One Direction vs. The Wanted – Who’s Better?

WantedIf you have a Twitter account – or any access to the internet – you?ll know that there?s a nasty fight going on between One Direction and The Wanted. More specifically, between Zayn Malik and The Wanted. Other than throwing some amazing digs at one another (?chlamydia boy?, anyone?), the fight seems to revolve around the issue of which group is ?better?.?

Look, there’s only two says to settle this. Either the two groups get their dicks out and measure, or I decide which is better based on a variety of all-important categories. I?m going to go for the latter, as the former requires way too much work. Plus, I don?t have a tape measure handy.?

Record Sales

the wanted

Whatever way you look at it, 2012 was a great year for boybands. The Wanted and One Direction both managed to break the US market, something which is rarely achieved by British artists whose names aren?t Adele.

The Wanted?s summer anthem ?Glad You Came? managed to grab the #3 spot on the Billboard chart, aided by a version of the song being featured on that low-quality piece of shit show Glee. Their self-titled EP, featuring songs from both of their UK releases, got to #7 on the album chart. Not too shabby, eh?

Well, pretty shabby if you compare it to 1D?s US domination. ?What Makes You Beautiful? peaked at #4, while ?Live While We?re Young? equaled The Wanted?s single chart high of #3. Their albums, however, have fared much better. Up All Night got to #1, making One Direction the first UK group to top the US chart with a debut release. Their sophomore album Take Me Home also hit the top spot last month, with first-week sales of 540,000.

This round goes to ? One Direction. They kind of blew The Wanted out of the water. However, the latter have yet to release an LP in the US, so they could still end up squashing their rivals. 1-0

Music Quality

Now, this is purely subjective obviously. People are entitles to like whatever music they want to like, and my taste may be different to yours. But I have it on good authority that I am an excellent judge of pop music. Several anonymous internet people have told me so. Basically, my taste is definitely better than yours.

For no other reason than to research this piece, I have listened to all of the releases from both groups. Though they both put out fairly harmless pop music, there are differences in their songs. One Direction have a fairly innocent, bubblegum sound; with melodies of teenage love and unrequited attraction. The Wanted, on the other hand, will sing about anything, as long as they have a trashy club beat. Even their ballads sound like rejected David Guetta tracks.

One Direction

When The Wanted smash it, they fucking smash it. Their singles have a head-invading property that seems to be unmatched in the modern era. Especially ?Lose My Mind?. And ?Lightening?. On the other hand, the majority of their album tracks sound like shit. Seriously, without knowing that ?Gold Forever? came at the end of Battleground, I would?ve turned it off and killed myself by track 4.

One Direction are the opposite: their albums? – especially Take Me Home – are full of strong tunes, with very few duds to speak of. Practically every one of their songs is single material. That?s why this round is going to them. 2-0

Online Fandom

In this online world, you can?t be famous without having a ravenous online fanbase who defend you ?til the end by threatening anyone who dares question your quality. Bieber and GaGa started it, and now everyone has followed suits. You aren?t shit unless someone has sent a death threat to defend your honor.

One Direction fans call themselves Directioners, while fans of The Wanted don?t seem to have an umbrella term for themselves. Some identify as ?Prisoners?, while others say they are part of ?The Wanted Family?. Either way, you?ve got to be pretty sad with your existence by solely identifying yourself by clinging to a pop culture phenomenon.

One Direction Tweet

It?s pretty hilarious to see fans of the groups going at each other. They are like protestors fighting for an important cause, only more impassioned. Instead of rallying for peace in the Middle East conflict though, they are more concerned with the perceived silliness of Zayn Malik?s hairstyle.

Twitter followers are an easy indication of popularity (@rosssemple). I know that, whenever I lose a follower or two, I go into a deep depression that takes days to recover from. So which group has more followers? The Wanted?s account has 1.6 million followers, while 1D?s has 8.2 million. Quite the disparity.

And the winner is ??

One Direction. It isn?t really a contest. They are beloved the world over, make music that is more popular and arguably better. That?s not to say that The Wanted should be worrying any time soon. Being just behind the biggest group on the planet isn?t a terrible place to be. I?m sure that they enjoy it.


