Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz Might Be Having Weird Looking Sex

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Another day, another blog about Miley Cyrus. What have I become? So, in my last Miley blog post I made the argument that she had zero sex appeal. Well, apparently Kellan Lutz disagrees with me, because they’re more than likely doing it. 

It all started several weeks ago when Miley and Kellan were seen getting off a private plane together from some tropical place that I can’t recall and refuse to look up. Rumors swirled they were hooking up, but I just figured that sometimes rich bitches carpool in their private jets, you know?


Here they are right after getting off the same plane. Scandal! Anyway, afterwards Kellan said he wasn’t hitting that and the was super single, but apparently, Kellan might’ve been too embarrassed to admit he was rubbing up on Miley (I can’t say I blame him).

The other night, Miley posted a party in Vegas at Beacher’s Madhouse wearing an amazing outfit from 1992 that I legit love, and who was by her side the whole evening might you ask? Well, since I opened this story with a picture from that party, you can go right ahead and guess it was Kellan Lutz.

The two were spotting kissing and hugging and dancing and all that other shit people do to show affection, so as far as I’m concerned, that means it’s totally on between these two, and no one cares more than me.

Frankly, I think Miley and Kellan would make all of the sense as a couple. When Miley was actually really good looking, she was with Liam Hemsworth, who was a mega hunk. Now that she’s kind of weird looking, she’s with the poor man’s Chris Hemsworth.

Miley and Kellan are both people who I look at and think “Are they attractive? Should I find them attractive? They have attractive qualities, I guess,” but I can never truly get passed how weird looking their faces are. I mean, they are definitely having the weirdest looking sex ever! Just imagine their weird faces smooshed together while his weird bulked up body grinds all on her scrawny little boy body. Ok, maybe don’t imagine that.

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