Miley Cyrus Without Makeup

Miley Cyrus hot

Miley Cyrus is back on the music scene with a vengeance. Raunchier, blonder, skinnier, and of course, more baked than ever before, the singer and former star of Disney show Hannah Montana has everyone talking.

Seemingly on a quest to become the new Rihanna, she has all but branded the term ?twerk? as hers and adopted an urban sound on her album where first single ?We Cant Stop? was a hit. The starlet, who has starred in various films including ?The Last Song?, has the support of her Hunger Games movie star fianc?, Liam Hemsworth whom she shares a home with. Although it was initially a shock when Miley chopped off her long locks and replaced them with a Pink-esque short dramatic cut, it didn’t defer away from her beauty. If anything it drew more attention to her blue oval eyes. Miley Cyrus without makeup looks less sexed up than usual.

Miley Cyrus without makeup

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking you were looking at the photo of a teenage boy. Skin wise, she has a healthy appearance and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate need for foundation. A swirl of blusher wouldn’t go amiss. Not for the purpose of hiding any blemishes though, as they are non existent here and seeing as she looks fair she isn’t even hiding any blotchyness under a tan. Her cheeks would look more alive and definitive which we are used to seeing as she is usually glowing with a highlighted face.

Miley make up free on the beach has taken on a slight reddish tone. Her eyes look small but not tiny. Her pale lips could be the biggest difference to her usual look as she enjoys coating her lips in vivid glossy red lip sticks. The darker shades do have an aging effect so this natural look is actually a refreshing change.

Miley Cyrus no makeup


  1. Will Mendes says

    Wow…another creepy looking hillbilly …those aren’t ears…those are CAB DOORS…..nasty.

  2. Tomdanks says

    Wow, watch what you choose to say about anyone asshole. Show some respect for her as a human being , we all deserve that much at least, don’t we?

  3. Rosalie says

    Are you for real ? Lets see what YOU look like. Does it even MATTER what she looks like ? Although she is a gorgeous young woman. The point is she has a good singing voice – that’s what counts because she IS a singer. As to what they say she has turned into … well like any other teen/adult out there she is growing and changing her style and becoming her own person. Hopefully, like most other young people , this will settle down as she finds her own niche. As long as people don’t rag on her all the time as they have with so many others, putting totally unrealistic expectations and pressures on her.

  4. Amanda Fowler says

    Are YOU for real? This girl enraptured young girls all over the world only to be a youtube sensation smoking hallucinogenic drugs, publicly partying, and sleeping with countless random men. Miley Cyrus quickly became the next Lindsey Lohan. Thanks for making our daughters love you just to become a whore Miley….great role model.

  5. Samantha says

    miley do whatever the F you want these Bitches are so Jealous of all you got, stick that tongue. way out and tell everyone to SUCK IT.


  6. Ashanti Mc says

    That’s right Miley, do whatever the F you want. Don’t blame her for the way your daughters turn out. You’re responsible for your own. If Miley wants to express her self in that form, “kudos” to her. Keep doing you girl.

  7. ram3973 says

    I propose a variant on this line of thinking. Everyone is born deserving the respect of others… but our actions determine if we get to keep that respect. Miley lost her claim to it the instant she lost her mind.

  8. LG* says

    K.I.S.!! -xoxo

  9. Stina777 says

    For GOD’S sake! Everyone needs to just let it go! You need to quit bringing her up to even talk about, cause is Miley someone so important that she should always be on your mind?! Folks…do you even think she cares about you or even wants to know who you are? NO. Try not to forget that it is all about herself & this little trick that really does ‘think’ she is looking sexy or even someone to want….well lady, I got news for you…Nobody wants a little hoochy-mama skanky dirty lil’ ho!

  10. Carolyn Labossiere says

    Not that crazy about her type of music, just not my taste. But a lot of people do . I will not judge her. Only one person has a right to do that. And Its sure not any of the name callers on here. Talking the way you have and the name calling , What makes you think your any better. I was always told It takes a whore and a skank to know one. She done nothing that a lot stars haven’t done. She just the one in the news right now.

  11. mariah bendellaz says

    Miley!…Miley!…Miley! its gross behavior you shouldn’t be encouraging it with all of the publicity everyone is giving her. HER FANBASE WAS TEENS!!! for gods sakes dont encourage it even more by arguing. And miley put your toungue back in your mouth you were plenty fine before you went cray cray!

  12. Honey says

    I agree Martha, Miley is beautiful and jealous people should leave her alone. Miley is very talented and very young.

  13. coolio says

    news flash…guys want girls who do drugs, drink, party and are good in bed. not your ole morman ass.

  14. Randy Tomlinson - Filmdirector says

    Gorgeous young woman? Good singing voice? You must be Blind and Deaf.
    In all fairnes: I used to love that girl. I am 46 and yes i have seen Hannah Montana, the girlie teenage flick. I watched it not for the sacke of entertainment but to learn from other Film Directors / DP amd i admit i liked her. But the thing she does today is just disgusting.

  15. Isabella B. Awesome says

    I honestly don’t like what she’s doing now, but if she thinks it’s right, who am I to judge? I think you should all leave her alone and let her do her thing.

  16. Mick Russom says

    What a sad lost little girl who does vile disgusting thing poisoning the youth. A little pig woman lost soul.