  1. Jennifer Le says

    Actually i pick one direction forever because they are the best! The wanted think they all cool but they are not and one direction R O C K the earth have you heard about the X factor they said ‘shout out to the biggest boy band on earth ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ I know one direction will win and they will not let me down because you rock and dont let the wanted beat you because i pretty sure you will beat them i love you one direction see you 2013 tour concert!!!!!

    xxoxoxo One direction love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stacy says

    Thank you for this review, I like your sarcastic wit. I have to agree with the verdict. The Wanted is very talented as far as vocals go, that’s undeniable, but I’m not a huge fan of the music they release. You have to have good music to put your voice to. Plus, I think the comparison is silly, it’s obvious who is more “successful.” If I asked anyone off the street, I bet 95% of them would know of One Direction. If asked about the Wanted, I’m guessing many only 50% would have a clue. And that’s not knock to them. I bet only 40% would know who Ed Sheeran is. I don’t see them progressing sadly, they are getting to old, to burly for the market. At the end of the day, having good music, good voices, copious twitter followers and great hair makes One Direction the biggest Boyband in the world. End of story.

  3. Regina says

    Gooooo 1D!!!!!!!!!!! U rock, guys! Dont let “the UNwanted” beat you, guys !!!!!! Niall, harry, louis, zayn, liam are the cutest everrrrr!!!!!! The wanted is booooo

  4. Kitty says

    Excuse me if my oppinion is a little bias. I appreciate the time that was taken to write this review on two of the most influence groups of this era. But surely we realize that both groups are in two different categories. Firstly, The Wanted appeal to an older fan base for being a “rough around the edges, drunk, anti-boyband.” They don’t dance (well), they drink 24/7, and they really could give two fucks about what people think of them. But what impresses me the most is that they truly care for their fans. I’m not refering to countless statements made, I’m speaking about the numerous encounters I’ve had with the boys at the airports, gigs, and hotels. Not only do they care about how your day is going so far, they make sure you’ve gotten your picture, hug, kiss, etc. They go around to each fan and make their day that much better. The Wanted is extraordinary when performing live, sending the fan girl home with goose bumps and memories to last a life time. To shed light on this article, The Wanted’s fan base identifies themselves as the TWFanmily, because we truly are a family. Not to mention, us “fanmily” get a Mailer and Flip every Wanted Wednesday letting us know what the boys are up to, made and sent out by the boys themselves and not their team. I am positive that if I were to comment on One Direction, I could not do them justice, as I have no interest in them nor have I devoted my time to researching the group. But from the quick encounters I’ve had with them I can say that their music is well written (by Ed Sheeran.) I’ve seen the banter between both groups, I think it’s childish, much like One Direction’s fan base. To each his own really, I remember when I was obsessed (as a young girl) with the Backstreet Boys, and wouldn’t tollerate NSYNC lovers. One Direction may be more succesful, but let’s remember that they were made up of five of the weakest voices because they didn’t stand a chance on their own.. The Wanted were hand picked because of their remarlably STRONG voices. Only time will tell… But I’ll be purchasing the album when TW releases in 2013.


  5. Mjunex says

    Correct. I agree. I’m not a fan of THE UNWANTED OR NO DIRECTION. I prefer Korean boy bands. My favorite Korean boy bands are Big Band and B2st/Beast. Truly PSY’s fellow Korean artists are VERY TALENTED.

  6. The Wanted lover! says

    I have no clue y people love 1D soooooooo much because they have nooooooooo talent and the wanted is like the cutest and most talented evaaaaaaa and why do 1D ALWAYS where the same clothes?!?!
    P.S. I love you Max!!!! (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

  7. olivia says

    I HATE 1D! LOVE THE WANTED! and just cuz 1d might be more popular than TW that dosent mean TW is terrible. they r crazy, fun, hot, talented, everything u would want in a boy band am i wrong? that is why they r called The Wanted.

