mia Farrow and Prudence lived in the building next door to the Dakota. I was almost interviewed by the BBC where the crowd was gathered. Yoko came out to lay a wreath earlier in the day and you could see candles in her window. You fellows are all correct. She was, and is, an evil,conniving,manipulative cunt.She stalked John as a struggling artist in London and threatened to commit suicide if John didn’t finance her bullshit with the Beatles money. He complied.She also got him hooked on heroin as well and did many other things to sabotage his career and turn him into a zombie recluse who wouldn’t leave his room.There is also a rumor that she was a practicing Satanist who deliberately induced Sean’s birth on October 9th, 1975 (John’s 35th birthday)because there is an occult belief that if the son is born on his father’s birthday he will inherit the father’s soul upon his death. Et tu, Yoko?

    Ernie K.

  24. Yoko says


    I do not appreciate your comments about me and my… situation with Paul. What Paul and I had was not as big as you are making. Paul and I are both peace loving people that love life and eachother! So please stop commenting on us because all we are saying is “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE”

    Thank You All,

    Yoko Ono

  25. Alex says

    You and Paul did a lot of money with “free as a bird” and “real love”. Keep that money rolling and give Paul more material to reconciliate with John’s thoughts. They will always be a team, I really loved the lennon-mcccartney songs but lennon’s or mccartney’s. They’re just a poetry equilibrium, they’re nothing without each other, they’re need each other. Is a pain John’s not with us. This forum just make him left.

  26. Kat says

    To be honest I agree about Yoko. John was a fantastic musician, with wit and intelligence, and then he met Yoko Ono and it all went down the pan. Not that he ever stopped me a great musician but Yoko just got in the way, then got him addicted to heroine and proceeded to take over his life and change him as a person(which really pisses me off). Paul may not have been a saint, but the Lennon-McCarteny partnership was a thousand times better than Lennon-Ono, and if I had to choose between Paul and Yoko I”d be backing Paul 100 %.

  27. Lucy says

    Paul could take Yoko in a fight, easily. Not so sure about his ability to trounce Heather Mills. That woman is seriously deranged and nothing is past her doing.

  28. says

    Christ – all this name calling and revisiting and all we need to know is – who would win in a fight.

    Yoko. Because she has John’s soul in a jar and would use crazy Satan ninja shit. There’d be a little Paul doll riddled with pins tipped with menstrual blood and Paul would have a right stomach ache before the fight and he’d go down to her witchcraft.

    But he’d get in a couple good blows with one of Heather’s left over legs before he did.

    And lying dead, the crowd would begin to sing “Yesterday” a capella, bringing him back around. He’d sit up, crack his neck, and then he’d surprise Yoko, slicing off her head and holding it up to the chanting crowd.

    Which would cure some of illness and cause others to wither and die, a phenomenon that would go unexplained for centuries.

  29. David Tweeds says

    Dear All

    Two fabulous artists both supported by fabulous women. John wrote most of what the Beatles published – lyricist and somg writer – Paul took a lot of credit but one only need look at what they did after to see what they eaach stood for.

  30. Wadey says

    I’m NOT going to take sides HOWEVER I will say this for Paul. His kids went to ordinary schools and I respect him for that.

  31. Simon says

    Lennon vs. McCartney is a valid debate (one that McCartney wins by the tiniest of margins), and when John criticizes Paul, he’s one of the few people with the artistic credentials to do so.

    Yoko Ono? Not so much. Paul is a better singer, a better songwriter, and IMO a better person then her.

  32. Gregg Orange says

    These useless old British rock star ultra-millionaire pukes like McCartney and their ongoing soap operas have about as much to contribute to humanity as a heaping mound of waste from a lead smelting plant. They can all collectively suck my dick!

  33. Joe the Ninja says

    Gregg, you’re an f-ing idiot. Chances are that if these, and I quote, “useless old British rock star ultra-millionaire pukes like McCartney ” hadn’t ever done anything ever, you probably wouldn’t have been born. I know that I wouldn’t have.

  34. Andy says

    Yoko really is one of the worst bitches of all time. A more deluded, talentless and self absorbed person would be hard to find.
    But going back to the theme of this post, I really do think she deserves an award for bitchiness. Maybe earning something in her own right, rather than leeching of other others would change her – nah I doubt it (no brain there to appreciate it).
    Anyway my entry for her all time bitchiness award would be denying Lennon’s first son any keepsake of his father after he died. Julian had to buy something at a public auction – low, just isn’t a big enough word to describe that sort of cruelty.