  17. CJ McCullough says

    Miley Cyrus must be on drugs! You can envy and support this already used up young whore if you want, but what self respecting man would bring that thing home to Mom? Pleeezzzee she comes across as filthy nasty HO! She is sickening and if I had young children, I would never let them even watch Hannah Montana! She has disrespected her own self!

  18. Sam says

    Are you even kidding me right now? No young girl is going to see that performance, and the hypocritical ridiculous out of proportion reactions and think “I should do that too”. Even then, the kids she was a role model for are now 13 – 17 years old.

  19. Sam says

    What a ridiculous opinion! You see semi-naked women everywhere in the media, as soon as it’s a post-child star you think she’s some rancid monster. It should not be a problem that a woman is sexual. If anything, what about the man she was grinding on whom is married with children? He just let her do that, and even has a version of his music video which features topless women!

  20. leele says

    I am a mother of a teenage girl and not because a singer/actress acts the way they do I will let that influence my daughter’s actions. People come on, it all starts from home. I also believe that dancing, cursing or making weird gestures it is going to make individuals be good or bad, and if so who are we to judge? I believe the only one perfect is our almighty God.

  21. Billa says

    Every human being is God’s creation. It is not appropriate to find faults in physical form of human beings because someone might do the same for us.
    I think real beauty lies in nature and living a natural, cosmetic free, healthy life can make you adorable and beautiful.

  22. Michael M says

    You are possibly the most stupid human ever to voice an opinion? A good voice? Yes, if you’re comparing to the sounds that come from a slaughter house, maybe. Even then, just maybe. Look at every comment under yours you useless piece of shit. You are deaf, or just a fucking retard. Either way, you opinion is as stupid as the rest of your comment.

  23. Fred says

    I wonder what any of you people would have been like with a net worth of 150 million dollars at 20 years old?

  24. omgwat says

    what??? shE IS REAL PERSOn?? but… HOw??!?!
    sshE LOOK liKE HTAT NO MAK EUP@???
    i dont uNDERSTAND???????

  25. Bailey says

    Wow, some of you people are so rude! Would you say such hateful things to her face? Probably not, but it looks like you have no problem spewing your hatred all over the internet. She is a multimillionaire, stared in numerous movies and tv shows, and released more albums than any of you have AND she is twenty years old. What where you doing when you were twenty? Having a good time? Making the most out of life? So what she parties, shes not the only one. Shame on you for behaving so rudely.

  26. Samantha says

    ohmygosh, a great disappointment you dear are. :) “email me girl”? srsly? hahaha boo you whore! 😉

  27. Samantha says

    she could do the fuck she wants with her life as long as kids dont get to see her shakin em flat anus around like she got big ones.

  28. Samantha says

    i really give no shit if she goes naked as long as DECENT *actual* PEOPLE dont get to see her. it’s like she’s throwing her cat at everyone and she’s so annoying, like you.. oops :)

  29. joseph perser says

    I hope she plans on being single for a long time cause nobody unless there druggys or lunatics want a girl with boy short ugly hair an covered in hideous tattoos an looks sick without makeup she’s a freak an a slutty weirdo I wouldn’t touch her with a 100 foot pole she was cute on the Hannah Montana show I really liked her then but now her recent changes are too shocking an devastating to bear or think about I can’t even listen to her sing anymore she was so innocent but now she’s a sinful servent of Satan I almost cried when I saw her changes

  30. voice says

    “sinful servant of satan”? Jesus dude, calm down. I honestly have no opinion on her for a number of reasons. The biggest is that she’s only 20, probably incredibly naive, so let her learn herself what she’s done to herself, witch I must say, really isn’t much. She’s a pop star, so how about we just not give two fucks about what she’s doing? Also, honestly, if her actions are “devistaiting” you, and nearly bring you to tears, perhaps you shouldn’t be exposed to any sort of media entertainment, as for it seems you don’t have a grip on reality. She’s not a relative, close friend, aquatint, or anything to you, so if it really affected you that much, that in itself is just sad. Also, the bit about you not wanting to touch her with a hundred foot pole, sorry to break it to you buddy, but the girl probably wouldn’t even acknowledge your existence, so I really doubt you’d have to worry about that.
    Although, I don’t think many women would, seeing as how crappy your attitude is and your blind judgement. Frankly, you’re very obviously the hypocritical, overly religious type. Now, before you try and flame me, or any one else for that matter, I have no problem with religion, in fact I have a lot of respect for people who hold the beliefs, and are guided by it, but you’re the type I don’t like. You’re just a rude and generally unpleasant person. In short, pull your head out of your ass.

  31. Aililis says

    For all of you that hate her. Don’t read articles about her, don’t post negative things about her. She doesn’t read this, she doesn’t care. The only thing you’re doing is making someone who likes her flame you. This goes for any celebrity. Why should you waste your valuable time on someone that only makes you angry or whatever? It’s not affecting their life, only yours.

