Nicki Minaj Actually Has A Face Underneath All That Clown Makeup

nicki-minaj-shower-1-600x600 Nicki Minaj bared all to over 4 million followers on her Instagram account with some impromptu shower selfies. Not just one, but several photos and highlighted the fact that she cleans up nicely after the neon wigs and hooker makeup gets washed away.?

A fame whore will do anything for attention, and Nicki Minaj will do anything to that involves her exposing her lovely lady lumps to the general public. Even it that means succumbing to a new low in social media- the documentation of bath time. I hope this doesn?t start a trend. I?m already nauseated looking at my friend?s babies and vacation pics, the last thing I need to see are shower selfies on my Instagram feed everyday.


Upon further scholarly investigation (all of 10 seconds of research on google), the reason Mrs. Minaj posted the smutty shower pics, was to showcase her newly relaxed locks. For those of you living under a rock, a relaxer is a chemical process that turns kinky, curly hair into luscious straight tresses. You know, so your hair looks perfect like those bitches in the Pantene Pro-V commercials. If done wrong, a relaxer can cause third degree burns and break all your hair off into little strands of nothing.


Why does this matter you say? Well the famous hip-hop vocalist is soon to be releasing a line of hair care products to retail stores. Yeah, like I?m going to take notes and buy shampoo from a women who dumpster dives Lady Gaga?s old, leftover wigs before each show.?Janet Jackson & Malik Yoba Visit BET's 106 & Park

Although, when I was in high-school and went through my ?goth? stage, dying my hair all kinds of fuckery with rainbow colors, I really could have used a hair product that would stop my strands from fading into that eventual putrid green-gray hue. Maybe Nicki Minaj is on to something here!