  35. Tahlia says

    anyone thouht about how horrible she was to john’s first son, Julian?

    that bitch made him isolated from his father and after his death took his words for her own public statement didn’t include him in any arrangements and pretended they were close. thennnn she decided to not give hm was was rightfully his such as John’s journals which he has clearly stated were intended for julian. when they were almost given to him she had people sued for it. so Julian still to this day hasn’t been able to have any access to the journals which his father wanted him to have. yoko bitch face has made it impossible for him to ever have a connection with his father.

    hate her

  36. Mechrobioticon says

    I had no idea that so many people have listened to and evaluated Yoko Ono’s catalog so exhaustively that they’re able to just dismiss her entirely as a musician and an artist.

    Tell me, what did all of you think about “It’s Alright (I See Rainbows)”, the first of her New Wave albums?

    Or how about 2001’s “Blueprint for a Sunrise”, her feminist rock effort?

    And what about her country songs like “Angry Young Woman”?

    You listened to them all and decided they sucked?

    Somehow I get the impression you are all just repeating the opinions Vh1 Classic told you to repeat. There’s a reason you all agree with each other. Try thinking for yourself for a change.

  37. beatlemaniac says

    I actually have heard all of Yoko’s solo songs and came to the conclusion that SHE SUCKS.

    Paul is an extremely talented musician who has written some of the most popular songs of all time and Yoko had absolutely no right to insult his songwriting like that.

    As for who would win in a fight…I would have to say Yoko. She has that whole witch thing going for her, ya know? But I would like it if Paul would finish her off and put US out of OUR misery. I hate listening to her senseless babble…

  38. parabeatle says

    Read Tony Bramwell’s book, “Magical Mystery Tours;My life with the Beatles” and hear it from someone who was there, on the inside. His blunt treatment of Yoko rings so true, much more believable then the con cover story Yoko (and John) propagated. Her stalking, cold, calculating, methodical entrapment of John will make you sick. You find yourself thinking, nay, yelling, “Run John, Run! Paul, George, and Ringo -and many others – saw it and knew it but due to business and regard for their beloved murdered friend, have had to be somewhat diplomatic. Bramwell has no such obligations – and no reason to dog Yoko other than his interest in telling the truth. Yoko left all the insiders -and an entire generation- saddened and in pain. Worst of all, the weight has never bothered her. Her ego-maniacal, guiltless, callous nature leaves no room for anyone else.She is darkness and evil personified. SHE PULLED THE WINGS OFF A BUTTERFLY, PUT IT IN A CAGE, AND MADE IT DO TRICKS! Poor, dear John. To achieve SO much only to be squished under that tiny, hideous heel. Yoko! How do YOU sleep?

  39. Mahaniac says

    Yoko claimed that before meeting John, she had no idea who the Beatles were. Yet Paul says he met her BEFORE she met John and that she was quite aware of who they were. So look at it from Paul’s perspective…he had to sit and watch Yoko dig her claws into Lennon knowing that she was manipulative and that she was probably after his money. And THEN he had to look at her every time they stepped in the freaking recording studio, knowing what he knew. As the years went by after the breakup, John (under the influence of Yoko, no dout) started lobbing insults at Paul’s songwriting. You never hear a whole lot about Paul taking jabs back at John. He always seemed to take the high road.

    Decades later, Yoko’s still the same. She claims to be protector of the Lennon legacy, but all she cares about is herself and bathing her NASTY, SHRIVELED, NAKED BODY in a big tub of John’s money and yelping like a sick monkey. Yoko was nothing. She met John and BAM! Instant spotlight. And for those people who think she’s talented, you wouldn’t even know her name if she’d never met John.

    And don’t get me started on how she’s treated Julian.

    The Beatles are about love. Yoko is about Yoko.

  40. Sundragon says

    Mahaniac: amen and amen. Esp. the way Yoko has treated Julian. He did not deserve her shit. And he has been so very dignified about it over the years.

    Julian Lennon = class all the way

    Yoko Ono = heartless, manipulative, calculating, evil witch

  41. Oblong says

    Mechrobioticon; what a fucking pompous comment. I haven’t heard any of her solo albums for the same reason I haven’t read Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. The reason being that I don’t need too because I already know that they’re both cunts.

    Yoko Ono is talentless, is not about love and cares only for herself. It might be narrow minded, but she’s also got a face like a stunt mans knee.

  42. Oblong says

    PS. Paul would win the fight. I like to think he’d rub her head with a brick and then punch her wounds until you could see the white meat.

  43. Pat says

    Yoko’s God is LUCIFER. She is no good. She is Greedy. She hid and stole JOHN LENNON LOVECHILD’s daughter inheritance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She got Michael Jackson to do her dirty work and promised him millions on the catalgoue. That Jackson family still sitting on the rights and money of the Beatles. This bitch is going down. Just like Goldman Sachs and Pedro Espada.

  44. Bill says

    Virgin Records was selling this cheesy John Lennon action figure for around 90 bucks…on the bottom of the box it said “JOHN LENNON COPYRIGHTED BY YOKO ONO”…It made me want to puke!