  32. Thiiis biiiish says

    All these comments are hilarious to me. Those against and for her. You people spend all this time wasted on lavish media brats. There are plenty of Mileys and Lindseys out there and no one cares, no one feels bad for or against them. First off who didnt see this coming? If so, slap yourself youre an idiot. Second who cares? if you do slap your self and get a life. You want her to quit shaking her lack of an ass in front of your kids? Then quit searching her youtubing her watching her shows. When she comes on the radio turn it when shes on tv turn it. To the guy who wants the drug addicted STD toting girlfriend… goodluck to you jack! Im sure your accidental daughter will make a good whore for you to pimp out. Youre just as pathetic as Miley and the rest of society who believes that celebs are to be worshipped along with football. You weirdos created these monsters… and now you whine and complain?! You idolized these idiots, begged them to do stupid crap, and then trashed them for doing it. Try turning your tvs off and spending time with your kids… or do you even remember how to do that anymore?

  33. Thiiis biiiish says

    Youre the kinda person that would buy their daughter a porn star tee to fit in with the other girls huh

  34. DuntGiiveAShiit says

    Thiss Biiish ! I Fooking Rate you!!! <3 What you sed makes soo much sence so what if miley does what she is doing now she dont even know any of you lot remmeber your just a FAN! WITHout u guys she wouldnt even come this FAR! however she aint gonna be Hannah montana forever shes basically an adult she aint sum 17 year old teenager anymore ! its like u want her to be like that even wen she turns 50 that will be wrong den u guys will have sumthing to talk about. your all just bored with your lives so instead you go fukin up others first of all LOOK AT YOUR OWN KIDS im sure they do exactually what miley is doing behind your stupid pathetic backs and for those who says shes a whore and that she should be a role model i suggest you SHUT THE FUCK UP i dont remmeber miley giving birth to your kids in fact related to any of your kids. only YOU are!! since you gave birth to it and you all have no rights to call her a whore! shes not the one who ended up with kids im sure half of you women dont kno the father of your kids infact im sure u guys fucked more mans than miley did so get the fuck over your selves ! and concentrate on whats going on with your own lives -.-' i rest my case

  35. Dan says

    Wow you sure have a temper. why dont you do a youtube search for “Miley cyrus Jolene” and then tell me she doesent have a good voice.

  36. asshatter says

    I’d rather see everyone and anyone devoid of the plague of makeup and coverups, the stuff is as useless as commercials

  37. Melissa says

    I guess I shouldn’t say danced in their underwear just meant too sexy, skimpy or could be deemed inappropriate attire. Let me add lady Gaga

  38. Dee Capitate says

    If your affraid miley may be a bad role model why dont you be a good mother figure so u dont have to worrie about media amd your kids lol its your job to make sure your kids dont grow up to be a mess, not miley who clearly has her own tbings in life to worrie about. Haha she didnt sign up to be a role model or lead sheep, shes doing her own thing end of story. Why dont u get off the conputer and make sure ur daugter isnt turni g into a slut? :b

  39. Shola says

    Anyone who feels that Miley is a role model come on now. She doing all type of drug for example Molly which is mix with a lot of different drug like crack, cocaine, and xtasy come on now. I understand she has a beautiful voice and is very talented but running around with different rappers always having her tongue out is someone who need to get her mind right. As for me growing up I didn’t do drugs or hanging out with a bunch of guys. It’s alright to have fun cause she young but be responsible she not a child any more she a grown woman who need to ache like one. And for those who feel that a man only want women who parties and do drugs and have good sex need to get his mind check.

  40. Mim says

    It must be difficult for her to be so homely in Hollywood. I think that’s why she acts out. That, and the fact the she’s a tacky, delusional, self-absorbed psycho whore. I used to be all for freedom of speech & expresion but honestly she’s an embarrassement to the country, womankind and her parents. Something needs to be done about her. She’s beyond offensive.

  41. PB says

    Money Corrupts … she is making stupid decisions she will regret, but all you have to do is stop watching her videos, and stop listening to her music if you don’t like her. She is still a child, I feel sorry for her. She’s has all this talent, all this opportunity, and no one she trusts to protect her.

  42. Mark says

    Yes, I’ve seen that video. Though not as good as Dolly Parton’s original version, it IS quite good. She DOES have a good voice, no question about it. However, if her current style trend keeps up the way it is, she’s going to fizzle out and fade into oblivion. If she’s lucky, she won’t end up like another Lindsay Lohan.

  43. Mark says

    BEAUTIFUL? Maybe the way she USED TO look. How about YOU getting y our hair cut the way she has it now! How about making rauncy borderline-pornographic videos and see how much you like it.

  44. tish says

    miley didn’t want to be a role model, like any other teen she wants to find her self, sorry that your daughter seems to have to look else where other than you or most importantly herself on who to become and how to act…. take responsibility as a parent and stop shoving “role model” status down celebrities throats!

  45. morgan says

    Dude stop with the fucking slut-shaming. She was with the same person for years, not running around having sex with a bunch of people. If a little bit of skin offends you, you need to go dig a hole somewhere and live in it. Nudity doesn’t have to be your cup if tea, but you don’t have to be a prick and only put out negative that will harm people. Why don’t you turn the other way, or turn of your computer if you don’t like what you see? Oh and btw, you have no idea if she disrespects her self HINTS its her own SELF and not your opinion thats basing it.

  46. Nicole says

    She might do drugs not sure, and if she does, I bet half of you bastards fucked more men than she’s smoked blunts.

