Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian Are Back To Being Talentless Friends

Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton FeudSo it seems that while in Ibiza with practically everyone else in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have decided to bury the herpes ridden hatchet and become friends again.? So if you felt your

What the hell is in the water there that people are losing their minds? Orlando Bloom is trying to punch out Justin Bieber,? Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez are still bearding it up hardcore, and Lindsay Lohan is hanging out in the same restaurants as Leonardo DiCaprio.? It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of celebrity fuckery.

Back during a time I lovingly remember called BK (Before Kardashian),? Paris Hilton was the head bitch in charge of all celebrities famous for nothing but money and slutness.? She put her large schnozz to work snorting more coke than a Columbian drug lord, and singlehandedly fronted the “no panties in short skirts” movement that one too many skanky college girls followed.? She also originated the “leaked sex tape” scandal that soon became the #1 way for talentless girls to get their 15 minutes of fame.

During that time, Paris had a lot of friends.? There was Nicole Richie.? She hung out with Britney Spears.? She even went partying with a still hot Lindsay Lohan.? But the really interesting friend was the unknown Armenian chick with the big ass whose claim to fame was that her dead helped OJ Simpson get away?with murder.? Yes folks, that friend was Kim Kardashian.? Before the world saw her get pissed on for funsies, before her face started to resemble a Bratz doll, and before the brain rotting shit known as Keeping Up With the Kardashians took over our televisions.

Then Kim’s sex tape with Ray J came out, people started going gaga over how hot Kim and her giant butt was, and Paris was super jealous and upset.? In a pretty short amount of time they went from childhood besties to frienemies to straight up enemies.? It got so bad that Paris even went on a radio program and likened Kim’s ass to cottage cheese in a trash bag.? There was only room for one vapid skank in their relationship.

Over the years, Kardashian continued to get more famous, while Hilton became a bigger has-been.?? But there is magic in the air in Ibiza, and the two have rekindled their friendship.? Maybe it was the beautiful views, the welcoming vibe of the people, or the flowing booze.? Or more likely it was their mutual need to be talked about that was stronger than their desire to continue to putting Sharpie mustaches on each other’s pictures in OK! Magazine.

Kim made sure to post their reunion on Instagram, because no friendship is legit until it’s publicized to the world.

Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so good to see you & catch up!! Loves it lol

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I am seriously hoping?we have some new hot mess stories awaiting our future with these two being friends again.? I think we deserve it, especially after having to deal with so much more of Kanye rants these last 2 years.