  45. Rich G Stone says

    They both suck!!!!!!!! Especially Paul… wish he would go and rest with the other Beatles.

  46. Bill says

    “hey dumb-balls get me a pair of rubber dolls will ya”…yoko ono…”I felt like smashing my head in a clear glass window”…need i say more?

  47. voxlogica says

    John Lennon was the one who cheated repeatedly on his first wife – he was what the philosophers call ‘Genius in an unworthy vessel’ – – so all can not be blamed on Yoko. She is talentless, she is a hypocrite, and she is happy to profit off the cheapening of John’s name after his talent – but so what? HE was the one who put himself in that situation, and if it hadn’t been Yoko, it would have been some other opportunistic, talentless sex-toy like her who he would have thrown himself away for.

  48. Victor says

    Paul was the faithful husband and father who never put his music ahead of his family. Paul was the one who came up with idea for Sgt Peppers. When John split from Yoko he actually made up with Paul and even recorded some songs with him. No question this is all about jealousy. Sure, Paul did a lot of cheesy stuff, but John wrote and released some horrible stuff as well. Neither are perfect musically. No one is.

  49. jono says

    all the comments here make you sound like a right bunch of weirdos. bitch, witch, vile and heartless have all come up numerous times. you’d think she shat in your breakfast or something.

  50. says


    there is one reason why i hate yoko ono…
    [1.] she freaking screams while she sing’s, i never understand her!


  51. hoohaahee says

    On the absurdly minute chance that this post was actually made by Yoko Ono, I’d just like to say:

    You’re a vile, talentless, narcissistic TWAT.


    The rest of humanity.

  52. says

    thank you alyssa , yoko ono ??????????? of course that PAUL ,PAUL PAUL !!!!!!!more than it ugly idiot and horrible hag with her shit avan-garde idea, her horrible voice ,she never not have talent thats is the true!!!!!!

  53. The Long and Winding Road says

    I really get tired of all the Paul McCartney bashing that goes on.

    Yoko Ono was not and is not a member of The Beatles.She is a talentless hack that got her hooks into John and helped poison him against Paul and the rest.

    Ono was very domineering and tried to control every aspect of Johns life,including breaking the bands cardinal rule that wives or girlfriends never be allowed in the recording studio.

    After she appeared on the scene things quickly went downhill and the breakup became inevitable.
    George Harrison has also gone on record as stating that Yoko had an unnatural hold over John and that once when he went to visit John,there was a desperately unhappy look on his face as thought there was something he really needed to say,but he couldn’t because Yoko wouldn’t leave the room.
    George stated he felt very bad vibes there and never went back.

    I feel Ono is very jealous of Paul because he was actually an important part of Johns life.
    The combination of Lennon & McCartney created some of the most important music ever made,John was nowhere near as successful on his own as Paul was.

  54. murt says

    Gosh, really? Yoko Ono is a very talented woman who did a lot of cool stuff outside of her relationship with Lennon – just one example, she worked with John Cage before she even met Lennon.

    I just have a feeling that some of the public hatred towards her his rooted in misogyny to some extent, and perhaps even racism.

    Paul is a great artist too; hopefully they both have mended fences a bit now. I did hear that Yoko was invited and showed up to his wedding.

  55. Abbey says

    Bitch please, everybody is Yoko Ono. My pet rock is better than Yoko Ono. The only reason that bitch is famous is cause John Lennon felt bad for her because every Beatles fan with half a brain hated her. The only good thing she did was keep John Lennon’s legacy alive.

  56. Abbey says

    Bitch please, everybody is better than Yoko Ono. My pet rock is better than Yoko Ono. The only reason that bitch is famous is cause John Lennon felt bad for her because every Beatles fan with half a brain hated her. The only good thing she did was keep John Lennon’s legacy alive.

  57. paul white says

    Ono was just a groupie, John was a weak pussy whipped submissive and she targeted him. She contributed zero and had no talent what so ever. Not surprised this manipulative woman was so disliked, and continues to be so.

  58. Raejean says

    Since this thread still seems to be accepting comments, I want to add something I was thinking about the other day. One of Yoko’s insults to Paul went something like Paul was envious of John because he knew his was an inferior talent. I think the terms used were Paul was a Salieri to John’s Mozart. I wanted to point out that Paul has more than proven which of them was really the Mozart of the pair. And BTW, it’s pretty clear that the untalented but ambitious and grasping Yoko would have no career to speak of, if not for her marriage to a rich, prominent man, who left her a richer widow.

  59. 65drummer says

    Paul was, & still is great. John was great, ono was nothing & never will be. Ringo was the first ex-beatle to have a hit record. George had good moments in the sun doing solo too. I think all Beatles fans still had hopes of them all burying the hatchet & collaborated one last time before they died off but now it’s only Paul & Ringo
    But at least we dont have to deal with ono. Now, can we get Grand Funk Railroad original members back together before they croak?