  47. lana says

    jesus Amanda bynes, you can say everything on twitter, but it’s so sick to hurt someone, Amanda bynes is a bitch

  48. Your Conscience says

    @Amanda Fowler:
    And YOU’RE just as shitty a role model for describing a young woman as a “whore”. I hope you don’t have children, especially daughters, but if you do they’re in for years of therapy.

    It’s 2013, people… it is tragic that we have not moved beyond celebrating male stars for their promiscuous behavior, graphic lyrics, and skimpy attire (Mick Jagger, anyone?) while calling female stars who do the exact same things whores. This kind of disgusting mentality is why some people, even those in our legal system, are still blaming the victim in rape cases.

    Why in the world do people even care if the girl wears skimpy clothes? At least she isn’t singing about beating her spouse… or doing it, as in Chris Brown’s case (I notice he’s still a big celebrity after hitting his girlfriend, but I guess that’s okay because he’s a MAN.).

    And will people shut the eff up about her looks? She made #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100… so, very obviously, some people think she is gorgeous. Some don’t. I just find it funny that a bunch of adults are on here bashing a girls in her early 20’s. Shame on you. Pathetic. Let me clear this up for all y’all hateful folks:

    If you’re an older woman taking the time to bash Miley Cyrus then please be aware that no matter what you’re going to say EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET IS GOING TO ASSUME YOU’RE JUST AN INSECURE, NASTY WOMAN.

    If you’re an older man on here taking the time out of your day to bash Miley Cyrus, then please be aware that not matter what you’re going to say EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET IS GOING TO ASSUME YOU HAVE SOME SORT OF BIZARRE SHAME ISSUE WITH SEX, HATE WOMEN, OR THAT YOU’RE GAY/STRAIGHT AND HAVE MOTHER ISSUES OR WEIRD SEXUAL HANGUPS.

  49. stfu says

    stfu.. leave her alone.. u a jealous ass bitch.. her mom dont care so why do you?? dumb ass bitch needs to stfu.. hatein ass hoe.

  50. DisWis says

    Quite an amount of different opinions and meanings, yet fact is that celebs will always be in the eye of the media and thereby the people. Sadly said people have an uncharacteristic habit of badmouthing and judging. I’m by far no fan of any celeb, nor am I a hater. They’re entertainers and as soon as they fail to entertain me, I lose interest. That’s the simple truth. They owe no one nothing, and you don’t owe them anything. If you’re still stuck up on hating, then perhaps you’d like to see how it is to be judged by a mob that has an overall superficial understanding of the person they’re defaming. Ranting and gossiping of hairy old pedo-bears and old used aunts is what scares much more talent from ever even considering a career in entertainment.

  51. lalala says

    Wow guys. Sure what miley did was outrageous but that doesn’t mean you have to go on like she killed somebody. If she wants to dance half naked and shake her butt around then leave her. She came into the music industry to entertain. Not to become a role model. Despite all she’s done wrong, she is miley at the end of the day and she does have feelings. Don’t judge her cos she started twerking. Girls all over the world make videos of themselves twerking. But when miley does it, everybody loses their minds. Goodness people. Chill out a bit.

  52. Lisa K. says

    Guys who only care about those 4 things are trash themselves!No women or girl should EVER lower her standards for those type of guys-they are never worth it!Don’t go putting down Mormons or anyone else who actually happens to have standards.I would rather be single my whole life than dress and act like a tramp just to get a man’s attention!!

  53. Oh Sam says

    if you’d ever been a teenage girl, you’d know there’s no one in the world more likely to do exactly as miley do than a girl between the ages 13-17. Did you notice how everyone else but a teen girl hated twilight? Did you notice how everyone else in the world except a teen girl hated bieber? “Oh look at this weird blue eyed quirky rebel girl who makes funny faces and smiles and parties and has cool friends in her videos and everyone in the world knows who she is and she’s on the cover of teen magazine…inspiring young girls everywhere to do what they want. Let’s be nothing like her.” No. I don’t think you understand the mind of a teenage girl at all.

  54. Oh Dee says

    It shouldn’t be a mom’s job to have complete responsibility over the outcome of their kids. Teen girls are at the age where they don’t want to listen to their moms, they want to figure out society for themselves. Once those kids get mature enough to think for themselves, it isn’t the mother’s ‘job’ to lead sheep them around in the world, it’s actually now your responsibility as a human being to encourage the healthy growth of other human beings and give them a good society to grow up in. Maybe you could start by being less concerned about miley, and more concerned about women in your life, like mothers and young girls, and stop reducing them to roles like ‘slut’, or a mom whose job in life is to fix society’s problems, rear children, and not be allowed 5 minute conputer breaks? Teen girls are constantly seeking role models, they believe anything they read, so keep that in mind when you post your opinions about them on the internet, be respectful.

  55. oh CJ says

    agreed, that was slut shaming. What the hell is the point of this ‘self respect’ model of yours you speak so highly of if the way you respect others is so whack? You think women on this planet are going to respect you the way you tell them you expect to be respected when you say shit like that about them? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. You can respect yourself however you please, but it isn’t going to do you any good in life if people around you are treating you the way you are treating them. And if I were a mom, and my daughter brought you home, and you said something like that about miley cyrus, I would think that’s how you would treat other girls and like hell you’d be finishing that supper. And as a woman, I sure as hell wouldn’t support my friends in dating you either. So if you want any other woman than your mom in your life (She’s there for you because she has to be, dear, and you’re embarassing her) you better start treating women like human beings.

