Natalie Portman Without Makeup

Natalie Portman Looking Good

Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman, has fearlessly portrayed a number of challenging characters with grace, intelligence, and sensitivity. Unfortunately,?the thirty-one year old?comes across as such a pompous, unlikeable?bitch that it’s often difficult to appreciate her acting skill.

I wanted to take?the famous SNL digital short?that Portman starred in?with Andy Samberg as proof that she wasn’t an enormous twat after all. But I didn’t buy it. She was a good sport for doing it … I’ll give her that much … but I still feel that she was acting like someone good-natured, and she is a good actress. But she herself seems like?a stiff, uptight shrew.

She is gorgeous though, if kind of scrawny, with an elegant, high-class look that makes me want to punch her in that beautiful, fine-boned face. My inherent dislike of her makes it?that much more irritating that?Natalie Portman without makeup looks really great.

Natalie Portman Without Makeup

In the first photo of the Oscar-winner without makeup, she looks like she’s pretty pissed about having her photo taken, but is trying to be nice about it. Her eyes are a gorgeous, unusual shade of brown, her skin looks perfect, and her nose is flushed a charming shade of pink from the chilly air. Personally, I think it’s gross when a person’s?earlobe?is connected to his or her cheek the way hers is, but perhaps I’m searching a little too?hard for flaws.

The next photo was taken in?August of?this year, just a few days following her wedding. She looks healthier than usual, probably from?getting laid newlywed-style by her ballerina husband. As much as I want to deny it, Natalie Portman looks extremely beautiful without any makeup. She looks?younger than her years, fresh and pretty. But still like a bitch.

Natalie Portman Without Makeup


  1. Amber says

    Definitely a bitch although I don’t know her personally. She had quite the entitled bitch air about her during interviews. What confirmed it for me though were her comments about how exciting it is to have a bad economy. I also think she politics are indicative of that as well. She’s pretty but not gorgeous. My boyfriend who knew her in school said she was pretty but WAS not considered the hottest girl in high school. Her acting is adequate but that’s about it. She was good in some movies though. Her acting in Closer or in Black Swan was quite overrated though.

  2. bambii27 says

    to call someone a shrew, a bitch…well and scrutinizing for flaws.
    All I can say is what you see in others is what you see in yourself.

  3. IlooklikeETwithoutmascara says

    I think she’s stunning. I look good without makeup, but I would look better if I had thicker eyebrows and lashes. I HAVE to wear eye make-up every day just to look human. LOL.

  4. whatru says

    i think she’s beautiful with/without makeup. Maybe not the most beautiful woman in the world but beautiful nonetheless. She’s an awesome actress. “Definitely a bitch although I don

  5. Richard David says

    She a massive C. U. N. T. She’s C. U. N. T. ON CRACK! Her T. W. A. T. is ICE COLD. She S. U. C. K. S. as an actress!

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