Nicki Minaj is the Picture of Pure Class on Her Single Cover


Nicki Minaj isn’t really known for being modest or shy with her body (bitch takes more topless selfies than Justin Bieber), but the artwork for her new single, “Anaconda” is a little much, even for Nicki. She’s clearly taking the whole “Baby Got Back” line “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun” line to heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ass shot as much as anybody, but this is a little fucking ridiculous. If Nicki bent over half an inch I could tell whether or not she bleaches her asshole, and that’s not really something I need to know.

Sometimes I think that Nicki Minaj takes the old saying “sex sells” way too fucking serious. I would legit not be surprised if her next piece of album artwork was just her pouring a bottle of champagne over her bare titties and being like “What?”

Nicki Minaj ACTUALLY makes Rihanna look demure and ladylike as fuck, which is saying something because Rihanna got kicked off fucking Instagram for showing her titties too much (RIP badgalriri).

While, I’ll totally admit that Nicki’s ass looks great in this picture, there is still something totally fucking weird about it. She kind of looks like someone came up behind her while she was trying to take a dump in the woods, yet she was kind of into it, you know? Like maybe she’s one of those girls who is into guys watching her shit. Her body is saying “Poppin’ a squat to poo”, but her eyes are saying “I see you watchin’ me poo. You into that? Mhmmmm.” Hey man, to each their own, I guess.

At the end of the day, it totally makes sense that Nicki Minaj would want to (and does) show off her ass as much as possible. The thing probably cost her a fortune, so she might as well make some money back off of it, right?



  1. hat ehoes says

    This will come back and eh bite her on the butt
    Do these black girls forgrt this is what u shit out of bet she could take a huge dump with this and what about.all the toxins in her body gross