  56. Grammar Totalitarian says

    Sorry, misspellings really annoy me. I’m so sorry if you’re colorblind and can’t see the red lines beneath your mistakes.

  57. Grammar Totalitarian says

    So… is everyone commenting here living south of the Mason-Dixon line or what?

  58. Grammar Totalitarian says

    G F Urself… Who do you think u are?
    You’ve nvr done anythng crazy or outlandish… evn in ur 20’s?
    I’m sorry for u then. U surely missed out.
    Maybe u jst wish u were her.
    Or maybe, jst maybe u tried some of the same and ur still nowhere more than but havin 2 much time on ur hands and now ur jst all la la la’in all by urself.

  59. Jaanika says

    why do people do this.. everybody has the right to be without makeup..1 day and everybody are shocked . like every celebrity has been without makeup and still everybody is making comments.i think these videos of her being naked and those pictures are more worse than this. that’s just that everyday woman and why should she wear makeup at the beach??

  60. Britney says

    I am a teenager and Im sure all the parents have their opinion on how Miley is showing bad behavior. In my opinion she is just trying to grow up and this is the quickest way. She isn’t a little girl anymore. She has a wonderful fiance, even though I really wished her and Nick Jonas got back together. Just let her grow up and experience what she needs to. You did so let her. Media is always trying to make a story. Jeeez :p

  61. Ruth says

    So the fact that this woman is a millionaire and you aren’t is based on what? They are millions of people who wish they could sing but they can’t, they just don’t have the talent. Millions of people want to be actors but they can’t because they have no talent. Every singer or actor works hard to make it in the business. Even if they are the child of a celebrity, they have to have some talent otherwise they won’t make it.

  62. Ruth says

    Unfortunately we live in a country where people still have the freedom to do what they want. We can’t live other people’s lives or dictate their behavior. Miley isn’t a stupid woman, she wanted her career to go in a different direction and she did whatever she needed to do to control her future. She knows exactly what she is doing. Now she is making more money than she ever did and that’s exactly what she wanted to achieve.

  63. Hug says

    You obviously secretly have some interest in her. Otherwise you wouldnt bother commenting in so many others comments. Or you wouldnt bother checking out this article. Hypocrite! Grow up, teenage girl ????

  64. Hug says

    I love how judgmental yall are! Haha you only know her based on PUBLICITY! Not by actually hanging out with her as a non celebrity. Geeze all these haters are amusing. If you dont like her, then why bother reading the damn article???

  65. RaQstone says

    Do unto others as you’d like to be done onto you or yours. When you choose to open your mouth, let it be to build not to break. Until you put on her shoes you really don’t know how you’d wear it. Until one puts on the armour of God, Satan will use all the tricks to penetrate, so don’t get caught-up in Satan’s trap by being unkind to one who you may think has strayed from the path, instead pray for her then let it go and let God, otherwise YOU who profess to know right from wrong is actually more lost and really, if she was your child what would you want society to do? ‘Bash her, beat her down and break her or remind her of how talented, beautiful and brilliant she has been as an awesome star for so long and that she possess the ability and strenght to maintain her blessing and regain control?’ Isn’t that what you’d want somebody to say to your child? Rally around her and give her strenght. Be your brother’s keeper. What goes around comes around. Use wisdom! One love!!! Always RaQs…

  66. Bella says

    She is one Beautiful woman! Just because you hate her in some way doesnt mean you have the right to say shit about her. She Is beautiful and amazing and wonderful! shes a great and wonderful singer. Its Your opinion so keep it to yourself. Werent you tought the golden rule? treat others the way you want to be treated and if you have nothing good to say then dont day anything at all. So If your just gonna bash on miley then i would just stop talking. She is amazing and wonderful. shes my role model and has been since i was like 11. im 16 now. so leave her alone

  67. Dawn says

    I’m sorry but I’m with Dee. I would hope that I have raised my daughter to know right from wrong. I would hope that she realizes that if she acts like Beyonce, Miley, Rhianna, and Lady Gaga the outcome will b e the same. She would see the way the media responds (which oddly enough even though all of them act the same, Miley is pointed out as the “slut”) Teens will always want to explore but it is your job as a parent to continuously be involved in your child’s life. Unless of course you are ready to host some of these celebs at your house and have them sit down and talk to your kids the way you should be talking to them.

  68. Eric says

    What kind of respect is owed someone who doesn’t deserve it? This girl is a pig, and she’s definitely earned the title!

  69. kay peterson says

    Miley is obviously the victim of a greedy agent. A modern day Judy Garland. She is not natrually thin, so wether she’s been given substances to assist this or tipped over to fanatical thinking on keeping thin that adds to mental imbalance combined with some substance abuse she is clearly on the same paths as other young celebtities who show few boundries and then crash. She’s no real threat to teens with smart parents who can point this out and tell their daughters to watch the girls devolution over the coming stages. Miley has talent and has not needed to rush to grab dollars by repeatedly perfoming and becoming so trashily cheap. Her agent may be in a rush for money and sadly her parents aren’t bothered enough or capable enough to set limits on becoming a vulnerable time bomb to be remembered as a brief slut perfomer.Child stars are vulnerable without a steady family infleuence that encourage some educational expectations and work out how to maintain some solid normal life values, living patterns while maintaining suffient family interaction.