  8. Rosiestyles says

    Ok first and for most ONE DIRECTION is 1000xto way better than The unwanted ok. You people can say all you want about ONE DIRECTION and how they startef of well we DIRECTIONER dont freaking care people have no idea how much we DIRECTIONERS mean to our boys ok.why yall mad for oh wait is it because OneDirection is better than TheUnwated yes we all now that ok i so hate THEWANTED soo bad they suck ok they call themselves THDUNWANTED Dahhhh.ONE DIRECTION IS 1000xto way better than The unwanted ok i so hate THEWANTED soo bad 😛 ONEDIRECTION RULEZ OK :)<3 xo i hate THEWANTED

  9. One Direction Lover:) says

    One Direction Is Way better Then The UNwanted so all of you Unwanted fans out there you can say anything you want about 1D Me Or the Directioners DONT!! really care about what you say!!

  10. lidia says

    you said you had taste in music? HA bullshit you follow the crowd its always about fame for you idiots. Quality NOT quantity 😉 get your facts right.

  11. the wanted rule says

    no offence but really how sad can u get i mean really it was bad enough with the terrible insults 1d and the wanted did on twiitter but topping it off with no direction an the unwanted i mean really i love both bands the wanted more though but i still think this is all pathetic. both fanbases need to grow up seriously!

  12. The Wanted Lover says

    THE WANTED all the way. I don’t hate One Direction, but to be honest, One Direction is selfish and think that they are better then everyone. In other words : Fame got to their head. The Wanted they might not be as popular, but they are the most caring people. They might act dumb but at least they show no one is perfect which is true. One Direction treats their fans like honestly not really nothing they are just there supporting them. While The Wanted care for their fans and treat them like a Fanmily. They make them feel welcomed. If you dont like them just dont say anything bad about them we are here to support the people we like if you like 1D its fine just dont say shit about The Wanted you don’t know their story. And I dont say bad things about 1D. THE WANTED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Victoria Malik says

    Um, I am clearly a Directioner so all you Unwanted fans out there, Our boys will always be better than that shitty group of what you call a boy band

  14. emily says

    well maybe one direction hate you too and you no what I hope they do.
    ps love you Louis, niall, harry, zayn and liam.
    cant wait to see u all in 33 days!!!!!:)

  15. the wanted rule says

    omg seriously stop with the UNwanted its really pathetic even if u dont like the wanted no matter wat u know they have talent and its the same the other way around both bands are hot, talented but we all prefer one over another to be honset i like both bands but prefer the wanted

  16. DEVINA says

    first of all, people may have different taste of musics. i love the wanted all the way but i do not hate 1D. Music makes unity, right? so we do not have to ”fight” each other to admit who is the best boyband. :)

  17. Aimal malik in Birmingham says

    One direction ROCK!!! The unwanted are obviously rude and showing off and one direction have thousands and millions of more fans than the wanted!!!! Only someone REALLY idiotic would choose The unwanted!!!! Seriously. The wnated suck and have clearly no live whatsoever!!! Just shut the hell up the wanted!!!!!+the wanted fans because no one is going to like u!!!!! Zain is actually soooooo kind and it was NOT zain that has started this nasty tweet it was actually that boy In the unwanted that has started all of this through the phone.Then he pretended that he fucking did not know anything about what Zain was talking about

  18. 1D says

    One direction are the best boy band in the whole world. I asked nearly everyone in my school who they like best and they all have said 1D!!!!! 3000-9000 people are in my secondary school!!!! Believe it or not

  19. 1D lover says

    The wanted always show off and think that they’re better whilst One direction really care about their fan and get heartbroken if a fan faints infront of them. It was not one direction that has actually started this nasty tweet or something like that but it was the UNwanted!!!! They said something really mean through the phone and then when one direction wrote back in twitter, The wanted pretended that they did not know what 1d was talking about!!!!!

    Zain is the best in one direction!!!!

  20. Common Sense says

    Why would you say that. I love both bands. I think 1D is cutest out of the bands. The stupid clothes comment was just lame. Don’t you wear the same clothes? Don’t be idiots people! I think the The Wanted are Talented as well! Can’t we just learn to love both bands?

