Michael Jackson To Defend Dr. Conrad Murray FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!

Do you like magic? We sure do – to this day we still can?t work out how someone is able to steal our nose and wave it around in front of us.

How do we breathe when it?s been detached from our face? And how come we can still feel something there? Honestly, we?re always asking questions and never getting answers.

In some ways, this makes us feel a little bit closer to Michael Jackson. We have nose-related issues and so did he. Was it possessed after an African tribe cursed it? Or shall we just blame Dr. Conrad Murray? After all, everyone seems to be baying for his blood. Our landlord even believed us when we said our rent was late because of him. Instead of lying down and taking the world’s crap, Dr. Conrad Murray plans to fight back – by getting Michael Jackson to say what a lovely man he is.

When? a healthy 50-year-old man drops down dead, it does seem a little strange. After all, a stingray never went through him like Steve Irwin and he never wanked himself to death like Michael Hutchence. At least Elvis had a comedy death with a burger in one hand and his backside parked firmly on the throne.

Michael Jackson’s death was put down to drugs. But not the sort you see common scum inject in to their arm and snort up their nose. Oh no, because Michael was a fairly popular singer, he got industrial strength painkillers and all sorts of weird-sounding tablets. The kind that would knock out a herd of giraffes.

Now, stupidly powerful drugs can?t be picked up at a local chemist. Therefore you need a trusting doctor who can assess a patient beforehand. Step forward Dr. Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson’s death is being firmly blamed on Dr. Conrad Murray. He?s been made public enemy number one, with members of the Jackson family holding him responsible and Michael’s death certificate ruling his death as a homicide. So how is he going to defend himself? Simple, he?s going to show us footage of Michael Jackson off his tits on drugs. The News Of The World reports:

?Lawyers for Doctor Conrad Murray want to use old video footage of spaced-out Jacko to demonstrate the depth of his drug habit. Personal physician Murray is set to stand trial on an involuntary manslaughter charge for delivering a fatal drug cocktail overdose to the megastar in June last year. His legal team hope Jackson’s appearance from beyond the grave – which sounds like something straight out of his famous zombie video Thriller – will show Murray can’t be guilty.?

And what would be the point in this? After all, we all know that Michael Jackson wasn?t the sanest individual. Martin Bashir?s documentary showed us his true wacko side, the multiple child molestation accusations never helped and he had a bloody monkey as a pet. NOTW reports further:

?Instead, they will suggest that the King of Pop knew how to self-administer and battled pill addiction for over 17 years.?

Planned footage to be screened is a weak-looking Michael Jackson during the rehearsals of the This Is It tour which would have been held if he hadn?t have died. Hold on a second! Didn?t the Jackson camp release a film showing the exact opposite? They wanted us to believe he could walk without limbs falling off.

Bah, our head is done in. We?ll concentrate on solving that magic trick involving our nose.

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  1. says

    Does not matter how many videos the defense shows of a drugged, high
    Michael Jackson. Murray delivered the drugs that killed MJ.
    I don’t know how others feel, I am thoroughly disgusted at the
    way Murray’s arrest has been delayed. If a guy kills somebody on my street, the police arrest him. Why has Murray been allowed to “NEGOTIATE” terms and conditions of his arrest?

  2. says

    DR. DEATH, Minute’s before he “discovered” Michael DEAD he was yaking on the phone to the insurer of the London concert’s, who was concerned about rumor’s of Michael’s health. DR.DEATH told him Michael was in great health, that they WERE just rumor’s! He ordered 220 vial’s of Propofol, 40 vial’s each of Ativan & Versed all, in two month’s prior to his death. Does this sound like he was trying to “WEAN” HIM OFF DRUG’S???? Man, I sure as hell would like to know what the quanity would have been, had he just been giving him ”NORMAL” dose’s!!!! AND YES! If it were me or another average JOE who did that, we would go directly to jail, do not pass go NOR collect $300,000 for our trouble! The fee he recieved for two month’s of inducing drug’s to an addict!!! This manslauhter charge is BULLSHIT! He committed MURDER! By many, many mean’s. To top it all off, he called his two oldest children into the room where they saw their dad lay dead, at the hand’s of that fuckhead!!!!! People in this country are such HYPOCRITE’S!!!!

  3. diana says

    Fuck them. This fucking murderer has brought propofol into the house. That is enough to get him. That is the main thing that the fucker is a REAL MURDERER!! If a doc, he won’t bring that thing home. 2nd, he mixed it with other drugs. Propofol can never be mixed with other drugs. Don’t that fucker knows bout it. That FUCKET took my Michael’s life, my life is SO RUINED without MY MICHAEL!!.