  70. kay peterson says

    I agree. Young girls may mimic her songs at worst, but fully clothed.That age group is into mostly hiding their bodies. They annoyingly clog up all the womens the toilets when there is school swimming as most won’t dare get changed in the open all female dressing rooms at swimming pools!

  71. Nate says

    miley is the dopest girl out there. she has her shit together and knows exactly how to strategically get attention in the media keeping her one of the most famous people in the world. her songs are amazing, and fun, and posititve. she puts feeling and a lot of thought into her songs which is what an artist should do! she grew up with her fans that she had when she was hannah montana (like me) and now we all grew up and so did she, and now im into the same things she does BEFORE she came out with her new album. shes growing up with her fans and i think its fucking great.

  72. Slurp On Miley! says

    All i can say when i see her, is MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, You know Like Mmmmmm When you eat an M&M. So lets just call her MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  73. giu giu says

    Ognuno nella vita fa quello che vuole…vi scandalizzate di Miley Cyrus quando le sue colleghe fanno le stesse cose e anche di peggio…se non vi piace non la fate guardare alle vostre figlie..punto e basta e poi che c’entra che lei

  74. LordofFullmetal says

    Ok. Anyone who goes into a performance job where they are likely to be watched by a lot of people, and then cries out ‘Oh but I never signed up to be a role model’ is delusional. Humans are biologically programmed to mimic others. so that argument is freaking stupid. Also you obviously have no children, or you treat them like crap. Because you have a very unrealistic expectation of what children are like and how they can be controlled.

  75. LordofFullmetal says

    That’s not true. Paris Hilton. Cannot act, cannot sing. Still somehow famous. Does nothing whatsoever.

  76. LordofFullmetal says

    She’s not ACTING like an adult. Obviously you’re not one, or you just grew up in a very weird way. That’s not growing up. I believe the dictionary definition has something to do with maturity.

  77. naoma says

    She shows too much GUM LINE with her smile. Tone it down a bit. On second thought, why doesn’t she just “lay low” for a couple of years until she gets some good sense?

  78. naoma says

    No way. No way is ANYONE jealous of her. I think you may mean “envious.”
    But she can suck anything she wishes. Keep that tongue in her mouth is
    the best advice I can give. Looks like a dog doing that.

  79. Integra says

    Actually yes I would say half the things here to her face the way she is presenting herself just seems too much the guy she was with for so long even thought the things she’s doing is too much and I don’t go out and party doing drugs and drinking or having sex I don’t consider that making the most out of life

  80. ehe says

    To stfu…
    You need to go back to grade two. Can you understand this? Here let me interpret in your spelling.

    U need 2 lern 2 spell u dum f&#%

  81. silkyway says

    Wow, look at all these crazy comments abou Miley. I think she looks perfectly fine without makeup. It’s the hair that I don’t like on her. But whatever. As far as a role model, she has purposely taken steps in her career that took her out of the role model for kids category. She has a right to not be pegged into a teenybopper category, and she is ultra talented, so I don’t blame her. LindseyLohan, not as talented, imo. Selena Gomez is doing the same thing as Miley, imo. It is a disappointement for us parent at first but we get over it and move on to the next age appropriate thing for or kids.

  82. kim says


  83. Ashalyn says

    As much as many of you complain about Miley you have to admit unless you live under a rock you know who she is and are familiar with her music. As much as a disagree with how it is being handled the girl is a marketing genius. Her songs hit #1 and even if you don’t like it you still for some reason when you hear them (which a lot of radios play) you get the song stuck in your head (Wrecking Ball is my biggest one). I don’t really think she is as bad as she acts more just a marketing ploy that everyone falls for. I have to give the girl a ton of credit and despite her behavior she is a natural beauty. Not many people can look that good without makeup. Give the girl a ton of credit free publicity for behavior is a HUGE thing. Especially when your songs are catchy and you can get get people talking. Her whole thing is growing up and that has definitely happened and I don’t see her career going away anytime soon.

  84. Pajj says

    Smh. Okay, number one; I am definitely not jealous of Miley Cyrus, with or without make-up, whether she sings the greatest song in the world or writes the worst song in the world, I don’t really care. But, what I do care about is her music videos, and yes, I know she’s doing it for the views but seriously… I’m sure lots of people remember Miley as a sweet and innocent Disney Star and I’m not the first to say that, that has changed a WHOLE lot. C’mon, singing songs about partying (“It’s our party we can do what we want”) and being high (“I’m in the club, high off purp with some shades on”) and nobody can forget the swinging naked. She forgets that young people think it’s cool to do those things, when it really isn’t!

    The Wrecking Ball thing doesn’t really bother me because it has a meaning and to be quite honest, there isn’t many celebrities that haven’t posed naked in a picture or a video. But as I said, children watch her videos and can find it inappropriate.