    (I love you Niall and Max!)

  21. elexis says

    no you got that wrong the wanted is better than one direction because the wanted is sexy and the only one that is cute is Louis in one direction thank you very much so don’t hate just like the wanted.

  22. elexis says

    I love the wanted because all of them are beautiful singers and they are so so so so so sexy so that is wat I think about this so nobody hate the wanted just love ther singing and there sexyness

  23. elexis says

    the wanted lover you are awesome that is good to love the wanted. they are hot, fun, funny ,sexy so wats not to love about tw so thank you for loving the wanted the wanted lover

  24. Jasmin says

    Haha The Wanted has nothing sexy unlike One Direction ufff they’re hotter and better talented sure they might be young but they got what it takes and I know all the directioners agree with me.
    1D all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jasmin says

    Seriously you said that the fame didn’t get to their heads. As if you didn’t know One Direction has helped out a lot of kids especially in Africa so don’t say that fame got to their heads. Plus The Unwanted is not even sexy there is nothing sexy about them. One Direction is the sexiest boy band.

  26. Jasmin says

    It’s all about One Direction no matter what. The Wanted may have talent but its nothing compared to One Direction.

  27. MaryanSykes says

    Maybe you should learn to actually spell Zayn’s name right which is weird because as I recall you love One Direction so much but can’t spell their names. Just shows how many fake fans there are in your stupid fanbase so maybe next time actually TRY TO MAKE SENSE WHEN YOU’RE ARGUING FOR SOME STUPID AND PATHETIC IDIOTS

  28. directioner says

    One Direction is #1 in 37 countries. How many is the Wanted?
    I love you One Direction never give up. All of your fans support you in everything you guys do. The best song ever realy is the best song ever.
    This is us will be the best movie ever made. Continue to make us fans happy and your selves. We love you One Direction keep making the best music ever.
    hopefully one day ill get to see you guys and concertand maybe meet you guys.
    I love you.
    Love your biggest directioner, Morgan <3 you

  29. directioner says

    One Diretion is #1 in 37 countries. How many is the Wated?
    I love you One Direction and us fans support you in everything you do.
    keep making the best music ever. Also keep making us fan happy and your selves as well. One Direction loves each and everyone of us fans more then anything in this world besides eachother and their family.Even if they dont know us they still love us. Hopelly one day ill get to se and meet them in person.
    We love you One Direction.
    Love you biggest Directioner,

  30. Ariana says

    I will truly be unbiased here.

    I am a Directioner, but that does NOT mean that I can’t like other bands. That is total carrot shit. I love 1D, but I do kinda like The Wanted. No, I don’t know all of their, TW, songs, but I do love some of their singles. 1D and TW are DIFFERENT music groups. It all depends on the person’s music interest if they like them or not. Their looks should NOT matter! Even though I do believe 1D has hotter members than TW, I still think TW are cute. Look at Ed Sheeran, he is not that attractive, yet he has a voice of an angel plus he has very great songs. All you carrots spelling ZAYN’S name wrong, stop. All you girls calling The Wanted, The UNwanted, that is juvenile and stupid. Stop fighting guys. All people who love music, which is everyone in the world because I have yet to find someone who hates music, should unite together and rejoice because we love a band!

  31. bushra malik says

    Its funny how you call one directions fanbase stupid. The wanted are the most awful looking people i have ever heard of. And you say they have talent errm i see no talent. A donkey dying sounds better than the wanted on a good day. How the hell has fame made one direction big headed have you people not seen red nose day how much one direction bloody gave to africa. And you call The wanted sexy how the hell can you call them sexy the bold one looks like a pigs ass. There music is the most shittest thing i have ever heard of. Just because those stupid idiots who call them selves “The wanted” are not as popular as 1d dosn’t mean there not big headed they don’t give 2 shits about there fans and how the hell can u compare them to one direction ps. one direction fans do know how to spell zayn’s name and if they don’t then they are still a true fans u can’t decide if somebody is a true fan of one directin