  85. Ivy Howard says

    Miley’s gorgeous, she’s my role model, if that means I’m gonna turn into a whore, because apprantly she is, then fucking fine, she’s just going through a lot right now, and ignorant bitches like you need to get a life, and stop hating on her, and acting like the video for Wrecking Ball, was a mistake, because it wasn’t, it was beautiful, and I love her. Your opinion of her could honestly matter less, to any of her TRUE fans.

  86. morgan says

    okay news flash, I was one of those “young girls” who liked her back in the day. guess what? SHE GREW UP AND SO DID I. Case closed. people grow up

  87. A child says

    If you blame Miley for being a bad influence on your kids, maybe you should reconsider and actually talk to your children and as parents be involved, on a human, and less controlling level. You cant blame Miley for YOU being a shit parent.

  88. Anna says

    Im a14 year old girl and I think everyone is making such a huge deal out of Miley! She was so beautiful before when she had long curly brown hair and was a good singer and role model, and now she has changed everything she is still beautiful but in a different way. Your right she is a bad role model now but there have been worse role models and come on, don’t be stupid TEENAGE GIRLS CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!!!! Really it’s up to them if they decide to copy Miley’s bad ways and if they do it’s not Miley’s fault they made the decision to copy her!

  89. Anna says

    Jesus Christ people stop hating on Miley!! Personally I think she was so beautiful before she changed to her new look which I personally do not like but lots of people do like it so shut up everyone! Also just think about how difficult her life has been for the past year or two? Her parents split up and she splits up with her fianc

  90. IDK says

    I don’t have a problem with the way Miley dresses or talks, I just think that it is sad how she is smoking which will eventually screw her over – and I want this bitch to stay around for a long time. And I agree with ‘A Child’ : “If you blame Miley for being a bad influence on your kids, maybe you should reconsider and actually talk to your children and as parents be involved, on a human, and less controlling level. You cant blame Miley for YOU being a shit parent.” LOL #INTERNET FIGHTS :)

  91. ashleylouise23 says

    Like really eh?? She’s a 21 year old woman who is coming into her own, having a fun rich-ass life and any other 21 would do the same. I am (semi) Christian woman and understand that shaking your ass naked in front of millions isnt the best choice – but ya know what? She has an amazing bod, she’s a performer! She knows exactly what she is doing and loving every minute of it. It isn’t about being a role model… She made it known years ago that she wanted to be completely disassociated from Disney and her fans from Hannah Montana are likely 15-18 now and moving on with their lives. I am also a mother to a 4 year old, and I plan to raise him properly and explain that yeah, there are sexy, beautiful women out there who do these things. People go through weird fazes and Im sure she will grow out of this, too. Obviously you wouldnt marry someone like that, but perhaps one day she will understand the true meaning of life, and be ready to settle down and have a family. Until then, rock on miley

  92. South of the Mason-Dixon says

    There’s a difference in being a grammar freak and being a totally ignorant douchebag. You’re doing very well with both. Not everyone below the Mason Dixon is illiterate, just as not everyone above it is MENSA material. So unless you want to look like an idiot along with the rest of these fools commenting, I’d quit while you’re ahead.

    Not illiterate, also not inbred, still, somehow, below the Mason Dixon line 😉

  93. Sparhawk122 says

    I was just skimming this article because I was a tad bored and happened on your comment where you generalised everyone into categories upon the view you hold. I’m bewildered as to why you would delude yourself as to why people who bash Miley for acting as she does in front off millions when she signed up to be a star. Then later came to realise the effect she has on young teens around the world are, any of those things. And what does being gay or straight have to do with anything… Anyhow, no offence but Miley if anything seems to be imitating other stars probably in order to generate the extra publicity in order to be in the cool club and get out of the an innocent kid club.

  94. Sparhawk122 says

    But if she were ugly you wouldn’t be standing up for her. How materialistic and shallow… And Very American.

  95. Sparhawk122 says

    And your response lacks an objective opinion with actual justifiable backing. And numerous profanity for one who lacks a vocabulary. End.

  96. Rando says

    Before you go crazy over Mile Cyrus, ask yourself this:

    “WHO CARES? WHO THE FUCK CARES?” Because what she does doesn’t affect you if you don’t LET it affect you. It’s not YOUR life, and commenting on some blog isn’t going to change Miley Cyrus’ life. Try to IGNORE the things you don’t like in life, unless you can do something about it. And in this situation you CAN’T do anything about it.

  97. ikky_nikky says

    So a 16 year old girl without proper grammar education has magically become my mother and can tell me what I can and cannot do? Shove it, Barbie. Anyone here can speak their mind as they please.

  98. ikky_nikky says

    WWell…ahem. if you’ll read above what was previously stated a little more slowly you might actually begin to process and digest what was being said…and thus determine why “thiiis biiiish” is here…! ready…set…GO!

  99. ikky_nikky says

    Well… partially true. But like it or not she’s a role model whether she wanted to be or not. She wanted to sing and act and being a role model Is a responsibility that comes with that territory. However, young women have to learn to think for themselves eventually, So mothers… lets hope you all taught your daughters well enough to decide alone who is a good role model to follow and who is not! Cheers!

  100. ikky_nikky says

    Well I can most certainly say… I would be the same as I am now. With 150 million more than I’m worth now 😀

  101. ikky_nikky says

    What’s wrong with having tattoos and short hair? Oh you’re someone who looks at cosmetics before you date right? Pathetic. There’s more than just outer beauty to a person.

  102. Down2earth says

    I agree Miley isn’t all that pretty without all her make-up, photo shop and all the work she has had done on her teeth and hair!

  103. blah says

    I think that something is in Disney’s water, they give it to the female singers, and ruin them from 12-18 and then toss them to the wolves and let them fend for themselves. No wonder so many go down a rocky path before finding themselves. However, I truly enjoy seeing Miley ruin (very well planned and executed), the image that her dear ol daddy had planned for his lil princess. Way to go Miley, keep it up! Remember girl, if they are sayin your name, its good publicity and that makes for more cash! Just remind everyone, being on stage, being a “character” is just that, it is who you are to your closest friends behind closed doors that really matter!

  104. kerainey says

    arnese, You must have forgotten what Miley, herself, said in an interview: “And yes, I want to be a role model and have people look up to me.”
    Therefore, your comment is meaningless.

  105. kerainey says

    akg, respect should ALWAYS be given freely, just because… now if a person does something to lose that respect, they need to earn it back.

  106. nathan says

    She is owned by Disney and other corporations. She doesn’t “know what she’s doing” she does what she’s told and companies make millions of dollars off her, and perpetuate relative morality in society.

  107. MalloryKnoxx says

    Please tell me you’ve been wholesome your whole life and have never gone through a phase and have never made a mistake. It’s not this girls responsibility to raise your damn kids. Turn that TV off, put that iPad, iPod!, and iPhone up if you have a problem with what’s playing. This girl has a right to go grow up, make mistakes, learn shit the hard way, and have regrets. Quit trying to hold the TV responsible for raising your children.

  108. Jamie. says

    Why is it any of our business? You can’t control what she does and no matter how much it pisses you off, she’s still going to do whatever she wants and the only thing that you’re doing by shoving your opinion out there is making it worse.

  109. Littlemomma says

    She is beautiful without makeup. She is a very beautiful girl and she is talented and smart. I am not a fan and I was appalled by her wrecking ball video but I do not judge her. She is young and rich and famous. Let her have her fun. I did crazy things when I was her age too. But I grew up. She will too. People need to get over it and let the girl enjoy her youth. Just my two cents. :-p

  110. Littlemomma says

    Thanks for that comment. Could not have said it better myself! I have a daughter, she is five, and she is the one who showed me the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball video. I was like “bleh” and my daughter laughed and said “bleh” but she thought it was funny and watched it again. Parents just teach your children was is really important in life and they won’t care about what celebrities are doing. People like Miley are meant to entertain us. So either enjoy it or go find some other way to entertain yourself. And if anyone blames celebrities for being bad role models to kids are obviously not very good role models themselves. I let my daughter watch what she wants and we talk about everything she sees so she can learn and distinguish what is or is not okay. I am certain she will be smart enough to choose her path and not follow whoever happens to be the flavor of the week.

  111. Quesha says

    This is to AMANDA FOWLER……I’m not trying to be funny or disrespectful towards anyone, but that’s what’s wrong with the world. People constantly look at these celebrities as if they are superhuman and perfect…..NEWSFLASH they aren’t!!!!!! These celebrities are humans just like you and me. So if you are raising your child to look up to celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, as celebrities then you aren’t raising your children right to begin with and hat’s why your daughter is “enraptured”. Miley is a teenager just like you once were and she has sex just like you did. So do you need to be reminded of the things that you were doing at her age. Yes I will admit that times are different and kids are doing things at a younger age now than they were before, but does that make them a bad person?!?! No, they are just like you and me. The only difference is that their lives are publicized and they never have a moment of privacy. Just because they exploit her all over tv doesn’t make the things that she is doing wrong because they are happening everyday. So please keep your ignorant comments about celebrities to yourself, because if the shoe was on the other foot you wouldn’t know how to react of a camera was standing there waiting for you around every single corner. So please take the time to think things through before you allow yourself to make these kinds of comments.

  112. Dezi ;) says

    i don’t know why everyone sweating her she is very pretty with out make up and should be respected for decisions she makes, again people this is HER life chill I kinda like her unique personality just not the u know whole ‘her being naked’ thing that’s going on she should respect her body but u know not my life!!!! she is amazing

  113. M says

    I am 86 years old and love Miley. My balls are wrecked and I can’t stop…I won’t stop. The main reason is that all my homegirls have big butts.

  114. LeShe' Flood says

    You people should leave Miley alone!!!!! Its not your life, its hers and if she wants to do all this stuff then let her and mind yours. I may not agree with how Miley performs but, I still consider her as one of my favorite singers. To me she is beautiful and you can say that iI hate on her sometimes because I wish I could look like her, but that doesn’t give you people the right to bash her the way you do. I’m pretty sure they have some people here who is talking about her and they look 10xs as worst as Lord at the Grammys (no offense to her I like her music but she did not look her best that night). And for those who bash her music, well if you think that she is so awful then why don’t you show her how to sing which I’m sure you can’t. Ss all you people and celebs out there do Miley a solid and KEEP YOUR HARSH COMMENTS TO YOUR SELF AND WORRY ABOUT YOU. Thank you!!!!! -mixed emotions- l:( , 😉 ?????

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